Twisted Thomas

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#38 New neighbor


I’m so fucking tired of this shit. After the wedding I’ve tried bringing up Michel a couple of times with Tracy, but she always deflects. In fact, we haven’t had a real conversation in a month. We hang out, but whenever I try to talk about how she’s doing, or what’s going on between us, she grows distant. In a desperate attempt to find out if she’s even still interested, I asked her to come to Franny’s wedding with me, but she turned me down.

I’m starting to feel like it’s not going to happen for us. It’s been a whole fucking year since we ended our friends-with-benefits situation, and now, we barely have a friendship left, and there are certainly no benefits anymore. I got a text from a girl I used to date years ago, asking me if I’d be up to grab a drink with her, and I was tempted to tell her yes. I didn’t, but it took me half an hour to find the strength to turn her down through text.

I’m only human. I’ve got needs. And I’m not even talking about sex. It’s been so long since I had a real conversation, flirted with someone, had a kiss that wasn’t confusing. Tracy is so complicated. I love her, but she won’t let me in. If things don’t change soon, I’m not sure I can wait for her anymore. I don’t need her to ask me to be her boyfriend or anything, and I don’t expect her to jump my bones or even kiss me. All I want is to know I’m not crazy for thinking we could be something. I need a chance. A real, honest chance.

Right now, she’s not giving me one.

“Thanks for doing this, Thom,” Joshua tells me, clapping me on the back. “We need to get going, we’ve got stuff to do to get ready for the wedding.”

“Sure thing.” I hug Franny goodbye, who is bursting with excitement, ready to get married later today. I’ll be joining them at the church soon, but the ceremony won’t start until late in the afternoon, and they asked me if I’d be okay to wait for the new neighbor, so she can see the place she’ll move into soon. She already signed the lease without even seeing the apartment in person, since our building is in high demand for its location and low rent prices. She’d like to see the place before buying furniture, and today was the only day that worked for her. So here I am, Thomas to the rescue again, sitting on Fran’s couch, watching TV.

Joshua and Franny bought a house in one of nicer neighborhoods on the edge of town, with some help from his rich parents, of course. They want to move there before the baby comes, which makes sense, and the place will be ready soon. Two weeks from now, I will have a new neighbor.

A knock sounds on the door, and I get up, brush off my pants, and move into the hallway to open up for the new girl.

“Hey, you must be Thomas.” Her smile is so bright that it blinds me. Straight white teeth, full red lips, and a cute little beauty mark just above the right side of her gorgeous smile. Her eyes are dark blue, and she’s looking at me expectantly, waiting for me to say something.

“Hi,” I say, holding out my hand. “Yeah, I’m Thomas. Riley. Thomas Riley, I mean. I live next door.”

“I know,” she says with a small smile. “Francesca told me you’d be here to let me see the place. Thank you so much for doing this. I’m Mila, by the way.”

Something about her looks familiar, but I can’t put my finger on it. Did I see her in a club or something? I feel like I’d remember that. How do I know her?

“Mila,” I repeat, letting her name roll off my tongue with a smile. “Beautiful name.”

Everything about her is beautiful, actually. I take her in as she walks into the apartment, looking around the living room, nodding in approval. She’s got blonde hair, just like Tracy, but that is the only thing they have in common. Mila is tall, almost as tall as I am, and she’s got a tick ass that she stuffed into tight skinny jeans. She’s got huge tits that can’t possibly be real, and although I’m usually all about natural beauty, I have to admit her fake tits spilling out of her pink top make my jeans uncomfortably tight. Her hair is styled carefully into perfect curls, and even from a distance I can smell her flowery perfume. Unlike Tracy, who always looks like she just woke up, put on some jeans and knows she looks sexy without needing to put on make-up or jewelry, Mila is the kind of girl who probably spends hours in front of the mirror. Her nails are deep red and don’t have a single chip on them, and her wrists are adorned with golden bracelets. There’s a thick coat of make-up on her face, and there are so many earrings in her ears that I have to count them twice to make sure I’m right. Eight in the left one, six in the right one. Damn, I wonder if she’s got any other piercings. Seeing Tracy’s belly button ring always drives me wild, and something about Mila makes me suspect she’s got more than the fourteen piercings I can see right now.

“Could you help me for a second?” Mila asks, holding out the measuring tape. As soon as I take the end, she starts walking backward in her tall black heels, looking like it’s no effort at all.

Together, we measure every inch of the place, and she takes some pictures as well.

“How noisy is the building?” she asks me, looking at the view with a smile on her face. “I mean, we’re going to be neighbors, right? Will you be able to hear every single thing I say and do?”

I grin, unable to help myself from making an obvious joke. “Why? Are you planning on having loud sex in here?”

To my surprise, she cracks up and hits my arm playfully. “Maybe. Or maybe I was just asking because you look like the loud sex type.”

“Oh yeah, baby, I can make them scream.”

Damn, there is something so nice about joking like this again, about being my obnoxious, playful self. With Tracy, I have to watch every single thing I say or do these days, afraid I will do something that will put her off or freak her out. This is how it used to be between us, before everything went to hell. I could make comments like these, and she’d try to top me every single time. I miss that. I miss the way we used to be.

“For real now, how soundproof are the walls here?” Mila asks, turning serious again.

“It’s all good,” I assure her. “If you leave your window open and I’ve got mine open as well, it’s like we’re in the same room, and if your headboard rattles against the wall real hard, I’ll hear, but other than that I won’t even know you exist.”

“Good, because I work from home,” she says, looking around the room again, probably imagining her furniture in here.

“Me too,” I say. “I’ve got a tech company with my best friend. What do you do?”

A small smile plays around her lips. “I work in… entertainment.”

Why does that sound dirty the way she says it? As I study her expression, I have that feeling again, that sense of knowing her. I’ve seen her before, but where?

The doorbell rings, and I move to the hallway. It’s the flower delivery guy, and I hand him his tip before carrying the vases filled with wildflowers into the living room one by one. I’ve ordered a lot of bouquets, and they all look pretty. I think Franny will like them.

“What’s with all the flowers?” Mila asks, pressing her face into a bouquet and inhaling. “Hmm…” Her soft moan sparks something in me, and I am absolutely certain I’ve heard that moan before. I’m pretty damn sure I’ve never slept with her, though, because I’m not such a player I’d ever forget about a girl I fucked. How do I know this girl?

“Well, Francesca and Joshua live here right now, but they couldn’t be here because their wedding is today. Franny is one of my best friends and they can’t go on a honeymoon right now, because she’s pregnant, and I want her to feel special when they get back here tonight, so I’m decorating their place.”

“Ahw, that is so sweet.” Mila puts a vase of flowers on the coffee table, arranging them just right. “Can I help?”

“You don’t have to, I’m sure you’re busy.”

She shrugs. “Not really. I’ve got the day off. I can stay for an hour or so before I need to head to the furniture store to pick up the chairs I ordered. I’m happy to help you put up some streamers or whatever you need.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Together, we inflate balloons, put up decorations, and make the whole apartment look like something out of a very girly fairytale. Mila is easy to talk to, but there is still something off about her. I can’t shake the feeling that I know her.

I go to my apartment to grab the champagne for Joshua, the alcohol-free stuff for Franny, and the chocolate covered strawberries I bought for them. When I put the bottles in the fridge, Mila moves over and sighs.

“Oh, strawberries. I love those.”

I grab the box and hold it out to her. “Want some? Joshua and Franny don’t even know I bought these, so they’re not going to miss them.”

“No, I shouldn’t,” Mila says, her tone wistful.

I grab one and put it in my mouth, grinning at her. “If you don’t, I will.” I hold a small one out to her, expecting her to take it from me, but instead she eats it right out of my hand, her tongue flicking over my fingers.

“Hmmmm…” she moans, licking her lips seductively. “Oh, that’s so good. Gimme more.”

Suddenly, I know. Something clicks, the pieces shift in my mind so they fit together, and I know. I’ve heard her say those exacts words before, in my bedroom, with my hand down my boxer shorts.

I’m standing in Franny’s living room with a porn actress.

I’ve seen this girl naked, bent over a table, fucked hard a good by a huge black guy. In fact, I think she was in one of Tracy’s favorite porn scenes, the one where a girl was tied to the bed and three guys went to town on her, filling every single hole time and time again. I think she even did some girl-on-girl porn that I like to watch every now and then, because I remember those big tits rubbing against another girl’s smaller ones while they both moaned and groped each other.

“Surprised it took you so long,” Mila says knowingly, smiling when she sees the shock in my eyes. “I could tell you recognized me the second you opened the door.” She takes another strawberry from the box in my hands and bites it, moaning again, her eyes intent on me. “That was the sound that triggered your memory, wasn’t it? You watch a lot of porn, Thomas?”

“Erm… just a regular amount, I guess,” I say stupidly. Damn, what the fuck am I supposed to say to her now? I’m not often speechless, but this is unfamiliar territory, even for me.

“Just so you know, this doesn’t mean I’m a whore,” Mila says, not looking embarrassed at all. “So don’t come knocking on my door in the middle of the night, drunk as fuck, thinking I will take you straight into my bedroom. I used to do a lot of porn, but that’s just work, you know. I work for myself now, since I couldn’t stand most of the guys I had to act with, and some producers got a little handsy. I decided to work as a webcam girl instead. Way less stress that way, and I don’t have to let people touch me when I don’t feel like it.”

“Erm, okay,” I reply, leaning against the kitchen counter for support. “You got your own website?”

“I wish,” she says, rolling her eyes. “I started one, but I don’t have the skills, so it looked so shitty and cheap that I didn’t get much business. I took it down. Now I’m one of the Dream Girls. Do you know that site? I have to pay twenty percent of what I earn to the person running the website, but I don’t have to do anything myself. Well, aside from film myself naked and touch myself on camera, obviously.”

“A website isn’t that difficult to create,” I say, glad to be back on familiar territory. At least this is something I can talk about without feeling like a sleazeball. “Actually, that’s what I do for a living. Well, usually I don’t do porn sites, but a website is a website, right? I could make you one if you want me to.”

“Really?” Her whole face lights up and she licks the chocolate off her fingers, making it hard for me to concentrate. Damn, the girl is hot, and the fact that I’ve watched her get pounded so hard that she cried out in pleasure and pain alike, begging for the guys to take her deeper, harder, rougher… Oh man, if I’m not careful I am going to get hard after just knowing this girl for little over an hour.

“We’re neighbors now,” I say, turning slightly away from her and pretending to look out the window, when in truth I’m telling my cock to behave. “Gotta help a girl out, right?”

“You’re be really helping this girl out,” she says, batting her lashes at me. “How much will it cost for you to make me a really good one? I’ve got a whole damn list of what I’d like, but when I asked this tech guy I knew in my old building, he charged me so much that I just knew I’d never be able to afford that.”

“It will cost you nothing at all,” I assure her. “Well, the hosting will cost some money, but way less than what you’re now paying the guy that runs Dream Girls, and you’ll be your own boss. I won’t charge you for the hours I put in, obviously. And I’m pretty sure my business partner will be happy to do the design part of things free of charge as well. He’s my best friend, so I’m pretty sure I can convince him to help you out.”

“Hmmm…” She runs her finger over my arm, smiling when she sees goosebumps appearing. “You’re sweet. Sure you don’t want me to blow you as a thank you?”

My mouth falls open and I feel my cheeks flush, but then I see the twinkle in her eyes, and I realize she’s joking.

“I told you I’m not a whore,” she says, winking. “Kudos for not dropping your pants right away, though. I think I’m gonna like having you as my neighbor, Thomas.”

“Yeah,” I reply, shaking my head to clear it. “It will certainly be… interesting.”

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