Falling Deep into you

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My mind was not at ease. It was throwing a lot of ideas on what was going to happen tommorow, and since she over thinks everything, it was worse.

Why would Mr Williams want to see me tommorow?

The mail I received from his secretary said that I was expected to be at his office by 2 pm tommorow, and the details will be explained during the meeting.

There was no reason for Mr Williams to see me at all. As long as I remember, junior character designers never had to present their sketches to the president directly. It went through our supirior, then the team head and manager and then finally to him. This is actually weird for a gaming company, because it's supposed to have a very interactive environment, and our company was anything but interactive.

I have been in my best behavior too all these three years. Sure I had a nasty attitude at times, I made sure to keep that in check during work. I don't even say anything to Helen and she had a very nasty attitude. So it's probably not gonna be about my work conduct either, hopefully.

Oh my God, I did meet him in the elevator earlier today. Did I do anything to insult him? As long as I remember I didn't say anything more that a few words.
Maybe he noticed you ogling him the entire time. Yeah maybe that was it, and I hope it isn't.
Way to go Anaya, now you have made him uncomfortable. Now you can say goodbye, to your job. My subconscious said. Sometimes I wonder, if she was ever in my support. But would he do that, like just because I was checking him out?. If he would do that, that would be such a petty thing to do.

I know that I am not supposed to check out my boss, but you keep an eye candy like Ryan Williams in front of you, anyone would check him out. You can't blame me, you know..

Relax, it's probably something work related or maybe he wants your input on something he drew. Yeah right, he would surely want my input on something he drew, me, a person he barely knew . And he draws... Seriously?? And, what all scenarios are you making in your head??
It's probably gonna be work related, leave it. You are anyway gonna know about it tommorow, don't get ahead of yourself. Now concentrate on drawing,you have barely five days to submit it, if you don't, you can kiss your joh goodbye for real.

Keeping everything aside, I resumed back to drawing.

"Fuck, I fucking hate myself now!!!" I almost screamed after half an hour. This was my biggest weakness. Once I get distracted by something, I can't do anything, unless that is solved. I only curse, when I am having a big anxiety breakdown, like I am having now.

"Damn Ryan, it's his entire fault." I knew it made absolutely no sense whatsoever. It wasn't his fault that I was an over thinker. But I needed to put the blame on someone and he was the first person that came to my mind. I don't understand why my mind was occupied by him, but it's been like that since the moment I saw him earlier. He had no right to occupy my head and interfere my peace. I know I am thinking nonsense, but this is what I do to calm myself down.

"whatever, you are not gonna finish this character or even get a one percent done, just fucking go to sleep" I said to myself, finally giving up.

Closing my sketch book, and organizing my desk, I plopped myself onto my comfy bed. I knew sleep was not gonna come to me anytime soon, because my mind, that little bitch, was still thinking about what's gonna happen tommorow. Deciding to watch something, I started searching through all the options on Netflix. Finally deciding on Brooklyn 99, I started watching it. Comedy was the best distraction now.

I was done with the first three episodes, when I found myself yawning and oddly I fell into a deep slumber within the next ten minutes.


Beep.... Beep.. Beep..

Ugh..... That stupid alarm.

Waking up in the morning was always a chore, and I wasn't a morning person in the least. But the thought of meeting Mr Williams had me jolting up all of a sudden, tossing my phone onto the ground by doing it. I didn't realize that I slept while watching, my phone still played Brooklyn 99, damn Autoplay!.

Connecting it to my charger, I dragged my tired self to the bathroom to take a warm bath.

Turning on the shower, I sighed as the warm water touched my sore shoulders, deciding that it was time to shave, I took the razor. I looked like a gorilla, if I didn't shave once every two months or so. OK.. I was exaggerating, but yeah., I was pretty hairy.

Wrapping my plush blue towel around me, I came out and opened my closet, to chose what to wear today.
Deciding on my blue slacks, white button up and a blue jacket, I took it out to iron it. We weren't forced to wear business attire or anything, but since I was supposed to meet the president today, I wanted to dress up professionally.

I contemplated whether I should curl my hair or leave it as it is, deciding on leaving it in its natural silky waves, I put on my dress for today. Since I was kind of tensed to meet him, I put on my lucky charm, which was a simple diamond necklace my grandma had gifted me. It was a simple gold chain, with a small diamond pendant, that had a small rose like shape studed with diamonds. It was really simple and I liked it a lot. Everything seemed to go right, when I wore it, as if she was protecting me.
Wearing matching ear studs and applying minimal makeup, nothing much.. Just lip gloss and eye liener, that I wore all day. I loved using eye liener, since I thought that it gave a brightness to my brown eyes.

Looking at the mirror once more, to make sure that my hair stayed in perfect waves below my hips and that my eye liener wasn't smudged, I exited my room.

I was welcomed with the same sweet smell of Chai, my mom always made and that I loved a lot as I entered the kitchen. I saw her near the stove, cooking breakfast.

'tu ready ho gayi? Aaj early Kyu hai?' ( you are ready? Why are you early today.)

' aaj ek meeting hai, isliya subah subah utkar ready ho gaya' (I have a meeting today, that's why I woke up early in the morning to get ready.)

'tu kal sham, khana bhi nahi kaaya, mene tumhara favorite chicken banaya tha' ( you didn't eat dinner yesterday, I made your favorite chicken too).

What!! I missed my chicken curry! No, I loved it a lot. Damn Ryan Williams.

' I was just tired, I slept early. If you have the chicken left, can you give it to me tonight?'

'theek hai, Maine tere Liya kuch rakhe hai' ( fine, I left some for you anyways)


' abb aakar breakfast khaa' ( now come eat breakfast.)

Sitting at the kitchen table, my mom gave me hot parathas and curd. I did like Indian breakfast, but I liked western more. Indian was too heavy for me. Nonetheless, I ate to my content, since my mom was an excellent cook.


I dreaded as I swiped my ID, to enter my office. I wasn't ready to meet Mr Williams, I know that I was over reacting a lot, but I did have major anxiety issues. I tried to calm myself down by listening to some soft BTS songs, which actually worked. Finally I was able to concentrate on sketching. There was no rule against listening to music during work hours anyways.

After some time, I saw Miss queen coming towards me, probably to taunt me more.

'Hello Anaya, you done with the sketch?'

' Not yet, Helen. I am on it.'

' I hope you are considering my inputs, on your character.' she said.

' I am, you don't need to worry.' The truth was, I was going to draw the character I wanted, not her unrealistic one. Anyways I am not going to tell her that now. She can see it for herself when the time comes, I didn't want anymore tension today.

She gave me a smile and walked towards her desk, her curly red hair, not even moving. I am sure, she spend hours, to make that stay that way.

After trying to finish some paper work and drawing some other characters, I saw that it was already lunch time, I had one hour before I met with the handsome president himself.

Deciding that I didn't wanna eat anything, because I was tensed and didn't want to puke everything, that I ate today morning.
I spend some more time concentrating on the sketch.

Time came sooner than I wanted it to, and I dreaded it. I had this uneasy feeling inside me that said, that whatever he was going to talk, would not be a good idea for me. I felt uncomfortable and I hated feeling uncomfortable. I didn't like this feeling at all.

I got up from my chair and walked out of my office to the elevator and hit the button for the 60th floor, to meet Mr Williams. Little did I know that, it was going to change my life forever.


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