Broken Tears: Black Skye

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Skye Jackson had her life planned to the latter. She literally had a list of things she wanted to do with the man she would marry, and all seemed to be going really well until she got jilted by her lover, her plans began to crumble little by little then she meets Damon Right. Powerful, Skillful, Macho and handsome, a typical every girls dream man. Mr. Right is everything girls want and more but Skye is his worse nightmare. Naive, innocent and unsuspecting Skye the exact kind of woman that Damon hated and he is hell-bent on teaching Skye a lesson. Powerful, Skillful, Macho and handsome, a typical every girls dream man. They find themselves in a situationship, will Skye be pure enough to change Damon or will Damon scar Skye???

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Shalom Kris
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Chapter 1

Skye Jackson opened her eyes and it seemed like the rays of the sun were shining directly on her.

She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand, in that motion, the realization finally hit her.

She couldn't seem to stop smiling, eventually the giggles followed.
She just kept reminiscing all the times she'd fantasized marrying Jordan and finally....

Today was the big day...

She couldn't wait to finally end up with the love of her life.

The man she'd been with and known for wat seemed to be a lifetime but was really just 13 years..



13 years was definitely more than just....

It was more like an eternity to her 25 years on earth.

Jordan had seen her in her best days and her worst days.

In the small town, they'd schooled together so it seemed inevitable that they would end up as friends but what she hadn't known when she'd saved a bloodied kid from getting bullied was that she'd end up getting married to that kid.

Jordan had been the smallest in his class in grade school and had therefore always been bullied.

Back then, she'd paid him no mind but during the summer break of graduation from grade school, he had gone to the city to stay with his Aunt and that was it.
Jordan had come back a whole different person.

He was unbelievably..... Hot....

That was the word her friends had used to describe him to her when they came for their usual after school gossip.

She hadn't thought it possible til she had run into him herself on her way home from school.

Arianna had literally had to shake her. One of the most embarrassing moments of her life.
Though Jordan said he thought it cute.
She lay on the bed smiling and fantasizing the different possible ways today could end.

Either way she was sure of one thing, she would belong to Jordan, body, heart and soul as it should always have been.
She had waited day and night for the opportunity to give all of her to him as she was sure he wanted to too.

Skye was still stuck in her reverie and very unaware, when the door opened and her little sister walked in.

Arianna took one look at Skye, who was staring at her engagement ring and smiling and shook her head.

She snaps her fingers and Skye snaps out of it, shocked.

Upon seeing Arianna, Skye burst into a fresh bout of smiles, her eyes watering.

Arianna walked up to Skye "Ok, up up, that ring won't take you to the altar."

Skye giggled, like a love sick school girl
Arianna shakes her head.
"I'm just so happy".
"Come on Skye, get up. You need to start getting dressed and all and you haven't even had your bath".
Skye stands up and turns around very excited.

"You don't understand, you have yet to be in love . I just can't get it out of my head that I married my high school BFF."
"Well, now is the time you need to get it out of your head and into reality sis. Now get".Skye waltz into the bathroom, leaving Arianna smiling.

Skye sat while three elderly women fussed over her.

Jeanine and her twin sister Jacqueline were the most well meaning people in all of the town but everyone knew they had a flare for going over the top.

The other lady Selena, their best friend, she suspected was to keep them in check.
The trio were inseparable.

Arianna had finally been able to practice her designing skills on her sisters wedding gown and it was beautiful.

Though all of these were the last things on Skye's mind, as they fussed over her, she found herself enjoying the fuss.

Arianna walked over to her smiling "Normally I'd complain about the extra something the twins always seem to have but today, I think all their fuss is appreciated".

Skye smiles just as Selena walks over to her.

"Arianna, may I say this dress is amazing. If you had been born when I got married, I'd have asked you to design mine".

They all laugh.
"Ok, Skye, it's time for to get in the dress."
Skye walked to where Jacqueline and Jeanine where standing with the dress.
She gets into the dress and they fuss over her some more then lead her to the mirror.

Skye stared at herself in disbelief.
She knew she wasn't extraordinarily beautiful like Arianna but it seemed like all her beauty organs had done their best to make sure she popped today.

She stared at herself swelling with pride.
Arianna comes to stand behind her, also smiling.

"You look amazing, Skye"
Skye blinked at the reflection of her image in disbelief, unable to form comprehensible words.

Then tears well up in her eyes. "I wish mum and Dad could see me right now"
Arianna put a calming hand on her shoulder. "I bet of they could, they'd be real proud of what you've become. You deserve some happy in your life"
Skye nods fighting tears.

"Don't you dare cry, you'll ruin the make up".
Skye sputtered, half laughing, half choking on the tears.
Arianna dabs her eyes for her.

It had been almost three hours that Skye had been in the backroom waiting for Jordan to show up.

Arianna had called and called and called but no one was picking up.

Skye's mind was roving, thinking of and trying to create different excuses.

Surely he was on his way, surely he was stuck in traffic or maybe he suit got a little wet and he had to stay back and dry it.
God knows how much he left bed that particular suit that his father had given him.

Skye laughed.

But it had been three hours already, he wasn't just running a little late. He was very late and it was unlike Jordan to be this late.

What of something had happened to him.
She was getting frantic, calling him over and over again.

Finally, just when she had given up hope.
A text came in. She was going to ignore it because it wasn't from Jordan's cell but from Liam.

Liam was Jordan's best friend.

She figured it'd be wiser to read the text because if anyone knew where Jordan was, it'd be Liam.

The words she saw where the most incomprehensible words she'd ever seen and not what she expected in a million years.

"Skye, it's Jordan. I won't be coming today. I'm sorry, have a good life. J"

Skye stared at the words in disbelief.
Arianna noticing the change in her countenance, walks to her and takes the phone from her hand and stares at it.
"Oh my God!! The nerve of him"
Skye stands up, goes to peep at the reception hall, which is already almost empty. The remaining guests were probably giving her the benefit of the doubt.

Skye didn't know what exactly to do, all she knew was she was freaking out and needed air.

Skye stood up almost tripping over.
Arianna rushed to help her but she brushed past her and is about to go out when her phone rings.

It's her shop attendant.

She stared at it knowing this wasn't the right time but she still answered hoping for at least one good news.
"Hello Cassie"

"Skye, what's going on? I tried to make a purchase for the store but our card got declined. I called the bank and they said you cleared out everything to another bank account".

Skye's eyes widen in disbelief.

"That can't be true, I didn't".

Suddenly she remembered that Jordan had given her a document to sign the day before. Claiming it's a purchase order for the store, they co-owned and she had signed it without reading.
The phone falls from her hand and that's the last she remembered before she slumped.

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