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A collection of short stories. A quick tease into the world yet to be explored. I get distracted when I am writing a novel. Sometimes something sparks my curiosity and the thoughts start flying and i need to get it out of me. I will put these here. ***Rated 18+ Mature Audiences only , contains explicit content. I promise.

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Contents:- List of Stories

A collection of short stories by Yolybear

🙈🙉Explicit Content & Trigger warning🙉🙊

Proceed with caution May contain:

🙊 Alcohol : Drugs

🙉 Torture : Blood : Fighting : Abuse

🙈 Sexual Content : Caution Chaud/Hot

A quick tease into a world yet to be explored. A quick meeting between characters and relationships yet to evolve.

List Of Stories:- Check out the Chapters it will tell you what story you are on.

Best Friends:-

Getting through their university exams is not the only challenge these two will face together.

The Job:-

Exploring other possibilities takes an unexpected turn.

The Djinn’s Love:-

Everyone loves genies right? What happens if the Djinn loves you back?

The Will :-

A poem. She wants to honor his last wishes but has no idea what it means.

Ancient Dragons:-

The war to end the age of dragons. The dragon king must take drastic measures to make things right.

SHORT STORY CHALLENGE STORIES: The next 3 stories were for the Short story challenge 2021.

Genre: Ghost story ... Topic: Therapy ... Character:- Art Teacher.

Shadow in the Painting:-Submitted to the challenge

Victoria searches for guidance on repairing an abandoned heart, but finds more than she bargained for in the ruins.


A man tries to find a place to ride out the winter in solitude.

Lieutenant Adams :- Rolling Calf :A Jamaican Duppy Story

Duppy= Jamaican for Ghost If you hear it stay away. If you see it. Run.

Master Of The Vampire Twins :- Need I say more?

Duppy= Jamaican for Ghost If you hear it stay away. If you see it. Run.

Yolybear’s note: Hello My Friends,

Please feel free to comment on the chapters as you go, I would love to hear what you think about the characters, their journey and the story as you read. I love the company. Like so others can know you loved it, Review so new readers can know what you feel about it and I can improve my obsession ... I mean craft.

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