Falling Deep into you

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The bustling city, the traffic, a lot of rickshaw bhayas, the tall buildings, the street food, vendors and the endless amount of people. It was just past 7, and the financial capital of India was already busy.

After the very entertaining event inside the flight, both Mr Williams and I, haven't spoken a single word to each other. Jason sat as a wall between us all the time. I was angry at him and he always glared at me.

When we landed, there was a black car waiting for us. I made sure that I sat as far as possible from him. I couldn't stand sitting near to him. My logical side made me realize that I was an idiot to lash out at him. I was still angry at him, but he was my employer after all. I should have kept my anger at bay. My inner femisist was protesting against her. No man had the right to treat a woman like that. No human should treat another like that!

The only reason, we weren't clawing each other was our consideration to Jason. He looked like, he didn't want to be anywhere near us. I understood that, because both of us were literally murdering each other inside our heads.

'Miss Rodgers'

I flinched when he called my name. I didn't mean to, but when the events that happened came as a crashing wave, I couldn't stop from flinching.

'Look, what you did. She is scared by just listening to your voice.' Jason said.

'With her running her mouth like that, I must say that she deserved it'

' Well, I wouldn't have said anything, if you would have just let me leave.' I said

'It was to teach you a lesson on manners.'

'Are you my mentor to teach me manners? and as a matter of fact, I have better manners than you ever had.' I retorted back.

'you will never learn, will you?'

'well, you sir are a horrible teacher'

' I don't have time for this!'

' and I don't have time for you and your arrogance!'

'Jason, shut her up before I slit her throat'

'Well, who is holding you back? You would be doing both of us a favor. I would rather die than be in your presence'

'Quit it both of you!' Jason shouted.

'We are here for business, not for your bloody childish bickering. So both of you just shut up, until we are done. Ryan, you are only going to talk to her, when discussing work and Anaya you should keep your temper under check. Even if he is wrong, he is your boss!' Jason scolded.

Even though I wanted to vomit all my colorful vocabulary at Mr Williams, i had to control. What Jason said was right. This bickering was doing us no good. I was here for work, and I wouldn't have anything to do with him after my work. Let's get it done.

'That was what I was trying to do right now. I need to talk to her, regarding work, but she just can't listen.'

What the he k is this psychopath talking about? He was the one who started it.

I was about to say something, when Jason's hand wound around my wrist.

' Stop, he isn't worth it. ' He murmered to me.

I took a deep breath and nodded my head.
Jason smiled and patted my head. I liked Jason. He was sweet. I hope I would find a guy like him.

' so what is it that you wanted to talk to me sir?' I asked him calmly.

' we are directly going to a meeting. It would start at 9. I don't want you to interpret for me here, but I want you to listen and take proper notes. It's about the rpg and the location we have in mind for our ner AR game, we are hoping to release in five years. In two days, we will visit the place I have in mind, it's a slum. I want you to talk to the local people there and explain it to them why we are there and understand the place, and I want you to interpret for me there.'

I widened my eyes, at what he said. We were planning to release an AR game? I have never played an AR game and it would be my dream come true to play one and hopefully be a part of it. I wanted to draw the characters in the game.

' Understand the place? ' I asked him confused.

'Yes, I want to give our users the best experience. So knowing everything about the place is important. I want to make sure that I can give them the best graphics ever, as if they are in the place. That's why I want you to talk to the locals and make sure to know how they live. '

' OK sir. I will try my best. ' I said. I wanted to give my best and get all the information I could get. I wanted the game to be a hit.

In 20 minutes, we where parking in front of a hotel. So where we going to have a meeting here.

Getting out of the car, I could hear the busy street, the buses, the car honks and the people. I couldnt believe how much I missed here. I remembers the time when Saman and me, would get out in the morning and wander along the streets, eat the pani puris and go window shopping, and at night we would go clubbing or go to watch some stand up comedy shows. Damn I missed it. I should call Sam once this was done.

Once we were inside the hotel, we directly went into the lobby and there was someone waiting already.

Suddenly, I felt someone holding my wrist
'Miss Rodgers, remember what I said.' Ryan said.

I nodded my head. Slightly pressing my hands, he let go of me.

'Hello, Mr Williams. Good to see you.' The man extended his hands. He was an Indian guy around 40 years old.

Mr Williams, took his hands in a firm handshake. ' Good to see you too, Mr Malhotra'. I internally cringed when he said Malhotra. Seriously, you should never pronounce a name if you can't pronounce it properly. The way it sounded in an American accent actually sounded very funny.

'I hope, you didn't have any difficulties while flying' Mr Malhotra asked

Ryan glanced at me for a sec and said 'no, not at all. It was a pleasant flight'

Yeah, a p very pleasant flight!

'This is my legal advisor, Mr Black and this is Miss Rodgers, she is assisting me during the trip.'

After a few greetings, Mr Malhotra took us to the meeting room. Apparently this was his family hotel.

The meeting was all about the new game. All they talked about was the rpg, the medium and how they would incorporate the hotel as the part of the game. The game was based on India, that's what I got from the meeting. Mr Malhotra, had his own company, he was supposed to provide Arsic, with one of the best developers. I liked it that Mr Williams was giving chance for upcoming developers. They would take care of all the activities here, under the guidance of a developer from Arsic. The rest of the meeting was all the technical aspects and about the place, for which I paid keen attention to and took down notes.

The meeting was done, finally after and hour. I had taken down everything I could understand and everything I needed to explain to the locals. Bidding Mr Malhotra goodbye, we got into car to our residential hotel. Apparently we were staying at The Four Seasons, a very famous hotel. Thank God I didn't ask him to let me stay at home, otherwise I wouldn't get the chance to stay here. I have never been to The Four Seasons, and I was looking forward to it.

Entering my room, I flopped down on the bed, I was really tired and Ryan was getting on my nerves.

I remembered what he said to me now.

We were in the elevator, when Jason said
' Thank God, I can't believe that you guys have not been at each others throats for the entire time now.'

'Well, that's because our little missy has been silent for a while now.'

I actually was, I was appreciating the beauty of the building.

'Don't you think, it is because my dear employer, has been keeping himself from acting out?' I retorted back.

He smirked. ' I have better things to do than play childish things with you'

' says the guy, who couldn't handle a little bit of attitude. Mr Williams, the only person childish here is you.'

His eyes dangerously narrowed and I knew that if I say one more word, that would be the end of me.

' Now don't start again. Honestly both of you are very childish. ' Jason said

' I am not! ' both of us said in unison.

Jason burst out in laughter.' see, it's exactly like what I said. People usually who are, are always in denial.'

We were already in our floor by this time.

' If I am acting childish, it's because of you sweet friend. I never act like this.' I defended myself.

'yeah, yeah, keep whining.'

'Jesus, you are annoying Jase.' Ryan said irritated. The guy is either cranky, irritated or always in a foul mood. And I forgot to add perverted. I could see the way he checked all the women on our way.

Once reaching our doors, Ryan turned to me and said' For the love of christ, don't knock on my door until it's absolutely necessary Miss Rodgers. I can't stand your annoying voice and you don't need to worry about getting lost either. This is your hometown afterall.

'I never said, I would come to you for anything you douche.'

'now, now, Anaya, you go inside your room and Ryan, you come with me.' Jason said dragging Mr Williams along with him.

Remembering that made my blood boil. That guy knew how to get on my nerves. Forget him Anaya, he doesn't deserve to occupy your thoughts.

I was too tired and the jet lag wasn't helping me either. So I took a quick shower and throwing on a sleep shirt, I tucked myself into the comfy bed and fell into a deep slumber.


It was past 5 when I woke up all groggy and hungry. Quickly freshening up, I decided to eat the chips I had brought from home.

While eating, it hit me that I had not called mausi or Saman yet. Deciding to face time them, I took out my cell and called Saman. I hope she wasn't busy or anything.

After two rings, I saw Sams face on the screen.

'Hi' I said smiling with full of chips inside my mouth.

'Hello, what the hell happened to you? You look like a zombie.'

'I just woke up'

'I can't believe people find you attractive. I hope someone could see you in this state, they would be running the opposite way now.'

'Hey, I am pretty all the time.'

'Yeah, keep on saying that and someday I will believe it.'

I laughed. ' You are just jealous, because I am prettier than you.' I joked.

'Says the girl, who never had a boyfriend.'

'This has nothing to do with me not having a boyfriend. I didnt date because, I didn't want to, I have got a lot of proposals, you know that.'

' But seriously, you never wanted to experience it, I mean being cherished or loved?'

' I have you guys to love me and cherish me, I don't need anyone else.'

'Theek hai, Mother Theresa! So you never wanted to have sex? You plan on living as virgin Mary, your entire life? Bhagvan! You are 26!'( OK, mother Theresa)( God!)

'Who said I was a virgin?' I smiled devilishly.

'What really?' Her eyes widened.

'Maybe' I enjoyed teasing her.

'Spill the tea. I want to know. Who? When? How?' she looked so exited now.

I laughed. 'I am not gonna tell you that!'
Actually what I said was true, I wasnt a virgin. I never had a proper boyfriend either. It happened during my college days. I had a close friend, Matt and we were camping and it just happened. It was just a one time thing and we decided to forget it later. But Saman didn't need to know that.

'come on! Ansu please. I want to know' she whined.

'no, not going to happen.'

'Fine leave it' she rolled her eyes.

'And when will we meet ansu? When are you free?'

' I am free tommorow I guess.'
' Great! Me too' she clapped her hands like a small kid. 'let's go out, like we always do and you can have dinner at home, I will tell ma to prepare all your favorite dishes. She is actually very exited to meet you.'

' I haven't asked my boss yet, let me ask him and I will inform you later. '

' By the way, where are you staying?'

'Four Seasons'

'oh okk, text me once you hear from him, I will meet you there tommorow, if you can't come.'

'OK, bye.'


After ending the call, I decided to ask Mr Williams, if I could get a leave tommorow,since I didn't have anything to do.

Getting up and wearing my jeans short, I combed my hair. Didn't want to give him an attack, looking like this.

Once I had my phone with me, I walked towards his door. It was slightly ajar and I could hear voices from inside.

I wanted to knock, but when I heard Mr Williams speaking I stopped

'so what do you think Jase?'

'About what?'

'you know what I am talking about. Don't act as if you don't.' The famous irritation evident in the voice.

'She seems so innocent, doesn't she?'

'Yes. Very.'

'Ryan' Jason sighed. 'Do you think it's right to bring her into this?'

'Are you backing now?'

'No, I am not. But can we just leave her ouf of this. We have a score to settle with him, we don't need to use her.'

'it's too late to do that Jase. We are already here.'

she kind of reminds me of him, they got the same spirit and attitude'

'Yeah, they do. And that's why.. I can't Jase, I just can't take his image out of her.'

What were they talking about? She? Him? Who were they talking about?

I had an uneasy feeling settling inside my stomach.


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