Twisted Thomas

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#2 Only memories left to jerk off to


Long fiery red hair falls over Jasmine’s shoulders, obscuring her breasts from view. Francesca moves in, pushing it back and twisting it around one of her hands, pulling at it so Jasmine has to tilt her face up. She’s a few inches shorter than Franny, and she looks up into her eyes expectantly, waiting for Franny to make a move.

“Kiss me,” Francesca says in that sexy voice of hers, brushing her lips against Jasmine’s.

The redhead grabs Fran’s face and kisses her so hard that I hear Francesca gasping into the kiss. One hand is still in Jasmine’s hair, while the other moves down to her breast, rolling a nipple between her fingers.

Fuck, this is hot. I’m so hard it hurts. When Francesca and I ran into this hot little redhead in the club, I didn’t expect the night to end like this, with the two of them kissing in my living room. Obviously, I’m not complaining. Jasmine is naked from the waist up, but Francesca is still fully dressed, as am I. Let’s remedy that.

I pull off my shirt and press myself up against Francesca from behind, running my hands over her legs and up her skirt. She rubs her ass against my erection, causing me to grunt in approval. God, the girl is hot. This whole thing is, but I know that it’s Francesca’s intoxicating presence that makes this feel like the hottest thing I’ll ever do. She’s so… I don’t even know.

“Oh God,” Fran moans when she and Jasmine break apart and my fingers are rubbing her clit through the thin fabric of her thong. “Are we really doing this?”

“I’m game if you are,” I whisper into her ear, already knowing she will say yes. We did this before, once, and it’s been the focus point of all my wet dreams ever since.

“God yes,” she murmurs when I slip a finger into her thong and push it straight into her wet cunt. She’s leaning against me heavily, panting. I curl my finger and start rubbing her G-spot, making her writhe against me. My lips find her neck and I start sucking on that perfect spot right below her ear that always drives her wild.

It’s not until I hear a sharp intake of breath that I realize that Jasmine is still here. Francesca has a way of making me forget that anything or anyone else still exists in this world.

“Don’t just stand here,” I tell her, still fingerfucking Franny, who is lost to the world right now. “Let’s get our girl naked, shall we?”

Jasmine immediately moves over and pulls up Francesca’s dress, dropping it to the floor. She undoes her bra next, her eyes focused on her perky tits. Franny is in nothing but her thong now, and I’m not ready to stop touching her, so she’ll have to keep that on for now. Jasmine doesn’t make another move, she just stands there licking her lips until I tell her to go ahead and kiss Fran’s tits. She flicks her tongue over Fran’s nipple before sucking it into her mouth.

“Fuck!” Fran cries out, her hips rocking against me, trying to make me go faster. “Oh, Thomas…”

“That’s right,” I say, my voice thick with need. “Say my name, baby.”

“Thomas,” she breathes, letting her head fall back against me. “Let’s get you naked too.”

Now that’s a very good idea. My cock is straining against my jeans so hard that my zipper is starting to feel like a torture device. I step away from Franny for a moment, smirking when she whimpers from the loss of my fingers inside of her. I love the effect I have on her.

“I want to watch her suck you off,” Francesca says, her eyes wild as she looks at me getting undressed. She turns to Jasmine, pulling her in for another kiss that makes it hard for me to breathe. Good God, two women kissing always does it for me. And when they’re both almost completely naked and touching each other’s tits… I have to force my hands away from my cock. Why jerk off when I’ve got two girls right here, willing to take care of my raging boner?

I grab Jasmine and pull her away from Francesca, pulling down her pants. “You still up for this?” I ask, wanting to make sure that she’s as into this as I am. I don’t know the girl, after all. With Franny, I know all her tells after being friend-with-benefits for so long now, but I only met Jasmine a few hours ago. As much as I would love to get this show on the road, I’m not going to make some poor girl do something she doesn’t want.

“Yeah,” Jasmine says, stepping out of her skinny jeans and panties, running her hands over my chest. “Just tell me what to do. I’ll do whatever you want me to.”

“Blow him,” Franny orders before I can say anything.

Jasmine drops to her knees right away and wraps her hot wet mouth around my cock without hesitation. Oh God, that feels good. I grab her hair and pull it away from her face, groaning when she swirls her tongue around my shaft and takes me deeper than any girl has ever taken me before. I’m quite big, but Jasmine apparently has no gag reflex whatsoever, and I plan to take full advantage of that tonight.

Francesca presses herself against me from the side, completely naked by now. Her mouth finds mine and I immediately drop my hands from Jasmine’s head to run them over Fran’s hot skin, slipping my tongue into her mouth. She moans softly and knots her hands in my hair, causing it to spill from the bun I’d been sporting tonight. She pulls at it when I start massaging her breasts, and our kiss deepens even more.

Jasmine is picking up the pace down below, her hands my ass while she keeps bobbing her head up and down. My cock is ready to explode into her mouth, but I don’t want to come quite yet, so I pull away from Franny for a moment to tell Jasmine to stop. She immediately breaks all contact between us and looks up with big green eyes full of lust, waiting for us to tell us what to do next.

The girl Francesca and I had a threesome with months ago was nothing like Jasmine. She kept telling us what to do and she was so goddamn vocal that I never got a word in. It was hot as fuck, obviously, since in the end there were still two girls rubbing themselves against me, but I prefer this. Maybe it’s not very gentlemanly of me, but I don’t give a shit about the redhead who’s kneeling down in front of me. Sure, I want to fuck her, and watch her eat out Fran, but I don’t care about her as a person. All I care about is the gorgeous, sweet and drunk girl kissing my neck right now, her hair a tangled mess in my hands.

“Bedroom?” Fran murmurs against my skin, nipping at it gently.

“Yes,” I agree, grabbing her legs so she can wrap them around me while I walk us into my bedroom. “Jasmine?” I call without looking back. “Come join us, babe.”

I throw Franny down onto the bed, pressing my body against hers and kissing her again. Part of me wants to push right into her immediately, but I know I’ll regret that. I need to draw this out a little longer. We fuck like bunnies when we’re both single, but the moment one of us starts dating someone new, we break things off. I know she’s crushing on someone new – she has that goofy grin on her face when she’s texting this one particular guy, Aston, a total player and not right for her at all, but I guess the heart wants what the heart wants. Who knows when I will lose her to him or someone else again? Besides… we’re not alone tonight.

“Eat her out,” I order Jasmine, looking into her green eyes while I pull myself off Francesca. It’s obvious she’s aroused as fuck, and I guess I should pay her some attention as well.

Jasmine kneels between Franny’s leg and parts them, leaning down to kiss her thighs, moving higher and higher until her mouth is pressed against Fran’s core. My beautiful, hot girl is moaning loudly when Jasmine’s tongue starts working her, and I watch them for a moment, running my hand over my shaft, needing some kind of friction. Fuck, they look hot together. Jasmine’s ass is sticking up and she’s near the end of the bed, so I get up and stand behind her, moving my hand between her legs and rubbing her clit hard and fast, not giving her any time to adjust to it. Her moans against Fran’s wet cunt tell me all I need to know. She’s into it.

I grab a condom, roll it over my cock and grab Jasmine’s hips, rubbing my head against her entrance. “Keep doing Fran while I do you,” I order before pushing into Jasmine. She’s wet and tight, just the way I like it.

Francesca is lying on the bed with her arms above her head, her eyes wide open. I look at her while I fuck Jasmine, and the way she looks at me almost makes me come. Even a single look from her gets me hotter than sticking my goddamn cock in some other girl’s cunt. I’ve never met anyone like Francesca, and I doubt I ever will.

I can tell Fran is right on the brink of an orgasm, and I know just how to push her over, but I’m a little busy right now, so I order Jasmine to do it instead.

“Pinch her nipple,” I say, my voice low. “Soft at first, then harder. Yeah, just like that.”

“Oh Thom,” Fran moans, and I wonder if she even knows that she keeps saying my name while it’s Jasmine pleasuring her. I sure notice. “Harder.”

“You heard her,” I tell Jasmine, pushing into her deeper, causing her to cry out. “Harder.”

Jasmine complies like the good girl she is, and Francesca’s moans become louder.

“Now push in two fingers and fingerfuck her hard and fast while you lick her clit.”

Jasmine does exactly as she’s told, and Fran falls apart not even a minute later, crying out my name. I pull out of Jasmine the moment Francesca’s orgasm starts rolling over her and I pull off the condom. I know that once I start fucking Fran I’ll be completely gone for, so we need to finish Jasmine off first.

“What do you like?” I ask Jasmin while I stretch out next to Fran, pulling her trembling body against mine and rubbing her back just the way she likes when she’s coming down from an orgasm. She kisses my neck with sloppy, wet kisses, and I groan in approval.

“Just tell me what you want me to do,” Jasmine says, her eyes intent on Francesca.

“Lie on your back,” I order, waiting until she’s lying down next to us. “Franny? Wanna eat out Jasmine, or watch me do it?”

“You do it,” she decides, her eyes meeting mine. “I can suck you off while you do.”

Oh fuck yes, I want that. I lie down on my side with my head between Jasmine’s leg, and Francesca shifts as well, kissing the tip of my cock before swirling her tongue around it. I groan against Jasmine’s wet cunt and use my hands to pull her open for me to dive in, my pace matching the way Fran is now bobbing her head up and down on me.

“Yes!” Jasmine cries out when I push in two fingers and curl them up. “Oh God, yes!”

I fingerfuck her so hard that it’s got to hurt at least a little, but the sounds she makes are nothing but utter pleasure, so I add another finger and suck her clit into my mouth. She tastes sweet, but not as good as Francesca. When I feel her channel starting to spasm around my fingers, I lift my face from her cunt and look up at her naked, writhing body.

“Want me to make you come?” I ask hoarsely.

“Yes!” she exclaims.

“Then beg for it,” I say, wanting to hear how much she wants this. I love it when girls beg for more. I’m not into bondage or pain or anything, but I guess begging is my kink. I once made this girl I was dating beg for twenty minutes straight before I would allow her to come.

“Please,” Jasmine pleads, propping herself up on her elbows so she can look down on me between her legs. Her eyes go to Franny sucking me off and she moans from the sight alone. “Please, Thomas, I’m so fucking horny.”

“You’re an eager little thing, aren’t you?” I ask with a grunt, closing my eyes for a moment when Francesca takes me deep, gagging a little, but not stopping. Fuck, I want to be inside of her so badly. She’s driving me crazy.

“Please, I’m begging you,” Jasmine says, catching onto what I want from her. “I’ll do whatever you want, Thomas. Just get me off. Please.”

“Anything, huh?” I muse, licking her core slowly, causing her to gasp. “I like the sound of that.”

“Please,” she gasps, her hands in my hair now. “Please please please.”

I start fingerfucking her again, sucking her clit into my mouth for a moment before flicking my tongue over it rapidly. She comes with a loud cry and her channel tightens around my fingers. I give her a moment to come down from her high while I keep pleasuring her. Right when I want to stop, distracted like fuck from what Franny is doing to my cock with her tongue, Jasmine comes for a second time, pulling at my hair.

“Horny little devil,” I say when I lift my head from her wet folds. “I’m gonna fuck Fran now. Do you want to watch and get yourself off with a vibrator?”

Jasmine nods, and I feel Francesca pulling away from me. I get out of bed for a moment to put on a condom and grab the vibrator from the nightstand, tossing it at Jasmine. She turns it on and settles in against the headboard, looking at Francesca’s tits while she presses it against her clit, moaning already. She truly is a horny slut. I’m so glad we met her tonight.

Now it’s time for the main attraction… For me, at least.

“You’re gonna make her watch?” Franny complains, pushing me down on the bed and straddling me. I know she likes the fact that I’m commanding in the bedroom, but she’s not afraid to take charge herself. She sinks down on me with a satisfied moan, and starts moving slow, her hips rotating.

“What do you want?” I ask her, moving a hand to where we’re joined together, moving it over her labia until I find her clit, pinching it.

“Fuck,” she moans.

“We’re already fucking, baby,” I remind her, pinching her again. “What do you want Jasmine to do, baby? Want me to tell her to play with your tits while we fuck?”

“Oh God yes,” Franny moans, and she doesn’t wait for me to speak up. “Jasmine?”

The redhead is already kneeling next to us, the vibrator purring on the bed, forgotten. She looks at Francesca with pure and utter lust, her hands already massaging her breasts.

“She likes it when you pinch her nipples,” I say, grabbing the vibrator and pushing it against Fran’s clit, causing her to cry out in surprise. She had her eyes closed, but they fly open now, and her gaze locks with mine.

“Fuck, that’s good,” she says hoarsely. “Turn it up.”

I do as she says, watching her get hotter and hotter while I keep the vibrator firmly against her while Jasmine sucks on one nipple and pinches the other, and Francesca keeps riding me, faster and faster.

“I’m gonna come soon,” I warn her. “You’re too fucking hot, Fran.”

“Make me come first,” she says, still looking at me with those beautiful blue eyes. “Please, Thom.” She knows just what to say, the naughty girl. “Please, I need you to make me come.”

“Pinch her nipples hard,” I order Jasmine while I turn the speed on the vibrator up even more. “Now!”

When Jasmine does what I say, I feel Fran come apart, her cunt spasming around my cock. It’s all I can do to keep still and not come just yet. Damn, I want to.

“Ah, so good,” Francesca murmurs, collapsing on top of me.

I roll us over so I’m on top and start trusting into her so deep that she cries out every single time, clawing at my back. I’m going to be marked at the end of the night, and I don’t mind one bit.

“Jasmine?” Franny moans out, reminding me that the other girl is still here. “Up for a rim job?”

Oh God. I almost come from her words alone. I love a good rim job, but Franny isn’t into anything relating to ass play, so that’s not something I ever do with her.

“Stay still,” Franny orders, gabbing my ass and pulling me against her. “Stay very, very still, Thomas.”

I do as she says, and then I feel Jasmine spread my cheeks and her wet tongue runs over my hole. Francesca kisses me while I groan and pant, and it’s probably the sloppiest and hottest kiss we’ve ever shared. She pulls at my hair while Jasmine keeps licking me, apparently totally into doing whatever Fran and I tell her to.

And damn, I’m so glad Fran told her to do this.

“Does it feel good?” Francesca murmurs into my ear, digging her nails into my back.

“Yes,” I grunt against the soft skin of her neck, unable to believe that this is really happening. Jasmine’s tongue is basically inside of me right now, and I’m starting to see stars.

“Ready to come inside of me?”

It’s like my body was waiting for that question, and I shudder with my release without even needing to pound her. Jasmine presses me further into Fran, still licking me, and I cry out when she shoves her tongue in as far as she can while Fran’s cunt pulses around me, milking me for all I’ve got.

“Stop,” I pant, unable to take any more.

Jasmine immediately pulls away, and while I try to catch my breath, still firmly sheathed inside Fran’s tight little cunt, I hear the purr of the vibrator. Guess Jasmine got hot from what she was doing to me. I look to the side and see her lying on her back, the vibrator buried deep inside her. I’m too spent to give her a hand, so I just roll off Francesca and pull off the condom.

Francesca rolls away from me, her hand replacing the vibrator, and she fingers Jasmine until she comes with a high-pitched sound that hurts my ears. She and Fran snuggle together after, and I watch them kiss tenderly. I reach out to caress Fran’s back, enjoying how she immediately pushes her back against me. I spoon her while he keeps kissing Jasmine, moaning softly.

After a while, my cock jumps back to life against her ass, and I push into her dripping wet cunt without even asking her if it’s okay. I know it is.

“Yes,” she mumbles against Jasmine’s lips. “Oh, Thomas, you feel so fucking good tonight.”

“Don’t I always feel good, baby?” I laugh, and she joins in, but soon we’re both moaning again.

“Turn around,” I hear Francesca tell Jasmine, and when the girl is spooned against her, she grabs my hand and leads it around the two of them and right between Jasmine’s legs. I’m up for anything – I always am – so I start fingering her. It only takes a few minutes before she’s coming again, saying my name over and over again.

Fuck, I love to hear girls say my name during sex.

“Fill me up, Thomas,” Franny pleads.

“Jasmine, play with her breasts,” I order, waiting for the redhead to turn around and start sucking and pinching Fran’s nipples. Then I drive into Fran hard and fast, rubbing her clit while I pound her. We come together, and I kiss her neck while she comes down from her high.

“Fuck, the condom,” Fran realizes before I do.

“Right,” I grunt, not all that sorry. I’ll just get tested again. It’s certainly not the first time I forget about protection. Thank God Franny has an IUD.

“That was so fucking good,” she says, not dwelling on the fact that I just fucked her without a condom. She turns around in my arms, kissing me so tenderly that it makes my heart hurt.

“Yes,” Jasmine chimes in with a loud sigh. “It really was.”

I’m already drifting off, my face pressed into Fran’s hair, taking in the sweet scent of her shampoo. She pulls her fingers through my hair, massaging my scalp until the darkness pulls me under.


I wake up with a raging boner, my hand already slipping into my boxer shorts. Fuck, it’s been a while since I last dreamed about that hot night with Jasmine and Francesca.

My sweet, beautiful, sexy Francesca.

Well… not my Francesca, I guess. She hasn’t been home in weeks, except to pick up some of her belongings, so she must be sleeping over at some guy’s house, right? I just hope it’s not that asshole James Tyson she dated the past couple of months. He isn’t anywhere near good enough for my Fran. He broke up with her, the idiot. Who in their right mind would ever break up with a girl like Francesca?

I push Fran’s ex out of my mind and imagine Francesca in bed with me, her soft lips wrapping around my cock. I jerk off hard and fast, coming with a feral grunt. Cum stains my boxers, but I don’t give a fuck.

It’s a shame I’ll probably never get to paint Fran’s inner walls white again, but at least I’ve still got my memories of her.

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