Falling Deep into you

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Entering the door I was welcomed with the familiar scent of sandalwood. There was also a faint smell of cardamom. I knew that my ma's tea was boiling in the teapot. I loved the way my home smelt. It just felt so warm and cozy. My home wasn't in any way a mansion or anything. It was just like any regular house you see in the streets of New York. But I never felt the comfort of what this place gave me wherever I went.

'Ansu, tu hai kya??' I heard my mom ask from kitchen. ( Ansu, is that you?)

' Haa ma!' (yes, ma)

I walked into the kitchen and wrapped my hands around her into a hug, I breathed her familiar vanilla scent, which instead help me relax.

' kya Hua, tu theek hai na? ' my mom asked concern evident in her voice. (what happened? You are OK right?)

' Haan ma, sab kuchh theek hai, bas kaam se thak gaya. So don't worry' I said kissing her cheeks. ( yes ma, everything is OK. Just tired of work)

' you always want perfection. You don't leave anything out until you give your hundred percent to it. I know it's good to give your all to your work, but please take care of you health na!!' she scolded me lightly

' why should I take care of myself when I have you doing that for me.' I wasn't kidding, my parents pampered me and my brother a lot and it was evident in the way I behaved as a child around them.

She gave me a look that said she wasnylt joking around. 'theek Hai! Theek hai! Ma ji, everything comes after health!' I said. ( OK! OK! mother, everything comes after my health)

Before she could scold me more, my papa entered the kitchen. Thank God! My savior of the day.

' oh, aah gayi mere museebhat. Ansu, batao mey iske saat kya karo? ' so there was trouble in paradise huh. ( oh, here comes my trouble, tell me Ansu, what will I Do with him.)

'Ansu, I didn't understand a single thing your ma said now but I really hope it's on how sexy I look right now' papa said. He always joked around even when he wasn't supposed to.

' yes papa, that's exactly what ma said. I can't believe youe hindi is improving as days go by.' I said sarcasm lacing my tone. I don't understand how my dad can't pick up hindi yet. They have been married for 30 years for God's sake! My ma spoke hindi most of the time too!!

My ma rolled her eyes and gave him a look that literally said "you better stop joking around if you don't wanna spend the night on the couch"

' papa, what did you do this time?' I asked him.

' I didn't do anything cupcake. Your ma's angry for no reason.'

' really, I am worried for no reason? Well I shouldn't be angry at you for making me chase pepper around the house so that I could get my charger that you forgot to place inside the drawer, when you clearly knew that pepper is obsessed with strings and wired objects. Yeah I have nothing to be angry about when you were just laughing your ass out when Pepper turned this place upside down with me chasing her. And after everything calmed down, Ansu, your papa, sat on the couch playing that damned video games of his when I was cleaning this entire place myself. See your papa is such an angel right?? ' she almost shouted. Her cheeks were becoming red with anger.

' Really papa, after all the time me and ma kept telling you not to keep anything of that sort anywhere were pepper can reach' I said rolling my eyes. Pepper was our golden retriever.

'ummm... I forgot.' he said with lazy eyes.

This ticked off my mom, and I didn't wanna see or deal with anything that's gonna happen next. My dad can take it all by himself.

'umm... I need to change. I will be right back. Bye.' I said and scooted out of the room before my papa could stop me for help.

This is how my home was always. We always had these childish fights over small things and it always ended with all of us laughing and forgetting what happened before. It was kind of silent now than before because my brother Rehan moved out to Chicago an year back. If Rehan was here, it would have been like a small little party. With me and him fighting all the time to ma and papa having their childish tantrums, it was fun. I should call Rehan tonight, I missed him a lot.

I entered my room and placed my bag on my study table. My room was cozy and the entire one did side of the room was filled with posters of games and my drawings mostly, well the other side.... Umm was entirely decorated with BTS posters and merch. I admit that I am obsessed with the band. Like I am such a simp for them, especially Jin, he would one day be the death of me. Ryan Williams was nothing in front of Jin.

What Anaya, you are still thinking about Mr Williams. Like seriously... You have nothing to do with him. Stop thinking about him even if he is as hot as the sun. And you have got Jin, drool over him and not your boss. At least that way you will be productive, you dummy.
My subconscious mocked me. But i didn't understand how she thinks that drooling over Jin was productive. But I am not blaming her, that's what I do most of the time.

After getting out of my sticky clothes and taking a warm bath, I changed into my favorite purple tank top and white pyjamas. I loved those pyjamas, they were so comfy. Going down to drink tea, I saw my ma laugh at something my papa said. Thank God their fight was over, otherwise I would have been in an awful position where I had to pick up sides and I didn't like doing that.

The way my papa looked at my ma, it was like, anyone could tell that he was still head's over heels for her. I mean, anyone would actually, my mom was really beautiful. She had a very unique beauty. Aishwarya Rodgers was really pretty, no one could say otherwise. It's like her name, which means Bringing light or prosperity. I am not sure of it either, it's something my aunts in India said. Her long thick and almost silky black hair suited well with her small wheatish toned face. With her dove like almond eyes and high cheek bones she looked like a doll. She was fifty four, but she looked younger than her age and my ma still maintained her figure.
Unlike me, she follows a strict diet and she was a classical dancer and she still dances whenever she gets time.

I did resemble her a lot in appearance. I got her skin tone, her nose and her hair. I too had long black hair, but mine was silkier than hers. But I kinda got a mixed eyes I think. My eyes were light brown with specks of blues in it. I don't know what that color actually is. Many has said that it was pretty, but I always thought I looked a bit creepy with them. It kind of glowed in dark.

'tu vahaan kya kar rahe ho? Aakar chai peeyo.' I heard ma say. ( what are you ding there? Come drink tea.)

' yeah Chai' I squeaked like a small child and ran like a kid to the hall


After having tea with delicious biscuits, I thought It was time to sit and try sketching the character our queen bee
a. k. a Helen wanted.

I was still not into the idea she suggested and after spending an hour sketching, scribbling and tearing the paper, I decided that I won't be able to draw a character, if its not from my heart.

I finally decided to draw the character I wanted to draw. Damn Helen and her idea to hell! I didn't care anymore. I am doing what I want to do. I will try persuading her with it and if it doesn't change her mind, she can do whatever she wants and I will be taking these ideas to the team head.

Before i start on with actual sketching. I decided to check my mail

There was a lot of spams and junk, which I didn't care. But I saw a mail I received from the secratery of our president. Our president as in Ryan Williams.
As I was about to open the mail, something in my mind said that, it wasn't right and something big was going to happen in my life. I got an uneasy feeling about to it. But nonetheless I opened the mail.


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