Falling Deep into you

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I was walking through the corridor towards Mr Williams office. The entire sixtieth floor had nothing, other than his office. There was a rumor around that he even stayed there.

At the end of the corridor I saw a lady, probably around mid thirties. She had her blonde hair in a tight bun and she was tying something on her Mac.

Walking up to her, I slightly tapped on the desk. She looked at me, her blue eyes confused.

'good afternoon ma'am, may I know who you are??'

'I am Anaya Rodgers, from the designing department. Umm.. I was asked to be here by 2 today.'

Samantha, atleast that's what her ID said, gave me a recognizing look. 'Oh yes,Miss Rodgers, Mr Williams will meet you soon. Just wait 5 minutes, let me inform him of your arrival.'

She took an intercom and after pressing some digit, probably the one that connects her to him, she said that I was waiting by the door. After some hmm' s and ok's, she finished her call.

Giving me a beautiful smile, she asked me to go inside his office.

' it's going to be okay darling. It's not a big deal.' she said, probably sensing my anxiety. She finally gave me a reassuring smile as I walked towards a door, behind which our company's most important person sat.

Tightening the pendant in my hand, I knocked on his door.

'come in' I heard his deep velvety voice say. God, here I go.

I entered his office with small steps. He had his head down, reading something on his desk. If he looked up, he would surely sense my fear.

'Mr Williams, I was asked to meet you at 2, is there any problem sir?' I asked, mentally air punching for saying that without quivering.

He looked up, and might I say that he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen in my entire life. His dark hair, was lightened to caramel as the sunlight shone on him. His stubble kind of looked dark on his chiseled face, and above all his eyes, it wasn't the stormy Grey I always thought he had, it had blue depths to it. It was the most beautiful blue Grey eyes, I had ever seen in my life. Even though it took my breath away, I was more caught off guard by the depths of it. His eyes.... Was unreadable, like it held a mystery, only he knew. His skin looked golden under the sunlight, and I wanted to touch it so badly.

What the hell, touch it!! Snap out of it Ansu!!

Bringing my eyes back to his, I waited for his answer.

' No Miss Rodgers, there is no problem, but I do want some help from you.' He said. What help can I do to him. As long as I remember, I was just a character designer in his company.

' what help can I do sir?'

' I heard that you were an Indian, miss Rodgers'

Where did he know that from??!!

' umm.. Yes sir, I am.'

' Then are you familiar with Indian languages?'

' Not all sir, just hindi' I said truthfully. Even though my ma was from Maharashtra, she lived half of her life in US. She didn't know Marathi and neither did I.

' hmm as long as you know hindi, you can be of great help to me.'

' See Miss Rodgers, I am actually going to India next week and I am in dire need of a translator as I am planning to visit few people who might not know English. Since I don't know the language, I would like you to assist me there. '

What, that was it! And you were creating bizzare scenarios in your head last night.

' why are you visiting India? If you don't mind me asking..'

' well let's just say that, it's strictly business related. You don't need to know the details.' he said kind of annoyed by my question. I didn't know why he was annoyed. It was just a simple question.

' OK sir, I didn't mean to pry'

' oh, you didn't?' he asked as if teasing me.

' so Miss Rodgers, are you OK with this?'

' Sir, why should it be me, you can find many translators here or in India.'

' the things I am going to do is confidential. I don't want any outsiders to know about it.'

' so I am not an outsider?' I was, wasn't I. I didn't know anything about him or his business stuffs, neither did he know about me.

' well, I guess you are someone whom I can trust. '

' how so sir? '

' damn! Do you always ask so many questions? ' he asked irritation seeping through his voice

Taking that as an rhetorical question I said ' sir, you know nothing about me, how can you be sure that I wouldn't go behind your back? '

' I know enough about you Miss Rodgers'he said with a smug smile.

I raised an eyebrow at him.

' Miss Rodgers, this actually is a great offer for you, if I might add. You don't need to do anything other than translating for me. I will even pay you too, and you can consider it as a vacation too.'

Vacation, my ass!! How can I be at peace when a handsome, domeneering and intimidating person like Ryan Williams is gonna be there with me.

'sir, can I get some days, to think about it??'

'what's there ito think a lot about it?'

' umm..' I didn't know how I was supposed to say that I had to ask my family, he would think that I am still dependent on them. It's not my fault though, my ma would kill me, if I move out of the house before marriage or go somewhere without telling her. Typical Indian moms.

'it's something personal, I have to go over something personal before deciding.'

' OK.. But please i would expect your reply by tomorrow. And I hope it's positive.' he said leaning against his desk. That action caused his shirt to cling on to him and he was well tonned. I never saw him as a muscular guy, but right now it said otherwise. He was tonned. He was lean, but tonned.
I didn't want him to know that I was checking him out, so I averted my gaze.

' well if that's it, I have to return to my work sir.'

' yeah sure, you may leave.'

' thank you sir'

He nodded and I suddenly scurried out of his office.

I didn't know what was wrong with me. I always felt uncomfortable and comfortable with Ryan Williams. I always got this kind of tingling feeling in my stomach when he looks at me with that rather deep-set eyes. I hated the fact that I liked it. I always had an uneasy feeling with him.

I did want to take up the offer he gave me, like I had nothing to loose, a free trip to India and I can meet all my cousins too. But it was him that I wasn't sure of. Whenever I was with him, I had this feeling of him drowning me into his eyes and I wanted to protect my heart. I didn't wanna fall for him.

But his request was too tempting to give up on. Deciding that I would go if my parents let me, I walked out of his secratery's office towards the elevator.


This is a short chapter, but I will get longer. I promise. Hope you guys enjoyed it.

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