Twisted Thomas

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#47 Remember to close the window


I’m in the kitchen, rocking out to Shawn Mendes while I grill the steaks and bake the potatoes. I’m rocking to “Put my hands around you. Ooh, teach me how to touch you, tease, caress you, and please you. Teach me how to love…”

Thomas arms wrap around me from behind me, and he sweeps my hair over my shoulder so he can kiss my neck. “You already know how to please me, baby,” he grunts, nipping at my earlobe.

“Stop being so cutesy!” Dylan complains, opening the fridge to get himself a beer. “I love you both, but you’re making me so goddamn depressed. You’re all loved up, and I’m all alone…”

“Oh baby, you’re not alone.” Mila blows him a kiss.

Dylan pretends to catch it and slaps his hand against his cheek. “Not the same as a real kiss, baby,” he complains. “Are you sure I can’t convince you to give me a test drive? I will rock your world.”

Mila laughs and takes the glass of wine I’m holding out to her. Like me, she prefers a glass of chardonnay over a beer. “Nah, I’m good.”

“It’s been so long since I last had sex,” Dylan complains, gulping down his beer.

“Didn’t you have a dinner date that ended in breakfast three weeks ago?” I ask, flipping the steaks while motioning for Thomas to finish the salad for me. He’s a little distracted by looking at my breasts that are indeed spilling out of my tight top, and I have to admit it’s nice to be looked at like that. We’ve been together for over three months now, and we haven’t spent a single night apart. We’re still not officially living together, but this is the first weekend in over a month we’re spending at his place. He and Dylan work on their apps and websites at my place all the time, and half of his stuff isn’t even his own apartment anymore, so I think it’s safe to say he’s living at my place.

It’s nothing like living with Michel. For one, Thomas is a total slob. His clothes are everywhere, he forgets to unplug after charging his laptop and phone, he never cleans anything… And even worse, he smokes inside even though I keep asking him not to. His hair clogs up the drain in the shower even though he insists it must be me since my hair is longer. Don’t even get me started on the empty beer bottles he leaves everywhere, including on the floor in the hallway, leaving me to trip over them when I get home from work.

And most importantly… I absolutely love having him with me every single day, falling asleep next to him, and bitching to him about work and life in general. Looking back, I only moved in with Michel because I felt like I should. With Thomas, it’s because I want to. He annoys me sometimes, but for some reason that makes me love him even more, which baffles me. Thomas says it’s because me seeing he’s not perfect makes our relationship more real, and I guess that might be it. Fact is that I love him and I think it won’t be long before he cancels his lease on his place here. The General is already living at my place, because Thomas hated being away from him for too long. And if your cat lives somewhere else, that means you live there too, right?

“Oh. My. God. Stop. Kissing!” Dylan grabs Thomas, pulling him away from me and wrestles him to the floor, sitting on his chest with a defiant expression on his face.

“Help!” Thomas yells, looking up at Mila and me. “How could I possible get this scrawny boy off my chest?” He pretends to be completely immobile, giving us puppy-dog eyes.

Mila and I both grab one of Dylan’s arms and drag him off Thom without much difficulty, even though Dylan struggles. I still box with Thomas, Aston, James, Elijah and William three times a week, and Mila is deceptively strong, so Dylan is no match for us. He only makes it to the gym once a week and often jokes the strongest muscles in his body are located in his right hand.

“Thanks, my darlings,” Thomas says, getting up and dusting off his clothes. His shirt has ridden up and his jeans are riding low on his hips, showing off his muscular abdomen. Damn that man is hot.

To my surprise, Mila is looking at him too, and she looks away when she feels me looking at her. She almost looks like she got caught doing something she shouldn’t, and I swear her cheeks flush. The flirty, self-assured porn actress is blushing? Really?


And a little disturbing, since she as looking at my man.

I don’t think of myself as overly possessive or jealous, and I know I hang around with a lot of guys, so I can’t really fault Thomas for getting close to his new neighbor, but still… Does she think he’s hot? Well, obviously he is, so she’d have to be blind not to notice. I shrug it off and go back to cooking, getting dinner ready in a few minutes and serving full plates to Mila and Dylan, who start eating before Thomas and I are even seated.

“You’re welcome,” Thom says, rolling his eyes at our friends.

“Yeah, thanks,” Dylan mumbles with his mouth full.

Mila clinks her glass to mine and smiles. “It tastes amazing. You’re a great cook, Tracy.”

“Guess Michel wasn’t all bad, huh?” Dylan comments, sipping his beer. “At least the guy taught you how to cook.”

Thomas isn’t even fazed by his best friend bringing up my ex. He just keeps eating and throws me a wink. My heart warms and I’m once again amazed by how easy it is to be with him. I never have to worry about anything, he never gives me a reason to doubt him, and we still both have our own lives apart from each other, which I am learning is very important when you’re in a relationship. He doesn’t like James all that much, but he never shows it when I hang out with him, and he always encourages me to spend time with Peter and Delilah, with or without him. That’s real love, if you ask me.

After dinner, we all settle in for a movie, and I turn the TV on and flip open his laptop, entering his password so I can log into his account and find the movie we want to watch. Two seconds after I connect to the Wi-Fi, though, something quite different starts playing on the TV.

It’s the porn video we watched last night while we had sex on the couch.

And it’s on of Mila’s kinkiest scenes.

Well, fuck.

“Oh my,” Mila says, laughing like it’s no big deal. “Guess you forgot to disconnect last night, Thom.” She looks at me, her eyebrows raised. “Wait… wasn’t he at your place last night?”

“Oh, yeah, they like to watch porn while they have sex,” Dylan says like it’s no big deal. He sips his beer and grabs the bowl of popcorn from my lap. “Tracy is really into threesomes.”

Thomas and I both flush bright red, and we look at each other, not sure what to say.

“Hey, whatever floats your boat,” Mila says, looking at the TV screen where she’s now getting fucked up the ass while she sucks another guy off. “Damn, I was still skinny back then. That was… four years ago, I think? And at least ten pounds ago. The guy I’m blowing tasted awful, by the way.”

“You look pretty happy about having him in your mouth,” Dylan comments dryly.

“That’s called acting, Dylan.”

I turn the porn off and put on the movie I meant to find, but I don’t think anyone is focused on it right now. I’m tense as fuck, and I feel like I need to explain myself.

“Mila, I don’t-”

“Don’t worry about it,” she says, waving away my concern. “It’s kind of flattering, really. I already knew you watched porn, since you recognized me the moment you first saw me. I just didn’t know you and Thomas got off on me together.” She looks over at him with a sly smile. “Interesting.” Her gaze moves to me next, moving form my face to my low-cut top, and she licks her lips. “Very interesting.”

“Yeah, erm… more beer?” Thomas asks, still looking flustered. He’s so cute when he gets tongue-tied. He gets up to get him and Dylan another beer and he brings the bottle of wine with him to the living room to top off my glass and Mila’s as well.

While we all watch the movie and Thomas puts his arm around me, pulling me close, I keep sneaking glances at Mila. She’s smirking the whole time, and each time she sees me looking, she licks her lips, winks or wiggles her eyebrows suggestively. I’m not gonna lie – by the time she and Dylan leave two hours later, I’m all worked up and ready to jump Thomas’ bones.

“Damn, baby,” he grunts when I pull down his pants the second the door closes behind them.

I wrap my lips around his cock and take him as deep as I can, moaning around him. Fuck, I’m horny. And a more than a little buzzed from all the wine. Mila and finished off two bottles together, and she looked a little tipsy when she went to her apartment as well.

“You’re thinking about Mila, aren’t you?” Thomas asks knowingly. Our eyes meet, and I can tell he doesn’t mind. In fact, I bet the reason he was already hard as a rock before I even touched him was her as well. Or well, not her, but… yeah, okay, she’s hot. And the fact that we watched her while we fucked last night makes both of us way hornier than I’d like to admit.

Threesomes still do it for me, and we’ve talked about whether or not we’d like to try one together, but we haven’t made up our minds. The one we had with Michel was all wrong, even though it was hot as fuck and I still think about it at times. The hurt it caused for Thomas was so bad, though, and I’d rather never have another threesome than to see that pain in his eyes again. Besides, we both agreed that it might be less daunting to add another woman before trying things with another man, since I’m more comfortable with the idea of kissing another girl than Thomas is kissing a dude. But that would mean that I’d have to watch Thomas get it on with someone who isn’t me, and I’m not sure how I would feel about that.

Thomas is getting closer, I can feel it, and I pull back so I can swirl my tongue around the tip of his cock while I pull up his shirt and play with his nipples.

“Fuck,” he grunts, grabbing my hair and tugging at it so I will wrap my lips around him again.

Right when he is about to come, I stop and pull back, smirking at him. “Put her back on,” I order, running my fingers over his erection while he opens the laptop again and find the scene that was playing before. I strip him of his clothes and sink back down onto my knees, driving him crazy with nothing but my mouth and my hands. I love how well I know his body by now. The sounds in the background get me hot as fuck, and when he finally comes in my mouth, I immediately get naked as well, straddling him while we kiss.

He plays with my breast while we listen to Mila’s screams and moans, and knowing she’s on the other side of the wall pushes me right to the edge. When Thomas moves a hand between us to rub my clit, I come almost instantly, crying out his name. He’s hard again, and after I come down from my high, I want to sink down on him, but we get interrupted by the doorbell.

We break apart and his wild blue eyes look at me with lust and confusion.

“Maybe Dylan forgot his phone again?” I ask, climbing off him and picking his shirt off the floor to put on. It falls down over my ass, so I’m semi-decent. I move to the front door and peek through the spyhole.

Oh fuck.

It’s Mila.

And the moment I see her standing there in nothing but a silky black robe, I realize something.

We left the window open. I opened it when I started cooking so the smoke detectors wouldn’t go off. And I never closed it. Which means that if her window was open as well, which it probably was on a hot, humid August night…

She heard us.



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