Twisted Thomas

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#6 Weird in a good way


I don’t know how I anticipated Tracy to react, but I surely didn’t expect her to back away from me until her back hit the headboard.

“No way that’s going inside of me,” she says, her wide green eyes fixed on my cock. “You’re going to make my poor vagina bleed with that damn thing.”

“It won’t hurt,” I promise her, sitting down at the edge of the bed. I’m aching to touch her, part her legs, and push right into that tight little cunt of hers, but it’s obvious that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

“You’ve had sex with girls with that… inside of them?” she asks, still incredulous and a little scared. Her bravado is gone, and she pulls the blankets over her legs, hiding her lower regions from me.

“One girl,” I say, my mind and heart running wild at the memory of Francesca looking at me like I was a god. I made her come so hard that she squirted, and it was one of the hottest nights of my life, but also the one I regret the most. She’d only just been dumped by James and I had swooped in when she was at her most vulnerable, playing her mind, heart and body the way only I know how to, even though I knew it was wrong.

She cried after we had sex, still upset over losing James. It one of the last times we ever had sex, and I hate that we ended things like that. It wasn’t about me for her. It was about needing a friend to comfort her, and she got carried away because of all the alcohol in her system and the fact that she loves piercings and I’d never showed her mine before that night.

I got my dick pierced for Franny, and still she didn’t want me.

I shake off the sadness and focus on Tracy again. I never thought about how other girls might feel about my piercing. I like the way it looks a lot, and Fran loved it, but Tracy is obviously not going to fuck me with the barbell in my dick.

“I can take it out,” I offer. “No big deal.”

“It really doesn’t hurt?” she asks, eying it suspiciously. “It looks like a torture device.”

“For you or for me?”


I smile at that. “Trust me, it feels nothing but good for me. It sort of… heightens everything I feel, I guess. And if you let me show you, I bet I can make you come by just rubbing it against your clit over and over again.”

Ah. That gets to her. The fear is gone, replaced by wonder. “Really?” she asks, looking up into my eyes. “I doubt that’s a real thing.”

“Lie back down and I’ll show you.”

Tracy looks at me with doubt in her eyes, but then she pulls back the blanket and settles in, getting comfortable. “Okay, show me,” she says, her tone sounding like she is challenging me.

I’d lost some of my arousal when she was looking at me like she wanted to run away, but now that she’s lying on my bed, completely at my mercy, my cock gets hard as a rock again, and I lie down beside her, kissing her before moving my hand slowly down her body, playing with her nipples and then dipping it between her legs.

“Oh,” she moans when I slip in a finger and then pull it out, rubbing her own wetness all over her lips, making it easier for me to pleasure her. I watch her reaction closely, loving how she lets her eyes roll back in head and the way she grabs the blankets, pulling at them while her breaths start coming quicker.

I keep this up for a long time, hoping to make her come like this before moving on to something else. I know that once I start rubbing my cock against her, it won’t be long before I’ll be overcome by lust and push into her.

“I’m sorry,” Tracy breathes, opening her eyes and looking at me with sorrow in her eyes. “I don’t… I mean, it’s not you. I don’t think I can come.”

“Sure you can,” I reply immediately. “Just tell me what you like. Do you want me to eat you out?” Her sharp intake of breath is all the answer I need, and I start kissing my way down her body. She writhes beneath me, so I grab her hips and press them down onto the bed before running my tongue over her slit, lapping up her juices.

“Oh God,” she moans when I force her legs as far apart as they will go, sucking her clit into my mouth for a moment before flicking my tongue over it hard and fast.

Again, I’m at it for a long time, and I’m sure that Francesca and other girls I’ve been with would have fallen apart by now, but Tracy doesn’t even seem to be anywhere near the edge. Either she’s extremely hard to get off, or I lost my touch. God, I hope it’s not the latter.

“Sorry,” she says again, the word coming out as a whimper. “You don’t have to-”

“Tracy, relax, we’ve got all night.” There’s no way I’m stopping now. It’s time to pull out all the damn stops. I’m making this girl come if it’s the last thing I do. “Anything I need to know?” I ask, slipping two fingers inside of her and slowly fingerfucking her while I watch her expression intently. “Anything you particularly like? Or hate?”

“No hitting or biting,” she says immediately. “I don’t like pain. And… are you clean?”

“Yep,” I assure her. “Got tested not that long ago. You?”

“Yeah, only been with my ex the past five years, and both of us are clean.”

“You on something?” I ask, still keeping up a steady pace with my fingers, causing her to moan. She may be hard to get off, but she does like everything I do to her, at the very least. That’s something.

“The pill,” she breathes. “So no condom needed.”

“You sure?” I ask, feeling my cock harden even more at the mere suggestion. I love fucking girls without a condom, especially since my piercing has one downside: I have to be extremely slow and careful when I put on a condom, or it will break.

“Yeah,” she says. “I can trust you, right?”

“Yeah, baby, you can trust me,” I grunt, diving back in with my tongue. I use my fingers and my mouth on her, changing pressure and pace every few minutes, and I can tell she’s getting closer, but it’s taking so long that I’m cramping up.

“I’m sorry,” she says when she feels me pull back. “It’s not always like this, I swear. Sometimes I just… I mean, I’m always hard to get off, but this… this is excessive, even for me.”

“It’s okay, I just need a break.” I pull her against me, grinding against her leg. We’re both on our sides and I pull her leg over my waist, moving a hand between us so I can stroke my own shaft. She tries to replace my hand with hers, but I push her away and place the tip of my cock against her wet cunt, sliding it through the wetness gathered there. She gasps when she feels the piercing rubbing against her clit, and I smirk. I knew she’d like that.

“Oh wow,” she moans, burying her face against my shoulder.

I keep rubbing myself against her until she’s panting and moaning, sounding like she’s close to coming. When she gasps for air, I stop.

“W-what…” She opens her eyes and looks up at me with nothing but lust in her eyes. “Don’t stop!”

“I can stop whenever I want to,” I tell her, loving the power I have over her right now. This is one of the things that will never fail to get me hot.

“No…” Tracy whimpers, pushing herself against me, her nails digging into my back. “Please…”

“You want me to make you come?” I ask in a deep, dark voice, rubbing the tip of my cock over her clit again. Just once. When she whimpers, I do it again. “Tell me what you want.”

“Please make me come,” she breathes, grinding against me, moaning softly. “Please.”

I pick up the pace, getting her right back to the edge. I don’t know if it’s the angle, or my piercing, or just that I’ve been working her for so long, but she sure sounds like she’s about to get off. So, of course, I stop again, pulling slightly away from her.

“You’re so mean,” she grunts, rolling over she’s on top of me. “I was so close…” She starts grinding against me while she straddles me, looking for the right angle. When she finds it, she leans over to suck my nipple into her mouth why she keeps rubbing up and down my cock, moaning against me.

Fuck, that feels good.

“I wanna be inside of you so badly,” I say into her ear, grabbing her waist to help her pick up the pace. “But I want you to come first. You better hurry, Tracy, because I’m not sure I’ll last much longer.”

“So close,” she whimpers, still right on the edge without being able to come even though she obviously wants to. I wonder why she’s so difficult to get off. Maybe it’s just that she doesn’t know me all that well. Not all girls find one-night stands hot, after al. Although she sure seems into this.

I flip us over so I’m on top and it takes every single ounce of self-control to kiss my way down her body instead of pushing into her and pounding her like I want to. I start eating her out again, my movements frantic, and I feel her tensing underneath me. I push in two fingers, pumping them in and out while my tongue keeps lapping over her. With my free hand, I grab one of her tits and pinch the nipple hard, tugging at it slightly.

“Ah!” she cries out.

Finally, her channel spasms around my fingers and I feel liquid gushing out of her tight little cunt. She comes all over my hand, her entire body shuddering. I pull out my fingers slowly, but keep lapping up her juices with my tongue, and soon I have her right on the edge again, pushing her over by sucking her clit into my mouth.

“Oh God, Thomas,” she whimpers, enjoying the aftershocks of her orgasms. “That was…”

I have to admit I feel little smug now. I was starting to feel slightly inadequate and impatient, but I guess hard work pays off in the end after all. My fingers and mouth ache, but it’s worth it. She looks so vulnerable right now, completely stripped off all her defenses. They’re nothing left of her sarcastic remarks, her spunk, her big mouth.

“Are you gonna fuck me or what?” she asks, moving her hand down my body and grabbing my cock. Okay, maybe I was wrong. Her big mouth is still very much present.

I roll on top of her and she wraps her legs around me, bucking up her hips. I line up with her cunt and enter her slowly, not wanting her to be startled by my piercing rubbing against her walls.

“Oh,” she breathes, her eyes wide and boring into mine in wonder. “I feel it.”

“Nice, right?” I ask, hoping that it is. I felt a lot surer of myself with Francesca, whose body I know from top to bottom. I know all her tells, every little thing she likes, what her moans mean… With Tracy, I’m figuring things out while we gauge each other’s reactions. She was so freaked out by my piercing that I wasn’t sure how she’d feel about it inside of me.

“It feels… weird,” she says, pushing me further in by locking her ankles behind my back. “In a really, really good way.”

I pick up the pace a bit, and she moans loudly, digging her nails into my back again. I’m going to have scratches all over my body at the end of this night, but I don’t give a fuck. She’s so wet, so warm, so tight… If I’m not careful, I might come already. To enjoy this a little while longer, I slow down, taking my time with her.

“I’m sorry that I…” She looks away from me, moving her hands down to my ass to urge me to take her deeper. When I push all the way in, she groans and shudders. “Oh that’s good.”

“What are you sorry about?” I ask, kissing her softly. There’s that vulnerable look in her eyes again, that I didn’t see back in the bar or when I undressed her in the living room.

“I always take forever to get off,” she says, her eyes closed.

“You just came twice,” I remind her. “And I’m hoping to make you come again soon.”

She breathes a laugh and opens her eyes, gazing up at me. It’s impossible to read the look in her deep green eyes. “Don’t count on it, Thomas.”

“You should never say sorry about needing some time,” I tell her, not wanting her to feel bad. Yeah, it took a long time, but that just meant I had to really bring my A-game, which I don’t always have to do with women. She obviously enjoyed it, and that’s all that matters.

“Some guys find it a major turn-off,” she says softly, looking sad.

“Hey,” I whisper, kissing her softly. “I don’t know what kind of guys you’ve been sleeping with, but I’m not like that, okay?”

“Clearly,” she agrees, smiling. “You got me off twice. That’s two times more than most guys.”

“And I haven’t even come once,” I tease, nipping at her earlobe teasingly. “I think it’s my turn.”

Immediately, she bucks up her hips. “I think so too. Take me any way you want to, Thomas.”

Oh God. That almost does it for me. I’d love to flip her over and fuck her from behind, but I can sense that she likes this position we’re in right now, looking up at me with a strange look in her eyes, holding me close. I push into her hard and fast, rocking my hips against her. When she cries out, I decide to just let go. My trusts become erratic and I feel my balls tighten. Seconds later, I come inside of her.

“Oh!” Her shriek is high and loud, and to my surprise, her walls tighten around me, milking me to the last drop, when I thought I had nothing left to give. Guess I did.

“Did you just…?”

She nods, at loss for words. Her lips find mine and she kisses me sloppily, her hands knotting in my hair. It’s almost like she’s thanking me, which is absolutely ridiculous. When she pulls back, I swear there are tears in her eyes.

“Are you okay?” I ask, a little scared I hurt her with my piercing.

“Yes,” she whispers, smiling drowsily. “Yeah, I’m okay. Great, actually. That was…”

“I’m a sex god, I know,” I tease, pecking her on the lips one more time before pulling out and stretching out beside her. She snuggles up to me, and almost immediately drifts off to sleep.


I didn’t think she’d stay the night, to be honest.

I like the girl, but this was just rebound sex for me. I thought she knew what she was getting into. I don’t usually spend the night with a rebound girl, but… oh well. I’m sleepy too, and she’s so warm and soft against me. What the hell? It’s not like I can kick her out now.

We’re both still sticky and sweaty and… well, a hot mess, to be honest, but when I curl up around her, I find myself falling asleep within minutes. I feel calmer than I have in a while.

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