Falling Deep into you

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Finally, today was the day.

I would be leaving for India for my first ever official business trip. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't exited. I was very exited as a matter of fact. After my small encounter with Mr Williams, the other day, I didn't feel that intimidated around him anymore.

I finished my drawing yesterday, and even if Helen wasn't happy with it, she said she would ask the team head, and luckily he liked my drawing. So that's one stress down. I couldn't wait to meet my family now. I would ask Mr Williams again, if he would let me spend some days with them. He had to agree to it, I am not taking money for this.

I was too tired to pack yesterday, so I woke up at five, just to pack and he said that he would arrive at seven. I had two hours to pack and get ready.

Packing some jeans and tees,along with some kurthis and a saree, because mom said to take one, in case if I need it. I also packed two business suits and some dresses, that can pass as formal.Hopefully.

It wasn't a lot, I packed a small suitcase and I had a small bag to carry my essentials.

It was already past six, when I was done. I didn't wear any formal dress for traveling. I never liked wearing too much for traveling and I wasn't very fond of flying either. My migraine gets worse everytime I travel. I had to take a pill, before traveling, otherwise my head would feel like splitting woods.

I was wearing my black jeans, which hopefully can pass as dress pants, and a plain navy blue shirt along with my sneakers. I would never wear heels, while traveling.

Going down to tell ma, that I would be leaving in minutes, I sprinted down the stairs. She was already in kitchen, making tea. I felt bad because she wouldn't have to wake up this early, if it wouldn't have been for me. My parents pampered me a lot. I wish I could cook, I could barely manage a good cup of coffee. I once burned bread while toasting it, and it was embarrassing.

You should seriously start learning the art of cooking. How long do you plan to stay at home, until you are old, ugly and have severe anger management issues?

I sighed. I was literally the worst.

Going up to ma, I hugged her from behind and started whining like the child I was about how I was going to miss her and all. I couldn't stay away from her for more than a day. Call me a child or a brat, but I didn't care. I loved my ma a lot.

Having a piece of bread and a cup of coffee, I waited for Mr Williams. I wasn't taking the risk of having a heavy breakfast and puking my guts out in the flight.

My phone buzzed

Be ready. Will be there in five minutes. Don't be late.

That was Mr Williams.

Saying that I was ready, I kissed ma, and got out of my house, along with my luggage. A Black Range Rover, pulled in front of me and a guy, who looked like a chauffeur, came out to help me pick up my luggage.

'It's fine, I will pick it up. Please can you open the trunk?'

'Miss, please let me help you. Sir is waiting inside, please get inside.'

Not wanting to press it, I got inside and there he was, sitting at the opposite end not even sparing me a glance. He was busy looking outside at something. I doidnt know what, he was too busy in his own world to even acknowledge me. Making myself comfortable in the car, i muttered good morning to him and turned to look outside.

'What are you wearing?' His tone sounded annoyed.

I looked down at my attire, I thought it was OK. Maybe I should have worn something more formal.

'uhhh... Jeans and shirt'

'oh, I thought you were wearing a fucking rainbow suit!' he said sarcastically.

What's the problem now, was I supposed to wear business attire now. I don't care what he thinks, but I am not wearing a suit for a two day flight.

' sir, if you expected me to wear something more presentable, you could have said that to me and I don't think anyone inside the aeroplane would even care about what I am wearing.'

' Are you that obtuse?, we are on a business trip Miss Rodgers, you are supposed to be presentable.'

'I will change when we reach Mumbai, at the airport,and I didn't know we were directly going for the meeting.' I said sighing. I didn't want to start a fight with him. It's not going to bring both of us any good.

' Good, do that'

The rest of the ride was spend in silence. I don't understand this hlguy at all. He is so bipolar. One day he is nice with you, then he gets angry. Geez, I pity his future wife and kids. They would have a hard time handling him.


Upon reaching the, airport, Jeffrey, that was his chauffeur helped me take out my suitcase and now we were waiting inside. Apparently, one of Mr Williams acquaintance was coming with us.

After waiting for about five minutes, A guy probably around Ryan's age came towards us. He had the usual boy next door look, with brown shaggy hair and blue eyes. He was overall a cute guy.

' Hey, Ryan bro.' He gave Mr Williams a side hug.

' Jason, we are on a business trip, mind the way you behave.' Oh my God, there we go again.

I rolled my eyes.

The cute guy, Jason, I presume his name is, looked at me and smiled.

' Who is this beauty, we have got here?'

' This is our junior Character designer. She would be our interpreter once we reach Mumbai, and she is no beauty in anyway.'

What an arse.

' Hello. I am Anaya Rodgers, nice to meet you Mr-' I extended my hand.

Taking my hand in a firm grip he said ' Black, I am Jason Black. This guy's,' he pointed at Mr Williams' best friend and sometimes, I take care of his accounts and legal activities. Nice to meet you too Miss Rodgers. I should be happy to be spending time with such a beautiful girl. ' He smiled and I could see his dimples. It was soo deep and it looked so cute.

I blushed at his comment. I am not used to getting those.

' So tell me Anaya, how is it working for Mr stone face here? Is he giving you a tough time? '

' umm... ' I know Mr Williams is hard to deal with, but I am no way going to tell what I thought of him in front of him.

' If you guys are done with your chit chat, let's move ahead. We have to board soon.'

' OK, grumpy' Mr Black said. Mr Williams looked annoyed

I couldn't help but smile. We would never get away after calling him that.

We were taking a private plane to India. He was angry at me, because I didn't wear appropriate clothes. I could have changed in here. That is, if he didn't mind me using the room to change.


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