Twisted Thomas

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#48 Putting on a show


I’m still naked, a little buzzed, and rock-hard when Tracy opens the front door. I hit pause on the laptop, and the screen freezes on Mila’s breasts being fondled by one of the guys she was fucking. Tracy needs to get back here as soon as possible, because even though I just came, my balls are already feeling uncomfortable tight again.

A sultry voice drifts in from the hallway, and it’s not Tracy’s. “If you wanted me to join in, you could have just asked for the real thing.”


Oh shit. I look behind me and realize the kitchen window is still open. I wasn’t kidding when I told Mila when she first checked out her new apartment that you can hear everything your neighbors are doing when the windows are open. That’s why I’ve had to sit through Franny getting fucked by James so hard that she cried out in pleasure and pain. And why I know that Joshua gives her orgasms that last way longer than the ones James ever gave her, and that he asks her if she’s okay with the baby bump all the time, making sure she’s comfortable, and then she orders him to stop being so goddamn careful and just fuck her.

Yeah, I know way more about Franny’s sex life than I’d like to.

Usually, I close the window. I’m really fucking good about that, because I don’t want Franny to hear me screwing someone. Or, more recently, Mila. Tracy came on so hot and fast tonight that I didn’t think about it. All thoughts just flew from my mind. The beers didn’t help either, I guess.

“Oh my God, you heard,” Tracy says, sounding just as horrified as I’m feeling.

I grab my pants from the floor and pull them on. Mila has become a close friend to me and Dylan in a short amount of time, and Tracy seems to like her as well, but she’s not so close to us that I feel comfortable about her knowing all our sexual fantasies. Earlier tonight was bad enough, when she discovered that we watch porn while we fuck sometimes. Porn with her in it.

I’m not shy about sex, not at all, but Mila is a porn actress. She must get inappropriate propositions all the time. I’m her friend. I’m not supposed to make her feel uncomfortable. Since she moved into the building, we’ve become quite close. I’ve never seen her with a guy, and judging by the way she flirts with anything with a heartbeat, she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Or a girlfriend, for that matter. Still, that doesn’t mean she’s into the kind of thing Tracy and I like.

Besides, having a threesome with your new friend and neighbor…? Bad idea.

Really fucking bad idea.

Tracy walks into the living room, and right behind her is Mila, in a silky black robe that is a bit too small, causing her breasts to spill out and the hem to be so high that if even the slightest breeze would come in through the window, I’d be able to see her… well, everything.

Mila looks at the TV screen with a sly smile. “Do you guys need me to get off every single night?”

“N-no,” Tracy stammers, her cheeks flushed. “Look, I’m really sorry that we’re making you uncomfortable. We will stop watching scenes with you in it.”

“And we’ll close the window,” I add, not sure what else to say or do.

“Who says I’m uncomfortable?” Mila asks, throwing her long wavy hair over her shoulder. She gives me a seductive smile and licks her lips. “You guys have been driving me crazy all damn night with those side glances, and then I have to sit in my own apartment hearing you get it on while watching me… It’s not fair that you get all the action and that I have to be home alone, when I could just come over here and make your fantasy a reality.”

“Mila, we weren’t-” Tracy gasps when Mila undoes the knot on her robe and slips the silky fabric off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor.

She’s naked. And holy fuck, she looks even better than she does on the screen. She was right when she said earlier than she gained some weight since doing porn. More than the ten pounds she claimed earlier, I’d say. I’m usually into skinny girl like Franny and Tracy, with small perky tits and a tight ass, but Mila sure does it for me. Her tits aren’t real, not at all, and they must be like cup… I have no clue. Not D, that’s for sure. E, F… how far does the cup size thing go? Z? They’re huge and firm, begging for me to touch them. She’s got some belly rolls, making her look soft and snuggly, and then there’s her cunt, waxed complete bare and adorned with a Christina piercing.

I knew the girl had piercings. I just knew those rings in her ears weren’t the only ones. And fuck me, it’s hot to see two sparkling diamonds down there.

“Your boyfriend sure seems into this,” Mila says to Tracy, motioning to the obvious tent in my pants. “Guess that means it’s up to you, blondie.”

“Blondie?” Tracy asks, sounding hoarse. “We’re all blonde, Mila.”

“Guess that makes us a perfect fit,” she replies teasingly. “What do you say, Tracy?”

Tracy’s eyes move over Mila’s body and I can tell that she’s just as turned on as I am. I half-expect her to jump Mila right away, but instead, she turns to meet my gaze, giving me a questioning look. She’s silently asking me what I want to do, and that means everything to me. We’ve talked about this, and we both want this, but we were both hesitant after what happened with Michel. I love that Tracy isn’t just jumping in, even though she clearly wants to.

“Kiss her,” I say. I wanted to sound commanding, but it comes out as a hoarse plea.

Mila moves over to Tracy right away, and takes her face in her hands, slowly brushing her lips against Tracy’s. Their kiss is soft and tentative, both of them exploring each other. Even though Mila is naked and every part of her is begging to be touched, Tracy knots her hands in Mila’s hair instead, pulling her face down a bit more. Tracy is a tiny little thing, which I love about her, because it makes me feel manly and powerful, even though the girl can kick some serious ass. Mila is bigger in every way, and watching their very bodies pressed together like this…

I don’t think I’ve ever been this hard. It’s a little painful.

Mila pulls back for a moment to pull Tracy’s shirt off, and then they’re back at it, this time letting their hands travel down to each other’s breasts. Tracy seems nervous, her hands trembling, but Mila doesn’t have that problem. She’s sucking on Tracy’s neck while she pinches her nipples, and it’s obvious Tracy is getting all hot and bothered.

“Thom?” she asks in a moan, her eyes meeting mine across the room.

I walk over and kiss my girlfriend softly while Mila keeps working on her tits. Tracy moans into my mouth and her hands move down my chest to the button on my pants, undoing it. My erection straining against the zipper forces it down, and Tracy touches my cock with a soft moan into our kiss.

Another set of hands pulls down my pants, and I step out of them while I keep kissing my girl.

“You’re bigger than I thought you’d be,” Mila’s sultry voice says. “And I already thought you’d be big. How about we take this to the bedroom?”

“Yes,” Tracy agrees right away, breaking away from me slightly so she can look at Mila. The girl is on her knees in front of us, slowly getting up while moving her hands down her own body, moaning when she touches herself. Her hand moves between her legs and she looks into my eyes while she runs her fingers over her folds. Then she holds up her hand and presses her fingers to my lips, forcing them into my mouth.

“Taste how wet I am,” she orders with a moan.

Oh my fucking God, it’s like being in a real life porn movie. I flick my tongue over her fingers and she moans even louder. She pulls her fingers out and slowly trails her hand down my chest until she reaches my cock, wrapping her hand around it. I can’t help the groan that comes out, and when Tracy presses herself against me and starts sucking on my nipple while she tugs on the piercing on the other one, it’s all I can do to not come this soon.

Mila keeps telling us how hot this is, and how wet she is for us, how much she wants me to take her hard and dirty, fuck her pussy, her ass, her mouth… How she wants to eat Tracy out while I pound her… I can’t even think straight anymore at this point. When Mila and Tracy tug me into the bedroom and push me down on the bed, I’m a hot mess. Mila wraps her lips around my cock immediately, and Tracy kisses me hungrily, still playing with my nipples.

“This is so hot,” she moans into my ear, and I love that she is making sure I know that she’s okay with another girl sucking my cock. “I want to eat her out.”

“Then do it,” I order. Once again, I don’t sound commanding at all. With Franny and Jasmine, I felt much more in control than I do now. Tracy always makes me feel like I am completely under her spell, and now with Mila running her tongue up and down my shaft, moaning like she’s never tasted something this good…

Tracy pulls Mila away from me and pushes her down onto the mattress, kissing her tits and sucking on her nipples. Mila grabs a handful of my hair and pulls my face to hers. For the first time in a year, I’m kissing someone who isn’t Tracy. It’s hot, but it’s not the same. There’s only lust, no love, and I’m glad about that. I was scared about how we’d feel with someone else in our bed, to be honest. I’m all for hot sex, but I don’t want me or Tracy to catch feelings for someone else, not even for one night.

“Ah!” Mila is screaming and moaning so loudly that it makes my ears ring. Tracy is still sucking on her nipple and her fingers are slowly inching their way up her thighs, not touching her slick folds yet.

I know Tracy is hot, and her touch always feels good, but I can’t imagine that what she’s doing right now would make Mila cry out this loudly. I’m starting to feel a little weird watching and hearing Mila tells Tracy that she’s so hot for her, and that she could come like this.

It’s like Mila is performing. Like she’s acting in a porn scene instead of truly letting herself get lost in what Tracy is doing. It’s obvious she’s into this, and she’s wet as fuck, but the sounds she’s making are all for show. Something about that feels wrong.

“Baby,” I say, my voice still hoarse.

Tracy looks up right away, and when her eyes meet mine and she sees the doubt in my gaze, she immediately stops touching Mila. She sits up and pulls her trembling hands through her hair. “What?” she asks, her voice thick with desire.

“Don’t stop!” Mila cries out, sitting up as well and touching Tracy’s tits, rubbing them and making Tracy moan softly.

See, now that is a real moan. A soft one, truly forced out of her by how good Mila is making her feel. In the meantime, Mila is still making so much noise the whole fucking building surely knows what we’re up to by now.

“Mila, stop,” I say, my voice stronger now. I take her hands off Tracy and hold them in mine, waiting until she looks up at me. “You don’t need to put on a show for us,” I tell her softly. “We’re into this already. No one is watching us. You can just be yourself.”

Mila’s eyes widen and she sucks in a breath. She looks a little lost all of a sudden.

“Oh,” Tracy breathes, realizing what I’m getting at. She pushes Mila’s hair out of her face and smiles sweetly at her. “Yeah, just be yourself. No need to ruin your beautiful voice.”

It’s like Tracy’s kind words and soft touch undo Mila completely, and the girl starts crying. In the middle of what was supposed to be a hot threesome, the porn actress and webcam girl starts sobbing. Tracy and I reach for her at the same time, pulling her into our arms.

“Shh,” Tracy murmurs, stroking her hair. “It’s okay.”

I have no idea what’s going on exactly, but I’m really glad I stopped this before we went to far. Mila is obviously not okay, and I pray to God I didn’t do something she didn’t want me to. I wrap my arms around both girls and we all lie down on the bed, with me in the middle. They’ve both got their head on my chest, and Tracy is completely wrapped around me while she strokes Mila’s hair. Mila’s lower body isn’t touching me at all, but she does keep her cheek pressed against my chest and her fingers are digging into my waist. I just hold her, feeling so bad for the girl.

“I’m s-sorry,” Mila whimpers, still crying. “I d-don’t know what’s w-wrong with me.”

“Nothing,” Tracy says right away, shifting so she is leaning over me to rub Mila’s back. “It’s okay. I’m getting out of bed for a moment to grab you a robe, okay? Will you be okay with Thom?”

“Y-yes,” she replies softly.

Tracy gives me a peck on the lips before crawling out bed. She moves into the bathroom and comes back a moment later, wearing my blue bathrobe. She’s holding a fluffy pink one that an ex-girlfriend left at my place years ago, and she holds it open for Mila. The girl gets out of bed and allows Tracy to wrap it snugly around her so she’s no longer naked.

“Could you get me some sweats?” I ask Tracy, feeling a little weird being the only one naked.

She smiles slightly and opens a drawer of my wardrobe, throwing some clean pants at me. I pull them on and prop up a few pillows against the headboard, setting against it while I look at Mila and Tracy, who are hugging. There is nothing sexual about it either. It’s just my girlfriend comforting my neighbor, and I’m once again struck by how sweet Tracy is. She’s a horndog, and she’s got a dark sense of humor, but she’s also got a big, good heart, and it shows when she goes straight from hot and bothered to kind and comforting.

I love that girl so much.

“I’m sorry,” I tell Mila, pulling my hands through my hair and grabbing a hairband from the nightstand to pull it into a bun. “What did I do?”

“Nothing,” she assures me as she pulls away from Tracy. “I just… I’m a little fucked-up.”

“Welcome to the club,” Tracy says with a grin. “I bet I’m worse than you are.” She sits down next to me and nudges for me to scoot to the side so Mila can sit down next to her. With Tracy in the middle, we all sit there in silence for a while. I’ve got my hand on Tracy’s knee, and she has her arms around Mila, who is staring at the wall.

“I haven’t had sex purely for me in four years,” Mila says so quietly I almost didn’t catch her. “First, there was porn, of course, and then there was the webcam stuff, which I usually do alone, but sometimes I invite a friend from my porn days over to fuck on camera, but it’s been four years since I had sex off camera, for no other reason than because I want to. I don’t think I even remember how to just… be me.

“And you thought a threesome with us was the right way to tip your toe back in?” I ask, unable to keep a grin off my face.

Mila laughs, and the mood lightens. “Yeah, okay, not my finest moment. You’re both just really hot and you’re so sweet to each other, and I thought… I don’t know. You, Tracy, and Dylan… you’re all very sweet and real, and I haven’t felt this safe with other people in years.”

“I know, the guys are really great,” Tracy says, looking at me with love in her eyes. “Thom makes me feel safe too.”

“You too,” Mila insists, snuggling against Tracy. “I know you say you’re fucked-up, and I can tell you believe that, but you’re really sweet. I don’t usually have male friends, because girls don’t like me hanging out with their man. I don’t even have many female friends, because their boyfriends tend to try and rope me into a threesome with them, whether they want to or not.”

“I know it’s gonna sound fake as fuck since we were all over you not that long ago, but we’re not like that,” I assure her. “And I’d still like to be your friend after this. You can even keep your clothes on.”

She giggles, and it sounds like the most genuine, real laugh ever, with a cute little snort at the end. “I’d like that. And honestly, I’d still love to have sex with you guys, but I get it if you don’t want to anymore.”

“Not now,” Tracy says immediately, voicing my thoughts exactly. “Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to, but you’re obviously sad and confused. Maybe one day, if we’re all still up for it, but I think you need a friend right now more than you need a hot threesome.”

“Yeah, alright.” Mila wipes her nose on the robe and slides out of bed. “I’ll just go home.”

She looks so lost as she walks out of the bedroom that I can’t let her leave. Not like this.

“Why don’t you stay?” I ask, and she freezes in the doorway. “Not for sex, obviously, but you look like you don’t want to be alone. You can sleep in here with Tracy, and I’ll take the couch.”

“I don’t want you to kick you out of your own bed,” Mila says, shaking her head, but her eyes are hopeful. That girl is lonely, that much is obvious. I have a feeling there is way more to her that meets the eye. She’s got a heart-wrenching story, I just know it.

“Please, I could use a night without him drooling on me and snoring so hard it makes my ears bleed,” Tracy says, giving me a playful shove. “Go next door, put on some pajamas, and come back here. The bed is big enough for both of us.”

“Are you sure?” Mila asks, her voice trembling.

“Positive.” I get up and grab a shirt to pull on. There are some extra blankets in the hallway closet, so I grab them and make myself comfortable on the couch while Mila goes to her own apartment to get dressed in something other than a robe.

Tracy kneels down next to the couch and kisses me tenderly. “You’re so sweet,” she whispers, running her fingers through my hair.

“So are you, baby.”

She smiles and it lights up her whole face. “Thanks for taking the couch.” She kisses me one more time and then gets up, looking down on me. “By the way, what we did… that was really fucking hot until Mila started crying.”

“I know.”

Something passes between us and I know that we’re both thinking the same thing. It would be really fucking nice to have a threesome that doesn’t end in disaster. I’ve had two threesomes like that, with Franny, so I know it’s possible. Things were never weird between us after that, and after seeing how turned on Tracy was kissing and touching Mila, I know we could invite someone into our bed again without it breaking us up. I’m not sure about adding another guy, but since Tracy seems okay with adding a girl… Yeah, I’d gladly try that again.

Mila walks in wearing loose pajama pants and a flannel man’s shirt buttoned up so high that there is not a single part of her on show. She comes over to the couch and sinks down just like Tracy did a moment earlier, and she wraps her arms around me, burying her face in my hair.

“Thank you,” she whispers.

“It’s nothing.”

She gets up and wipes at her wet eyes. “It’s everything.”

I watch her and Tracy walk into my bedroom together, and although this wasn’t how I thought tonight was going to end up, I am grateful we can be there for Mila. I don’t know what her story is, but she obviously needed this tonight. Not the threesome part, but having two people caring about her and taking care of her.

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