Twisted Thomas

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#59 Epilogue: Best anniversary ever

Six years after the wedding


“Get back here, Teagan!” I yell, grabbing my 3-year-old son from the floor and putting him on the couch. He’s trying to get naked. Again. I swear, the boy would gladly walk around in his birth costume all day long, no matter the temperature being way too cold for that. I sink down onto my knees and give him my best mom-glare. “You’re spending the weekend with grandpa Peter, remember? No taking your clothes off right now. Mommy and daddy need to leave in ten minutes.”

“I don’t want to go!” he wails dramatically. He’s our drama queen for sure. Alex, who is 5 by now, is much more laid-back. He’s sitting on the bottom of the stairs, waiting for Dylan to pick him up for the weekend. Our kids are a handful, so we’re sticking each of them with a different friend of relative for the weekend, since it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all three of them.

Since Thomas has the gift of knocking me up the moment we so much as think about having another kid, I’ve popped out three babies in four years. Not being pregnant for the past two years was pretty damn nice, and we both agree we’re done having kids, so we’re extremely careful with birth control ever since Scout was born. I’m glad to have my body back, and Alex, Teagan and Scout are such little hell-raisers that I don’t think we’d survive a fourth one.

“Say goodbye to mommy,” Thomas tells Scout as he walks in with her. Despite our best efforts to raise all our kids without gender constricts, 2-year-old Scout is every bit the girly girl Thomas’ mother always wanted to have in the family. She’s in a sparkling pink dress right now that she picked out herself, and she is obsessed with her own reflection, so we always have to pry her away from the mirror.

I hug Scout goodbye, plant a kiss on her cute little face, and then she’s picked up by Thomas’ mother, who will never say no to taking care of her favorite grandchild, even if it’s for a full weekend.

Dylan walks in right when Debrah leaves, and they give each other a hug. They’re not the best of friends, but they get along just fine these days. Alex cheers when Dylan chases him around the living room, and it warms my heart to see him play with our kids. He’s so good with them.

Dylan tells Alex to wait in the car for a moment, and he covers Teagan’s ears before talking to me and Thomas. “You ready for you wild night in Vegas?”

It’s our anniversary tomorrow – we got married six years ago – and we’re spending New Year’s with Jack, the hot stripper who we haven’t seen since that night we met him. We still had his number, and when Thomas asked if I’d be up for a night with him, I said yes right away. Since having kids, our sex-life changed. We’re still kinky as fuck, but you can’t watch porn in the living room and suck your husband’s dick whenever you want when you’ve got three kids running around. We had threesome with a girl we met online a few months back, but other than that, it has been just the two of us. I’m so ready for this adventure.

“I don’t know who’s more excited about seeing Jack, me or Thomas,” I say, winking at my husband.

“Oh, me, for sure,” Thom says right away, grinning. “I’ve been horny since the moment he said yes. I think I might even be persuaded to let him go to town on my ass this time.”

“Wait – what?” Dylan asks, his eyes going wide. “Are you saying that he fucked you last time?”

“You never told him?” I ask Thomas, laughing at Dylan’s indignation.

Thom shrugs. “Guess not. We were a little preoccupied with your pregnancy, moving into this house, the new vet clinic… Guess I just never got around to telling him.”

“Or you knew I’d insist on being the next to get fucked up the ass by you!” Dylan exclaims. It’s a good thing he’s still got his hands clamped over Teagan’s ears, who is giggling like a maniac. “What the hell, dude. How could you not tell me? I want to come on your trip! Screw taking care of Alex! I want to be in this orgy you’re about to head off to.”

“Not an orgy, just a foursome,” Thomas says, rolling his eyes. Jack has a girlfriend, Octavia, and she’s joining us in Vegas as well. This is going to be the best anniversary ever.

Just a foursome,” Dylan echoes, still pissed. “You’ve got a hot bisexual friend and yet you go all the way to fucking Vegas to get drilled in all your holes. This is wrong. So wrong.”

“What does it mean to get drilled in all your holes?” Alex asks from the doorway, fed up with waiting for Dylan in the car.

“Erm…” I say, my cheeks flushing. “It means…”

“Not important,” Dylan says, getting up and handing Teagan to Thomas. “You guys suck. I’m gonna take off now. See you in a few days.”

He takes off, grumbling to himself, with Alex right behind him. Thomas and I grab our bags, throw them in the car and drive to Peter’s apartment to drop Teagan off, and then we’re off to the airport. We’re both so excited it’s ridiculous. We’re acting like we’ve never had sex with another person before, which is so not true. Never with two other people though, and it’s been a while. Since we’re early, I suck Thomas off in the car before we head into the airport, and he keeps grabbing my ass even with people watching, getting me so hot I feel like I might burst.

We sprung for first class tickets, and we’ve got a small, enclosed suite. Not anything with a bed, just two comfortable seats with high walls around them. We can hear the other passengers, but we can’t see them, so it kinda feels like it’s just the two of us in here. After lift-off, we get some drinks from the flight attendant, and I settle into Thomas’ lap, looking out the window with him. We don’t fly often, and it’s so cool to think about the fact that we’re up in the air.

“Hmm,” I murmur when Thomas slips a hand underneath my skirt and rubs me through my panties. Of course, this is the main reason I’m wearing a skirt and not some comfy leggings. We both know we want to join the mile-high club without ever discussing it.

Right when he shifts my panties to the side and starts rubbing my clit, the flight attendant shows up again, and I’m glad my skirt is still covering me and that I didn’t make a single sound. Thomas keeps his hand underneath my skirt and even softly rubs me while he talks to the flight attendant. It’s obvious the young man knows what we’re doing, but he doesn’t seem to care. He takes our empty glasses with him, and I swear he even winks at Thom before leaving us alone again.

“Okay, we need to be quick,” Thom grunts, grabbing and pulling me into a different position so I’m straddling him. I unbuckle his pants, free his erection from his boxershorts, and when he yanks my panties to the side, I sink down on him. There is something so hot about having sex on a plane, still almost fully dressed, and knowing we could get caught any second.

“Shh,” he whispers when I moan, and he clamps a hand over my mouth, forcing me to be quiet while I ride him, our eyes locked the whole time. He moves his mouth to my ear, his voice hoarse. “I can’t wait to fuck your cunt while Jack fills your tight ass, baby. You can eat out Octavia while we drill you. I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

I come with a soft cry, so turned on by that prospect that I can’t hold on any longer. He follows right after, burying his face against my shoulder while he tries the keep himself from making a single sound.

“Fuck, that was hot,” he says as I climb off him, wipe myself clean with some tissues and slide my panties back in place. He covers up as well, and about two minutes after we’re both decent and back in our own seat, the flight attendant shows up with another beer for Thomas.

Thom and I both take a nap, sleeping through most of the flight, both wiped out from our brief but intense adventure, and when we wake up half an hour before the plane will arrive in Vegas, he fingers me, hard and fast, his hand over my mouth again, while he whispers dirty things in my ear. I come even harder than before, and it’s a shame I can’t make take care of him, since we’re told to buckle our seatbelts and stay seated for the remainder of the flight. Thom keeps giving me sex-eyes, and I get so hot again that I slip a hand into my own panties, getting myself off a third time.

“Damn,” he grunts, rubbing the huge bulge in his pants. “We should do this every year for our anniversary. Maybe for our birthdays to.”

“Or just because it’s Friday,” I add, fixing my clothes again. “I think we should celebrate life in general as often as we can.”

We somehow manage to keep our hands off each other in the airport, and even the cab that is taking us to the hotel. We’re not meeting Jack and Octavia until tomorrow afternoon, so we spent the rest of the day drinking, gambling, and fucking. Even if the foursome isn’t as hot as we’re hoping it will be, this is still the best anniversary ever.


When there’s a knock on the door of our hotel room, I check my appearance in the mirror one last time. I’m in a sexy red lingerie set, and although my stretch marks from my three pregnancies are on show, I still feel pretty, mostly because Thomas is looking at me like he wants to devour me whole. We agreed with Jack and Octavia that is just about sex, nothing more, and to go with the whole strangers sharing a hot night together vibe from six years ago with Jack.

Thomas opens the door in his grey sweatpants, his tattooed chest on full display. His chest, back and arms are fully covered by now, and I love the heart-shaped infinity signs on his shoulder, representing our three kids.

“Hey Thomas,” Jack’s deep voice says, bringing back a flood of memories from the way he fucked me years go. Damn, I’m horny already.

“Come on in,” Thomas says, stepping to the side.

“Hi, I’m Octavia,” a woman’s voice says, high and bright, and just a tad sultry. She’s got a British accent, just like Jack.

They round the corner then, and all three of them look at me, standing there in my red thong and bra. Jack is just as muscular and sexy as he was six years ago, and his girlfriend Octavia is stunning. She’s tall, with long dark hair and naturally tan skin. She’s wearing a long black robe, which she drops to the floor when she sees I’m in nothing but lingerie. Her set is deep blue, and I see right away that she’s got stretch marks as well, and a C-section scar. I’m glad to know she is a normal woman like me, with marks from bearing children. It makes me feel lees self-conscious. She’s beautiful, with slim legs that never end, and a sexy smile. Her dark brown eyes move over my body while I check her out.

“You must be Tracy,” Octavia says, walking over and kissing me on the mouth, her tongue immediately slipping in.

“Hi,” I breath when she moves on to kissing my neck, licking and sucking.

“Damn, your girlfriend is hot,” I hear Thomas tell Jack.

“Your wife is still as beautiful as she was six years ago,” he replies in that sexy accent of his, sounding like he wants nothing more than to join in.

“It’s been so long since I’ve been with a woman,” Octavia says as she pushes me down on the bed and straddles me, looking down on me with lust in her eyes. “Jack and I have been looking forward to this since you texted him.”

“Same for me and Thom,” I agree, reaching up to pull her face back down to mine.

For a long time, it’s just the two of us in bed, exploring each other’s bodies, undressing each other, and it’s the longest time I’ve ever spent with a woman, without Thomas is bed with me. Octavia has nimble fingers that get me off in no time at all, and I return the favor by going down on her, her hands fisting in my hair while I lick and suck, taking her right to the edge.

“Stop,” Jack grunts, pulling me back. “Let me finish her off.”

I roll to the side, happy to see both men are naked as well. Thomas climbs into bed while Jack jerks Octavia to the edge of the bed, plunging right into her pussy and fucking her hard while he rubs her clit. She moans loudly, and Thomas and I both scoot over, not able to watch without joining in. He kisses her while I play with her breasts, and when Jack makes her come, her entire body convulses, taking a long time to calm down, even when he’s pulled out of her and Thomas and I take our hands off her as well.

“Oh, fuck,” Octavia moans, shivering. “That was so good. It’s been too long, Jack.”

I have no idea how often they do this kind of thing, and I don’t ask. I don’t even care. All that matters is that we’re all here now, and on the same page. I turn my head to see what the guys are up to, gasping when I see Jack’s mouth around Thom’s dick, taking him deep and hard. Thomas hasn’t been with a man since that night, and it was all a bit weird and new for him back then, although he did enjoy it immensely. Now, he doesn’t seem to have any reservations. He is on his back on the bed, with Jack kneeling between his legs, sucking him off while caressing his balls.

“Tracy,” Thomas grunts, pulling me to him so we can kiss. When we break apart, I straddle him and slowly lower my pussy ontonto his face, moaning when he grabs my waist and starts flicking his tongue over my core. It’s all a little sloppy since he’s distracted by Jack, but it still feels food. Octavia watches us for a while, touching herself and moaning while her eyes move from her boyfriend, to me, to my husband.

When Thom is almost coming, he shoves Jack away from him, breathing hard, not willing to fall apart yet. Jack sits up and yanks me into his arms, both of us sort of collapsing half over Thomas while we kiss and grope each other. For a while, it’s all a tangle of limbs, lisp and hands everywhere, without me being able to tell who’s even touching me where.

“I need someone to fuck me,” Octavia pleads after a while. “I don’t care who it is. I need it. Now.”

Since it will take a while to get her ready be fucked up the ass by Thomas and he’s not allowed in her pussy, Jack pulls Octavia on top of him and she sinks down onto him, moaning loudly. Jack’s legs are hanging off the edge of the bed, which means Octavia’s ass is right on the edge as well, so I get up and get a butt plug from the nightstand, showing it to her. She moans and nods lying down on top of Jack and keeping still while Thomas lubes her up and I put the plug inside of her. Thomas and I kiss and touch while Jack and Octavia keep fucking, and after a while, I swap the plug for a bigger one, getting her ready for Thom.

When she begs him to fuck her, Thomas grows even harder in my hand than he already was, and I tell him to go for it. I take out the plug, and spread her cheeks for him while Jack wraps her arms around his girlfriend, still deep inside of her. Thom stands at the foot of the bed, rolling on a condom before slowly entering her puckered little hole. It takes a moment for her to get used to his size, but once’s he in, she starts begging for both men to fuck her again.

I settle in against the headboard, behind Jack, watching them while I press a vibrator against my clit. It’s like watching live porn, starring Thomas. I’m a little envious of Octavia, but I know that will be me soon. I watch her come so hard she starts to cry halfway through her orgasm, and when the men lie her down in bed, I snuggle up to her, kissing away her tears.

“Oh, so good,” she murmurs, shivering.

“Everyone still okay?” Jack asks, stretching out beside us and rubbing his girlfriend’s back lovingly.

We all confirm that we are, and I gently roll Octavia over so she’s in Jack’s arms now. I open my legs for Thomas, and he enters me with a grunt, his moves slow and deliberate. We enjoy each other for a while, feeling Octavia’s and Jack’s eyes on us. After a while, Octavia sits up and tells us to stay still. She gives Thomas a rim job while he’s still inside of me, and he groans into our kiss, getting more turned on with each passing second. Jack and Octavia give all their attention to Thomas, slowly getting him ready to be fucked by Jack, asking him a few times if he’s sure.

“Yes,” he moans when Jack finally lines up with his ass. “Fuck me.”

Octavia watches, just like I did when she was getting drilled by the men. When Jack enters Thom, I feel Thomas’ cock get forced deeper into me, and I moan along with him.

Jack takes his time, making sure that Thomas is okay, and I love that Thom gets to experience this with someone who is so careful not to hurt him, giving him every opportunity to stop this if he wants to. Thom doesn’t want to stop, obviously, and once he is used to Jack, he tells him to go ahead and fuck him for real. Jack complies right away, slamming into him, and while he pounds Thom, I get pounded too, my pussy soon spasming around Thomas’ big cock.

“Ah fuck!” Thom cries out when he feels that I’m coming. He follows right after, and then it’s Jack’s turn, and I watch his face while he reaches his peak.

We’re all a bit worn out after that, and Jack and Octavia drift off to sleep, wrapped around each other. Thomas and I take a shower, kissing and cleaning each other while we’re under the hot water. It’s nice to have a moment to just be with him, without all the extra stimulation, and when we get back in the mood while were toweling off, he bends me over and fucks my ass, getting me ready for what’s to come. We don’t come, but it so amazing to feel this close to him when we know we’ll head back into the bedroom in a few. It’s my turn now, and I can’t wait.

Jack and Octavia are kissing when we come in, and they look up at us with hooded eyes when they see us, naked and still damp from the shower.

“Ready?” Jack asks, his cock jumping at the prospect of getting to slide into me soon.

“Yes,” I moan, leaning over to him to run my tongue over his shaft a few times, getting him even harder.

Thomas lies down on the bed, and I straddle him, moaning when he fills my pussy. Jack comes up behind me and sinks right into my tight ass since I am ready for him thanks to Thom. They give me a moment to get used to them, but then they truly start moving, and it feels just a good as I remember from six years ago. The intense sensations take over, and I give myself over to them, letting them dominate me completely. Octavia kisses me at one point, and starts playing with my nipples, driving me crazy.

“Come for us, baby,” Thom orders, his voice low and commanding while he bucks up his hips to fill me even more.

I shudder when waves of pleasure start washing over me, and when I feel Jack coming inside of me, a second orgasm follows right after, making me see stars. Thomas manages to control himself, and he doesn’t come until Jack has pulled out already and it’s just the two of us, with me completely useless, trembling and crying from all the different sensations. I whimper when he rolls me off him when he’s done. Thomas smiles, kissing me softly.

“Best anniversary ever?” he whispers in my ear, gently rubbing my back.

“Yes,” I reply, still shaky. “Definitely.”



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