Falling Deep into you

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Hitting the button for the elevator, I waited.

'Hey Ansu' I heard the annoying voice of my friend Carol. Ansu is what my family and close friends call me. Carol was the first friend I made when I started working here 3 years ago after quitting my job as an assistant designer for a web toonist. Reason- That guy was a nightmare.

' hey beautiful' I smiled. I was not kidding. Carol was really pretty. She was a petite brunette with hazel eyes and fair skin and above all a great personality. I met her on the first day on the way to the cafeteria. When I was roaming around the gigantic building to find the cafeteria after Helen said to feed myself, Carol helped me find it and we hit it off. She was cool and like me hated dramas. She works for the planning and development as a core developer.

' so, you are leaving late again? Did Helen taunt you again'

' nothing like that. She did mess with me a few minute back, but I was hung up because of the sketch for the game next year.'

' You are feeling it huh..' she smiled weakly

' All of us are right? I mean this game is gonna be one of the biggest one we are gonna release and I am pretty sure all of us are feeling pressured. ' I wasn't kidding when I said that. Even though I was busy with the character sketch, I knew that all the people working for this was busy and tired. Afterall creating a game is not easy.

' anyway, Carol are you not leaving? '

' you seriously think I can?? We are all busy creating the API and gathering all the data. ( A/N: I am not sure, if this is the way it works.. Lol). Guess I am pulling an all nighter again.' I felt bad for her, thank God I quit the idea of becoming a developer long ago.

I didn't realize that the elevator was almost here. Why did it take this long? Because this building has 80 freaking floors.

' I honestly feel bad for you, but I have to leave to eat my mom's cooking. Bye' I said. I knew she loved my mom's cooking. I was being a little evil.

She rolled her eyes. ' go die bitch, meet you tommorow, bye' she said and left.

I was searching for my phone in my bad as the elevator door opened. I entered without looking, but I knew there was someone in there.

'Which floor miss?' A velvety voice asked me. Gosh whoever that was had a really sexy voice.

' The ground floor please. Thank you'
But the guy didn't press anything and I figured out that he too was going to the ground floor.

I looked at him and shit, it was Ryan Williams. Our President. Oh God. Rodgers you didn't acknowledge him yet.

' good evening, Mr Williams.' I said meekly. I was too shy around strangers. And I didn't like that I was alone with him inside the elevator. He nodded in response to my greeting.

I always found him very intimidating. I haven't spoken more than a few words to him in these 3 years. And those too where during meeting, and regarding the characters. I am pretty sure he doesn't know I existed, not that I care.

But I found this a bit uncomfortable. Ryan was handsome, no doubt. With his tall posture, almost black hair and stormy Grey eyes, any women would want him. I guess he is someone who Helen would love to draw as a character in one of the games. Even though I give importance to personality and attitude more than the extirior, I can't help but feel attracted to him. And that's why I said he is intimidating.

This was the first time I saw him this close up and I couldn't help but gaze at him. He was beautiful, someone I would love to draw and hang on my walls and gawk at every time. He had a great jaw line and stubble. Gosh, why don't this guy shave. He is way too hot with the stubble.

Stop acting like a hormonal teenager Anaya!!

I guess he noticed me looking at him, he raised an eyebrow at me. I quickly averted my eyes, embarrassed. Way to go Ansu, can't live a day without embarrassing yourself.

' wanna say anything to me, miss?' his velvety voice asked. Oh that voice.. Stop it Ansu!!

' oh sorry sir, I was looking at th-the poster behind you!'

He turned his head to look at the poster of Priscilla.
'Ah, Priscilla, A good game indeed.'

' yes sir, the entire team worked hard for it'

' I heard that you where the one who designed Priscilla. Good work Miss Rodgers.'

' Thank you sir- wait how do you know me?'

' you are my employee, so atleast knowing your name is needed' he said amused.

Okay, so our big boy here knew me. Ha! And I always thought he never minded my existance.

' oh yes sir, it was stupid of me to ask that question' I laughed nervously. And Thankfully the elevator door opened.

' Have a good evening miss'
' same to you sir' I said and did nothing but almost ran out of the building to my car.

That honestly was one of the most awkward lift ride I ever had in the entire 26 years of my life. I was never put in such an uncomfortable position all these years. I knew I was kinda shy around people. And those people whom I find intimidating were out of the question. My mother always said that I do stupid things in front of strangers and it's high time I changed that. But I just can't help it, I am just anti-social I guess.

But I had to admit, that Ryan Williams was a handsome guy intimidating or not. And he was... I don't know, quite mysterious. I always thought that guys in the IT field were always aloof and nerdy, but he didn't give that vibe at all. I would have thought him to be a billionaire playboy if I had met him from afar. But there were no gossips or romours around him, even though many VIP's and celebraties knew him. He always seemed to keep everything to himself. None of the employees has seen him around a lot either. Since it's a gaming industry, usually the presidents and CEO's come around to check on us to know if we needed any help, because they too are from this field, but I have never seen him do that. But Carol did say to me once that he too completed engineering and started this company 7 years back and made it this far. I admire him. Even though I don't know him and I never wanted to, I still wanna be like him. He oozed confidence whenever he walked. I always wanted to keep my head held up high instead of always laying around the sides.

Opening my car, sliding into it. I drove to my home, I couldn't wait to see my ma, that's what I call my mom, and papa. I was already missing my mom's vanilla scent. I ws craving her flavored rice and chicken curry, which she promised me that she would make today.

Too exited for it already, I turned right to see the familiar Street I grew up in. But even though I was exited about food, a small part of my mind still wondered about Ryan Williams, and I hated it.



So I hope this chapter was good. It's my first time writing something mature and romantic. And I didn't wanna give up on the story line I created in my head.
And I don't know a lot about the gaming industry or what the developers are supposed to do. So forgive me if I e er make a mistake and feel free to correct me.


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