Twisted Thomas

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#55 Trying


Thomas’ kisses are sweet and full of love, even though another man is touching my breasts right now. This is what our first time with a man should have been like. That time with Michel didn’t feel wrong to me at the time, but now that I know what’s it like to be loved by Thomas, I can’t believe I once thought that what Michel and I had was love, or that the way we handled things when we were in Michel’s office was even remotely okay.

This is what I wanted, what I’ve been fantasizing about. It’s even hotter than our threesome with Mila, and that was pretty damn hot. I guess I just like dicks – and having two of them rubbing up against me… Fucking hell, I already came twice, and I still feel like I’m right on the edge, ready for whatever they’ve got in store for me.

“Ready for us to fill you up, baby?” Thomas grunts into my ear.

“Yes,” I moan, feeling Jacks fingers between my legs, going straight for my clit.

“I’m gonna fuck your ass,” he says in that sexy-as-fuck British accent. A hot stripper with a British accent who’s into threesomes. I swear I hot the jackpot at that Magic Mike show. No – I hit the jackpot when I met Thomas, obviously.

“And I’m going to fill that tight wet cunt of yours,” Thomas adds, pinching my nipples.

Without warning, I come again, crying out Thomas’ name while Jack plunges his fingers into me, rubbing my G-spot to prolong my orgasm. The waves of pleasure are nowhere near done rolling over me when Thomas grabs me and sets me down on Jack. Jack is on the edge of the bed, his legs hanging off, and I hear the sound of foil ripping. To my complete and utter surprise, Thomas is the one holding the condom, and I look over my shoulder to see him roll it down over Jack’s cock. He even cups his balls and leans down to kiss him before he turns his attention back to me.

“Fuck that’s hot,” I tell him, my voice hoarse.

Thom smiles and kisses me softly, his hands knotting in my hair. We all taste like each other by now, and there is something so arousing about that. While Thomas and I kiss, Jack spreads my cheeks and I feel him lube me up before pushing two fingers into me. I groan into the kiss, already so turned on that it’s hard to even breathe. Another finger is added, and I already feel so full that I wonder how both of them are going to fit into my ass and pussy.

“Oh you’re so ready for me,” Jack grunts. “You’ve done anal before, I can tell.”

“Yeah, she likes it,” Thomas says when he pulls away from me, giving me a cheeky grin. “Don’t you, baby?”

“Yes!” I cry out when Jack pulls his fingers out, adds some more lube and inserts the first inch of his rock-hard cock. I’m straddling Jack with my back to his face, and Thomas is standing right between Jack’s legs, grunting when I wrap my hand around his erection.

“Okay?” Jack asks, his fingers digging into my hips.

“Yes, deeper,” I order, helping him lower me onto him until he’s completely inside of me. He’s smaller than Thomas, but since I’m so tight back there, I still feel completely full. He moves in and out in a slow, controlled pace, helping me get used to him. Thomas is still kissing my neck and breasts, every single touch filled with love and wonder. He doesn’t make me feel dirty, or like a whore or even a slut. He makes me feel like a goddess.

“Ready for me?” Thomas asks between kisses. He’s so hard in my hand that it feels almost painful.

“Always,” I reply immediately.

Jack holds me still, his grip on my waist strong. Thomas stands in front of the bed, and he rubs the top of his cock over my slick folds a few times, driving me crazy.

“I need you,” I beg, knowing exactly how to push his buttons. “Please, Thomas, please fuck me, I need you inside of me. Please, baby, I want you to fill me up.”

He lines up with my pussy and pushes into me as slowly as he can. I moan with each inch that enters me, feeling so, so full. Too full, almost. It’s the most intense experience of my life, and the fact that Thomas keeps his eyes locked with mine the whole time only adds to that. When he’s balls-deep inside of me, we all freeze for a moment. My pussy spasms a few times, as if my body isn’t sure what’s going on, and it’s like all my nerve endings are so hyper aware that when Jack runs his fingers up my spine, I cry out in pleasure, even though it’s just a featherlight touch on my back.

“It is everything you ever fantasized about?” Thomas asks, his voice thick with lust.

“More,” I moan. “Oh, I love you, Thom. Now fuck me.

At first, only Thomas moves. Jack keeps me firmly in place, still hard as a rock inside of me, and my wonderful fiancé starts drilling me. The feeling is indescribable, and I’m about to come when Thom suddenly freezes and tells Jack to take over. Immediately, I’m slammed down on Jack’s cock hard and fast, while I clutch Thomas, trying to stay in the perfect position for both of them to stay firmly inside of me without it being painful for any of us. When Jack moves me, that means Thomas automatically moves inside of me too, and after a few thrusts, it’s impossible to keep track of what’s happening. They’re both fucking me, and it’s like I can feel them rubbing against each other inside of me. I have no fucking clue if that’s even possible, and I don’t care.

I come so hard that I’m crying, and they don’t stop after one orgasm either. They change their pace, and then I’m coming again. And again. And again.

“Stop,” I whimper, too overwhelmed to keep going. “Stop!”

Immediately, Thomas pulls out. He kisses away my tears and when I’ve calmed down a bit, him and Jack lift me up together and lie me down on the bed. They’re both still hard as a rock, and while I lie there feeling like I’m going to die from pleasure – which would be a pretty damn good way to go – Thomas leans over me and jerks Jack towards him, wrapping his lips around his cock.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Jack grunts out in surprise, and he grabs Thom’s hair to keep it out of his face. He lets Thom determine the pace, and I can tell from the muffled sounds Thom is making that it’s turning him on as well. I wrap my hand around his cock and jerk him off while he blows Jack. This is not at all what I expected to happen, but I’m not complaining.

“Do you want to fuck me?” Jack asks in a deep, dark voice.

Thomas pulls back and groans. “Yes, yes I do.”

“Tracy, you up for me to fuck you again?” Jack asks, taking a moment to kiss me. The scruff on his face feels rough and manly again my cheek.

“Yeah,” I breathe, still jerking Thomas off, but my moves are sloppy. I’m too horny to know what the fuck I’m doing anymore.

“Not her cunt,” Thom tells Jack as they both get off the bed.

“I know,” Jack assures him. “I’m perfectly fine with fucking that tight ass of hers.”

They kiss for a moment, their hands moving over each other’s bodies, and Thomas doesn’t stop Jack when he wraps a hand around his cock and starts jerking him off.

“Ah fuck,” Thom grunts when Jack sucks his nipple into his mouth. “Okay, bend over.”

Jack grabs my ankles and pulls me to the edge of the bed. Then he flips me over so I’m right on the edge, my knees bent underneath me and my ass sticking up. I’m basically bent into a tiny little pretzel when Jack spreads me open for him and enters me. Since I’m still wide open from before, he slides right in, the lube on the condom helping too, and we both moan from how good it feels. I’m sore, but it’s still fucking hot. I wish I could watch Thomas fuck Jack, but the sounds alone are enough to turn me on.

Thomas grunts and I can feel when he’s inside of Jack, because they’re both pushed against me hard. I’m completely immobilized, and I cry out each time Jack pushing back into me, fueled by the thought that each trust of Jack’s means Thomas is shoving into his tight hole.

“Oh God,” Jack groans. He grabs my hair and forces me to look over my shoulder.

Both guys look at me with so much lust in their eyes that my pussy starts spasming, even though it’s not being penetrated right now. I moan and look into Thomas’ eyes while I come. He says my name when he shoves himself deeper into Jack, and then I feel Jack’s cock throb inside of me. When his fingers dig into my skin, I know he’s coming.

“He’s coming in my ass,” I tell Thom, my voice barely above a whisper. “Fill him up too, Thom.”

Right on cue, Thomas’ eyes roll back in his head, and I see that look on his face I know so well. The one where he loses all control and gives into the pleasure he’s feeling and all he can do is try to not collapse and melt into a puddle.

“Fuuuuuck,” he groans when he pulls out and takes off the condom. “Oh, I was so not planning on doing that.”

“Was it good?” I ask, wincing when Jack pulls out of me. Everything is sore now. I stretch out of the bed, grunting in pain. Yeah, I’m gonna have trouble walking tomorrow.

“Yeah,” Thomas admits, looking like he doesn’t know what the fuck to do with that.

Jack and I both laugh, and Jack seems completely and utterly fine with what just happened. Thom gets into bed with me and we huddle together, kissing each other softly. Jack discards of his condom, drinks the wine he didn’t finish and stretches, his fingers grazing the ceiling.

“Well, thanks,” he says with a small smile on his handsome face. “You guys are fucking hot and really sweet, by the way. I hope you have a lovely wedding.” He pulls on his clothes while Thomas and I watch from the bed, and Jack’s moves make it obvious that he’s a little sore as well, just like me. Thomas is pretty big, so it figures.

“That was great,” I agree, even though moving hurts right now. “Best wedding present ever.”

Thomas laughs. “Agreed.” He looks up at Jack again. “Hey, man, can we get your number? We’re obviously never going to magically run into each other again, but if we ever make it to Vegas again, I think we’d both be up for another hot night.”

“Absolutely,” Jack says immediately, holding out his phone to me. “You up for that?” he asks me, his eyes lingering on my naked body.

I’ve never felt so desired in my life. This night was so much more than I ever thought it would be. I enter my number into his phone, and send myself and Thomas a text from his phone, so we all have each other’s numbers.

“Let’s not pretend to stay in touch or become friends or anything,” Jack says, tucking his phone into his pants. “That way, if we ever do hook up again, things won’t be weird. We’ll just be three hot strangers fucking the shit out of each other.”

“Sounds perfects,” Thomas and I say in unison.

Jack shakes his head in wonder. “So cute, seriously. Anyway, I’m off, I need a shower and some sleep. Sweet dreams, you two.”

When he’s pulled the door shut behind him, Thomas nuzzles his face against my neck and sighs. “That was amazing, baby.”

“You fucked a man,” I say, unable to keep a grin off my face. “Please let me be there when you tell Dylan. I want to see the look on his face.”

“You just got fucked in both holes at the same time, and you want to talk about Dylan?” Thomas grunts. “You’re crazy.”

“I’m crazy and you love it,” I agree, kissing him one more time before getting out of bed. I’m so sore that I want to crawl right back in, but I also feel kind of dirty after the whole thing – not mentally or anything, just literally, since I did get fucked in all three holes at some point. I make my way to the bathroom where I brush my teeth and rinse off under the shower before drawing myself a bath.

“Oh, good idea,” Thom agrees. He too takes a quick shower, and then he walks back into the bedroom, dripping wet, and comes back with two glasses and the bottle of wine we never fished. He also connects his phone to the Bluetooth speaker, since the music stopped playing when Jack left, and I but some bath salts and other fancy shit into the hot water.

When the mood is all romantic, we both get into the hot water, and I sit down with my back against his chest, relaxing all my muscles. He kisses my neck and then hands me my glass of wine.

“I think it’s amazing we can be all sweet and romantic after what we just did,” Thomas sighs, sounding happy and tired. “You’re amazing, Tracy.”

“Hmm,” I murmur.

“By the way, did you take your pill yet?” Thomas asks, sipping his wine.

Oh. Fuck.

“I forgot my pill strip at home!” I turn around to look at him, both our eyes wide. Obviously, Jack used a condom and only fucked my ass, but Thomas came inside of me. And I sure as hell plan to fuck him the next two days, especially after the wedding. Fuck!

Thomas smiles, taking me off guard. “Maybe it’s faith,” he says, pushing my wet hair out of my face and caressing my cheek. “Let’s just forget about the pill and condoms and all that shit. If you got pregnant tonight, it’ll for sure be mine. And let’s fuck as often as possible the rest of our time here. And back home, too. I’d love to put a baby in you, Tracy.”

“Really?” I ask, my heart racing.

“Yeah,” he says, and there is so much love in his eyes that I feel like I might die from happiness.

“Okay,” I agree. “Then I guess as of now, we’re trying.”

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