Twisted Thomas

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#54 Hot fireman in my hotelroom


“Strip club!” Aston yells throwing his hands in the air. “Oh, it’s been ages since I watched a hot young thing take off all her clothes. Bachelor parties are the best.”

It’s our first night in Vegas, and Tracy and I both agreed to get our bachelor and bachelorette parties over with right away, so we can be hungover tomorrow while we gamble, and then be fresh and good to go for our wedding on our last day here. Peter and my parents aren’t coming in until the morning of the wedding, so we don’t have to worry about any parental figures watching us get shit-faced. It’s just Charlie, Aston, Dylan, Delilah, Jolene and Mila here with us. We decided not to invite all the others, because each time we picked one more person to come, that opened a can of worms. Tracy wanted to invite James, but then we had to invite Elijah and William as well. And if we invited William, we had to invite his girlfriend Ginny. We didn’t feel like inviting that many people who – while they are good friends – aren’t that close to us.

Plus, to be honest… I don’t really need James fucking Tyson at my wedding. I know the guy has been a great friend to Tracy, and that he is very important to her, but I don’t like the guy. I know it’s stupid, since he lost Franny just as much as I did, and now she has a baby with Joshua, and I am getting married to Tracy, so the guy must be hurting, especially with Dora breaking up with him, but I guess even I have a limit for empathy. He’s not my friend, no matter how hard I try to like him.

Annabel couldn’t come because she gave birth to kid number two earlier this month, and is still recovering, but she told Aston to come out with us. I’d have liked to have Franny here, but her baby boy isn’t even four months old yet and she cried at the idea of leaving him home for more than a day. So that meant Joshua wasn’t going to come either. There were a few others we considered, but eventually we figured that since our original plan was to go to the courthouse in jeans and a T-shirt, nine guests are, well, nine more than we thought we’d have.

“Did you guys bring one-dollar bills?” Charlie asks, waving a whole pile at us. “I’ve got plenty to go around.”

I laugh and shake my head at my brother and Aston, who are way too excited about this. “You’re both married, remember? Cheating at a bachelor party is still cheating.”

“Cheating?” Aston repeats. “Who said anything about cheating? I just wanna look at some big tits.”

Dylan and I roll our eyes at each other. I know he’s still into Mila, who has been growing closer to him, but she hasn’t agreed to go on a date with him yet. He sure acts like they’re exclusive though, so I hope for his sake she’ll either cut him loose soon or give them poor guy a chance.

I think we all know that I’d much rather snuggle up to Tracy in bed than watch a bunch of strippers take off their clothes. Although I have to admit going out with the guys is nice. And I bet Tracy will be horny as fuck when she gets to the hotel room after watching a the Magic Mike show with her friends, so I’ll be in for some hot sex later for sure.

We go into the club and sit down near the stage. I’ve only been in a strip club once before, at Charlie’s bachelor party two years ago. He was so drunk that night that he doesn’t even remember the strip club, but I sure do. Charlie threw up over a stripper and we got thrown out after only fifteen minutes. At least we’re all still sober now, so we should be able to last at least an hour, right?

Aston pays for a half-naked, busty stripped to give me a lap dance, so I sit back and enjoy. Tracy and I both aren’t the jealous type, so I don’t feel too bad about getting a little hard. She told me to enjoy myself and gave me a wicked blowjob before leaving for her own party, so I think it’s safe to say she’s not all that worried about me doing something I shouldn’t.

“No no, I’m married,” Aston says when the stripper asks him if he wants a lap dance after me. “The missus would kill me.” He leans in a little closer and points at a small scar on her belly. “Is that a C-section scar? You’re so brave for not covering it up! My wife is so ridiculously self-conscious about hers. Can I take a picture to show her that she’s wrong for thinking a mom-bod isn’t hot? How old is your kid?”

Yeah, ladies and gentlemen, Aston Johnson comes into a strip club and starts a conversation with one of the girls about her 3-year-old daughter. It doesn’t even surprise me, to be honest. Ten minutes later, he’s leaving to call his wife to tell her that he misses her and that he thinks she’s the most beautiful woman on this planet. Gotta love the guy.

“Pussy,” Charlie comments, tucking anther bill into some girl’s thong. “No way am I leaving this place to call Jolene.”

“No, but we both know you’re comparing her to these girls and that you think she’s hotter than all of them combined,” I tell him, knowing I’m right. That’s how I feel about Tracy, anyway.

“Maybe,” Charlie says, sighing. “Damn, I’m really boring now that I’m married, aren’t I? Are you sure you wanna tie the knot, Thom?”

“One hundred percent sure,” I say right away.

Dylan isn’t even looking at the strippers. He’s texting Mila, asking her how the girls are doing. She sends back a short clip of Tracy getting called upstage, pushed into a chair and getting a lap dance from a guy in a firefighter costume. She’s running his hand over his chest, looking at him with lust in her eyes. Maybe that should be concerning to me, but honestly, I get hot just watching her get turned on.

I step outside for a moment, smiling when I hear Aston telling his wife that we wishes she was here and begging her for a tit pic so he can jerk off to it later. He’s sweet, but gross. I text Tracy, asking her if she’d be interested in an early wedding present. She sends back a picture of the same stripper who gave her the lap dance, this time griding on Mila.

Getting to have a bachelorette party in Vegas is the best present already, she says, sending a shitload of eggplant and fire emojis along with it.

Do you think your hot fireman would like to join us later? I ask before I can start second guessing myself. Even since we slept with Mila, I’ve been thinking about it, and I’m curious what a threesome with a guy would be like when that guy isn’t Michel. That was fucked-up for so many reasons. And there is no way I am going to ask any of our male friends. But if it was someone we’d never have to see again… Yeah, I’d be up for that. Zero chance of weirdness, and I feel confident I can protect Tracy if the guy tries anything we don’t want. Besides, she’s pretty damn strong herself. No one messes with my fiancée.

Really? she texts back. Are you sure?

Ask him.

I head back into the strip club, knowing she won’t get to talk to the stripper until after the show they’re seeing. The idea that she might take him back to our hotel gives me a massive boner, and the fact that Dylan and Charlie keep buying me lap dances doesn’t help matters much. By the time we’re all drunk and Tracy texts me, telling me to head up to the hotel, I’m so horny I feel like even the button of the elevator is coming onto me.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go clubbing?” Aston asks, determined to go out and dance, even though it’s obvious he’d much rather be in bed with his wife.

“Nah, you guys have fun,” I tell them, jumping into the elevator with a grin on my face. “I’ve got something else planned.”

Dylan winks at me, knowing exactly what I’m about to do, since Tracy told Mila, and Mila texted Dylan. Right now, there is a stripper in a fireman costume in my hotel room. I never thought that would be a sentence I’d ever so much as think, let alone that it would turn me on. This is going to be a very interesting way to spend one of my last nights as Tracy’s fiancé, before I become her husband.

Tracy jumps me the moment I open the door, and I’m surprised to find her still fully clothed. “I waited for you,” she moans into my ear. She’s drunk as well, that much is obvious. And horny. “I didn’t even touch him.”

“Not even onstage when he was stripping?” I ask with a small chuckle.

“Ah, fuck Mila,” she grumbles.

“We already did that, baby.”

We both laugh, and then she untangles herself from me, pulling me further into the room. At first, I think she must have been hallucinating from all the wine she drank, since there is no one in our hotel room, but then a man emerges from the bedroom, freshly showered and with a towel around his waist. He’s got dark brown skin, almost as dark as Aston’s, he’s just as ripped as I am, but he doesn’t have any tattoos or piercings. His hair is cropped short, and he rubs a hand over it, causing small droplets of water to slowly make their way down his body.

Okay. He’s hot. I’m not gay, but I don’t need to be to get why Tracy is excited to get it on with this guy.

He smiles and holds out his hand to me. “Hi, you must be Thomas.” Ooh, surprise – a British accent. “I’m Jack.”

We shake hands, I can tell he’s seizing me up too. Judging by the way his smile turns into a full-blown grin, he likes what he sees. That’s flattering, I’ll admit it.

“Tracy tells me you’ve done this before?” Jack asks, looking at the cute blonde by my side, who is pulling her long hair free from her ponytail and running her fingers through it.

“More or less,” I confirm. “I’ve had four threesomes. Only one with a man – Tracy’s ex.”

Jack laughs. “Her ex? Well, that must have been a success.” The sarcasm is dropping from his voice.

“He wasn’t her ex back then,” I explain, not sure why I’m getting into this right now. I guess I’m nervous.

“And now you’re the one marrying her.” Jack winks. “Guess we all know who’s better in bed then, huh? Are there any ground rules you want me to be respectful of?” He’s talking to both me and Tracy now, and I like that. It’s not like it was with Michel, with him calling all the shots without giving a fuck about what I wanted, or what Tracy was feeling.

“Thomas is the only one allowed in my pussy,” Tracy says immediately. “Other than that… anything goes, I guess. Oh, no, wait, I don’t like pain. So don’t go smacking my ass or anything.”

“I’ll break your hand if you hit her,” I add for good measure.

Jack winks. “Fine, but just so you know, feel free to smack my ass. Only thing I don’t like is scratching and biting, because I need to perform again tomorrow night, and I don’t want to be marked when I have to strip naked onstage. Anything else?”

“It’s about her,” I say, putting my arm around Tracy. “She’s always wanted this. I’m not into men, so I’d prefer to keep this… about her, you know?”

Jack gives me a sly smile. “You mean you don’t want me to try and fuck you instead of her? No worries. I’m straight too, but I do enjoy threesomes, and I’m fine getting it on with men. If you change your mind, I did just clean everything.” He motions at his body. “And when I say everything, I really do mean… everything.

Tracy giggles, and I turn to look at her. “Hey,” she says, shrugging. “You don’t have to, but if you want to later, I’m not stopping you. I can give you a rim job while you fuck him.”

“Erm… yeah, I’m not sure.” I’m not saying no, I realize. “Let’s just focus on you first, baby. Do you want to go all the way?”

“Yes,” she says, her green eyes alight. “I want him to fuck my ass while you pound my pussy.”

Oh fuck, now I’m really fucking hard. And I love that she seems to know I don’t want anyone else to be inside of her sweet wet cunt. I want to be the only one allowed in there.

“Condoms?” Jack asks.

“I’m not gonna need one,” I say, squeezing Tracy’s ass. “But yeah, you do. I’ve got some in my suitcase.”

“No need.” Jack moves over to the chair where his clothes are hanging over the back, and he pulls a few condoms out of his jeans pocket, putting them on the nightstand. “Look, I know you said to focus on her, but I’m big on kissing, and I think it’s weird if the two of us don’t interact at all. We’ll probably be at this for a while, because I’m not a fan of rushing thing. That will only hurt Tracy. So… will it be okay for me to touch and kiss you? I’ll make sure to leave your – uhm – lower regions a Tracy-only zone.”

Oh God, I’m not so sure about this. The thought doesn’t repel me, mostly because the guy seems really respectful of both of our wishes, but the fact that is doesn’t repel me makes it almost weirder for me.

“Okay,” I decide, “but I have the right to change my mind at any point.”

“We all do,” Jack agrees. “This is a threesome, not some kind of horrible rape scene.”

Tracy shudders. “God no.” She kisses me then, softly and passionately, her tongue slipping into my mouth and her hands knotting into my hair. “I love you,” she whispers into my ear, nipping at my earlobe. “So much.”

“Love you too, baby.” I pick her up and carry her over to the bed, lying her down gently.

Jack dims the lights and I watch him connect his phone to the Bluetooth speaker Tracy brought on our trip. Seconds later, soft sensual music fills the hotel room. I half-expect the whole thing to start right away, but Tracy tells Jack to grab a bottle of white wine from the mini fridge, and he does as he’s told, uncorking it and pouring all three of us a glass. I’m not big on wine, but I take a few sips as I sit down on the bed, putting the glass on the nightstand after.

“You’re a dancer?” I ask Jack, feeling the need to make some kind of small talk.

“Let’s just call it what it is,” he says with a grin. “I’m a stripper. I also dance in musicals, but it’s really hard to get good roles, since I’m not a great singer.” He sips his wine and scoots onto the bed as well, settling in against the headboard right next to Tracy. “What do you guys do?” His hand is on her knee now, slowly moving up until it disappears underneath her skirt.

“I’m a vet tech,” she says with a soft moan, her eyes meeting mine while Jack rubs her through her panties. “Thomas has his own tech company.”

“So your good with animals?” Jack asks, setting his wine glass down so he can use his free hand to brush her hair over her shoulder. “You must be really sweet then.” He kisses her neck, and I move in as well, kissing the other side of her neck and running my tongue over the spot that drives her crazy. Jack is watching me, copying my moves, and I have to admit I like that. He’s acknowledging in a quiet, small way that I know her body in a way he doesn’t, and that if he wants to drive her crazy with need, his best bet is to watch what I do.

When he pulls away from Tracy and puts a hand on the side of my face, drawing me to him, I don’t fight it. Our lips meet, and we kiss slowly, exploring each other’s mouths. It’s weird to kiss someone with scruff on their face, but I have to admit he’s a good kisser. Firm and gentle at the same time.

A small hand moves underneath my shirt, and I moan into the kiss when Tracy starts playing with my nipple ring just the way she knows I like. Jack and I stop kissing, and I kiss her instead, loving how she moans into me while Jack keeps rubbing her through her clothes.

“Off,” she groans against my lips, tugging at my shirt.

I sit up and yank it off, pulling off her top next. Jack undoes her bra and when Tracy slips it off, tossing it to the side, we both latch onto a nipple, sucking and licking. She moans and fists my hair, pulling me closer to her.

“Oh Thom,” she murmurs, arching her back. “Feels so good.”

We lie her down on the bed together and take off her skirt and panties. It’s easier than I expected it to be to have another man in bed with us. Jack doesn’t try to take control of anything, but he’s also not waiting for instructions. He looks down at Tracy’s body and groans. “You’re beautiful,” he says, kneading her tits slowly.

“Yeah, she is,” I agree, getting up to take off the rest of my clothes. I can feel Jack watching me while I strip down, and the way his eyes widen when he sees my erection is very good for my ego. He unties the towel around his waist and drops it, his hard cock jumping up immediately, leaking with precum. He’s not as big as I am, more on the average side, which is a good thing, since I don’t want Tracy to be overwhelmed when we eventually enter her from both sides.

Tracy wraps her hand around his cock, jerking him off while he lowers his face to hers and kisses her hungrily. I yank her by her legs to the edge of the bed, kneeling down on the floor so my face is on the same level as her dripping wet cunt.

“Yes,” she moans when I run my tongue over her core. “Oh, Thomas.”

I look up from between her legs to see Jack sucking on her nipple while he holds her hand above her head with one of his, not allowing her to touch her.

“You okay, baby?” I ask, wanting to make sure she’s okay with this.

“Yes,” she whimpers, bucking her hips, trying to get me to hurry up. “This is so hot. I want to feel you inside of me.”

“Patience, baby,” I say with a small smile, kissing the inside of her thighs and running my fingers over her slick folds.

“Are…” She gasps. “You…” A loud moan escapes her mouth. “Okay?”

“Yes,” I reply, running my tongue over her again, tasting that familiar sweetness. “Jack?”

His eyes meet mine, and he looks a little surprised. Apparently, he’s not used to being asked if he’s okay. “Yeah,” he says, his voice thick with want. “Very much okay.”

“Fuck my mouth,” Tracy orders him, moaning when I start sucking on her clit.

Jack immediately moves so he’s straddling her face, facing me. He grabs the headboard behind him for support and then Tracy’s mouth is around his cock, taking all of him. I eat her out while she sucks him off, and fuck me it’s so much hotter than I thought it would be. I watch him lose control, trusting in and out of her at a fast, hard pace, while she moans around him, bucking her hips against my mouth.

I know just how to finish her off, of course. I wet my fingers with her juices, flick my tongue over her puckered little hole a few times, and then slide two fingers right in. Her muscles are completely relaxed, giving me full access. I suck her clit into my mouth while I finger her ass, and a minute later, she’s coming with muffled cries, since Jack is still fucking her mouth.

When Tracy is down spasming around me, I stand up and slide right into her, needing to be inside her. I know what she wants, and I’ll give it to her in a moment, but I need to just fuck her right now, feel her wet tight cunt spasms around me while she does, even if I won’t allow myself to come yet.

“You can come in her mouth,” I tell Jack, knowing Tracy will gladly swallow him.

Jack grunts when Tracy reaches up to play with his balls, and her other hand goes to the back of his ass, and I can see by the look on Jack’s face that she pushing a finger in and finding that perfect spot right away. He comes with a loud grunt, pulling out right after to collapse on the bed for a moment. “Ah fuck,” he mumbles, taking some time to gather himself while he watches me push myself in and out of Tracy in a slow, steady pace.

Tracy sits up, licking her lips, and she wraps her arms around me while we keep making love. She licks my nipples until I start to moan, and then she bites down on one of them softly, knowing exactly how much pain I find enjoyable.

“I want to make you come again,” I tell her, taking her face in my hands and kissing her softly. I can taste Jack on her tongue, which is hotter than I’d like to admit to myself.

Tracy lies back down, wraps her legs around me and lifts her hips a little, changing the angle. Damn, that feels good. Jack moves closer, and while I hold her hips and keep trusting into her in a torturously slow pace, he rubs her clit and sucks on her nipple. I can feel his hand against me when I pull out and trust back in, but I’m already too far gone to care about that. I know I promised myself not to come yet, but I have to.

“I’m gonna come,” I warn Tracy. “Come with me, baby.”

Jack picks up the pace, and so do I, my movements becoming erratic. Shortly after, her channel contracts around my cock, milking me for all I’ve got while she has an orgasm that makes her cry out and arch her back.

We all stretch out on bed after, Tracy in the middle. We still have to get to Tracy’s big finale – well, let’s face it, it will be pretty damn hot for all of us – but we all need a moment to recuperate. Jack snuggles up to Tracy, running his hands over her body and giving her sloppy kisses in her neck. She’s got her face turned my way, pecking me on the lips a few times before burying her face in my hair and pulling me closer against her. Jack’s hand moves to my side, raking his fingers up and down a few times, and it feels nice. In fact, when he moves on to my nipple and plays with the piercing the way he saw Tracy do earlier, my cocks jump to attention, pressing against Tracy’s hip.

“Hmm,” she murmurs, kissing me again. “You guys both feel very much ready for the next round. I can’t wait.”

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