Twisted Thomas

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#8 Your asshole is a virgin


Dylan is still at my place when I come back from dropping off Tracy, and his eyes go straight to my crotch when I walk in.

“Is that what I think it is?” he asks, his eyes wide. “Oh wow. That girl is one horny little devil, isn’t she? Did she seriously jerk you off in the car?”

“Yeah, it took me off guard too,” I confess, pulling off my pants and grabbing some old ones that were lying on a chair. It’s not until I feel Dylan’s eyes on me that I realize I’m naked in front of him with dried cum on my dick. It’s not like he’s never seen me naked before, and back in college he’s seen me balls-deep inside of my girlfriend many times – by accident, of course – but it feels a little different this time.

“You gonna see her again?” Dylan asks, looking away from me with flushed cheeks. Guess he is feeling the weirdness too.

“I invited her to come to the launch party with us.” I walk into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee from the pot Dylan made while I was out.

“Was that before or after she decided to give you little taste of heaven?” Dylan jokes, back to sounding like nothing strange just passed between us. “Is this sexy little vet tech the one to take your mind off Franny? Finally?”

I shrug. “I’m not looking for a girlfriend, but she sure as hell is a good distraction. She’s confusing as fuck, man. She’s got this really uptight, tense, walled-up side of her, but then there’s this sexy devil that comes out to play… I honestly don’t know what to make of her.” I remember the vulnerable look in her eyes I saw a few times last night, and the way she told me she was sorry when it took so long to get her off. That side of her doesn’t feel like it’s the same person as the one that just ordered me to come in the car right in front of her place of work.

“Damn, I wish I’d met her first,” Dylan says with a grunt, slumping down onto the couch and sipping his coffee. “Last night was a total bust for me. Bradly did nothing but talk about sex the whole time, and when I told him I’d never been with a guy before – not for more than a kiss and some fumbling around – he got all excited and kept saying disgusting stuff like that he wanted to conquer my ass and take me so hard I’d bleed for days.” He shudders. “Maybe I should just go back to being straight if this is the way guys are. Seriously, are you and I that bad?”

I laugh at his disgruntled expression and take Francesca’s clothes off the couch to dump them on a chair before I settle in next to Dylan. “Nah, man. I like some dirty talk, but I’d never tell a girl I want to make her bleed. Especially not a virgin.”

“A virgin?” Dylan repeats, frowning at me. “Dude, I’m not a virgin!”

“Your asshole is,” I shoot back, enjoying teasing him. “You’ve never been with a guy, so you’re a gay virgin.”

“Yeah, well, maybe I am.” He looks a little nervous now, a look I don’t see on him very often. “I didn’t think of it like that. I’m already scared out of my mind at the thought of how much it’s going to hurt when I eventually do have sex with a guy, but I didn’t stop to think that I don’t actually have any experience. Oh god, Thomas, what if I’m so horrible at gay sex that I will be forced to just stick to girls the rest of my life?”

“Dude, don’t spiral.” I sip my coffee and angle my body so I’m leaning against the armrest, using my feet to give him a playful shove. “You’ve kissed both girls and guys, right? Is there that big of a difference between the two?”

“Yeah, it’s different,” Dylan says, thinking about it. “I mean… Yeah. The guys I’ve kissed were a little more… demanding, I guess? They took more control. And there’s the scruff on their faces and shit like that, which feels way different than kissing a girl.”

“Yeah, but I mean… the mechanics are the same, right? I’ve kissed a guy on a dare, as I’m sure you remember, and it’s not like the tongue or mouth of a guy feel different then when it’s a girl. Kissing still works the same. I bet it’s the same with sex. Sure, there’s a dick instead of a cunt, but you’ve jerked off enough to know how to work one, right?” I laugh at Dylan’s pensive expression. He’s obsessing over this way too much. “Not all guys will be like Bradly. And I’m pretty sure not all men like a dick up their ass. You could always be the top and find yourself a bottom, right?”

“I can’t believe I was ever worried that things would be weird between us when I told you I’m into guys,” Dylan says, smiling at me. “You’re still the same jerk you were before I told you.”

“Same old Thomas, same old Dylan,” I agree, even though that moment earlier with him staring at my cock felt a little different from before. Then again, it was a little weird for me to change in the living room, I guess. I didn’t use to think about that stuff before, and showering with him in the gym didn’t feel any different, but coming back from that hot little thing with Tracy in the car and stripping naked in front of Dylan… I don’t know. It felt weird to have his eyes on me.

Maybe that’s why. He didn’t use to look at me when I stripped in front of him to change my clothes. We just kept talking and laughing like I wasn’t naked. This time, he did look. I don’t know how I feel about that. I don’t necessarily mind, but I sure hope that things won’t be like that all the time, because I like things the way they are between us. I’d hate to have to think about what I do and say around my best friend.


“Oh my fucking God,” Dylan says in a low voice when we watch Tracy get out of her car in front of the large office building. We’re both leaning against my car, waiting for her before going into the building and head up to the launch party on the top floor.

“You can say that again,” I agree, taking in her tight red dress. It doesn’t show nearly as much skin as the black dress from the night before – it goes up to her neck and sweeps down to the floor – but it is so damn tight that her body is on full display. Damn, those tits. They’re not big, but they are perfectly shaped and so goddamn perky. I can’t wait to get my hands on them again.

“Let me borrow her,” Dylan says, still looking at her while she makes her way over to us. “Please, man, you’ve had your fun.”

“She’s not a toy,” I hiss, a little annoyed that he’s talking about her like she’s just a piece of meat. I realize that I hardly know the girl and that all I’ve done with her is… well… sex. But that doesn’t mean that she’s not still a person with feelings.

“Relax, I was just kidding.” Dylan looks at me with a frown. “You into her or something?”

Tracy is right in front of us now, so I can’t respond. I wouldn’t even know what to say, to be honest. I like the girl and I want her back in my bed tonight for sure, but am I into her? I don’t think so… When I think about who I would most like to be with any moment of any day, the answer is still Francesca. Not a doubt about it. I’d take her hot pink hair and sweet smile over Tracy’s fit body any day.

“Hey babe,” I say, giving her a quick peck on the lips in greeting. “You look stunning.”

“Yeah, I do,” she replies, laughing. “You guys clean up nicely too.”

We’re both wearing suits for the occasion, which isn’t something Dylan and I enjoy. I had Francesca – who was home for a change – do my tie for me, since I don’t actually know how to do it myself. She helped out Dylan as well, but he decided to take it off in the car, going for a more casual look. We know looking professional is part of the job sometimes, but I hate it. I’d much rather just show up in torn jeans and a hoodie.

We go into the building, and I find myself putting a hand on the small of Tracy’s back without even thinking about it. Dylan gives me a knowing look, but I’m not sure what he thinks he knows. She’s my date. It’s not that weird that I want to stay close to her… right?

“Wow,” Tracy breathes when we step out of the elevator and into the large open space on the top floor. It’s decorated to perfection. “What sort of company is this anyway?”

“Party planning for rich people,” Dylan says, grabbing all three of us some champagne from a waiter passing by with a tray. “It’s ridiculous, but the girls running the place swear they make good money doing this, and we had a lot of fun fulfilling all their wildest tech dreams.”

Right on cue, the two twin sisters show up. They’re in their early thirties, and they’re both in bright pink pantsuits. They give us each a kiss on the cheek in greeting, thanking us for coming.

“You must be Francesca,” twin number one says – I always forget which one is Debby and which one is Vicky. “Nice to meet you.”

“Tracy,” my date says with an amused look on her face. “Francesca is the girl before me.”

Well, crap. It doesn’t surprise me that she figured that out. She saw me with Franny in the vet clinic, after all. All my friends know I carry a torch for the girl, so I must not be very subtle about it. The only person who never caught on until I spelled it out for her was Franny herself.

“Oh, sorry!” twin number two says with a giggle. “How awkward!”

A waiter passes by with a tray of fancy snacks, and Dylan attacks right away, stuffing his face. He may be wearing a suit, but he’s still the same pig he is when he’s drinking beer on my couch and eating chips.

“What are these?” he asks with his mouth full.

Tracy takes one as well, looking at it closely before taking a bite. “Open-faced pork tenderloin crostini with cranberry-pepper jelly on top,” she says, sounding utterly sure of herself.

When she sees all of us staring at her, she smiles almost shyly. “My ex is a chef,” she explains, her cheeks flushing a little. “He made them each time we had people coming over.”

“Really?” one of the twins asks, sipping her champagne. “You lucky girl. Why would you pick this tech guy over a chef?”

“Hey,” I complain with a smile. “I’m more than just a tech guy.”

“Oh, I know,” the other twin says – I think she’s Vicky. She gives me what can only be described as a sultry look. I feel a little weird with her flirting with me in front of Tracy, but it seems like Tracy doesn’t even notice. She’s looking at the fancy snack with a frown on her face.

“You okay?” I ask her, putting my hand on the small of her back again.

“Yeah, I guess…” She shakes her head and pops the last bit of the snack into her mouth. “Never mind.”

Another waiter comes by and while Dylan stuffs his face again, I talk to the twins about their plans for their company, the bookings they’ve already gotten on their brand-new website, and the plans they have to launch an app as well where people can easily scroll through all the pictures from previous parties they’ve thrown. Sort of like a Pinterest page, but specifically for party planning, and based on the sisters’ work, so that people will want to book them once they realize they van make all their party dreams become a reality.

“You guys free for that?” Vicky or Debby asks me. “We could use your tech skills for the app, make it look as good as the website does.”

“Sure, call me tomorrow to set up a meeting,” I agree, happy to get another assignment. Dylan and I are plenty busy, but I don’t think we’ll ever say no to creating a new app. Besides, the sisters pay well and give us all the freedom we could possibly want, so they’re the easiest clients ever.

Tracy’s soft voice cuts into our conversation, her hand on my arm, fingers digging in. “Sorry, but… who’s your caterer tonight?”

Vicky or Debby looks a little annoyed. “I think his name is Quiry or something.”

“Quiroz?” Tracy asks, sounding breathless. “Michel Quiroz?”

“Yeah, that’s the one,” the twin nods, turning back to me. “So, I’ll call you tomorrow, Thomas.”

“Sure,” I say, my attention on Tracy now. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I just…” She looks like she wants to bolt. “Never mind.”

“Excuse us,” I say to the twins, steering Tracy away from them and into a far corner of the party, a little worried about her. She doesn’t look like the strong confident girl who showed up here in a skintight red dress. She looks… vulnerable. Again. What is it with this girl? “Something is wrong,” I state, not even asking anymore. “Tell me.”

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