Dear Cancer Diary

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Y/N I have Leukemia cancer And well I found out on my birthday, My brother gave you to me. So will you be my partner in crime to battle cancer? Lilly Simons is seven years old she has three best friends named Cameron, Asia and Michael. One day on her birthday she had truble breathing and collapsed when her family was singing her birthday song. She soon wakes up a week later with her three best friends surrounding her but Cameron was the only awake. Will she survive cancer or will she leave this world at a young age? This book will be available in And you can find more of my books on

Romance / Humor
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The clouds were gray in the city of Austin Texas Lilly loves those days even when it rained it was so satisfying to her eyes today was a special day, her birthday. on these kind of days she mostly play Nintendo with her older brother and sister. Her brother Knox (16 years old still acts like a 10 year old) and Lia (15 years old loves anime) but she was just staying in her room for a little bit and watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

she had red spots on her arm, she lost allot of weight, has been sweating allot for two days and has been bleeding easily. she stared at her red spots on her arm curiously until she heard a knock on the door and there he was here best friend/crush Cameron Brodie (8 years old best friends with Lilly ever since 2005) “Hey Kitten.“(He makes ffun of her by calling her kitten because she is allergic to cats.) “Hey huckleberry.” (She calls him that to get even.) “Are you excited for your birthday?” Cameron says sitting next to Lilly. “Yeah I think so.” Lilly whispers softly while smiling, but Cameron noticed the bags under her eyes and she was hidding her right arm behind her back. “Kitten can I see your arm please?” He says, she widen her eyes and shook her head no. “Please we are best friends we can’t keep secrets from each other.” He gave her the signature puppy dog eyes, she couldn’t help his cuteness, Cameron softly laid his hand on her arm and smiled sadly while Lilly was looking down blushing. “Lilly you are the best girl in the world to me and I don’t want to see you hurt.” Lilly was speechless. He smiled at her blushing face and then kissed her other cheek, he loves when she blushes more.

“Come on lets go celebrate your birthday kitten.” Cameron says, he held his hand out for hers to take, she gladly accepted and sat up from her bed and smiled. Cameron neeled down on one knee and kissed her hand gently,Lilly giggled from his cuteness while he stood upand kissed her cheek and then out of nowhere he quickly swept he up in his arms bridal style. “You are so light you know that?” He says cheekily, “shut up, and why are you carrying me?” Lilly asks to her best friend. “Because you are hurt, so that is why I am carrying you, And it is fun.” He winks and then starts walking to the door and opening it and carefully walking down the stairs. “And because you are the birthday girl so I have no choice.” Lilly laughs and playfullly hits him on his chest, he looks at her full of love and then he was slapped on the back of the head. “Ow!” Cameron yells out, “Sorry you were looking at my little sister for to long it started to get a little creepy.” Lia says, Cameron set Lilly down carefully on the couch. “Well next time when you do that to Evan I will hit you on the back of your head too.” Cameron says, “whatever go makeout with Lilly somewhere else creep.” Lia suggested, “Well first of all I am eight, second of all that is gross, and third of all I can’t wait to tell Evan that you like him!” Cameron says and starts running with Lia behind him. Cameron ran to Lilly and kissed her cheek and winked, then starts running again from viscous Lia.

Lilly giggles but then she feels something wet trickling down from her nose she wiped it with her finger and then found out it was blood she gasped, “No, no, no, no, no.” Cameron was still running and stopped when he noticed the blood from her nose and ran to get some tissues then ran to Lilly, and then asked so many questions to her she was to confused to understand. “I’m okay Cameron let’s just get this party started.”

“This has been happening for two days, after the party we are going to the hospital, just in case.” Knox said walking down the stairs looking at his little sister’s mysterious red spots on her delicate skin. “I hope she will be okay.” Lia says with a worried look one her face, while studying here sister’s swollen lymph nodes. “I just hope my princess is going to be okay.” Cameron says studying how much wait she lost in just two weeks. Then the doorbell rings she answers the door to see her whole family was there along with Micheal and Asia, she smiled and hugged the two friends at the spot, “Hey guys welcome to my birthday party.” Her voice cracked. “Lil, are you all right? And what happened to your arm?” Asia says questionably, but Lilly changed the subject so she won’t have to answer the previous question, “Asia did you dye your hair red? That’s cool!” Asia rolled her eyes and wanted more answers but this is Lilly’s birthday party so she just smiled and said “Thank you Lil, I am glad you like it.” Asia smiled and went inside with Micheal before he could ask questions. She pulled hil into Lilly’s room and closed the door and locked it.

Oh, you like me do you? I new it!” Micheal cheered, he puckered up his lips and leand in, Asia found a stuffed bear and replacing her with the stuffed bear to kiss. Micheal opened his eyes in shock and then took his lips off of the bears. “Realy?” “Yes realy, and I think something is wrong with Lilly she has red circles on her arm, she looks like a ghost, I don’t think she has slept in days, she has swollen lymph nodes on her neck and she has dry blood on her forehead, legs and cheeks. Something is not right, she used to have peach like skin, she went to sleep every night, she never had swollen lymph nodes, and the only time she bled was when she was learning how to ride a bike without training wheels she fell over. But this is new, I think these are symptons for something but I forgot what it was.”

“Yeah you’re right, I had this feeling in my gut when I saw her that something is not going to go well at the party when I heard her voice cracked, lets go enjoy the party and then after that we can tell her what’s wrong, K?” Asia nodded and then he opened the door for Asia and then he went out himself and closed the door behind him. they went downstairs’ and see the family and Cameron huddled together about to sing the birthday song but Lilly looks like she is about to pass out on the spot.

Everyone started singing and Cameron wasn’t singing he was worrying about Lilly and then she couldn’t take it anymore.

She blacked out at her own birthday party.

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