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A Love Song

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He was born in the rich life as the son of a powerful CEO 23 and still single besides all the girls he slept with until he met her. A pink hair girl who sings at the bar he goes to that he picks up his one stands at. She heard about him so she just turns him down every time he would ask her out. But that changed when he gets the news of him having to marry a girl he never met. He found out that it was only to make the ties stronger in the alliance. But he still wants the girl even though she told him to stay away from her because she doesn't want a relationship and so does his father.

Romance / Drama
Holly V.
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He stood in his bedroom looking out the window with a crystal tumbler in had with ice and bourbon as he wore black silk boxers and a navy blue silk robe open showing his morning wood. Though it was five in the morning he couldn't fall back asleep, even if he tried to. He looked over at the blonde that was asleep in his bed the silk covers surrounding her thin body, even with the dimly lit room he could now see that she was a fake blonde. He sighed and took another drink looking back out the window of his home. He needed to clear his head of the marriage his father arranged up for him so he would in his father's words, "grow up."
The business would one day fall into his hand and he knew that it'll run fine with his leadership. But his father wants him to marry a silicon beauty that is more annoying than a yapping small dog, he was never a fan of those small breeds, he liked German shepherds better. The plans for the wedding were laid out in front of him during one of his midday whisky sippings as his father had hunted him down at his favorite bar. She had black hair and brown almond-shaped eyes though she was pretty with an hourglass figure and boobs that looked fake along with a pointy nose that just screamed bad plastic surgery. She didn't suit his preference at all and he knew that she was nothing but a catholic whore where there was a rumor that she was caught on her knees sucking off the priest for redemption.
While in thought the girl in his bed had woken up and made her way over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist leaning into him and pressing her body against him. He had no interest in her anymore, as he blew his load in a condom as they had already fucked all those hours ago.
"I'm done with you, you can leave now," He told her as he unwrapped himself from her arms.
"What?" She asked as she pulled away from him.
"You heard me, leave or you'll be thrown out named by my bodyguards," he told her as looked her dead in the eye.
She whimpered and gathered her belongings and walked out as one of his most trusted guards walked in after the door was opened by her.
"Asshole," she muttered under her breath leaving the room nearly stumbling.
"I take it you had a fun night?" George asked as he had a thick Italian accent that would often be hard to understand if you weren't paying attention.
"I guess..." Vincent said as he set the glass on the dresser next to the balcony window.
"You know you could figure something out before the wedding and tell your father that you fancy a girl already," George suggested to him as he leaned against the wall next to the door.
"Oh yeah? What makes you think I like a gal already?" He asked with a smirk walking to the bathroom.
"What was her name hmm...oh that's right Daisy she has pink hair no?" His face smirked knowing he hit the nail in the coffin.
Vincent stopped and looked at him furrowing his brow as he held on to the door frame.
"I'm your bodyguard Vincent I saw how you look at her while she's on that little stage at that fancy bar you go to. And as well give her big tips while she bartends and waits tables but also sings there as well."
Sighing heavily as he was caught, George knew his stuff as he was in the Italian military and how he ended up as one of the CEO of Morningstar Industries known for their technology the families' playboy son's bodyguard. He'll never know that secret will go with him to the grave between him and his father.
"That easy?" Vincent asked as he took a glance in the mirror at his reflection seeing maybe that he should get a quick shave in.
"You are easy to read," he retorted as he chuckled with his famous smirk.
"I wish it was easy to talk to her."
"Oh got cold feet every time?"
"No, she...she knows who I am. The son of the Billionaire of Morningstar Industries and she called me a manwhore who thinks he can get any woman in bed with a wave of my money."
"And she hates you for that?" George asked as he walked over and leaned on the wall near him tilting his head. "You have a busy day ahead of yourself so you can have some time."
Vincent nodded closed the bathroom door and hung his robe on the hook on the back of the door and slipped out of his underwear before tossing them into the dirty clothes hamper. Standing there in the bathroom naked he looked in the mirror seeing his tattoos and scars that marked his body from a car wreck three years ago, they still feel fresh in his mind as his was about to touch them. No he couldn't bring himself to touch them let alone let any of the women He fucked touch them too. He was handsome and could get a job as a model but that offer he was asked was over and he was just running several clubs to the wealthy partygoers as well as running the company with his father Alexander Morningstar. He turned the water on and closed his eyes as he stepped into the ice-cold water.
He let out a shriek as he scrambled to turn the water over to warm. Sighing in relief finally when the water started to feel warmer, he always had gotten cold feet when he tries to talk to Miss Daisy. If she was a top shooter and his chances were a target, she would always shoot him down when he would ask her out. The woman was too perfect to be working in that bar, she had the right curves that he would just love to hold on to, busting breasts that were big for the black half shirts the women workers were told to wear. He groaned as he got hard thinking about her, he should have kept that girl just a little longer.
Just so he could pretend that she was the pink-haired beauty that he couldn't have. He hardly ever jacked off, he would have girls do it for him. He groaned again as he wrapped his hand around his shaft and started moving his hand. The thought of her skin was addictive as he thought of what it feels like, what it tastes like. Panting Vincent felt like he was going crazy with lust as Miss Daisy was stuck in his head.
Just as he was about to blow his load the shower curtain was pulled back startling him as he turned to see who it was. And as he came it was his father with a stern face, but what was embarrassing was that his ejaculation ended up on his father's suit.
"Son of a fucking..." Vincent started and hit the shower-tiled wall with his fist.
"Ew," his father Roland Tapes the CEO of Tepes Industries said, "after you play with yourself we need to talk."
Out of all the times, his father could walk in on him it had to be like this. Groaning Vincent turned the water off and stepped out blushing as he wrapped a towel around himself.

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