Twisted Thomas

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#22 Threesome in the office


She’s not wearing a bra. That’s the first thing I notice when Tracy gets out the uber. Michel is holding open the door for her, and he pulls her against him, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. Tracy already looks flustered, even though they haven’t spotted me yet. I told my friends to head in without me, not wanting them to see me meet up with Michel and Tracy. Only Dylan knows what I’m up to and I’d like to keep it that way for now.

“Hey,” Michel says with a slow, confident smile. He grabs my shoulder and squeezes in a way of greeting. “I got called into work, so it’ll just be you and Tracy for now. I’ll text you guys later to tell you where to meet up with me. Have fun.”

Before I can reply to that unexpected statement, he leans down to kiss Tracy. I look away as they deepen their kiss, and her soft moan cuts right through me, driving me crazy. I’m not even sure why I’m looking away. We’re going to fuck her together later. Surely I can watch them kiss – but for some reason it feels weird here on the sidewalk, in the cold air, in the dark night.

Michel grins at me when they break apart, and he squeezes Tracy’s ass before walking to the restaurant right next to the club, where people are already lining up to get inside. He walks in through the service entrance, not looking back.

“You excited to see the band?” Tracy asks me, looking up into my eyes with what can only be described as pure and utter lust.

“Erm, yeah,” I murmur, unable to look away from her. “Just so we’re clear, though… Michel isn’t joining us in the club?”

She shakes her head. “Shaughna needs him in the restaurant. He’s gonna try to slip out a bit earlier than normal, but it’ll just be the two of us in there.” She grins. “Well, us and about a hundred other sweaty, writing bodies, of course.”

“Can I kiss you?” I ask, not sure what the rules are when Michel isn’t here. I’m a little relieved that I get to start the night off with Tracy, no pressure yet. I’m a little nervous. I may talk a big game, but I’ve never been with a guy before, and even though we all agreed that Tracy will be the focus point and that Michel and I won’t interact all that much, I’m still a little apprehensive about what will happen.

“We can do anything but fuck,” Tracy says, catching me off guard. She steps in closer and slides her fingers into my hair, pulling it loose from my bun. “You look good, Thomas.”

“So do you,” I grunt, looking straight down her dress at this angle. No bra – I was right earlier. Her nipples are hard from the cold night air, and I feel them through my own shirt when she pushes her body flush against me.

Our lips meet, and it feels so good to be with her again that I let out a content sigh, which she mirrors. I’m in so much trouble. The last time I was this into a girl, I got my heart ripped out of my best, broken into a million pieces, and then she stamped on the bleeding remains in stiletto heels. I can still feel the scars on my heart from when Francesca made it clear she wasn’t going to pick me over Joshua. At least with Franny I had a fighting chance for a while. With Tracy, I already know she’s taken, and that she’s only mine for a few hours, when her boyfriend tells her it’s okay.

This is so fucked-up.

“Let’s go inside,” I say when we break apart. “You must be freezing in that short dress without a bra on.”

“Yeah, my ass is freezing too,” she says, giving me a sultry smile.

“Your… ass?” Oh damn, is she saying what I think she’s saying.

Tracy moves her lips to my ear and whispers: “I don’t have any panties on.”

Well fuck, now I’m hard.

“Come on, let’s get in,” she says, obviously very happy with the power she has over me. “I can’t wait to see the club. And to hear the band.”

We walk right past the line, and I tell the bouncer my name. He checks the list of VIPs and lets us in immediately, his eyes lingering on Tracy’s breasts in that low-cut dress. He gives me a wicked grin and motions for us to go ahead. Little does he know that she’s only mine for the night, and that I need to share her even though I don’t truly want to.


“Who is that sexy little thing you brought with you tonight?” Dshawn asks, popping up behind the bar when I’m just picking up two shits of tequila.

“Aren’t you basically married?” I shoot back, gesturing at Shaughna, who is behind the bar as well, tapping beers like her life depends on it. She used to be a bartender before she and Dshawn opened their own club, and you can tell by looking at her that she’s had nights like this many times before. He’s still getting the hang of things, but she can talk, flirt, laugh and serve customers without skipping a beat, looking flawless while she does.

“Doesn’t mean I’m suddenly blind,” he says with a grin. “She your girlfriend?”

I follow his gaze to where Tracy is dancing with Aston and Dylan. She is buzzed from all the shots we’ve done so far, and she’s jumping up and down, enjoying herself. Franny’s and Joshua’s band is amazing, off the charts really, and I love that I get to have Tracy with me tonight, even though the whole thing is weird as fuck.

“Nah, man, just a fuckbuddy,” I say, my heart clenching when I describe Tracy that way.

“She’s hot,” Shaughna comments, grinning at me while she smacks Dshawn’s ass. “Come on, you lazy bastard. Either learn to chat and work at the same time, or stop talking to Thomas.”

He rolls his eyes but complies anyway. Dshawn is one of the most pussy-whipped guys I know, and he doesn’t even mind. Shaughna is a force of nature and he’s her steady rock. It works. The girl was a total slut before she met him, but now she’s completely devoted to him. When they look at each other, you know for a fact you’re in the presence of love.

Damn, I’m turning sappy.

I head back to Tracy and hand her a shot, downing mine as well. We hand our glasses to Aston, who is just leaving the dancefloor to get a beer. He winks at us and goes to get another drink. Tracy is being twirled around by Dylan, laughing her ass off. He’s drunk as fuck already, and he’s pulling her a little too close for my liking. I know it’s stupid to feel possessive of a girl who’s living with another guy, but I’m in way too deep to act rational around her. I pull her into my arms and start dancing with her, grinding against her with my hands on her ass.

Tracy pulls my face down to hers and kisses me hard, her tongue darting over my lips before plunging in. I let her take the lead for a while, but then I get carried away and take over, grabbing her hair in one hand tugging at it slightly, making her groan. I squeeze her ass, enjoying how she gasps into my mouth.

“I want you,” she says in my ear, her words mirroring my thoughts exactly.

“Me too,” I grunt, pulling her with me off the dancefloor and to the far corner of the club, where I know a door leads to the empty floor upstairs. It’s locked, and it takes me a moment to find Shaughna and ask her if she can let us in. Her eyebrows go all the way up, but she doesn’t say anything. She hands me a card to flash over the reader on the door and takes off to fix some issue with the sound system.

The floor above the club is complete renovated already, and it’s basically just toilets and wardrobes, but the floor above isn’t ready yet. It will be a karaoke floor, but right now it’s just a bunch of old, empty office spaces that don’t make you feel like you’re two floors above a hot nightclub. I pull Tracy into one of the drafty rooms and push her up against the wall, kissing her deeply.

“Oh,” she murmurs, her hand moving over my erection. “Fuck, you’re hard.”

“All for you, baby,” I grunt into her ear, hiking up her skirt so I can touch her slick folds, groaning when I feel how wet she is. I’d love to bury myself in her, but we agreed we wouldn’t break Michel’s rules again. He said nothing about me getting her off with my fingers, though, so I’m not going to stop doing that.

She slips her small hand into my pants once she’s unbuckled my belt, and I grow even harder while she strokes me. Our eyes meet and I know she’s feeling it too. This is more than lust between us. We’ve got a connection, she and I. Something I’ve only ever felt with a few other girls before. Something most people spend years searching for.

“Oh God,” she moans, her legs trembling. “Oh, Thomas, make me come. Please, I beg you, I’m so fucking hot for you.”

“I think you’re going to come many, many times before the night is over.” I push two fingers into her and pull them out slowly before shoving them back in and circling her clit with my thumb.

Her hand wraps around my cock and she starts moving, faster and faster, in perfect synch with me fingerfucking her. Our eyes are still locked, and I know that if we keep this up, we’re going to come apart together pretty damn soon.

Right when my balls start to tighten, her phone dings loudly. She put it in my pocket hours ago, because her dress doesn’t have any pockets, and I can feel it vibrating against my leg.

“Michel,” she breathes, sounding eager. “Maybe he’s done with work.”

Part of me is disappointed, but I know this was always where the night was headed. I pull out her phone and she unlocks the screen, her eyes lighting up. She shows me the text telling us to head to his office in the back of The Stable.

Well… here we go.

When we’re both decent again, we step out of the room and make our way down the stairs. From a room across the hall – another unused one – a girl’s voice sounds. “Harder!” she cries out, and then we hear skin slapping together, followed by loud moans.

Tracy laughs and takes my hand in hers. “Guess we’re not the only ones getting it on here, huh?”

“Oh, Joshua!” the voice yells, and I realize with a sick feeling in my stomach that it’s Francesca, getting it on with her boyfriend.

It doesn’t hurt anymore to know that Franny picked him over me, but it feels like my life is just so different from hers, without me consciously deciding to walk a different path. She has a serious boyfriend who she has enough confidence in to go long-distance for a year, whereas I’m feeling up another man’s girlfriend. I’m not sure how I feel about all of this.

“Come on.” Tracy tugs on my hand and leads me downstairs, and out of the club through the staff exit. She knows the way to the backdoor of The Stable quite well, and she pushes in the code, causing the door to swing open.

She greets a few of the guys walking through the small hallways, and they all greet her, looking at me curiously. In here, she’s Michel’s girl, the boss’s girlfriend. And here I am, some random dude who smells like sweat and booze, holding her hand.

“In here,” she says, pushing through another door and yanking me into a large office, dark and stuffed full of old furniture. As she shuts the door behind us, I lock eyes with Michel, who is sitting behind his desk, brown eyes smoldering.

“Are you wet and ready for me?” he asks Tracy without preamble, sounding utterly and completely in control.

Tracy’s demeanor changes immediately, and even her voice sounds different when she talks to him. Submissive, almost. “More than ready, baby,” she all but moans, walking over to him and letting him lift her up, planting her ass on the edge of the desk while he stands between her legs, groaning when she runs her hands down his body until she reaches his pants, unzipping them and pushing them down so she can start jerking him off.

Oh wow. They sure move fast.

“Enough,” he says in a gruff voice right when I start to wonder if they even remember I’m here.

She immediately stops touching him, looking up into his eyes expectantly. Damn, she’s under his spell completely.

“Thomas?” Michel asks, glancing over at me with a smug smile on his face. “Did my girl get you in the mood?”

“Erm… yeah,” I say, feeling a little weird.

“Come over here,” he orders, apparently deciding that he’s in control tonight. Suits me just fine, since I have no fucking idea what to do. When it’s me and two girls, it feels natural to take charge, but with Michel and Tracy, I have no idea what my role is. They’re the ones in a relationship, and I am still not sure what he’s getting out of this, so if he wants to take the reins, I’m gonna let him.

Michel grabs Tracy’s dress and pulls it over her head, which means she’s now sitting on the desk completely naked, with nothing but her black heels on. She’s so sexy that my cock twitches, even though I’m not completely in the mood anymore.

“I’m gonna eat her out,” Michel says, already sinking down onto his knees. “How about you play with her tits and take care of the dirty talk for now?”

“Okay,” I breathe, stepping up beside him.

Tracy moans when Michel parts her legs and dives in with his tongue. He holds her open with his fingers, and I have to admit this is pretty hot. I pull my shirt over my head, dropping it to the floor and take Tracy’s face in my hands, kissing her. She grabs my hair and pulls me closer, which means my legs are now pressed up against Michel’s crouching body. My fingers find her nipples and I start rubbing them, making her moan.

“You’re so hot,” I tell her, pulling back to look into her eyes. “Do you feel good, baby?”

“Yeah,” she moans, her hands on Michel’s head now, trying to pull him against her harder.

I keep playing with her nipples while I look at him eating her out. “Is it how you pictured it?” I ask Tracy, pinching her nipple so hard that she cries out. “Do you feel like you’re in one your favorite porn movies?”

“Oh, Thom,” she breathes, moving one hand from Michel’s neck to my crotch, stroking me through my pants until I’m hard as a rock. “I want you so badly.”

Suddenly, Michel pulls back and stand up, which makes Tracy whimper at the loss of his mouth on her wet cunt. He looks down on her with a dangerous glint in his eyes. Without even telling either of us what he’s doing, he grabs her, breaking her contact with me, and turns her around. Tracy gets bent over the desk, her ass sticking up in the air. Michel runs his hands over her ass, and then he looks at me.

“Your turn,” he says, opening her legs wide and stepping to the side. “On your knees.”

I sink down and Michel yanks her away from the desk so she’s holding onto the edge with her hands for support, her ass still up in the air. I’m sitting on the floor underneath her, and I throw my head in my neck so I can press a kiss to her slit.

“Ah fuck!” Tracy exclaims, and I realize Michel has shoved two fingers into her puckered little hole and is trusting them in and out slowly, his other hand on her tit, playing with her nipple.

“Come on, Thomas,” Michel says, his voice dark. “Let’s make her come, shall we?”

I flick my tongue over her clit, deciding to just go with whatever Michel comes up with. She tastes so sweet, and I dive in for real now, fingerfucking her while I keep lapping my tongue over her clit again and again, changing pressure every so often to keep her on edge.

“This is what you want, isn’t it, you dirty little girl?” Michel asks Tracy, shoving his fingers into her so deep that she gets pushed against my face even harder. “I bet you’d even let me fuck you like this, wouldn’t you, baby? Maybe next time I can conquer your tight little ass while Thomas eats you out. I bet you’d love that, wouldn’t you, vixen?”

“Yes!” she exclaims, sounding like she’s on the edge already.

Next time? I think as I keep pleasuring her, a shiver moving up and down my spine. Michel sure sounds like he’s into this, and already making plans to do this again. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that.

“It’s time to come, baby,” Michel tells Tracy. “Come for us. Now!”

Right on cue, her channel spasms around my fingers, and she moans loudly, pushing her dripping wet cunt against my mouth while she shudders with her release. I suck her clit into my mouth to prolong her pleasure, and she moans my name.

Okay, yeah, this is hot. Even for me.

“Such a good girl,” Michel praises as he pulls his fingers out of her and moves away for a moment to clean them off.

I get up from the floor and use the moment without him to push himself up against Tracy’s ass, my cock straining against my jeans.

“Oh no,” Michel says, giving me a hard look. “You can have her mouth, but the rest of her is mine.”

Right. Okay. I rub myself against her one more time, but then I step away and pull Tracy upright so I can kiss her. She moans into my mouth and undoes the button on my pants so she can push them down along with my boxershorts.

“Fuck,” Michel says, his eyes trained on me while I step out of my shoes and clothes, completely naked just like Tracy, while he’s still dressed, his cock tucked back into his pants after Tracy jerked him off earlier. “You’re bigger than I thought you’d be.”

“Thanks,” I reply with a grin.

“Not as big as me, though,” he goes on, looking smug. He pulls his shirt off first, revealing a slightly muscular chest and broad shoulders. He’s got nothing on me, that much is clear. He’s not scrawny, but he doesn’t have my six-pack, my bulging biceps, or my pecks. His skin is flawless and all natural, without any tattoos, piercings, and only a little bit of chest hair.

Then his pants come off, and I curse as well, a little surprised at how big he is. I didn’t get a good look at him earlier, but I can clearly tell that he’s bigger than I am. And I’m not small by any means. Fucking hell, Tracy has her work cut out for her, I guess.

When we’re all naked, Tracy wraps a hand around his cock first, then doing the same to me. “Oh,” she murmurs, closing her eyes for a moment while she jerks us off at the same time. “Fuck, I’m so horny.”

“Of course you are, baby,” Michel and I say at the exact same time.

We all laugh at that, and some of the tension that was still in the room lifts. We’re all eager to do this, so I shouldn’t feel nervous. Besides, I’ve got absolutely nothing to lose anyway. He’s the one agreeing to share his girl, not me. I’m just along for the ride.

I touch Tracy’s left breast while Michel squeezes the right one, and he kisses her while I watch, getting more and more turned on. I thought it would be a turn-off to see her with another man, but it isn’t. It’s hot to see her kiss him, and I can’t wait to have her suck me off while I watch him fuck her. I’d love to fuck her myself, but I have to admit that the idea of watching his cock move in and out of her wet cunt is appealing as well.

I expected Michel to want to Eiffel tower her, or whatever it’s called, but instead he sits down in his desk chair and pulls Tracy onto his lap. Her back is to his chest, and he lifts her up slightly, lowering her onto his erection.

“Oh God,” she moans. “Michel, you’re so big. It feels so good.”

He keeps her still on top of him, and motions for me to come closer, angling the chair in my direction and using the paddle on the side to lower the chair slightly until her mouth is lined up with my cock. He doesn’t have to tell me what to do. I knot my hands in Tracy’s hair and look into her deep green eyes while she wraps her lips around me and take me into her wet, warm mouth.

Oh fuck, that feels good.

As Tracy starts to bounce on Michel’s cock, his hands guiding her, she blows me in the same rhythm, moaning around me. If she keeps this up, I’m not going to last long.

“She’s all mine,” Michel says, looking up and meeting my gaze. “Doesn’t she feel good? I fuck that mouth almost every single day. She’s an insatiable little slut, always ready for me to take her however I want, whenever I want.”

A shiver moves down my spine, and I’m both appalled and aroused by his words. I don’t like that he’s calling her a slut, but Tracy seems to agree, humming around my shaft while her hands grab my ass, nails digging into my skin.

“Next time I want to fuck your tight little cunt,” I grunt out, using my hand to guide Tracy’s head in a slower pace so I’ll last longer. “This so good, baby. I hope you’re okay to swallow.”

“Of course she is,” Michel agrees, sounding like my words are turning him on. “My girl is good like that. Always takes everything you give her. I’m sure you know that. You’ve been with her before, after all. Want me to tell her to put a finger up your ass?”

“Ah fuck,” I groan when Tracy does just that, knowing exactly how to curl it to hit the right spot within me, from all those other times she did this to me.

“I’m gonna come soon,” Michel announces, grabbing Tracy’s hips more tightly and guiding her up and down in a murderous pace, making her gasp with my cock still down her throat. Fuck, that feels good. I’m close too.

“Come with us, Tracy,” I tell her, taking her face in my hands and looking into those gorgeous green eyes. “You’re the one who wanted this the most. Your fantasy. Is it what you hoped it would be?”

She nods, her tongue flicking over me, causing me to groan in pleasure.

“Wanna do this again soon?” I ask, seeing the answer in her eyes. “Then we will.”

“Fuck yeah,” Michel agrees immediately. “Now come, you filthy whore!”

I barely have time to register what he’s calling her, because Tracy comes apart with both of us inside of her, and Michel follows suit. The look of complete loss of control of his face and the way she’s sucking me does it for me. I blow my load into her mouth, holding her still so I won’t go too deep. She moans around me and I shudder, completely drained now.

Tracy pulls away from me, swallowing and then flicking her tongue over me, licking me clean completely. There is something so sweet about it that I stroke her hair and caress her face for a brief moment, looking into her eyes, trying to see if she’s truly okay. That must have been intense for her, and I’d hate for her to regret doing this.

“That was…” She sighs and slumps back against Michel, who lifts her a little so he can pull out, hugging her closely against his chest right after. “That was amazing.”

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