I'll Take The Pain

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The meaning of DEVIL is Do Everything Vile In Life . If the devil was human , he would have been Mika'il Bun Sheikh Abd Azeez. He was a ruthless, heartless,crazy psychopathic killer. His life was built on pain and aggression. People said he didn't have a heart. He was a very dangerous man. He never loved , because he didn't know what it was , until he met his angel. The woman who chased his demons away. The woman with a broken voice box and half blind in one eye. The little baby , he fell in love with when he was 8 years old. The little girl he never forgot about . The only girl who could make him happy. The love of his life ; Layla Bint Hayat

Romance / Thriller
Elham Mohammed
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Chapter One

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم. لقد منحت الحياة لفتاة صغيرة مصيرها كبير. وفقها الله وحفظها طوال لقائها. أمين

It was a very stormy night on a Friday. The lightening and thunder, roaring at each other. It almost seemed as tho' the Upper Entities were at feud with each other. The wind blew savagely. The sky was very black and hardly could a thing be seen.

Everything calmed down , when a frail voice of a baby was heard. It was the most beautiful sound to the Upper Entities. They calmed down after hearing that sound. The lightening and thunder ceased. The wind subsided and the sky calmed down. The clouds faded away , revealing the bright blue full moon.

A beautiful baby girl was born . Even tho' she was created by the Higher Forces, they still marvelled at her beauty. She had a big destiny ahead of her. She was born with a broken voice box and half blind in one eye, but apart from that , she had no flaws.

She had the most beautiful orbs. They looked crystal blue and the most beautiful face.

This doll-like girl was the pride of the Higher Forces. Her mission was a great one and only Her Father The Most High would be her guide.

"She's the most beautiful baby , I've ever seen Maryam " a woman told the baby's mother.

She smiled and nodded

"She indeed is a very beautiful girl,Memuna" the baby's mother replied .

The Baby's mother Maryam was a bestfriend to Memuna.

"What shall we name her Bilal ?" Maryam asked her husband and the baby's father.

He smiled at the baby , who was staring at them haplily and said

"Layla Bint Hayat "

That was a very gorgeous name to give a baby.

The baby immediately begun laughing , after hearing that name.

It was obvious that she approved of that name.

"Mama, what is her name ?" A little girl asked Memuna.

Memuna smiled at her daughter and said

"Her name's Layla Bint Hayat and from now onwards , you and her are going to be best of friends. Alright Munaiya? "

The little girl Munaiya who was 2 years old smiled widely and begun clapping.

"Yayyy Layla is my best friend !"

The new born baby giggled at little Munaiya and she hugged her .

"What about me mom ?!" A little boy asked Memuna.

She smiled and said to her second son who was 4 years old

"Yes Manaf, you can be Layla's friend too " .

Little Manaf jumped around in jubilation, which caysed everyone to erupt into laughter.

Memuna's eldest son Mika'il who was 8 years old , just syared at the baby. As the baby's eyes locked with his , they both stared at each other for a long while.

Jade green eyes to Crystal blue eyes. This moment didn't go unnoticed to the family.

The baby suddenly syarted giggling and raised her hands up to Mika'il, the oldest son.

He just looked at her and walked away. He was too antisocial for his age. The baby burst out into tears , immediately Mika'il walked out .

She was sad that he walked away from her.

The parents stared at each other for a very long time before Memuna suddenly broke the silence.

"I'm sorry for Mikail's behaviour. He hasn't been himself, since Sheikh left.

Sheikh was Memuna's husband , but he left her and the children because he thought he didn't need them.

Mika'il had been traumatised since.

"It's alright Memuna, everything is going to be alright and one day ,you're kids are going to wipe away your tears " Maryam assured her bestfriend Memuna.

She smiled at her as she picked up the bundle of joy that was handed over to her by Maryam.

"I still can't believe that such a beautiful thing , was born with a broken voice box and half blind in one eye" Memuna said sadly.

Maryam sighed and said

"It's alright Memuna, everything happens for a reason. ALLAH knows best. It's His will and His will, will be done!"

Even tho' Memuna was not the baby's mother, she sympathized with the baby's mother whi was her best friend.

Baby Layla fell asleep immediately after being breast fed.

She was very cute when asleep.

Her parents were proud of her and every other family she had too.

The Upper Entities smiled at the family. Mika'il and Layla, were going to have another encounter in their future lives which would make them learn from the trials of the world.

Their fates had already been arrayed and their endings had been systematized.

They were going to have a rough life together.

A life full of Trials , Twisted lies , Abuse , Pain , Heartbreak and most of all Doubt.

Doubt of love , doubt of hope , doubt of having a good life but hope .

The Love Story Of Layla And Mika'il Would Be Told From Generation To Generation.

And their lives will be a symbol of love , hope , faith and happiness .

The Jade green eyes and The Crystal blue eyes , would make history of their own and they would be a family legend of their own.

In the Name Of Allah The Most High , Layla and Mika'il would live through every barricade , against their love life.

" I ignored you, not because I didn't like you , but because, I believed that I didn't deserve you "

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