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Tony and Olivia are playing with Noah when he gets a call from a weird number that he doesn't recognize and so he answers and it is his ex girlfriend Samantha calling to see if he would get back with her and so while she is on the phone with him he puts her on speaker phone and Olivia and Tony but also his sister Max hears her pleading him to take her back and that it was his best friend's idea to cheat on him and so she was dumb as fuck and did it anyways

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Chapter 1

I was walking out of my house when I decided to text Tony to see how he was doing and if he was okay. "Hey Tony its me Olivia how are you doing and can we talk about what happened at school today?" and I sent it to him and he responded back really fast saying "Hey love were do you want to meet so we can talk about what had happen today at school?" and I told him that we can meet at my house or his house and I got back into my truck and started to drive back to his house and as soon as I pull up into the driveway the cops are there and so I pull out my badge (yes im a cop) and I am able to go threw and when I go threw all I see is a huge blur and when I come back to I see Tony beating the hell out of his dad and so I run toward them and pull Tony the hell off of his dad but the reason he was beat his like he was because Tony caught his dad raping his mom and then he tried to hurt Tonys little sister Mandie so Tony stopped his and then Tonys brother Josh called the police so the police are trying to calm Tony down but he is calling me"Olivia come here please?" so I walk over to were Tony is but also holding on to the wall for support because Im still a little lit headed from earlier so but I still make it over to were he is and I get help to sit down were he was and we all end up taking a trip to the hospital and I call and tell Lucy to meet me there with Nick and the team and to bring Noah with her because everyone loves my son so fricking much so everyone gets to see him and meet him and so when Lucy and Noah get there he sees that I am nowhere for him to find me so he startes crying and I find him by the front door calling me and so I get up and when he sees me he runs and I hug him really tight because I miss him as much as he misses me so when he saw Tony he ran to him because Tony and Noah have a good relation ship with each other and so then Tony was like "come on lets go and get out of here." and so then I was like "yeah lets go and get out of here." and then we all leave and we go to the park and buy ice cream and walk around the park and chasing Noah around because he wanted to run around the park and while we were playing this guy walked up to Noah and was like "Hello son were are your parents?" and Noah turned and looked at us and was like "they are right there." and so thats when Tony ran and grabbed Noah and told us to get to the truck and to meet him by the lake or something but to go Now.!! So we left and got to the truck and I had Noah sitting on my lap while I was driving and so we made it to the lake and then Tony caught up to us and jumped in the drivers seat and sped away and we went back to my house and when we got there I saw that my parents were there and so we walked threw the front door and when we did my mom was crying and so Noah jumped out of my arms and ran to her and was like "Nana why are you crying please tell us whats wrong?" and Tony was like "Yes mom whats wrong?" and she just looked at me crying and so I went and sat down by her and asked the guys to give us a few minutes and Tony was like "yeah, come on dad and Noah and lets go get the stuff out of the truck and put it in the garage and give these two time together." and they looked at us and kissed both of our heads and walked out and so I looked at my mom and asked her "momma whats wrong? Why are you crying?" and she looked at me and said "Olivia I love you and I need you to be strong for your dad and everyone else because I have cancer and I only have 2 months left to live because the cancer is steady growing and it wont go down." and I just blacked out at that moment and hit the ground and when I woke up I was in the hospital and I asked Tony "What happen and how did I get here?" and he was like " Babe you passed out and I brought you here but I also need to tell you something." and I was like "what tell me whats wrong?" and my dad walked in and was like "Olivia Im sorry but your mom died when we were bringing you here to the hospital," and I started crying and was like " NO get me out of here or leave me to die with my mom too." and Tony was like " Hey dad can you give us a few minutes so I can try to calm her down thanks.¨ So I get up and run out of my hospital room and Tony catches me by the arm before the nurse tries to inject me with some bullshit ass medicine that I am not going to take and I go back to my room and sit up and take a sip of water because my mouth was dry and I neededsomething to drink to calm me down.
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