Light in Darkness

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Dria had no idea why the witches had branded her with a demon's mark. Until the first night the being came. Following her like a haunting shadow. Kirst barely remembered who he was before he was condemned. Forced to haunt the world as a creature beyond the realm of mortals. But still with a hunger for human flesh. Becoming nothing more than a Sway Wraith driven by lust and hunger that can't be assuaged. Now this strange Daughter of Light bears his mark, the first being in countless centuries that can see him where he lies between this realm and another. Changing everything...

Romance / Fantasy
Manda May
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At first I didn’t know why the panicked witches had chased me down in the woods. Why they were holding me down now.

The six of them looked furtively over their shoulders. Watching the woods fearfully.

“Quick. Do it. He’ll be coming soon.”

“He’s hungry.” Another one said. “I can feel his hunger.” She moaned.

“Mark her!”

“Why?” I wailed. Kicking and fighting them. “Let me go! I don’t even know you.”

“We don’t know you either.” One hissed. Holding my arm down. “But you’re the first female we’ve come across. We need you!”

“We’re so tired!” Another one said mournfully.

“Why?” I looked at her in confusion. “We can’t sleep. Never sleep. When you’re tired, when you relax, he’ll find you.” She whispered. She petted my hair soothingly.

She put her forehead to mine apologetically. “I’m sorry! So sorry. I can’t do it anymore! None of us can.” She sobbed. Petting my black bangs.

I writhed fighting them. But there was one on each arm and one holding each of my ankles.

The other was by the fire. Heating something in it. When she turned, she had heated a metal pendant to an orange hue. The purposeful look she gave me, terrified me.

I struggled violently. Screaming. But she held my leg and pressed the pendant to my outer thigh. Searing me with the swirling mark.

I lurched against their hold. Shrieking as I smelled my skin burning. Felt the white-hot pain.

“There.” They all stepped back. Releasing me as I crawled away. “’Tis done.” They exchanged a look.

Then they all fled in different directions. Black cloaks flying in the wind.

I was hurt and I didn't understand why they'd done it. Why did they wish to hurt me?

The mark looked like crossing serpents and I feared what the witches had marked me for.

What did they do to me? I sat up and looked at the strange mark on my outer leg. I touched it and it stung hotly.

The blinding pain made me pass out. I slumped back to the dry fall leaves.

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