The Nightingales Romance draft

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I'm new here, hi. I'm Jacie, I'm an aspiring author. This is a tid bit of a scene that I want some feedback on. If you dont know the characters, they're names are Parker and Beck. The situation is they live in a sort of dystopian world with nocturnal beasts, but they are also teenage lovers. I want to know what this scene makes you think, any feedback it greatly appreciated.

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Parker and Beck intimate draft

I don’t know about you guys, but i feel gross. I’m going to go take a shower.
“Okay, I probably need to take one too.” Parker adds.
“Yep.” I say, wiping my hand in front of my nose like he stinks. He laughs and turns toward Adam.
“Do you want me to walk you back to your bunk?” He asks.
“No Parker, I’m ten years old, i can do it myself.”
“I’ll see you later big boy.” I laugh
“Later!” He jumps up and runs in the direction of the dorm.
“Wow.” I look at him go and giggle.
“The energy in that kid!” He chuckles.
“Crazy, I can’t believe he just said he could do it on his own.”
“Already developing some sass.” He jokes.
“All those stupid boy hormones kicking in.” I laugh.
I stand up to go back to my bunk and grab my shower things, but Parker takes my hand to follow me like an adorable puppy. Since it's a Saturday Carrie and Ella are here and so are the rest of the girls. They all get dreamy looks in their eyes and I know when I come back they'll be asking about how him and I have been doing, just a fun topic to talk about. I like talking with them all anyways.
"Do you want to go out to our spot?" He whispers in my ear as I pull my bag out from under my bed.
"Now?" I ask.
"Yes." He whispers seductively in my ear again. I stuff my bag back under my bunk.
"Yeah." I giggle, and follow him out to the fence. It's difficult to sneak out in broad daylight and not mornings, but we crawl under the hole in the fence and lock the doors to the music store behind us just to be safe that no nightingale creeps in.
"So. What ya want to do?" He asks, being playful.
"Just kiss me already." I smile and pull him in for a warm kiss. The air outside has gotten nippy lately and feeling his skin against mine made all the goosebumps and bad thoughts go away. Him holding me in his arms under the covers made me feel euphoric and all my thoughts about anything but him melted away.

Chapter :

I caress the little scar on his side that I left behind and rub my toes against his calf.
"Are you ready to go back yet?" I ask. If we are gone for too long, someone will notice we are missing. Someone like Collin, he's already suspicious of us, but I don't think he can quite figure out what's going on yet. But he will soon.
"Just a little longer?" He asks, pulling the covers up higher, to cover our heads.
"Someone's gonna come looking for us, we should probably get back and take those showers." I admit.
"Fine." He kisses my shoulder and we watch our surroundings as we slide our clothing back on. Carefully we sneak back under the fence and into the lobby. No one noticed we were missing from lunch when we came back, but even Collin surprisingly.
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