Falling Deep into you

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What was that all about?

I felt like I was hanging for my life, the entire time I was with him. I didn't expect him to move my hair, hell I didn't expect him to even touch me. And how dare he call me stupid. I know I was a dumbass at times, but only my family had the right to call me stupid.

You are stupid.

I was, but he can't expect me to leave in two days, when I have a lot of work to complete. I haven't even decided on the character I am gonna draw! I have to inform Sam too.

Inform? Do you even know where in India you are gonna go? Do you expect Sam to come all the way from Mumbai to Delhi, if you are landing there?

My subconscious was smarter than I was. I had no idea, where we are going and I was so exited that I called and informed without even thinking, and Sam too was an idiot to not ask me where I was going.

Slumping on my chair, I opened my mail, expecting the mail from Mr Williams. As expected it was there.

It was about the time we were leaving, which was at eight in the morning, day after tommorow. We would be there for two weeks and we were going to Maharashtra. Thank you God!.

Two weeks? If I get tingly and petrified when he touched me, what would I do when I have to spend two weeks with him?. I had a bad feeling that this two weeks were not going to be good. I shouldn't have agreed to this. Shit!

The rest of the mail was about bringing the minimum necessities and to carry a formal dress, as there would be a charity function. It also said that I didn't need to accompany him all the time and only when needed, and I was free to do whatever I wanted the rest of the time. Yaay! I can meet everyone then.

Now, the only thing I need to worry about, other than the two weeks with him, was my drawing. I haven't even started it yet, and I had barely two days to finish it. I had an image in my head, but I don't think Helen would like it. But I never cared about what Helen liked anyway. Deciding to go ahead with it.

I started, putting all my ideas into the piece of paper I had. I knew it's going to take hours to make it perfect the way I want it to be. But I didn't mind spending hours doing it. Its something I love to do. Drawing and painting always took my mind of things. Whenever, I took a pen or pencil in my hand and starts drawing, I always zone out and would only concentrate on it. I couldn't do it for the past few days, cause of this whole interpreter thing. But now that I was clear about it and I had finally decided to go ahead with what I wanted, I finally was inside my hole. A hole I wouldn't mind spending hours exploring.

Making sure that all my strokes, angles, shades was perfect, I was done with a half decent picture in six hours. I liked it, but it wasn't perfect like I wanted and I was a perfectionist when it came to my job, I wouldn't be content unless it was perfect and flawless.

It was already past six, deciding that it was time to leave, I packed up. I was almost near my car, when I heard someone call me from behind.

'Miss Williams!'

I turned to see Mr Williams jogging towards me. He looked kind of exhausted. His scorching eyes dimmed a bit. But he was still the guy, girls would fall at his feet for.

'Anaya, I wanted to inform you that you are expected to be ready by seven day after tommorow, my driver will pick you up from home.'

'umm... That won't be necessary. I can reach the airport on my own.'

' I am very well aware that you can reach on your own, but I can't afford to be late. In case your stupid brain decides to forget that you are supposed to travel.'

That was it! How dare he call me stupid. He didn't even know me very well either.

' Excuse me? Sir, you don't even know me and here you are judging me. How would you even know that I am going to be late? As a matter of fact, I have never been late to anywhere. And I am not dumb, that I forget that I would be bloody traveling!'
I said, actually shouted. I didn't realize that my sound was going higher as I spitted each words out.

That's a really good attitude, you showed to your boss now, wasn't it?
Whatever, It was past work time and I didn't care about what he thought about me.

He seemed a bit taken back, probably didn't expect me to lash out.

To my surprise, he chuckled. The sound was wicked.

'Finally. Lost it? I thought you were holding it in, the entire time.'

I raised an eyebrow in confusion.

' You wanted to give me a piece of your mind, since today morning,Right? It's OK. I find it cute that you lash out.'

He was right. I did want to give him a piece of my mind. But I couldn't. Because he was my boss. I dint know that I would be this relieved, thank God. He didn't take it seriously.

' well, as I was saying. It's for the best choice that my driver picks you up. Don't worry, I would be there too. Your house is anyway on the way to the airport.'

He was right. I didn't need to concern papa with dropping me early. That's when it hit me. Wait... How did he know where I lived?

' Sir, how do you know where I live? '

' I have my ways' he smirked.

I guess I kind of looked perplexed, cause he chuckled

'Relax, Rodgers. Your details are there in the register. I just asked Samantha to bring it to me. I am not your stalker or anything. You are not pretty enough for me to stalk you.'

' Really, I am not pretty enough for you?' I asked playfully, but relieved at the same time that he wasn't doing anything shady on me.

' well, truthfully you are a lovely lady. But I am more into blondes. '

' ooh.. ' I didn't know what to say to that.

But, he is exactly your type right?

I sometimes wanted to smack some sense into my inner self. But she is not wrong. He is everyone's type truthfully.

' I have to leave now, just be ready by seven. OK?'

' don't worry sir,I will be on time.'

' Good. Well then. See you later.'

I nodded. He walked away from me after that and I drove back home.

I now kind of felt comfortable around him. He didn't seem so intimidating, when he was being playful. I smiled at the thought of spending two weeks with him.

Maybe this was not going to be that bad.



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