Falling Deep into you

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The plane ride, was surprisingly tolerable. Jason was a really likable guy to spend time with. He was funny and too cute. Thanks to him, I wasn't bored. If it was me alone with my boss, I would have died of boredom. Other than his snide remarks and irritated look he gave us when we were laughing, he didn't mind us at all.

That guy, really did not carry a single fun bone along with him. He should do some yoga or dance. Literally, he didn't have any other expression othem than the grim one he held all the time. I wonder how he seemed so relaxed the night we talked outside the office. I guess the dude, was bipolar.

We had about an hour to land, and I had woken up, half an hour ago, and it was still dark, probably around 5 in the morning. I didn't check the time. Jason was sound asleep, but Mr Williams was on his laptop. Typing away something.

'good morning' my voice sounded throaty,probably because I just woke up.

' Good morning' he said in a raspy voice.
' Miss Rodgers, if you want to go back to sleep you can, we still have time until we reach Mumbai.'

'What are you doing sir?' I asked him. I didn't want to go back to sleep. I was already awake.

' what do you think I am doing?' he showed me his lap

He was coding something. He should seriously get some rest. This guy had a lot of developers to do his work.

' coding huh??

' No, I am writing nursary rhymes' He said sarcastically.

The sun hasn't been up and the guy was acting cranky already.

I rolled my eyes.

'Would it hurt, you to give me a proper answer once, sir'

' No, but you are too insignificant to waste my breath on'

I swear if he wasn't my employer, I would have rearranged that pretty face of his!.

' What? rearrange my face?' He asked raising an eyebrow.

Shit! I said it out loud, didn't I!

I smiled sweetly at him and said ' I wasn't talking to you sir.'

' of course, you weren't. But, you did mean that to me.'

'Maybe, I did. You are my only employer after all.'

'how ungrateful you are, Is that the way you treat your employer?'

'Ain't i too insignificant for you to waste your breath on, so why do you even care about what I say anyways.' I said getting up to change.

Suddenly the flight started jerking a bit, which caused me to fall forward, but someone's strong arms wound around my waist and pulled me back, making me fall right into his lap.

Fuck turbulence !

' I am-I am sorry' I said flushed, I knew my checks were heating up. This was so humiliating.

I tried to get up, but Ryan pulled me back.

'So, you want to punch me, slap me?' His silky voice sounded too close to my ear, sending a delicious shiver all around my body.

I turned my face to look at him. I wanted the say something, but the way he stared with that intense eyes of his, was no help. I was very well aware of his hand around my waist too, which suddenly pulled me closer than we already were. The guy, I swear, if he didn't take his hands of me now, I would punch him, no I would kick him down there.

' You were talking about re arranging my face, weren't you. Do you want to try it now? Come on punch me, if you dare to.' I could literally smell his minty breath now.

' who said I am gonna stop at just punching you' I raised an eyebrow at him. But my heart was literally beating 60 miles per hour.

His eyes suddenly traveled down to look at my lips, and i saw his eyes darkening.

' You have no idea, what you are saying do you?' He asked, his eyes still on my lips. Why the hell was he staring at my lips? Did I have something on? Oh my God, was I drooling!!

' Dude, I know exactly what I am saying. You better get your hands of me now, if you want that flimsy dick of yours safe! '

Yes! That's it. I finallyost the thread of patience I was hanging to!

His eyes, suddenly hardened, like ice. He looked at me, daring me to look at him,and I did. I narrowed my eyes at him. I wasn't enjoying this. I wanted to get off him now, I tried to but failed. His grip on me was too strong.

'Miss Rodgers, you better watch your tone around me. I don't particularly enjoy smart mouths.'

'you know what, I don't care about what you enjoy, but I need you to take of that arm right now Mr. You are making me uncomfortable.'

'I will take it off, when I see fit.'

I tried to wiggle out of his arms, but he just gripped me stronger, to the point of hurting me.

'Fuck you!'

'What did you say?' his eyes narrowed. I could clearly see that he was enraged and for a moment I saw hate through his eyes. He looked like he wanted to strangle me right now. And he did, his grip got tighter and I couldn't handle it anymore.

'Please Ryan, leave me, you are hurting me!' I was helpless now.

' wow, what's happening here?' I heard a voice from behind.

Suddenly, he loosened his grip, and I got up from lap.

God bless you Jason, you just saved my life!

' nothing, we were just having a small talk, weren't we, miss Rodgers.' Ryan asked mocking me

' Go to hell, you pervert!' I screamed at him.

' What did i tell about that smart mouth, miss Rodgers? Do you want to repeat what just happened again? '

That was it. He was the reason. It was his fault, he had no right to touch me like that. Hell, he had no right to touch me at all.

'You bastard!' I lunged myself at him, but before I could claw his eyes out,Jason hauled me up. I started trashing and kicking.

'leave me, Jason! . Let me teach that chauvinistic pig, how to respect women. He doesn't even have an ounce of respect to his employee, and he wants to teach me respect!' I was trying to loosen Jason's grip on me, but he pulled me away from that asshole of my boss. I knew I had finally lost it. I wouldn't even care, if I loose my job now. I just wanted to claw his eyes out now.

He even dared to smirk at me, that deranged psycho!

Suddenly putting me down on my feet, Jason said 'Calm down. Calm down'

'Calm down? Seriously? Do you know what that asshole did to me?? He almost broke my skin with his hand!' . I wasnt kidding. My stomach was hurting a lot now. It was all because of him!

'hey, calm down okay. You stay here and freshen up. I will go talk to him. Just freshen up and come out when I call you okay. We still have about half an hour to land.'

Taking a deep breath, I said 'okay'

Patting my head, he left, leaving me alone. I let out a small scream. I was so done with that guy. I don't know what's wrong with me. I am usually very composed around others. But, right now I wanted to punch someone. I wanted to let my boiled up anger out.

Lifting my shirt up to expose my stomach, I saw red marks around my waist and stomach. Tears pooled my eyes. No one has ever hurted me the way he did back then. What was he trying to do? Teach me a lesson? Because he couldn't handle my mouth. I didn't even start and he did this. What if I had said something too awful, would he hurt me more??

I shouldn't have agreed to this. I knew something bad was going to happen. And now I am pretty sure, I have lost my job. But I wasn't going to feel guilty about it. That was no was to treat a woman.

I wanted to let it all out, hurrying to the washroom, I stripped and turned on the shower and let it take all my frustration away.


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