Twisted Thomas

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#10 Whatever floats your boat


Tracy is lying on the carpet, staring up at the ceiling. She took off her dress a while ago, and now she’s in nothing but her lingerie. And her heels – she’s still got those high hooker heels on. She looks like she belongs in a goddamn Victoria’s Secret catalogue. She’s been stalling for an hour now, smoking and talking about boring things, kissing me and feeling me up, trying to make me forget all about the fact that she still hasn’t told me about her and Michel.

“Tracy…” I grunt, pushing away her hand that is slipping into my dress pants. I got out of my suit when we came in here, but I kept on the pants, and she’s been trying to take them off for a while now. “Tell me the story first.”

She groans in annoyance, rolling onto her stomach and inching even closer to me. We’re both high as fuck, having smoked a lot of weed. I can take it – I do this with Dylan all the time, after all – but she seems a little out of it, to be honest. Her eyes are unfocused and red, and she keeps giggling.

“When did you meet Michel?” I press, not taking no for an answer. Ever since I laid eyes on the guy and saw the pain in both of their eyes, I knew that this was who she is trying to get over. Her ghost. Her Franny. He’s the reason she’s throwing herself at me, just like Fran is the reason I want to bury myself in Tracy.

Well, and the fact that Tracy is hot as fuck, of course. I may be in love with Francesca, but I’m still a guy with a cock that gets hard when I lay eyes on someone as hot as Tracy Packard. I want to hear the story of her and Michel, but I also want to fuck her. Maybe we can do both. The night is still young.

“I met him five years ago,” Tracy says, finally no longer fighting it. “He brought in his mother’s dog to the vet clinic I was working at, and I guess I fell in love with him at first sight, if such a thing even exists. He was so…” She sighs and rolls back onto her back, raising her hands in the air and drawing something that’s invisible to both of us, but it makes her smile.

“Did you flirt with him as blatantly as you did with me?” I tease, nudging her in the side.

She giggles. “Nah, I didn’t need to. He asked for my number without me needing to make a fool out of myself, and we went out the next day. He was the perfect gentleman, and we didn’t even sleep together until the tenth date. I was basically begging him to fuck me at that point.”

That I can believe quite easily. Tracy isn’t exactly subtle. We’re alike in that sense. I prefer to let my body do the talking when it comes to love, just like she does. Plus, sex is fun, relaxing, exciting. All at the same time. Nothing wrong with wanting to hook up with someone.

“I only slept with three guys before him,” Tracy goes on. “My high school boyfriend, a random hook-up in college, and one more guy I dated for a few months. I never even truly liked sex before I met Michel. He’s the first guy who ever made me come.”

Which makes me the second. I feel a little proud of that, especially knowing how difficult she is.

“We’ve broken up about fifteen times over the course of the past five years,” Tracy goes on to tell me, sounding sad. “It’s almost always him cutting things off, and then we run into each other or one of us shows up at the other’s apartment drunk, and I beg him to take me back, and we start the whole damn thing over again.”

“Fifteen times?” I ask, unable to believe my ears. I sit up and look down at her half-naked body, her golden blonde hair spread out on the carpet. “He broke up with you fifteen times? Is he off his meds?”

She giggles again, but then her face turns serious. “I don’t blame him, to be honest. I’m not relationship material.”

“Bullshit,” I reply immediately. “Did he tell you that?”

She shakes her head and gives me a stern look. “Don’t make him out to be the bad guy. He’s not. Michel is amazing. I just… I can’t give him what he wants.”

“What does he want you to do?” I ask, feeling a little sick now. I hate guys who set ultimatums or tell their girl that she needs to perform some kind of sex act if they truly love them. When you love someone, it should be unconditional. The way I love Franny.

“He wants me to let him in,” she says so quietly I almost don’t catch it. “He wants me to call him when I feel low, so he can cheer me up. He wants to come with me when I visit my parents’ graves. To hold my hand when I’m sad, to dry my tears, to… Well, to do all the things boyfriends do. He wants me to move in with him, or for him to move in with me, and to share every single part of our lives with the other.”

Oh. That’s not what I expected her to say at all. “That sounds… pretty nice,” I say, letting myself fall back onto the soft carpet. “If Fran would ask me do to any of that, I’d happily oblige. Why don’t you want that with Michel? I though you said you love him?”

“I do, but I don’t need someone to take care of me.” She sounds so defiant now that it’s almost scary. “I don’t need anyone. I’m just fine on my own. And I don’t cry. Ever. So there are no tears for him to dry anyway.”

Damn, this girl has issues. “Why did he break up with you this time?” I ask, curious what she did. By now it seems obvious to me that while he may be the one to break up with her each and every time, it’s obviously Tracy who’s the problem here, not Michel.

“My uncle Greg died,” she says, sounding like she’s talking about the weather instead of something emotional. “He was my father’s brother and the only family I had left. He lived way south, so I got on a plane and went to the funeral. Without telling Michel.”

“You didn’t tell your own boyfriend of five years that your last living relative died?” I ask incredulous. “And you left the state without even letting him know?”

“I didn’t want him to come,” she says like that’s the most logical thing in the world. “He’s always waiting for me to fall apart, but I know that I never will. It’s exhausting when someone keeps looking at you like you’re a ticking time bomb. I didn’t want that kind of pressure on me during a funeral. So I told Michel afterwards, we fought, and he left me. Again.”

“Can’t say I blame the guy,” I mumble.

Tracy actually laughs at that, shifting so she’s on her side and looking at me with a smile on her beautiful face. “I don’t blame him either. He should have left me years ago. He wants someone who will let him be there for the good and the bad, but I don’t want anyone around me when things truly get dark. He wants to move in with me, but I don’t want that kind of closeness. He should find a girl who wants all of that. And he will. He’s amazing.” She sighs, looking sad again. “That’s why I was looking for a rebound. Because I know if I don’t distract myself with… well, with you… I will end up at Michel’s front door again, on my knees, begging for him to try again. And he’ll say yes, because he still loves me and keeps hoping I will change. That I will suddenly become this vulnerable, emotional girl who lets him comfort her while she cries. I can’t keep doing that to him. He deserves more than I can give him.”

It strikes me that while she’s obviously utterly insane and fucked-up, she’s also strangely selfless. She wants Michel back, and the only reason she’s not roping him back in is because she doesn’t think that would make him happy in the long run. That’s the weirdest, sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.

“So, that’s the story of me and Michel,” she says, snuggling up to me with her head on my chest. “Can we have sex now?”

I laugh and press a kiss to the top of her head. “I think you’re high, Tracy.”

“So are you,” she replies, her hand already slipping into my pants. “Who cares? I’m hot, you’re hot. I’m high, you’re high. Let’s have sex.”

That’s the kind of logic that only makes sense when you’re as high as she is. And since I’m high as a kite myself, I pull her on top of me and kiss her hungrily. We’re only together to distract ourselves from the people we love, but that doesn’t matter. Her body is so wonderfully soft and warm on top of mine, and her moans turn me on immensely. Why not fuck?

She kisses her way down my body and pulls down my pants. “Oh thank God, no piercing,” she breathes right before wrapping her lips around my cock and taking me as deep as she can.

I took out the piercing before putting on my suit, because I know she doesn’t care for it. I like it myself, and I know Franny loved it, but it actually feels nice to not wear it anymore. I only got it because I wanted to woo Francesca, which is the worst reason to ever get a piercing. Sure, I’d been thinking about getting one for years, but she was the reason I finally caved and put a goddamn hole in my dick. Taking it out earlier tonight felt like making her hold on me a little less tight, and I think I need that. I can’t keep pining over her. It hurts too much.

Tracy moans around my cock, the feeling making me even harder. I pull her hair out of her face and our eyes meet, her green ones mirroring the lust in mine. She works me for a while, still looking like a Victoria’s Secret model in her heels and lingerie. I thought she was gorgeous in her red dress, but she looks even better like this, sucking me off.

She lets me slip out of her mouth and smiles seductively. “Wanna come like this or inside of me?”

“Inside of you,” I reply right away, ready to get back into that tight little cunt. The fact that she’s okay with me fucking her without a condom is like a gift that keeps on giving. Condoms are great inventions, but I come way harder without any barriers between me and the soft, warm channel that invited me in, promising me the kind of bliss only a hot girl can give you.

“Then you better get to work,” she teases, rolling of me and stretching out on the floor. “Let’s see if you’re up to the task of getting off frigid Tracy Packard.”

“You’re not frigid,” I grunt, straddling her so I can take off her bra before kissing and licking my way to her panties, tugging at them with my teeth.

“I take long time to get off,” she says, her eyes sad now. “I know I’m a lot of work both inside and outside of bed.”

“Stop talking nonsense,” I tell her, hating how down on herself she gets. “You’re worth every single minute of my time. Now shut up and let me work my magic.”

She giggles and lifts her hips so I can tug off her panties. “Aren’t you going to take off my heels?”

“Nah, I like those,” I say, looking down at them with a smile. “They’re hot.” I pull up her legs so they’re on my shoulders and dive in with my fingers and tongue, making her moan loudly. Just like last time, she seems to enjoy everything I do to her, but she doesn’t get any closer to the edge, not even when I lick her clit and rug her G-spot at the same time.

“Tell me what to do,” I tell her from between her legs. “What do you need to get off?”

“I… I don’t know,” she says, just like last time. “I’ve always been like this. Difficult.”

“What did Michel use to do?” I ask, feeling a little weird saying her ex’s name while my fingers are still inside of her and my face is almost pressed against her wet folds, her taste still on my tongue. She did say he got her off a lot, so he must have figured out a way.

“He didn’t always get me off,” she says, blushing now. “I still enjoy sex even when I don’t get to come every time, you know. I love what you’re doing to me. But sometimes…”

Ah, I can tell from the way her turns turn bright red that we’re getting somewhere now. “What?” I ask. “What do you want me to do? Anal? Dirty talk? Tie you up? Tell me. I’m sure I’ve done it before or that I’ll be willing to try.”

“Sometimes it helps to watch…” She takes a deep breath, shuddering a little.

“Watch what?” I ask, running my tongue over her clit, loving the way she moans. “Tell me, Tracy.”

“To watch porn,” she rushes out, obviously embarrassed.

“Really?” I sit up, smirking now. “We can do that. Before or during?”

“You don’t have to do that,” she says, looking horrified. “I know I’m a freak.”

“Hey, whatever floats your boat,” I assure her, pulling her against me so I can kiss her. “You don’t have to be embarrassed to tell me what you like, Tracy. We’ve all got our kink.”

“You don’t have one,” she says, looking away from me.

“Oh, I do,” I say, smiling at how cute she looks all flushed and ashamed. “I like to make girls beg for more and to force them to say my name over and over before I allow them to come. Gets me hot like nothing else can.”

“Oh, you like edging?” she asks, smiling a little. “Doesn’t surprise me at all. You like the feeling of being powerful and a total stud, don’t you?”

“I don’t just feel like it, I know I am,” I joke, winking at her. “Now shut up and let me find some good porn to put on. What are you into?”

“Erm…” There is that cute blush again. “Just… normal porn.”

“Normal porn wouldn’t make you this flustered,” I insist. “Tell me, Tracy. What gets you so hot that you don’t know what to do with yourself anymore?”

“Threesomes,” she whispers, looking like she can’t believe that she’s saying this out loud.

“Oh yeah, that’s hot,” I agree right away, grabbing her hand and putting it on my cock. “Do you feel how hard I am, Tracy? Want me to fuck you while we watch someone have a threesome on TV?”

“Yes,” she whimpers, running her hand up and down my shaft. “God yes.”

“Girl on girl on guy?” I ask, since that’s my own preference, obviously. I think that’s what most people are into anyway.

“Two guys, one girl,” she replies, sounding a little bolder now. “I like watching them fill all her holes at the same time.”

“Fuuuuuuuuuck,” I grunt, closing my eyes for a second. I’m not into guys, but her voice is so damn hot that I feel like I might come right now. “You ever had a threesome, Tracy?” I ask, slipping two fingers back into her and fingerfucking her slowly and deeply.

“No,” she moans. “Never. You?”

“Yeah, two times,” I tell her, picking up the pace. Damn, she’s tight. “With girls, though. Never with a guy. I’m not into dicks.”

“Hmm,” she murmurs, rocking her hips to force my fingers deeper inside of her. “What’s it like?”

“Hot,” I reply right away, my mind going back to that time with Franny and Jasmine. “Overwhelming. Amazing. Unforgettable. Would you like to have one with me? I’m sure I can find us someone.”

“Maybe,” she says, sounding unsure now. I get that. To fantasize about something is one thing, but to actually do it… Some girls get off on fantasizing about rape, but they don’t actually want to be raped, obviously. And I like watching porn with light bondage, but I don’t want anyone to tie me up. Doesn’t float my boat when someone actually does it to me. Same with a blindfold. Hot to watch porn where a guy can’t see what the girl is doing to him, but I miss the sensation if sight the moment someone takes it away from me. Still, I’d love to fuck Tracy with someone else in bed with us. I’d prefer it to be a girl, but I’m not completely opposed to the idea of adding a guy, I guess. I wouldn’t want to… interact with him, but if we would both just focus on Tracy… Yeah, I think I could do that.

I disentangle myself from her for a moment to get my phone and turn on the TV. A minute later, we’re watching two guys walk into a girl’s bedroom, slowly undressing her.

“Fuck,” she breathes.

“Yeah, this doing it for you?” I ask teasingly, going back to pleasuring her. I lift her onto the couch so she can watch the TV while I sit down on the floor between her legs, licking and fingerfucking her while the sounds of her moans mingle with the sounds of the hot sex the three people on the screen are having.

It doesn’t take all that long to get her off this time, and she cries out my name when she comes, pulling at my hair so hard it hurts. I don’t stop when she’s coming down, working her into a frenzy for a second time. Right when she’s about to come, I stop and look up at her. She looks away from the TV and I can tell she knows what I want.

“Please,” she says hoarsely. “I’m begging you, Thomas. This feels so good. Please don’t stop.”

“Yeah? You like watching porn while I go down on you?” I ask, moving my fingers in and out of her at a torturously slow pace.

“Yes,” she moans. “Please let me come, Thomas.”

I pull her hips closer to the edge and suck her clit into my mouth hard, enjoying the way she gasps in response.

“Please,” she keeps saying between moans. “Don’t stop, Thomas. You’re so good at this. Don’t stop. Make me come. Please please please…”

Fucking hell, why does that make me so hot that I want to bury myself in her? She comes with a loud cry, and the moment she’s done, I push her down onto the couch and get on top, pushing right into her with a feral grunt. She whimpers every time I push into her, her nails digging into my ass.

“Yes,” she moans, her head turned to the side so she can watch the screen, where the guys are now taking the girl in her cunt and ass at the same time, making her scream.

“That could be you,” I grunt into her ear while I keep pounding her. “All you have to do is ask and I will make that fantasy a reality for you.”

“Oh God, Thomas!” Tracy shudders with her release, taking me off guard. I can’t do anything but follow her straight into the abyss, shooting my load deep inside of her.

This girl is trouble and I love it.

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