Twisted Thomas

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#19 Will you ask him or should I?


When I get back home from the gym, still sweaty and in desperate need of a shower, I’m in much higher spirits then I was when I left the apartment. Ever since Michel and I got back together, it’s been a constant struggle for me to open up to him while also taking time for myself to process things. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be to let him see me at my worst, but it’s draining all the same.

“Hey honey,” he says, looking up from his laptop when I walk in. “Oh damn, you look hot all sweaty.”

I laugh and walk over, hugging him tightly so I make him all dirty. “Now you’re all sweaty too. Wanna join me for me shower?”

“Fuck yeah.” Michel jumps up and grabs me by the waist. I wrap my legs around him and kiss him eagerly. One of the best things about him moving in last week is that we can have sex every single night if we want to.

And damn, I want to.

He still has his own apartment, because I’m too scared to let him give that up for me quite yet, but he’s okay with that. We’ve known each other for almost six years now, and he’s never spent this much time at my apartment. This is the closest we’ve ever been to a normal, healthy relationship. It still feels a little foreign to me that he’s at my apartment when I’m not there, and that he has his own key. The weirdest thing is that when I’m in a bad mood, he is around to see it.

My nightmares have become a lot worse, occurring every week now, sometimes even twice in a week, which has me on edge more days than I’m used to. I wake up gasping for air every single time, feeling like I’m letting my father down by growing soft. Not that I’m suddenly a crying mess, but Michel knows me well enough to see when I’m having a shit day, and I’m letting him in bit by bit, allowing him to cuddle me after a particularly brutal day or an awful nightmare.

“What’s got you in such a good mood tonight?” Michel grunts into my ear as he pushes me against the bathroom wall, grinding against me.

The truthful answer would be Thomas, but that would be a dick move, so I just kiss Michel again and run my hands down his chest to grab the edge of his shirt.

“Let’s get you naked,” I murmur, enjoying the hardness of his muscles underneath my hands. He’s not as ripped as Thom, but he’s in good shape, especially considering the fact that he’s a chef in a glorified burger joint. I’d be fat as fuck if I had to flip burgers all day long.

Michel takes off my shirt and bra, kissing his way down my sweaty body while he sinks down onto his knees, hooking his thumbs underneath the waistband of my pants. He yanks them down in one fluent movement, pressing a kiss to my bellybutton ring before parting my legs and diving in with his fingers and mouth. I gasp and want to grab his hair, but he’s got it cropped too short for me to hold onto anything, so I put my hands on his shoulders instead, moaning loudly as his tongue dips into me before flicking over my clit.

“Will you fuck my ass tonight?” I ask in between moans.

“Fuck yeah,” he says right away, already pushing a finger into my puckered hole, causing me to gasp. “Let’s loosen you up, shall we?” Michel flicks his tongue over me a few more times while driving his finger into my ass before pulling away and leaving me for a moment while he walks into the bedroom.

I turn on the faucet and step underneath the hot water, finally rinsing the sweat off me. Michel steps in with me a moment later, pushing against my back so I’m forced to bend over, bracing my hands against the wall.

“Ah fuck,” he grunts, running a hand over my ass before slipping it between my legs and shoving three fingers into my pussy without warning.

I cry out in surprise, rocking my hips against him. He presses a lubed-up butt plug against my tight hole, and it slips in without too much trouble. He keeps fingerfucking me hard and fast, and I groan in disapproval when he pulls out after a few minutes, needing more.

“You’re such a dirty girl,” Michel tells me, parting my legs even more before running the tip of his cock over my slick folds. “I’m gonna fuck you in the shower first, and then we’re gonna put a bigger plug in that hot little ass of yours to make sure you’re ready for me to conquer that tight hole in bed later tonight.”

“Yes,” I moan out when he pushes into me, not pausing to allow me to get used to his size. He starts trusting right away, and while I can already feel that I’m not going to come like this, I know that he will have me seeing stars later tonight, so I don’t mind one bit.

Michel grunts my name as he comes, filling me up with his cum so much that it leaks out of me the second he pulls out. He jerks me up so he can spin me around and pushes me against the cold tiles, kissing me hard.

“Whatever you did in that gym to get you out of your foul mood, I suggest you keep doing it,” he says, moving on to kiss my neck. “You’ve been all kinds of moody this week. You had me all worried that you didn’t actually want me to move in with you.”

“Of course I do,” I tell him, hating that I make him feel unwanted. “It’s just hard for me to… you know… live with someone. Anyone. That’s not about you, baby. I love you.”

“Love you too.” He grabs the soap and starts rubbing it all over my body, spending a lot of time massaging my breasts, which gets me right back in the mood. By the time we get out of the shower, I’m ready for a second round, and to finally reach my own peak. We have sex pretty much every night – at least five times a week, I’d say – but I only come half the time. Michel doesn’t want to watch porn or talk about threesomes every single time, and I get that, but if we don’t do any of those things, it’s hard to get me off. I refuse to fake it, but I’ve been tempted a few times now, because he keeps going, hoping I will come after all, and sometimes it’s exhausting to try and push myself over the edge when I can feel that my body wants to give up.

“Lie down,” Michel orders when we reach the bedroom, and he grabs a bigger butt plug while I slid onto the bed on my stomach. He pulls out the one that has been in there since our shower, and I moan when he pulls it out. The next one is much bigger, and it hurts a little at first, but then my body accommodates, and it starts to feel good solely but surely.

When I hear the soft pull of a vibrator, I lift my hips automatically so Michel can slip it inside of me, filling me with it. The vibrations get me going for sure, and soon I’m a hot mess, writhing on the bed, begging for him to let me come.

He pulls me to my knees and orders me to keep the vibrator firmly inside of me. “One more hole to fill, little vixen,” he says, his brown eyes dark with lust. “Open up for me, Trace.”

I open my mouth and he shoves his cock down my throat, making me gag.

“Sorry,” he grunts, pulling back a little. “You just feel so good, Tracy. You look so fucking hot right now. Does it feel good to let me fill you up in every single way, baby? Does it make you hot? Does it make you want to come so hard you can’t remember your own name?”

He doesn’t need me to answer – which I can’t do anyway, since he’s fucking my mouth hard and fast, in complete and utter control of every single part of me. One hand is on the back of my head, keeping me firmly in place while he thrusts into my mouth again and again. I’ve got one hand wrapped around his shaft so he can’t go too deep, but I can tell is still feels good to him. His other hand is between my legs, moving the big vibrating dildo in and out of my pussy.

I close my eyes and imagine that it’s a cock in every single hole instead of just in my mouth. Three big, strong men, taking me every which way without giving a fuck about whether I like it or not, taking me for their own pleasure, wanting to fill me up with their cum to mark me as their property.

Holy fuck, where are these thoughts coming from?

For a second, I get scared by the urges I’m feeling, but then Michel pulls out and grabs me forcefully so he can position me onto all fours, my ass sticking up in the air. I hear the sound of foil ripping, and when the condom is on, he pulls out the butt plug and lines up with my tight little hole, forcing the first inch of him inside of me. He’s all lubed up, thank God, but it’s still an extremely tight fit.

“Oh God, Michel, you’re too big,” I cry out, both aroused and scared that it will hurt like a motherfucker when he’s completely inside of me.

“Relax, baby,” he says, his big hands massaging my ass cheeks, trying to make my muscles stop spasming. “Let me in. You know you want to. You want me to fuck your tight little hole, don’t you?” He moves one hand to the vibrator, yanking it out and replacing it with a bigger one that he apparently had ready for me all along.

“Oh,” I moan. The outer part of the purring dildo presses against my clit, causing me to keep moaning until I feel like my voice might give in soon.

Michel pushes into me further, and it doesn’t even hurt. Soon, he’s completely inside of me, and the strange sensation of having a cock in my asshole makes me hot as fuck, especially combined with my pussy feeling full as well.

“As we need now is another guy to fuck your mouth, don’t we?” Michel grunts, his fingers digging into my hips. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you, my filthy little girl?”

“Yes,” I moan, gasping for air while he fucks me harder and harder.

“Maybe we should do it,” Michel says, sounding aroused by the thought. “I think I’d enjoy watching someone fuck your mouth while I’m inside of you.”

“Oh!” The thought alone pushes me over the edge, and when Michel turns up the vibrator, I fall apart so hard that I’ve got tears streaming down my face.

Instead of coming with me, he pulls out and gets rid of the condom, flipping me onto my back and yanking the vibrator out of me. Before I can used to the loss, he’s already trusting into my pussy, pulling my legs up against his chest and shoulders so I’m basically folded in half. He goes deeper than he ever has, looking right into my eyes, holding my gaze the whole time he’s drilling into me.

“Come with me, baby,” he grunts. “I want to feel your walls milking me.”

When his fingers pinch my nipples, it’s all I can do not to pass out from the pleasure he’s giving me. I’m still crying, not knowing how to stop and for once not caring either.

“Now!” he orders, shoving himself as deep in as he can possibly go.

Right on command, my muscles start spasming and I moan his name over and over again, waves of pleasure rolling over me for so long that I lose track of time, of space, of who I am. Michel follows suit, his hot sperm shooting out of him, painting my walls white.

“Oh fuck,” he murmurs when he collapses onto the bed, my legs wrapping around him.

We both need a long time before we have enough strength to shift so he can pull out, and even then we stay a mess of sweat, sperm and entangled limbs.

“What do you say?” Michel asks, nuzzling against my neck. “Wanna make your dream a reality with me? I promise I will take good care of you and make sure the other guy doesn’t do anything you don’t want him to. Maybe we could ask that friends-with-benefits gangster hippie you used to fuck. He already knows what you like, right? What’s his name again?”

“Thomas,” I gasp, unable to believe Michel is truly suggesting this.

“Right, Thomas,” he says, kissing my neck. “Do you think he’d be into it? I think I’ve got a friend who might be interested as well, but I want you to be comfortable, and you might feel more relaxed if it’s someone you know.”

Oh God. My body is already getting back into a state of frenzy even though I’m exhausted.

“Oh baby,” Michel says when he hears me moan without him even doing anything to elicit that sound from me. He slips two fingers into my pussy while pushing his thumb into my sore asshole. He moves his fingers in and out of both holes in a steady pace. “Say yes. Tell me you will ask him if he wants to join us. Just think of how hard we could make you come together.”

“Yes,” I moan out, without even thinking about what me agreeing will mean. “Yes yes yes.”

Michel’s tongue flicks over my nipple and he chuckles when I cry out loudly. “I love this new Tracy,” he says in a dark voice. “You used to want to be in control all the time, but you’re not like that anymore. You let me take care of your needs without trying to dictate the pace or tell me what to do. No one knows your body like I do, baby. No one knows your soul like I do. Now come for me, you dirty little whore. Come all over my fingers.”

I cry out, more aroused than I’d like to admit. “Yes,” I moan.

“Oh yes you’re such a filthy whore for me, baby,” Michel grunts, shoving his fingers in deep and hard. “I can take you anyway I want to, fuck every single hole, and you like it. You fucking like it, don’t you? You love that I’ve fucked your mouth, your ass and your pussy, all in one night, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I moan, unable to do anything but agree with him. I’m so fucking close. So close…

And then Michel kisses me hard, shoving his tongue into me and dominating my mouth completely, making me feel like he owns me in every single way. My heart, my soul, and every hole he could ever want to fuck. I come so hard I’m crying again, and still he doesn’t stop. If anything, his movements become more frantic, and before I can even understand what is happening, his cock is inside of my pussy again, and the small vibrator from before is shoved up my ass.

Wave after wave of pleasure rolls over me, and Michel fills me up again, shooting his cum into me so hard that he cries out in a hoarse voice, sounding like a caveman.

Finally, he pulls out and rolls onto his back, catching his breath. I can’t even move at this point. My muscles ache and every singe part of me is sore, but I don’t give a fuck. I can’t even form a coherent thought.

“And you thought living with me would be hard,” Michel says, laughing softly. “All that’s hard about being together for real is my dick. All. The. Damn. Time.”

I grin at his cheesy joke. “Yeah, you moving in here might not be so bad after all.”

We’re quiet for a moment, our fingers intertwining while he both stare up at the ceiling, still reeling from the hot, violent sex.

“So… will you ask Thomas or should I?” Michel asks, turning to look at me.

“I think I should,” I say, already nervous at the thought of bringing this up with him.

I’m not even sure if I will like the real thing. Fantasies are different from the reality, after all. And Thomas… something feels wrong about asking him to share me with Michel, but I already know I won’t be able to back out now. Not after how hard I just came time and time again from the mere thought of getting what all those girls on my laptop screen seem to like so much.

A threesome.

With two guys.

The two only guys I’ve ever liked having sex with. The two only guys who can get me off.

The two only guys I lo- like.


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