Twisted Thomas

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#34 Aston gets hitched in style


Tracy’s grin is infectious, and I can’t help but smile as Dylan helps her out of his car. She asked him to be her date to Aston’s wedding, and they are both making a joke out of it, with him picking her up and getting her a corsage, and them driving here together without me. It’s annoying and funny at the same time. I’d love to be her date, but she told me she can’t be more than a friend to me right now, not while she’s still working on herself.

I’m proud of her for going to therapy and finally choosing herself over Michel, but I also want to bury myself in her and forget about all the reason I shouldn’t. She looks hot as fuck in her tight green dress that matches her eyes. Her long blonde hair is pulled into a high ponytail, I imagine pulling it while I fuck her from behind, forcing her to take my cock hard and fast, making her come over and over again.

Ah fuck. My balls are so fucking blue.

“Hey,” she says, pulling me in for a hug. Her soft body fits perfectly against mine, and I bury my face in her hair for a moment, inhaling her sweet scent.

We’ve seen each other the past month, but only at the gym. She’s back with us, sparring with Dylan, Aston and me. Her new friends tend to tag along, and I can’t stand James Tyson. It’s not that he’s an asshole – because he isn’t, if I’m being honest – but I resent that he did for Tracy what I couldn’t do. I wanted to help her work through her issues, but it was James who got her to agree to seeing a therapist, and who was there for her when things between her and Michel reached their breaking point. I know he’s dating someone else, and Dora is a really nice girl, but it still stings that Franny chose him over me at one point, no matter how long ago that happened.

“You look hot,” I murmur in Tracy’s ear, my hand moving down her back to cup her ass.

“Thom,” she says, trying to sound like she’s putting me in my place, but it comes out like a moan. “Don’t.”

“Six months,” I whisper into her air. “It’s been six months, Tracy.”

She grunts and pushes herself against me. I know it’s only been a month for her since she last got some – from what I’ve heard, she and Michel had sex every single say – but for me it’s been six whole months. That night of our threesome was the last time I fucked someone. And technically, that was only her mouth. Aside from that quickly against the front door, it’s been ten months since I got to be balls-deep inside of a tight wet cunt, and that was Debby, the incest-twin, so that’s not a night I’m particularly proud off.

“Hmm,” Tracy murmurs, her hands knotting into my hear while she pulls back, looking into my eyes. She doesn’t look like a girl that has been getting laid every single day until a month ago. She looks sex-crazed, and it takes everything I’ve got to pull away from her and allow Dylan to put his hand on his lower back and lead her into the church. I know they’re only friends, but it still hurts. Tracy and Dylan have been hanging out outside of the gym quite often, watching movies at her place and talking about their lives. Even Aston has spent a few nights with her and some of her other friends, and I know from both Aston and Dylan that James fucking Tyson spends a lot of time at her place, without Elijah, William, or his girlfriend Dora there.

I can’t help but wonder what goes on when they’re alone together. Thanks to thin walls and open windows, I’ve had the questionable pleasure of hearing James and Franny fuck back in the day, and the guy is a beast. He pretends to be a gentleman, but he’s a horndog just like the rest of us, eager to fuck a girl any way she will have him. I pray to God that it’s only his girl Dora he’s fucking these days, and not my sweet, beautiful, crazy Tracy.

The three of us walk into the church together, and Tracy makes sure that Dylan sits down between us, creating a buffer between her and me. I know she’s doing it because she doesn’t trust herself around me, which is kind of flattering, but I hate that she doesn’t just give in. I want to take her out on a real date, show her what she’s been missing out on when it comes to romance, and then take her back to my place to remind her of just how hot the sex was between us. My cock twitches, and I try to discretely adjust it in my dress pants.

“Breathe,” Dylan grunts into my ear. “Get it together, Thom.”

He’s right. I’m acting like I’m a goddamn sex-crazed teenager, but I’m a guest at Aston’s wedding, and we’re in a church. I settle in with all the other guests, and we watch the wedding party file into the large space. Aston is looking like a king in his tux, and he grins at everyone. When he sees me Dylan and Tracy, he winks and mimes a few box moves before turning to his father and talking to him in hushed tones, slapping him on the back.

“Damn, he cleans up nicely,” Dylan says just a tad too loudly. “Too bad he’s straight as an arrow. I’d do him.”

I smack the back of his head, smiling. “Don’t talk about the groom like that, asshat.”

“Shh,” Tracy says, shaking her head at both of us. “The ceremony is about to start, dipshits.”

The whole church grows quiet as a soft song starts playing. We all turn our heads, and the bridesmaids make their way down the aisle, accompanied by the groomsmen. Aston’s half-brother Dshawn is the best man, and he winks at his girlfriend Shaughna, who is behind him with another groomsman, since she’s not the maid of honor.

Tracy whispers something to Dylan, and he laughs. I feel jealously surge up in me, and although I know that I shouldn’t be jealous, I am. I so am. He can talk to her and joke with her, and he doesn’t need boxing practice as an excuse. I’ve told him over and over that I am okay with it, and I encourage him every day to keep her close as a friend, but seeing them laugh while I’m one seat away, not able to be with her the way I want to…

It’s hard. I’m not gonna lie. It’s really fucking hard. And I don’t think anyone truly gets how difficult it is for me to be here. I have to watch true love, marriage, all that crap, while the girl of my dreams is two seats away, on a friendship-date with the guy who’s been my best friend since we were 7. It’s so fucking unfair.

Plus, my blue balls don’t help. Six months is a long time. And it doesn’t even feel like that was my last time. That night with Debby doesn’t feel like my last time either. In my mind, my last time was with Tracy, right before she and Michel got back together. It’s been almost a year, goddamn. That’s a long time to not get laid.

Finally, the wedding march sounds, and I turn to see Annabel walk in through the doors, her gaze focused on Aston. She’s got tears in her eyes as she walks down the aisle on her mother’s arm. I realize for the first time that Annabel doesn’t have her father here to give her away. Aston told me that he died years ago, but I didn’t realize until now how difficult that must be for a woman on her wedding day.

Tracy doesn’t have her father either. And her mother is long gone. She doesn’t have any family. If she ever gets married, there will be no one to give her away, unless she asks someone who isn’t related to her. She’ll never have what Annabel is experiencing right now. The love of the person who raised you, handing you to your husband-to-be with confidence, knowing he’s right for you.

The priest starts the ceremony, and after a few ceremonial words, it’s time for the vows. Aston clears his throat, looking at his bride with tears in his eyes. The guy is all hard muscle, but when you see him looking at Annabel, it’s hard to see him as anything other than a sappy groom, ready to tell his fiancée how much he wants her to become his wife.

“Anna,” he says, his voice loud and clear, courtesy of the microphones in the front. “When we met, I thought you were just a hot cougar, but I realized five minutes into our first date that you were so much more than that.”

“Did he just call the bride a cougar?” Dylan asks, laughing. “Oh God, she’s gonna kill him.”

“Nah, she loves him,” Tracy replies with a sigh, her green eyes trained on Aston and Annabel, a small smile playing around her lips.

My eyes are on her as Aston goes on to tell Annabel how much he loves her. Each time Aston curses during his vows, she smiles a little brighter, and she’s just so beautiful when she looks this happy. She hasn’t looked like this since she got back together with Michel. I’m so glad she ditched that asshole. The past months, she is looking and acting like herself again, and I’m falling even more in love with her each time I see her. Being as beautiful, smart and wonderfully weird as Tracy Packard should be illegal. The last time I felt this deeply for someone, she ended up falling in love with someone else. I prat to God that this time, it’ll be me to get the girl. It’s my turn.

“So, yeah,” I hear Aston say, sounding like he’s laughing. “Thanks for accidentally letting me knock you up and for using a condom with Chris.”

“Why didn’t any of his friends proofread his vows?” Dylan asks, shaking his head.

“He’s speaking from the heart,” I reply, grinning. “She loves him. Surely she knew that his vows would be like this.”

Annabel tells Aston off, but he grins at her and tells her that it’s his turn to talk. He vows to never cheat on her, which I think should go without saying, but judging by her tears, this is something that means a lot to her. I don’t believe for even a second that Aston ever cheated on her, so I guess she must have been with some assholes in the past.

“There’s not a single thing I’d ever want to change about you,” Aston tells Annabel, sounding a little emotional. “Your smile, your heart, your strength… I love it all. Of course I love a lot of other things about you, but most of them are wildly inappropriate to say right now, so I’ll save those for the wedding night. I don’t want Ruby to tackle me.” He grins at the maid of honor, who shakes her head at him. “Just know that I see you, Anna. I know you. I know you used to think you’re not enough for someone to stick with you, but that’s just bullshit. You’re more than enough for me. You’re everything I never knew I wanted and everything I’ll ever need.”

I can’t help but glance at Tracy, who is looking at me too, leaning forward so she can see around Dylan. I wink at her, and she smiles secretively before leaning back in her chair, hiding from view once more. Stupid Dylan. I love him, but I’d love for him to disappear right now.

“Aston,” Annabel says, her voice ringing through the church. I turn my attention back to her and Aston. “I’ve felt like your wife for over a year now, and I’ve been using your last name even though I’m not legally a Johnson yet. Today isn’t the first day of the rest of our lives, it’s a celebration of the love and the life we already share. I’m sorry it took us so long to walk down the aisle, although I’m grateful you gave me all the time I needed to plan this day. You know that this is important to me, just like you always know what I want and need before I even get a chance to tell you. Thank you for being the kindest person I’ve ever met and for bringing out the best in me.” She chokes up, and Aston waits patiently for her to regain her train of thought. “I promise to always let you be yourself with me and to love you for it. I vow to love you even when life gets hard and to show you just how much every single day for the rest of our lives. And I…” She trails off, wiping at her eyes. “You’re the best father in the world. The way you are with Steffi… I can’t wait to see you with our second child in your arms.”

There’s a loaded silence, but then people start to whisper. Is she pregnant?

“Are you saying…?” Aston asks his bride, sounding breathless.

“Yes.” Annabel puts a hand over her belly, which is flat and doesn’t look like a baby bump at all. “We’re having another baby.”

He gasps and pulls her flush against him, his lips crashing against hers. The priest doesn’t even look surprised at this point. I guess after all the cursing, he’s accepting that this wedding won’t go by the book. Aston and Annabel talk in hushed tones for a moment, and then Aston declares loudly that this is the best wedding ever.

“That’s sweet and all,” the maid of honor says, stepping closer to the microphone. “But maybe you should actually get married before announcing that this is the best wedding ever. So far, this isn’t really a wedding. It’s just the two of you talking to each other like there aren’t a hundred people looking at you.”

“Right,” Aston agrees, giving Annabel one last time. “Okay, holy priest, ask us the for richer for poorer stuff.”

“He’s really something,” I hear Tracy murmur to Dylan.

“Damn right he is,” Dylan agrees, laughing.

Again, jealously washes over me. I want to be in the middle. That’s my best friend and the girl that I want talking to each other, joking, whispering, laughing. I’m left out, and I’m so fucking tired of it. I know that Tracy has only been in therapy for a month, and she’s still finding herself or whatever. My heart and cock don’t seem to know that. They just miss her.


Tracy is dancing with a few other girls, and I standing here in the huge garden of the beautiful mansion that Aston and Annabel rented out for the rest of the day, watching her. The newly weds are doing things the big, fancy wedding way. A huge ceremony in a church, drinks and fancy snacks in the garden while a band plays and everyone chats and dances… They’re not here yet, because they ducked out to take pictures at the lake nearby, but they’ll be back soon and there will be a first dance, cake cutting, a huge dinner for all the guests, the whole shebang.

“I never pegged Aston for the kind of guy who would get married with all these bells and whistles,” Dylan says from beside me, stuffing his face with fancy appetizers that he just snagged from a passing waiter’s tray. “He usually walks around in shorts, cupping his dick and making crude jokes, and now he’s all dressed up in a suit, and he didn’t even burst into flames when he curses in church.”

I grin. “Yeah, that was kind of a let-down. I think the whole shebang is for Annabel. He’s making his woman happy.”

“Yeah, the Johnson men are really good at that,” a high-pitched voice chimes in, so we turn around to see a petite blonde standing there holding a glass of champagne, while a tall, gangly man with light brown skin and long black hair smiles down on her, looking completely smitten with the tiny little thing.

“I take it you’re one of the Johnson men then?” I ask the guy, holding out my hand. I recognize him as one of the groomsmen. “I’m Thomas.”

“Jaxon,” he says, shaking my hand. “Aston’s brother. This is my wife Brittany.”

“Not that anyone asked, but I’m Dylan.”

I laugh at my best friend’s sour expression and pat him on the back. “You’re just so famous that everyone already knows your name, babe.”

“Oh, you’re such a cute couple,” Brittany says with a sigh, her bright eyes shining as she looks at the two of us.

“We’re n-” I start, but Dylan is apparently deciding to have some fun with it.

“Thank you,” he says, putting an arm around my waist and pressing a kiss to my cheek. “My little snuggly bunny is the light of my days.”

Of course that’s when Tracy and Shaughna join us, both looking amused.

“Snuggly bunny?” Tracy asks, grabbing an appetizer and snatching a glass of champagne from a waiter that passes by with a tray. “Ahw, Thommy boy, you must be so happy that Dylan and you are getting married soon.”

“You’re engaged?” Brittany asks, squealing. “Oh my God, congratulation!”

“No, we’re n-”

Again, Dylan talks right over me. “Yeah, we’re thinking next June or something, because we want it to be warm so we can have an outdoor beach wedding, and we will need at least a year to plan the whole thing, obviously.”

“Obviously,” Shaughna says with a grin. “Remind me again how Thomas proposed to you, Dylan.”

I roll my eyes and decide to just let him have his fun. It doesn’t matter how many times I am going to try to tell them that we’re not a couple – Dylan, Shaughna and Tracy are going to talk right over me anyway. Tracy looks so happy right now, and so pretty with the secretive smile playing around her lips while she meets my gaze. Who cares if half of the guests will think I’m gay by the end of this wedding? There’s only one girl I’d like to take home anyway, and she’s very much aware of how much her tight little body turns me on.

“It was two weeks ago, and I came home from work a little earlier than usual,” Dylan starts the fake proposal story, pulling me closer against him. More people have gathered around us by now because he’s talking so damn loudly. “I walk into the living room and I find this one on the couch, jerking off to that hardcore BDSM porn he likes so much.”

Oh. My. God. Did he seriously just say that? All around us, people gasp and look away with flushed cheeks.

“Dylan!” I exclaim, giving him a hard shove.

“It’s okay, sweety pie, nothing to be embarrassed about,” Dylan says, smoothing my hair out of my face with a fond look on his face. The guy should be an actor. “You know I love spanking you.”

If he wants to play this game, I’ll give it to him. “Not as much as I love fisting you, my little love nugget.”

Dylan grins, and touches my face gently. “Oh, I love it when you call me that, buttercup. Okay, anyway, so I walk in and he’s going at it like a maniac, so naturally I ask him why the fuck he didn’t wait for me to get home before getting it on, and he tells me that he has a lot of pent-up stress that he needed to get out. Of course, I ask him why he’s stressed, and that’s when he grabs his pants from the floor and pulls out a black box, gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him.”

“You proposed to Dylan naked, with porn playing in the background?” Shaughna asks, laughing so hard she’s crying. “Oh my God, Thomas, that is so you.”

“Show us the ring!” Brittany orders, jumping up and down with excitement. Apparently, she cares more about an engagement ring than the disturbing story of how I apparently asked Dylan to marry me while watching gay BDSM porn. How does the guy even come up with this stuff?

“My sweat little cuddle bear got the size all wrong, so it’s at the jewelers right now,” Dylan says with an exasperated sigh. “Guess I should be happy we could take it back, because the diamond was way too small anyway.”

“Yeah, I’m definitely marrying a gold digger,” I comment dryly, raising my eyebrows at him.

“You’re getting married?” a familiar voice asks, and I turn my head to see Francesca looking at me with a surprised look on her face, her hand on her small baby bump.

“Yeah, to me,” Dylan says, earning a knowing smile from Franny, but she gets her expression in check only a split second later.

“What?!” she exclaims, gasping. “You’re getting married?! To him? But… what about our baby?!”

“You knocked up your side bitch?” Dylan asks, gasping loudly. “Oh, Thomas, you promised me you were done with all that!”

“Hey,” Joshua says, stepping up behind Franny and putting his hands protectively over her belly. “What’s with all the yelling?”

“I hate to tell you this, Joshie boy, but that baby in there isn’t yours,” Dylan says, pretending to cry. “Apparently, we’ve been betrayed by the people we love the most!”

“W-what?” Joshua asks, and I feel so bad for the poor guy. He comes over to check on his fiancée, and gets this shit thrown at him without warning.

“Dylan, stop it,” I tell him, done with this. “Dylan is just… being Dylan,” I tell Joshua. “That’s one hundred percent your baby in there.”

Joshua looks confused as hell, but Franny turns him away and starts explaining things to him while pulling her fingers through his blonde curls, and soon enough he’s grinning like the rest of us, not bothered anymore. Brittany is asking Dylan a million questions about what part of the story was true, and I see some people I don’t know talking to each other in hushed tones, looking from me to Dylan, and then at Franny and Joshua, shaking their heads.

Yeah, this is going to be one weird-ass party now that Dylan made this lovely scene.

“Engaged, huh?” Tracy asks, following me as I walk away from the group to a small bench underneath a large oak tree. “And gay?”

I shrug. “Yeah, you know me. I’m all about that hard core BDSM porn, guys who call me buttercup, and proposing in the nude.”

“Don’t act all innocent now, Thom,” she says with a sly smile. “We both know you can be pretty kinky when you want to be.”

“Only for you, baby,” I reply automatically, and I love watching her cheeks heat up. She’s so forward and shy at the same time. I love that about her. “I miss hanging out with you,” I tell her, taking the opportunity to talk about something real for a change.

“We hang out all the time,” she says, looking surprised.

“At the gym, boxing with the other guys,” I agree, moving in a little closer. “I miss us being us, you know? Hanging out on the couch, watching stupid movies, making fun of each other. I miss it being just us. It’s been a really, really long time since we spent time together, just the two of us.”

She looks away from me and fidgets with her dress. “I know, and I miss that too, but right now I don’t think it would be smart for us to do that.”

“Why not?” I take her hand in mine, relieved when she doesn’t pull away. “I know you want to be just friends right now, and I’ll wait for you to be ready for more for as long as you need. I won’t try anything, Tracy. You know I won’t.”

She glances up, and in her eyes I see that vulnerability she’s always trying to hide. “We both know I’d end up in your bed in a matter of minutes,” she says, sounding utterly sure of that.

“I can control myself,” I vow, even though my cock is already twitching from her words alone. It’s been so fucking long since I got to have sex, and she’s the sexiest girl alive.

“Maybe you can,” she mumbles, which makes me smile. So she wants me too. Good to know.

“Look, Tracy, I just think that-”

“Thomas!” a loud, shrill female voice interrupts me, and I look up to see Debby approaching us. Or Vicky. I don’t know which twin it is.

“Hey,” I say, still holding onto Tracy’s hand, moving a little closer to her. Please let it be Vicky and not Debby. Please, God, have some mercy.

“Oh, you’re still with her?” the twin asks, nodding at Tracy. “You’re Stacey, right?”

“Tracy,” she replies, looking up at the girl with a frown. “You’re Vicky, right?”

When the twin nods, I feel even worse for not being able to tell them apart. Tracy only met them once, whereas I worked with them for months and came inside of one of them. I should know which one I fucked, right? Apparently, it’s not this twin. Thank the Lord for that.

“What are you doing here?” I ask, not sounding as friendly as I hoped I would.

“We’re the wedding planners,” Vicky explains, grinning. “Your website drummed up so much work for us that we had to expend our business, and we don’t just plan parties anymore. This wedding was so much fun to plan! You know the groom, right? He’s such a hoot.”

“Vicky?” a waiter asks, approaching us with a tense look on his face. “Michel is asking for you. There’s a problem with the wedding cake.”

“Oh no!” Vicky exclaims. “Please tell me you’re kidding!”

“Michel?” Tracy asks, pulling her hand out of mine.

Vicky turns back to us, looking down at Tracy with a frown. “Yeah, Michel Quiroz, the caterer. I’m sorry, I need to go fix this mess.” With that, she’s gone, leaving me and Tracy alone on the bench, staring at each other.

“I – I need t-to…” she stammers, but then she straightens her shoulders, takes a deep breath, and pulls herself back together in a matter of seconds. She’s so strong it baffles me. “I think I’m gonna go see if Dylan is okay,” she says with a small smile. “Your snuggly bunny looked a little spooked after finding out you knocked up Franny.”

“Tracy, are you okay?” I ask, still a little concerned at how lost she looked when Michel’s name came up. “It must be hard for you to-”

“I’m fine,” she says with a tight-lipped smile. “Bye, Thom.”

Without looking back, she strides away on her gold heels, her tight ass looking so damn fine in her form-fitting green dress. I can’t help but worry that I’m gonna lose my window for the millionth time. Can’t Michel just stay the fuck out of our lives for once? Can’t I catch a break? I can wait for Tracy, but I won’t go back to watching her hung up on that asshole. I can’t. She’s been so much happier the past month, and it’s all because of him being gone from her life. And I think the therapy might be helping too, although she doesn’t talk about that with me.

Just when I get up to find myself a beer, the other twin approaches me. Debby. I only know it’s her because she looks at me like she wants to bolt, and her twin sister just left to go find Michel inside of the huge mansion.

“Can we talk?” she asks, her eyes darting from my face to the rest of me.

“Sure,” I agree with a sigh, sinking back down. “Let’s talk.”

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