Falling Deep into you

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'Really!!!' Sam screamed through the phone, making me taking the phone as far as away from me. Damn, she had one high pitched voice.

Right now, I was talking to Saman, my cousin from ma's side. She was Diya Mausi's youngest. She was around two years younger to me. She was, like all the Indian families, the pride of the family, a doctor in making. I had just said that I was coming and she started screaming my ears out.

'so, you are gonna be here for long, like a month or so?' she asked.

'oh no, not for a month and all.'

'so, how long will you be here??'

Right! How long will I be gone? I didn't know or haven't asked Mr Williams any of the details. Great Ansu, you were so exited to tell your cousin, rather than inform your boss, about your decision. Talk about sorting your priorities.!

' Umm.. Probably around a week or so' I said guessing. That's true right? Usually business trips were around a week or so.

'oh, that less? I thought you would be here for a month or atleast fifteen days.' she pouted.

I actually did want to spend some time with them. Maybe I could ask Mr Williams to give me a extra week off, instead of the money he offered.

'Sam, ye ek business trip hai, to, me mere boss ke saath hongi, most of the time. Mei na, kab free hongi, tab ghar aah jati Hu.'
(Sam, this is a business trip, so I will be with my boss most of the time. I will come home, when I am free)

'what!! Maine socha, mei pure hafta there saath bitaaonga' ( what! I thought I will spend the entire week with you.) She complained

'Sorry yaar, kya Kare? Kaam hai na' (sorry, dude, it's job.)

'why, do you have to come for a business trip though? I thought you were a character designer.'

' hmm..i will tell you when I come.. OK. There is a lot to tell' I didn't wanna explain all the details to her through phone and freak her out. This anxiety problem ran through the entire family.

'kyu, problem hai kya?' (why, is there a problem?)

'nahi, nahi! There is a lot to tell, I don't wanna talk about it through phone.'(no, no)

'ok,then tell me when is your flight, I will come pick you up.'

Right, I didn't know when I was supposed to go either.

'Umm.. I actually.. You know what, I don't think you need to come pick me up. I am, anyways with our president. He sure will have made some arrangements.'

' oh yeah, anyway tell me when you reach.'

'yeah obviously.' I rolled my eyes.

'I have to go anyway, I have a lot to prepare for tomorrow, bye!' She cut the call. Thank God, I didn't persue medicine. They had to study a lot and I hate studying. If I was keen on it, I would have finished my engineering, but that was never my cup of tea.

Aren't you forgetting something?
Oh yes, Mr Williams!!

One of the things, I liked about our company was that we can contact his secretary office, whenever we needed, for anything. Complaints or anything. We could contact. She made sure that it reached him. We were given her email ID, and thankfully I can contact him.

Fishing out my laptop from my backpack, I started writing the email to him, telling that I had made my decision, and would like to reconsider some of the terms.

I didn't want the money, I wanted to spend more time there.

After sending, I thought it was time to take a bath, because I felt sticky all over.

Taking my plush bathrobe, I decides that I wanted a bubble bath. Filling my bathtub, with hot water and my apple scented body wash, I removed my dress and stared at my reflexion.

I had clearly gained some weight! Shit! Not that I cared, but if I keep this up, I am going to be a pig sooner than later. My ma always said that I was thin. Like hell no way was I thin! I was above 5'7and 143 pounds. But it never showed on my body. I considered my body to be healthy, not obese or underweight, but if I continue to ravage like a pig, I will turn into one soon. But nah, I am too lazy to go on a diet. I was pretty anyways!

Getting into the hot water, I sighed. I loved this. It was so refreshing. I could feel my muscles relax under the water.
I closed my eyes.

When I opened my eyes next time, the water had gone cold. I clearly dozed off.

Getting out of the water and putting on my robe, I walked to my room. I opened my laptop to finish on some sketch that was left to do. Oh not our commander, I was still stuck with him. It's some other work.

I had already received a mail from Mr Williams.

Opening it, it read that he was pleases to hear the news and would expect me to be at his office tommorow morning at 10.

I sighed. So we are going with it at the end. It was nothing, a fair business proposal, but why, just why did I have an uneasy feeling?

I went back to work.


Merry Christmas to all my lovely readers out there!!
This is my Christmas gift to you all.

I know this chapter is kinda small and boring, but things haven't even started yet. The next chapter is going to be a surprise to y'all.


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