Falling Deep into you

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'Fuck it!' I cursed, for goddamn hell. I was going through the accounts and that's not the reason why I was annoyed.

It was him.

He was again a step ahead of me. That guy was a mastermind. He had made sure, that I suffer throughout my life. I hated him, no- I loathed him.

I fished put my phone as it vibrated. It was Samantha, my secretary.

'Samantha, whatever the reason you called now, better be good, I am not in the mood right now.'

'Mr Williams, I have some news regarding, what you asked Miss Rodgers'

'And I hope, it's in favor of me'

' yes, sir. She has agreed to the trip.' I smirked.Of coarse, she would.

' well then, you can send her the details'

'regarding that sir, she wants to reconsider some terms.'

'what terms?'

'that sir, she hasn't mailed. I think she wants to talk to you personally.'

Damn woman, just agree to it already!

'OK, tell Her to be at my office at sharp 10.' I said and cut the call

Finally, now he would get what he deserved. He was always one step ahead of me, not anymore. I would have him where I wanted.

'Anaya Rodgers... ' I said smiling sardonically.

Aldready feeling better, I buttoned my suit, I walked towards the door.

I would win the final battle.


I was tapping on the desk, observing the woman sitting in front of me.

She hasn't spoken a word, since she came in. Nervousness evident on her face. The way she fondled with her necklace, did nothing to help.

'Miss Rodgers, I heard that you had agreed to accompany me as my translator.'

She looked at me, with her bright brown-no not brown, some rare colored eyes, I have never seen.

'yes sir, after considering it a lot, I think it was of good interest to me.'

Considering, she probably meant asking her mother for permission.

'Hmm, and what made you change your mind?'

' well... Umm-' she was obviously anxious. I knew she was intimidated by me and that was good. That's what I needed.

'yes, Miss Rodgers?'

'I wanted some free time to myself, and I wanted to visit my family back in India.' She said, suddenly her eyes shinning more.
Innocent, she was too innocent.

' well, miss, it's not a vacation, it's work.' I said, to her it was work. I would make sure, that she would believe it.

'Yes sir, I know it's work. But I don't think, I would be translating 24/7 for you, would I?' she asked rhetorically.

' well, why I called you here was to discuss your terms.'

'yes sir, I just wanted to ask you for a change in mode of payment. I don't want the money you offer.'

I raised my eyebrows at her.

'well- instead of paying, can I get an extra week off?' she asked hopefully.

I stared at her for some time, consuming her features. Wheatish-pale skin, dark silky long hair, big bright eyes, high cheek bones and pink plump lips. She barely had any makeup on. But she was quite the beauty.

She shifted uncomfortably on the chair, probably intimidated by my gaze. This caused a strand of hair to fall over her eyes.

'well, why would you want a week off, miss Rodgers?'

'I want to stay with my family. I think that's much better than paying me don't you think? I promise, I would not leave any job behind.'

I got up, and circled my table until I reached her. Leaning towards the chair, she was on, I moved the strand away from her eyes, I wanted to see her alluring eyes, when she talked to me.

What are you doing?
Ignoring my subconscious, I looked at her eyes, her nose, her lips.. Her lips.

Sensing, that this was a bad idea, I moved away from her.

'Well let's see, Miss Rodgers. I can't promise you anything now.'

She didn't say anything, she was staring at me, almost petrified. I smirked, I had an affect on her.

'Miss Rodgers?'

' yes, Mr williams! ' she said, her voice going an octave higher.

' I said, I will think about it.'

' o-OK sir, I think I should leave now.' she got up almost immediately and turned around and looked as if she wanted to dash towards the door and out of the room.

' Wait' I said

' do you have anything to say more, sir?' She asked. She hasn't turned around. This annoyed me.

'Look at me whe you talk to me, miss Rodgers . I don't approve of people, who doesn't even show that much respect, to your supirior.'

She turned, fear evident in her eyes. Her face was beet red.

'I am sorry sir.'

My features softened a bit, I didn't want to scare her aldready.

' you can't come without me, without knowing the details regarding the trip, miss Rodgers. Atleast you should know when we are supposed to leave. Or are you just stupid? '
I saw anger, suddenly flash through her eyes. But she controlled it.

'well, sir. You can mail me the details later. I have to get back to work.' she said and I could sense a bit of annoyance.

'OK, I would do that, but I hope you can complete your pending work by tomorrow.'

'why sir?'

' because, we will be Leaving day after tommorow.'

'what?' she asked

'didn't you hear me the first time, I said we will be leaving, day after tommorow.' she was either not ready to hear this or plain stupid.

' But sir, it's so soon. I have got a lot to finish..'

'Well then, I say that you finish it by tommorow. Or if you wish to bring your work along with you, it's totally fine too.'

She bit her lips, and hell now I wanted to be the one doing that.

Say what now? You want to do what?
I was too shocked, with what I imagined now. No, I had to keep her away from me.

' well, I will try to complete as much as I can. Anyway, I need to go. You can mail me the details..'

'Ok then, until then'

'Until then' she said and almost rushed out of my office.

Control yourself around her, you don't want this to happen again. You don't want to scare her and blow everything away. Don't throw away everything, just because you feel attracted towards her.

Yes, I can't just blow it and finish it. I had to have my revenge. I wanted my justice. A girl like her can't stop me. Feeling something, towards her was dangerous, something I cannot afford. I could shatter everything. She is the last person, I ever want to feel attraction. She was a bait, to threaten him.

I finally had her under my claws, and I am not throwing it away.

Fishing out my phone, I called Jason.

'Ryan, what happened?' he asked expectantly.

I smirked and said ' it's going the way we want it to go. It's finally starting.'

' hmm, but remember that girl, is just a bait. We shouldn't hurt her. She is innocent.'

' I know, have I ever given you a reason to not trust me? I know my morals.'

' That you haven't. I trust you Ryan. And we will end this together. '

'I would make sure, he pay the price for what he did.' I said surity seeping through my voice.

' So, when can I meet her?' why did he want to meet her. This annoyed me for some reason.

' You will meet her, when we fly to India.'

'Not before?'

'why do you want to meet her? When she is just a bait?' I asked him.

'I am curious Ryan, I am curious about his only weakness.'
His weakness. Yes, she was his only weakness.

' you will, meet her day after tommorow, Jase.'

'Come on man, I can't wait that long!' He whined like a child. Annoying.

' Quit acting like a child, we won't leave without you.'

'Fine!' He said grumpily.

'Be ready, don't forget anything. Make sure we have everything we need.'

'dont worry, I have everything under control. I know that one wrong move can ruin everything.'

'hmm..well then. I am ending the call.' I said and cut the call.

What Jason said was right, one wrong move was it, to collapse everything.

And I wouldnt allow anything or anyone to stand in my way.


Tada, a double update!! I wanted to surprise you guys with Ryan's point of view. I just wanted to give a small sneak peak inside his mind

And what do you guys think he is talking about?


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