Twisted Thomas

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#20 Promises mean shit when it’s me and her


It’s 4 am when Dylan and I finally shut our laptops. The groundwork for the website we’re creating for a local charity is finally done. We’re not getting paid for this assignment, but we couldn’t exactly say no to making a website to help cute pets get adopted, now could we? It gave us an idea for our own app where people can offer to walk other people’s dogs. That way, dog owners get some free help, and people who can’t afford to get a dog still get to play with one when they want to. We’ve already sold the idea for the app to a tech savvy guy who is always looking for the next big thing, and Dylan is working on some artwork for the logo right now, while I light up a cigarette. I know I should stop smoking, but I think I’ve deserved one.

There’s a knock at the door and I glance at Dylan, who looks at me in utter surprise. “Who the fuck is that?” he asks, sipping his beer. “Did you order a hooker or something?”

“Please bitch, I don’t need to pay for sex like you do,” I shoot back immediately, making my way to the door. I peek through the spyhole in the door. When I recognize the girl on the other side of the door, I immediately unlock it to let her in.

“Hey Thom,” she says like it’s perfectly normal to show up here in the middle of the night.

“Tracy,” I reply, pulling her against me. I’ve had a few beers, and I might not be thinking straight, but surely this means she dumped Michel and wants to crawl back into my bed, where she belongs… right?

She presses a kiss to my cheek before pulling back and walking into the living room like she lives here.

“Tracy!” Dylan exclaims, jumping up to hug her. “Girl, it’s good to see you. My bum is still sore from that ass kicking you gave me the other week.”

“Are you sure that’s not from your date last night?” she asks, voicing exactly what I was about to say to him. We even make the same jokes. If this girl isn’t meant for me, I don’t know who is.

The past two weeks, I’ve seen Tracy every other day at the gym, and Dylan tries to tag along when he’s free. She’s getting amazing at boxing already, and she’s a good match for Dylan, which he finds emasculating and funny at the same time. I can take them both on at the same time, which I sometimes do. Aston joins us when he’s working that night as well, and I have to admit that those nights of flirting and fighting have been the highlight of my life ever since she walked back into it with her high ponytail and sweaty workout clothes.

“What are you doing here in the middle of the night?” I ask, trying to reel in my enthusiasm. I take a drag from my cigarette and lean against the kitchen counter casually, trying to look cool. Judging by the weird look Dylan is giving me, I’m not succeeding.

Tracy walks right over and takes the cig from me, taking a drag herself and inhaling deeply.

“Oh, I’ve missed smoking,” she grunts, handing it back to me. “Me and Michel used to smoke back in the day, and I obviously got high with you when we were still fucking, but since Michel still misses smoking so much, he doesn’t want me smoking in the apartment, so I haven’t had a single cigarette since I got back with him.”

“You’re still with him?” I ask, cursing myself for hoping that she dumped his ass.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” she asks, opening the fridge like she lives here. “Hey, you’ve still got a bottle of that wine I like!”

Ten minutes later, she’s sitting on the couch crossed-legged, holding a cigarette in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, with Dylan right next to her, sipping his beer. They’ve put on a Christmas movie on Netflix – and it’s only October, for crying out loud – and are talking right through it. I’m sitting on the loveseat a little too the side, rolling myself a joint while I keep my gaze on her tight little body, wondering what the hell she’s doing here.

“Really?” Tracy asks Dylan, her eyes wide as she sips her wine. “It’s that good?”

“Girl, there is nothing like getting it on with two people at once,” he says, sighing.

Oh God, not this again.

“Dude, you only had one threesome way back in college, and you only got the fuck the girl, not the guy,” I remind him. “You were so drunk I’m surprised you even remember any of it.”

“You don’t forget your first threesome,” Dylan says, rolling his eyes back in his head. “Damn, I wonder if I could try it again, now that I’m out and proud. Maybe even with two guys. Or a guy and a girl, but this time fully prepared for some delicious ass-drilling.”

Tracy giggles so loudly that I give her a good hard look, taking in her flushed cheeks and the weird shine in her eyes. She’s only on her first glass of wine, so she can’t be drunk yet, unless… unless of course, she showed up here drunk, which would explain the late hour and the excessive giggling.

“You drunk?” I ask her while I light up and inhale deeply, more than ready to get high.

“A little,” she confesses, giggling again. “Michel and I were up late, drinking champagne and eating oysters. He’s got a cute cat called Oyster. I named her.”

“Of course you did,” Dylan says with a grin. “No one in their right mind would ever call a cat Oyster.”

“Tracy, why are you here?” I ask, no longer beating around the bush. “Why aren’t you back at home, in bed with your boyfriend?”

She puts her cigarette between her lips and takes a long drag, exhaling in a huff. “I came to ask you something. I’ve been trying to for two weeks now, but I never had the guts. So… Michel and I figured that since booze tends to make me a little more courageous, tonight was the night.”

“You and Michel want to ask me something?” Oh God, what the fuck is happening? “How did you even get here? Please tell me you didn’t drink and drive, Tracy!”

“No, no, Michel dropped me off, and he’s waiting for me in the car.” She giggles loudly and gulps down some more wine, grabbing the bottle from the coffee table and filling up her glass again.

“Michel is waiting in the car while you’re up here in the middle of the night in my apartment, drunk as a skunk?” This keeps getting weirder and weirder. “What the fuck could you possible want to ask me that warrants this kind of-” I cut myself off and gasp. “No, Tracy, you can’t be serious!”

“What?” Dylan asks, looking from me to Tracy. “What is it?”

“She wants me to have a threesome with her and Michel,” I say out loud, seeing the truth in her eyes now. “Don’t you, Tracy?”

She nods, her cheeks flushed. “Yeah, I do. I really, really do.”

My cock twitches from the arousal in her voice, but my mind is screaming at me that this is a bad idea. I want this girl for more than just sex, and she is asking me to join her and her boyfriend to fulfill their fantasy. Her fantasy. I know I offered to do this with her, but that was before, when she was still mine.

Well, not mine, but when she was only sleeping with me. She’s Michel’s girlfriend now, and he’s living with her, and their two cats and their dog. And apparently, they lie in bed talking about me. That’s flattering, of course, but I’m not sure if I can do this for her.

“I’m game if he isn’t,” Dylan says, his eyes traveling over Tracy’s body. Her skirt has ridden up, and we can both see quite clearly that she’s wearing a thong underneath. “I swing both ways, so I’m up for whatever you’ve got in mind. Seriously, I’m prepared to go home with you right now and Michel can drill me into the next day while I eat you out, or I can fuck you while you suck him off, whatever you want.”

“Dylan!” I exclaim, kicking his leg so hard that he grunts in pain. “Fuck off!”

Tracy’s eyes are locked with Dylan’s now, and her cheeks are so red she looks like a fucking tomato. A sexy tomato, of course.

There is no way I am allowing Dylan to go home with her. She’s not doing this with anyone but me. If she wants to have a threesome, I’m one of the guys. I don’t give a fuck who the other guy is, but I’m one of them. No way she’s doing this without me.

“Okay,” I say, causing her eyes to snap back to me. “I’m in.”

“Really?” she asks, perking up.

“Really.” I take a drag from my joint and hand it to Dylan, who inhales deeply, leaning back into the couch cushions. He looks a little annoyed that I’m not allowing him to go home with Tracy and Michel. “Not tonight, though,” I add. “You’re out of your mind drunk, and I’m not exactly sober either.” It’s not even about that, because I’m pretty sure we’ll both need booze to loosen us up on the big night, but I need some time to mentally prepare for this.

“When?” she asks, her eyes still trained on me. Her nipples are practically poking holes through her bra and top, and she licks her lips while looking at me.

“Francesca and her band are playing in The Palace next week,” Dylan speaks up. “We’re all going. Why don’t you and Michel join us, and you can take Thom home with you afterwards? Some tequila and dancing will surely get you in the right mood.”

“Okay,” I agree, glad to have a full week to wrap my mind around this. “Next week.”

“Next week,” Tracy chimes in. “Okay.”

She stays for another fifteen minutes, slumped against Dylan while they watch that stupid Christmas movie, but I can’t focus on anything but her. Is she serious about this? Is this what she wants, or is this all Michel’s idea? Whose idea was it to ask me? And is that asshole truly sitting in his car right now, waiting for his girl to come back down with the good news?

Eventually, Tracy gets up, puts out the cigarette she was smoking, and gives Dylan a kiss on the cheek before getting up and pulling her shoes back on. I walk her to the hallway, and we stare at each other, the front door still firmly closed, even though she’s got her hand on the doorknob.

“Are you sure?” I ask her, tucking her hair behind her ear and letting my fingers slide down her jawline until I reach her chin, tilting her face up.

“Yes,” she all but moans, her lips parting slightly. “I’m sure.”

I lean in and kiss her, her lips soft and warm against mine. My cock immediately jumps to attention, and she moans when I press her up against the door, grabbing her legs to wrap them around my waist. Our tongues meet and her nails dig into my back through my shirt. It’s been more than three months since I last got to hold her like this. Kiss her like this. Hear her soft moans. Fuck, I missed her.

“Can we fuck before next week?” I ask, already moving my hand underneath her skirt and pulling her thong to the side.

“No,” she moans, even though I can feel she’s wet as fuck.

I want to keep going, but she said no, and I’m not the kind of guy to ignore a girl telling him to back off. Not even when I’m high and drunk. And confused. So very confused.

“I promised Michel nothing would happen,” she whispers, her eyes bright as she looks straight into mine, and I can see how turned on she is. “He wants to be there when we… do something.”

“Can I kiss you?” I ask, brushing my lips over her soft skin.

“No,” she whimpers. “I promised him nothing would happen.”

“But you’re already here, wrapped around my waist, and we already kissed,” I grunt, running my tongue over her lower lip. Fuck, I need to stop this, but I can tell she’s as into it as I am.

“Oh screw this,” she murmurs, and then she kisses me again, hard and demanding, her tongue slipping into my mouth while she grinds against me.

I immediately move my hand between us again, underneath her skirt and into her thong, plunging two fingers inside of her tight little cunt. She’s so wet for me. My sweet, horny Tracy.

“I’m gonna fuck you against this door,” I grunt into her ear, feeling her hands working my zipper and the button of my jeans. “With Dylan in the living room, and Michel in the car waiting for you. And you’re going to come, Tracy. You’re going to come so hard you won’t know what to do with yourself.”

“I missed you so much,” she moans while she frees my erection. “So much.”

“Missed you too, baby,” I reply, tugging her thong completely to the side so I can slide right into her.

Oh fuck, she fits around my cock perfectly. So wet. So hot. So tight.

“Thomas,” she breathes, grabbing my ass to force me in deeper. “Fuck me. Please, I beg you, baby, fuck me hard and good. Make me come the way you promised. Please, Thomas, please.”

This girl sure knows how to play me. I grunt as I drive into her hard, fast and deep. She cries out, and I clamp a hand over her mouth, not wanting Dylan to come into the hallway to see what’s happening, even though he must have a pretty good idea already.

Tracy licks the inside of my hand, making me laugh while I’m inside of her. She smiles against my hand and licks me again. She’s insane and I love it.

“I’m coming,” I warn her, feeling my balls tighten.

“Hmm,” she moans against my hand, and then I feel her walls tighten around me, her eyes rolling back in her head while her body shudders.

We come together, still fully clothed, pressed against my front door.

What the hell is she doing to me?

This girl is going to be the end of me. I’m sure of it.

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