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you ever imagined a world where supernatural beings live, where magical harmony lived in both peace, harmony and equity. Where magic never runs dry. A world where fairies had the upper hand in both the light and magic worlds and over ever mystical beings. There was a time that world existed. Earth did not have an idea that world existed, but that world did exist, far from the planet Earth. ? A baby was found on the doorstep on the day of a war which had happened in that land. How does this involve that baby? She was taken in by good people but lived hell in that house. She falls in love with the most handsome guy in school. But there is something hidden, a secret she herself does not know. How long does it take her to find her true identity?

Romance / Fantasy
Emerald Rose
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"Fairies are invisible and inaudible like angels but their magic sparkles in nature"

Some places you will never know are magical exists; it's a thing you feel in the soul as much as seeing with the eyes. A place where valley was the kind of green that sets free the child self, inviting you to join the infinite horizon of your soul. There is a world where supernatural beings live, where magical creatures lived in harmony and where magic never runs dry.

A world where magical fairies had the upper hand in both dark and light magic and over all mystical beings which existed. There was a time that world existed and that world was named ZODAR.

Fairies are those of pure heart, those given magic by their creator to help them survive. They are timid, seeking to hide as their first means of protection. A long time ago, according to fairy legend, their ancestors had gone back to earth to live among humans. They tried to help mankind, teaching humans to be more like them... but seeing human's wicked nature, it taught them to stay well away - there was money to be made if they were captured or extorted. They thus hide in plain sight, walking among humans - for fairies are not small believed by humans. Knowing their home was not on earth, they left and found their home in Zodar. Other mystical and supernatural beings came to Zodar to find a home, and the fairies were kind enough to not only give them a home, but their own world.

Zodar was then divided into two worlds as its population started to grow. The world of Light Magic which is found on top of Zodar, and the world of Dark Magic which is found at the bottom of Zodar. Although all were different, they still lived in peace and harmony until Raxildo's reign.

King Raxildo, a Light Fairy ruled the both worlds with equity and goodness. Everyone from the both worlds loved their King and always praised him, all except his brother Rexandro, a Weather Fairy, who had a deep hatred for him because he was denied of the throne. He is elder to Raxildo and supposed to be made King, but their father chose Racism to rule, and that made him furious. He had plans to strike but had to wait till the perfect time.

Queen Graciella, a Sprite Fairy, whom the wife of King Raxildo was expecting a baby at that time. She gave birth months later and that baby was named Asteria meaning, ‘like a star’.

It was prophesied that this baby was one of a kind, housing incredible powers that has never been seen or heard of. Her parents took good care of her because to them, this beautiful child was "their star".

Rexandro knew the baby will serve as a threat to getting the throne and so he tried to kill the baby. But no matter what he did, the power this baby housed was able to keep her from his attempts to kill her.

A month after her birth, Rexandro planned to get the sceptre of Dark Magic from the forbidden mountain. Legend described it as a blackish-brown coloured rod which was used by a black witch whom wanted to take over Zodar. It is believed that it houses such great power and only the most devious man can free the staff from the mountain. He successfully freed the staff and it gave him more power to do evil.

Being more powerful than ever, he made a claim to the throne. He afterwards went to the dark world and convinced the Duke whom stood in place of the King in the dark world that Raxildo was a bad king who preferred the kingdom of light Zodar over the kingdom of dark Zodar . He partnered with the Duke and waged war against the Kingdom of light.

It was an unexpected attack as many innocent flaires, fairies, gnomes, mermaids and other supernatural beings died in the war. Rexandro invaded the palace and killed the king after a challenging fight. But Queen Graciella escaped with her maid and little Asteria. She flew as fast as she could but Rexandro was catching up on her.

Suddenly, Rexandro blasted the Queen with his Sceptre and she fell to the ground. She weakly kissed the baby and put a very beautiful flower ring on the baby's thumb finger on the right hand. She then gave the baby to the maid and told her she should take care of her baby.

Queen Graciella stood up and fought against Rexandro. But unfortunately she was no match for him. She was killed by him. He looked for the maid and the baby but he never found them. He made it his goal to find the maid and that baby which might pose a threat to him one day.

The maid ran to Mother earth using a portal and dropped little Asteria on a doorstep. She cast a spell that hid Asteria's fairy nature and made her fully human. This will hide her scent so no other fairy, especially Rexandro and could find her. She used her powers to make a beautiful diamond necklace and wore it on little Asteria's neck. The maid disappeared and in her stead appeared a sparkle, floating into the necklace, waiting for the right time......
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