Falling Deep into you

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Well that was delightful, wasn't it??

So, our boss just wanted me to accompany me during his Indian trip. The idea didn't seem too bad, right? Even though, I have to spend some days with Mr Blue-Grey eyes, I get a free trip. Who would want to miss such a chance, and you only gotta translate for him. You don't even need to see your stupid supervisor's plastic stuffed face for some days too. Who cares if I had to travel with Mr Williams, it's completely business related.
Yeah, a complete business related travel, you have got no idea about. Great isn't it. Mini me said sarcastically.

What if, he-he is in some illegal things? Drug dealings, human trafficking or the mafia!!!
I seriously, hope not. I have seen movies where they take innocent people as a translator and then kill them after everything, because they knew a lot. I so didn't want to wind up dead, before 70 at least.

Relax, Rodgers, you think way too much anyway. And it's not like, you are leaving without informing anyone!

'hey, hot stuff' Carol's loud voice inturrupted my thoughts. Bringing myself back to reality, I raised an eyebrow at her.

' Hot stuff??'

' well, since you can never be one, I thought it was my duty as a friend to address you, so that you can atleast imagine being one.' she said winking.

'oh my, thank you for your kind thought.' I said with a sarcastic smile.

'I was kidding, you are beautiful.'

' I know right' I said laughing.

'you look kinda off, thought I could entertain you. So wanna tell me what's going on inside that pretty mind of yours?' she asked sitting on the chair with her legs plopped onto my desk clumsily.

' well, nothing. Just work. ' I said nervously.

' really??' she raised her eyebrow,obviously not believing me.

' Ansu, I know it's something related to what happened 40 floors above.' she stated. Wait, how did she know that??

' wait, how did you know that I met with Mr Williams?' I asked, clearly shocked.

' not only me, everyone knows. It's top headline gossip here now. Someone saw you coming out of his office.' she said.

'what? ' I hated being the center of attraction.

' don't worry, all think it's work related. But, you look so tensed, and to be honest I think there is more to it. Wanna spill the beans? '

' well, it's work related.'

' then, why do you have that look?'

' what look?'

' like, you just saw the godzilla, and barely made it out. '

I trusted Carol, she has been my friend for 3 years now. And it wasn't a secret right. He didn't tell that it was confidential.

He did say that the business was confidential.
Yeah, he never did mention that I should hide, that I was accompanying him as his personal translator. And Carol, would never say anything to anyone.

' see, I might take a trip to India next week.'

' why, any weddings?'

' no, it's work related.'

' why should you take trips, you are a junior character designer.'

' umm.. Mr Williams wants me to accompany him, as a translator during his trip. He doesn't know the language.'

'so, he can't hire a translator?' she asked, clearly thinking that this was stupid.

'He said it was something important and that he didn't want to bring an outsider into this. He doesn't trust them.'

'So, he trusts you?' she asked amused.

' That's what I am tensed about. I asked the same question, and he said that he knew me enough to trust me. Like don't. you think that it's weird? I know that I am one of his employee, but how can he trust me with business dealings. I am not his secretary either. '

She was silent for a few seconds before she answered.

' I might take up the offer, and listen- let me finish' she said raising her hand to stop me as I was about to interrupt her.
' I don't think there is, as such any harm in taking up his offer. You might think, this is a stupid idea, considering the fact that he hasn't given any inputs to you, but I don't think you need to interfere in his matters, right?. You have nothing to loose either, it's actually a gain for you. A free trip to India, accommodation and you can meet your family too, since you always mention how you miss them. Just do your job as a translator, don't question him or be curious about it. You only need to act as a middle man in a convo. '

' so you are telling me to just mind my own business. '

'If you remove the sugar coat, yes. Mind your own business. Do what he tells you to do, and don't interfere in his business .'

' But Carol, what if he is into mafia or human trafficking or something like that?' I know that I was an idiot asking this to her.

She burst out laughing at my ridiculous doubt.' Ansu, you are going to India, not Italy. There is no way, that guy up there is in mafia, even if he was in mafia, do you really think he is stupid enough to let you run your mouth to people, telling them that you are going to India. You might not- no, you will not go anywhere without informing you parents. So you don't need to worry about that kind of things. '

' I guess so, and like you said, it's a win for me. A few days off work.'

Before she could say anything, a very annoying voice asked ' what's the commotion here? 'Helen.

' Miss Dale, I thought you worked for the planning and development department, why are you here? ' She asked Carol.

' I do work for planning and development, and for your second question I am here to see Miss Rodgers. '

' when we are supposed to work?'

' well woman, it's after work hours and there is no rule which states that I can't come here. '

' Miss Rodgers is working and please address me as Miss Fort, not woman. '

'woman, we work for a gaming company, there can be many reasons for a developer to talk to a designer, and since it is after working hours, I can meet Anaya and I will address you the way I wanna address you, you are not my head.'

I nudged her, and gave her a look that said " don't-get-me-into-trouble"

Helen wasn't pleased with her reply. It was so clear in her face. Her face turned red with anger. She expected everyone to obey her. It's understandable that I listen to her, but why carol?? She wasn't any manager or team head. She was a senior character designer, she had to know her place.

'well, I might have to talk to your team manager regarding your behavior.'

'yeah sure go ahead, what are we? 12? To complain about anger management issues?'

Helen narrowed her eyes at both of us and walked away.

Carol rolled her eyes and said ' If I could stay away from that, for a few weeks, then hell yeah I would go on that trip. Business or not!!'

Yeah, that was true.

I finally decided, that I would take up his offer. Like Carol said, I had nothing to loose, and I just had to mind my own business. The only problem left was my parents. My papa would probably allow me, but my ma was a different matter. It's the typical Indian drama, they can't trust us with a man.
I just had to tell her and make her understand, it's going to be OK. She don't care how old you I am, I am still a child in her eyes

Well you are still a child, behavior wise.

I was in my room and was planning on how to tell her. Deciding to give it a shot, I went down to the living room, where both my parents where watching something.

I laid my head down on my mother's lap, and she instantly started ruffling my hair.

'kya hai? Kuch bolne hai kya, tujhe?' ( what is it, you have something to say?)

'hmm, actually I wanted to talk to you both.'

' what is it puppy?' my papa asked concerned.

' well, you see I am going to India, next week.'

' why?' my ma asked confused.

' it's work related. I am going with our president.'

' hmm, it's OK as long as it's work related puppy, it's your job right. ' my papa said.

' wait, Abraham' ma said and asked the question I dreaded.

'Is your president a man?'

'umm.. Yes'

' Are you going with him alone?'

' I don't know, his secretary might come.' I didn't know if I was going to go alone with him and lying to my ma wasn't an option. She saw right through me.

'so you are not sure whether his secretary is going to come.'.

' yes'

' nahi, tu nahi ja raha. Chup chap, ghar baithe tu.' she said,ckearly leaving no room for arguments( No, you are not going. Sit at home without sulking.)

'Ma, please. I am 26, not 16. I can take care of myself, and it's work related. I have to go, if I want that promotion!' I said, OK I lied. There was no promotion involved. I hope, she didn't see through that.

' but, you can't travel alone with another man. '

I looked at papa, for support.

' Aishu, cut her some slack, she is not a child anymore, and she is going to India. It's your home. If you are that worried, you can inform Diya, she will take care of her. ' He said. Diya was my aunt.

' yeah ma, Diya mausi(Aunty) can take care of me and I miss dadi (grand mother) and everyone there. It's been an year since I last saw them. So please, let me go, and Mr Williams is a good guy. He wouldn't do amything inappropriate.'

'But-' she sighed seeing my pouty lips and puppy eyes I gave her, to soften her heart more, pepper,who was sitting near my leg woofed.

'See ma, even pepper agree with me. Right pepper?'

She woofed again.

She sighed and said ' okay, you can go. But I am informing your mausi, and you have to inform her and me, wherever you are going with your president.'

Yaay!! I don't need to worry about this anymore. You deserve a trophy Ansu!!

'Yeah, sure. I will do as you say.' I said

Giving both my parents a kiss on their cheek., I ran back to my room to call my cousin to tell her that I was coming.


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