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Falling Deep into you

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Anaya Rodgers wanted a quiet and peaceful life with no drama or action. And she seemed to have achieved it too. She had a loving family and a job as a character designer at a gaming company, Arsic, one of the most prestigious company in the gaming industry. Overall she had a normal life. But she had never thought she would be involved with Ryan Williams other than of course receiving a paycheck from him every month. Ryan Williams was a mystery that no one could solve and no one would dare to solve. Although he worked in the IT industry, he was never the one to give that vibe. He was cold and a mystery to Anaya. When he decides to visit India, he wanted a translator. Even though he knew Indians were good at English, he wanted to visit a less privileged village in India. Anaya, even though is an American citizen was half Indian. She knew the language very well. So when she was asked whether she could accompany for the Indian trip, she accepted just because she wanted to visit her family at India. Little did she know that her simple harmless agreement would change her life forever. She can't help but be enchanted by Ryan's world. Equally even though Ryan wanted to keep her away from him, but everything can't go according to one's plan all the time right??

Romance / Drama
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"oh God, I can't do this!!! " I said throwing my hands up. I mean this was not working. Why the hell was I doing this. I am a character designer for a big gaming company in NYC. Like I should have stuck with coding, but no my little ass wanted to give life to stupid hot gaming characters. Our company was planning to release a military based game next year an we had to come up with a sketch of the main character by this week.

I was assigned with it. Way to go Anaya, you have complicated your life, like it was not already throwing jabs at you and mocking you. God would probably be laughing at you.

I can come up with a character. I wanted him to be a tough guy, with mediocre looks, but my sweet superior, Helen, wanted to him to be 20 something hot, olive skinned, guy who probably should look like a millionaire playboy. I have no problem with drawing a character like that but it just didn't fit the picture or the story line. Well I can't argue with her either because she hates me to the core and would probably embarrass me in front of everyone.

She can't suck up the fact that I am a better designer than her. That woman thinks that she know everything and that she draws the best characters. Last year our company released a adventure game 'Priscilla' and I was the creator of the main character. A tough girl Priscilla. The game became a huge hit and people loved the character.

Our Ms. Who-thinks-she-is-so-hot and talented didn't like that everyone appreciated me for coming up with that character. We were given the same oppurtunity to come up with a character and most of our other team mates liked my character better than hers, so my Priscilla was proposed and finally she came to life an year back.

I knew that game would have been hit, I mean it was the Arsic( our company) which released it and the entire idea was good too.

Now back to our current problem, I was stuck, like a major stuck. I can't think of a character the way Helen wanted. Sure there is no problem for a military man to be hot. But we were supposed to create someone who isn't too eye pleasining for women or men equally, because that's how the story is and a hot and sexy guy isn't the one. But I knew she would make me look like an idiot if I say this to her. According to her all gaming characters should be hot. Like what bro, people usually play game for the story right? At least I play for the story and to complete the levels. Not to gawk at animated characters.

'Anaya, did you come up with a good sketch?' asked none other than one of the reasons for my misery.

'Not yet, Helen. But don't worry I can come up with something by the end of the week' I said plastering my killer fake smile.

'come up with something?? Do you seriously think coming up something is good enough. This game is going to be one of the best Arsic has ever released. Don't take this lightly. If you can't think of a good character, I would be happy to help or maybe create a good one. Since you don't take this job seriously, I am pretty sure the result wouldn't be good either. ' she squeaked.

That bitch! I never took my job lightly. I loved my job and all my characters were my babies!!. She wanted this job from me. As happy as I would be to get some load of my shoulders I didn't want to give up on it without trying and this was assigned to me and not her for a reason and I would do it. I did wanna say something sweet about her as well but I wanted a quite, peaceful life with no drama queens.

' I didn't mean it that way, you know it Helen. It's just that the idea you proposed of the guy being hot-'

' obviously our captain should be hot. He is in military for Gods sake' she said. I sometimes wondered how many movies she watched for the captain to be a hot guy in his 20's. I don't relate to her brain at all. Why is she over characters being hot. It's not like she can hook up with them right. Even though I liked the idea of seeing them in flesh and blood, it's just not gonna happen.

' But Helen, the entire story is about a person who has gone through a lot in his life and hasn't ever been paid attention both mentally and phisically. And he is a person who goes undercover and we don't want a lot of attention towards him' I said softly. I actually wanted to put some sense into her, but she is my superior and she can end my career there if she wanted to.

' We are not talking about Indian captains here Anaya, he should be hot because he is American.' That anorexic mouse said.

What the heck?it didn't even make sense at all. All Americans are hot, that's her reasonable statement?? OK now I get it, she hated me not only because I was better than her, but also because I was half Indian. Great not racist at all!!!

'I mean what is the connection to countries here?'

' Well our guy is American and usually Americans are considered hot and if the story was about an Indian or an Asian guy, I would have gone with your idea for the character discription. But too bad our guy isn't. ' she said

She was spitting nonsense as seconds pass by. How the hell did she even get a job here?? I didn't wanna talk to this annoying racist anorexic bitch now and I was at the verge of bursting and telling her how wonderful she is. I wanted to end it here and curse her out in my brain.

'Well Helen, your point is noted and I will take that into account before sketching.' I said again plastering my killer fake smile again.

' oh, I like that you are seeing it my way' she said with a fake smile and walked away saying her hips and ass. As if she had any ass. She was so thin and anorexic. I have no problem with people being slim. I mean I admired them actually. Like I can never give up on food and I was too lazy to keep a diet. I am not fat or anything. Neither was I too slim. I was tall so even though I gain 2 to 3 pounds no one's gonna notice. I guess. But Helen was just a bitch who still lived in the Victorian Era. Geez, both the countries are already independent and Indians are hot too. I know that because I do have Indian blood flowing inside me and been there a lot of times.

Finally coming to the decision that I wouldn't be able to concentrate anymore and as it was already past work hours, I decided to head back home so that I can drink my mom's hot and delicious coffee.

I packed my laptop and papers and headed out of the room.


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