Twisted Thomas

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#41 Such a tease


If I’d known being vulnerable and in love was this easy, I’d have done it years ago. But years ago, I hadn’t met Thomas yet, and something about him makes me feel like I was meant to find him, because he’s the only person in the world who can make my walls crumble the way he does. He doesn’t push me the way Michel used to, and he doesn’t get upset when I don’t feel like talking. He also doesn’t tell me a million times that he’s thankful or proud when I share something with him, and I like that. I didn’t realize how much pressure I was feeling from Michel every time he told me how much he appreciated me trying to let him in, because it always made me feel like I needed to try even harder.

“What are you smiling about?” Thomas asks, making us breakfast in his kitchen, wearing nothing but grey sweatpants.

“Just thinking about how much I love you.”

He smiles and slides a plate of toast with eggs and bacon in front of me. “Right back at you, baby.”

I still haven’t spent the night with him. It’s been two weeks, and we’re taking things as slow as we can. Which means a lot of kissing, but no sex. I do jerk him off a lot, and I gave him a blowjob a few times, because I just can’t keep my hands off him, but my own clothes stay on all the time, and I haven’t allowed him to get me off, no matter how many times he told me that it doesn’t feel right to him that he gets to come when I don’t.

I just think that sleeping with Thomas will change everything. I know I’ve already had sex with him many times before, but that was fucking, not making love. We’re so in synch already, and I just know that my heart will never be the same when I spent the night with him. I’ve only slept in his bed once, more than a year ago, after our first date. After that, we became friends with benefits and we always left the other person’s apartment after sex. It’s weird to think about. We’ve been so close for so long now, but in some ways, we haven’t truly been close until two weeks ago, when I finally told him I love him.

Dr. York told me that Thomas had three bouquets of flowers, a case of red wine, and twenty boxes of chocolates delivered to her office, and that made me smile. That’s such a Thom thing to do.

We eat breakfast in comfortable silence, the radio playing in the background. When I’m done eating, I sit down in the chair next to him instead of across from him and kiss his neck.

“Oh baby,” Thom grunts when I slide my hand up his leg and stroke his cock, loving how he grows hard under my hand. “You have to stop doing this. I want to repay the favor so badly, but you won’t let me.”

“Are you complaining about your girlfriend wanting to give you head?” I tease, sliding off the chair and sitting on my knees in front of him, freeing his erection from his sweatpants.

“Fucking hell,” he groans, his hands knotting in my hair as I take him into my mouth as far as I can. I run my fingers over the crown tattoo above his cock, smiling around him. I love every single thing about him, and his arrogant side is one of the things that drew me in about him when we first met. The fact that he crowned his dick makes me smile each time I see the tattoo.

I allow him to set the pace with his hands, and I play with his balls while he fucks my mouth. He curses loudly and then he’s coming already, filling my mouth. I swallow when I pull back, and I lick him clean completely, loving this weird feeling of taking care of him. I know it’s just sex, but it’s more than that, I know he feels it too.

“Please tell me you’re ready for me to take your clothes off,” Thomas grunts when I tuck his now limp cock back into his sweats and straddle him, nuzzling my face against his neck.

“Not yet,” I murmur, enjoying the way he strokes my back. “I promise I’ll tell you when I’m ready.”

“We don’t need to have sex,” he says, stroking my hair. “It’s just unfair I get to come in your mouth or on your hands every single day, sometimes multiple times a day, while you’re getting more sexually frustrated each day we’re together.”

“I’ve got my vibrator,” I say, smiling at the way his eyes widen when I say that.

“You get yourself off when you’re in bed, alone?” he asks, growing hard again.

“Of course,” I admit without feeling ashamed. We’re so far past that. “I put on porn, turn on my vibrator, and imagine you’re in bed with me.”

He grabs my hips and helps me grind against him. “Fuck, Tracy, you drive me crazy.”

I laugh and get off his lap, leaving him grunting in disapproval, his hands reaching for me. “I need to get to work,” I tell him. “We don’t all work from the comfort of our own home, you know.”

“You’re gonna leave me here with a raging boner?” he asks, rubbing his cock through his sweatpants. “You’re such a tease.”

“Oh no, you didn’t just call me that!” I rush back over and grab the legs of his chair, throwing him onto the floor.

He didn’t see that coming, so he lands on the kitchen floor with a surprised yelp, looking up at me with shock written all over his handsome face. “You’re insane,” he tells me, trying to get back up.

I push him back down and get on top of him, kissing him hard. His hands grab my ass and before I know it, we’re making out like a couple of horny teenagers. He grabs one of my breasts and massages it through my clothes while he rubs his cock against my pussy, getting me all hot and bothered. I’m still fully clothed, but I know he could get me off like this if I let him. Thomas makes me feel… easy. In a good way, I mean. Not difficult to get off, not like a freak. He makes me feel like a normal girl, in love with… well, not a normal guy. He’s a god.

“Fuuuuuck,” he grunts when I pull his pants down again and once again start blowing him. “Tracy, you don’t need to – oh God, that feels good, baby.”

I take him deep and hard, almost gagging. When I can feel he’s about to come, I pull away and kiss my way back up, swirling my tongue around his nipple. He inhales sharply and shudders, moaning loudly when I start playing with his nipple piercing while I suck his other nipple into my mouth before biting down on it just hard enough to make him squirm.

“I’m gonna wrap my lips around your cock again,” I tell him while I kiss his chest, then his abdomen, and finally the tip of his cock. “Please come for me, Thomas,” I whisper before taking him into my mouth. “I beg you, Thomas, I need you to come for me again. Please do.”

It only takes three bobs of my head and then he’s coming so hard that his entire body goes limp right after, his chest heaving as he tries to catch his breath.

“Now I really need to get to work,” I say, my voice normal again as I get off him and brush off my clothes. “You need to vacuum, baby. Your floor is a little dirty.”

He laughs and pushes himself off the floor, pulling his pants back up. “You’re crazy and I love it. That was… fucking hell, Tracy. When we finally have sex again, I think I won’t last more than three seconds inside of your tight wet cunt. You’ve been keeping me in a constant state of arousal for two weeks now.”

I pull him in for a hug and kiss him softly. I can taste him on my tongue, but he doesn’t seem to care that he just came in my mouth twice. His tongue slips into my mouth and he kisses me that way only he can. Sweet, dominating and hot as fuck.

“I think I’ll start calling you a tease about four times a day,” he grunts into my hair, squeezing my ass. “I love learning new things about you every single day. Like that you go crazy when I call you a tease. Or that you suck at bowling. And that you talk to animals like they’re people. That you like bacon so much that you could take a bath in it.”

“I don’t suck at bowling!” I give him a playful shove and glance at the clock on the wall. “Fuck, I really need to get going. You’re coming over to my place for dinner, right?”

He nods. “I might be a little late, though, since I’m helping Mila move into her place today, remember? Dylan is coming over too, but we both know he won’t be much help. We all know I’ll be the one doing all the heavy lifting. Mila is not going to even touch a single thing with those long red nails of hers.”

He’s been hanging out with Mila a lot, and she doesn’t even live here yet. I don’t mind – not really – because I know that I can trust Thomas. But still, she’s a hot ex-porn star who earns her living by stripping in front of webcam. And he created the website she is using these days, helping her upload all kinds of racy pictures with her breasts spilling out of her top, so people will want to start paying for her to take off her flimsy top and start touching herself.

Yeah, okay, maybe I do mind a little bit. I like the girl, and I love how sweet Thomas is to his new neighbor, but I can’t help but hope that he won’t get so desperate for sex that he’ll succumb to her hotness. Because fuck me, she’s hot. Last night in bed, I watched that porn scene of her getting fucked in her pussy, ass and mouth at the same time while being tied down, and I got off looking at her naked body and listening to her muffled moans.

I haven’t seen her since that time she told me Thomas was in love with me and that I should be good to him, and I already know it’s going to be at least a little uncomfortable when I next run into her, knowing I’ve spent hours looking at her naked body. She’s probably used to that by now, but I’m not exactly accustomed to seeing the people I watch while masturbating walking around in real life.

“Love you, baby,” Thomas says, smacking my ass as I bend over to grab my purse. “I’ll think about that tight little ass of yours all day long.”

I wiggle my ass as I get back up. “Good. Just don’t forget about me when you’re helping the porn star move into the apartment next door.”

Thomas laughs. “You’re so cute when you’re jealous, babe. Now go to work!”

I kiss him one last time, and then I’m off to spend the day taking care of cute fluffy animals. I can’t keep a smile off my face the entire day. Instead of worrying about Mila like I thought I would, I think about Thomas’ sweet smile and rock-hard abs all days long. I realize that I trust him utterly and completely, and that I know that he would never do anything to hurt me. I’ve never felt that kind of trust before.

Wanna stay over tonight? I text him during my break. I’m not sure if I’m ready for sex yet, but I’d love to fall asleep in your arms.

Yes! he shoots back right away. Fuck yes! I’ll bring a toothbrush.

I laugh at that last part and tuck my phone back in my pocket. He’s such a weirdo and I love it. I love him. Maybe I’m ready to finally make love to him. If it feels right tonight, I’m going to just give in to my urges. I know there will not going back for me after, but let’s be real… there’s already no going back. I’m already so deeply in love with him that I couldn’t walk away from him even if I wanted to. Which I don’t. I really, really don’t.

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