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In a world where lack of everything persisted in a young man's early adulthood, his unexpected success in different careers should have given him contentment and satisfaction. The enjoyment of such achievements should have given him the completeness that he so crave, but it made him sank further in sadness and sorrow.

Romance / Drama
Raqq Tuls
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The Controversies

The video was all over the internet almost in all platforms of social media. It had created a national brouhaha of some sort that was further magnified by the entertainment media particularly by the scribes in show business where licentious reporting had been the norm lately.

The focus of the fuss was the popular and loved by the countless adoring fans, basketball star Marlon Mierdo, in his involvement in a recorded clip of a short video with a Caucasian girl—who turned out to be the daughter of the first secretary of the French embassy named Georgina—dancing in a very seductive form of rhythmical dance movement called samba that included slow sensual gyration that touched the hips and thighs of both partners. The particular portion of the video that aroused so much attention was in the few seconds of movement when Marlon slowly moved away from his dance partner after they rendered a forward, backward and circle movement of their hips to the sudden focused of the camera’s lens on Marlon’s crotch showing the unmistakable bulging of his front. Georgina was shown laughing uncontrollably while Marlon turned his back from the camera and stayed standing with a bowed head obviously looking at his lower portion of his torso. The last scene was when Georgina went to embrace Marlon from behind.

If the involved personality was not Marlon Mierdo, it would have created not much of a ho-hum, but because it was Marlon, the video created a sensation. It overshadowed even the news of politics and dominated the headline photos of every tabloid for nearly a week.

Marlon seemed to be followed by controversies in the last few months. The last known controversy was not of his own making. It started when the boyfriend of Grace Montiero, a daughter of a socialite, accused Marlon of attempting to wreck their relationship. It was instantly the feature of entertainment reportage. The subsequent episode made the piece spicy and intriguing when Grace defended Marlon and denied her boyfriend’s accusation. She further accused her boyfriend of peddling an unwarranted, baseless and shameless accusation.

Grace, 18 and Marlon, 20 were acquaintance some say they were close friends. That friendship started when Marlon had become a college basketball hotshot, and had started to climb the social ladder of the elite. Of course it was not his intention to be a social climber, but the members of the elite were the ones who wanted to embrace his presence. He was once taken in tow by the brother of his coach to a party celebrated in a prestigious hotel, and because Marlon had already created a name and also because—and this is the most obvious reason—he was the personification of an Adonis, he became the party’s attraction especially the attention accorded him by the girls. It was in that party that Marlon was introduced to Grace and the latter introduced him to her coterie of friends. That started the friendship between them. There was a photo in one of their groups out of town sortie taken in an airport lounge where Marlon was talking on his cell phone and Grace was a short distance from him looking intently on Marlon’s face. After the publication of that picture the rumors began. It was these rumors that made Grace’s boyfriend lost his top and made that accusation. It was somehow associated to ones insecurity.

The story of Marlon was not unique. It all began when his mother, a very interesting woman of 40, and a very dedicated mother and housewife, pushed Marlon to take an entrance exam at the University of Q.

“Mother, taking an exam where there is no chance that I could ever enroll is just a waste of time. How I am supposed to support myself?” Marlon said, protesting his mother’s pressure on him to take the exam.

“Just try to take it, if you passed then we’ll think about it afterwards.” said Lucinda, Marlon’s mother.

“Mother, I don’t know if this is a comedy or a tragedy. How could the family live if I have to go to school and leave my work. Who would support you? Father? Randy? Where will you get everything that the family needs specially father’s if I’m out of here.”

“You worry too much, son, just take the test then we’ll talk about the rest later.”

Marlon was given a transport fare and an allowance for meals by his very considerate mother, and off he went taking an early morning bus ride and graciously endured the torture on his butt in a one and a half journey to Manila.

As fate has it, Marlon passed the exam. His mother came home one day excitedly waving a print out of the result and presented it to her son.

“Where did you get this? Marlon asked his mother astonished.

“Ah, I have my ways,” Lucinda said.

“Mother you’re really something.” Marlon said, smiling from ear to ear. “Well, now what?” Lucinda gave her son a quixotic look and Marlon gave her a brooding smile.

That was that. Marlon did not get to enroll and still continued his work earning for the family. Marlon worked as a mechanic in the same shop where his father used to work before he suffered a debilitating illness that affected his spine and put him to bed for the rest of his life. There was a chance that he could walk again if he could be operated on, but where would the family get the money for such an operation and for medication. They could have it if Marlon had only controlled his temper and not sent that aspiring boxer to the hospital. That aspiring boxer (only he was the one who knew that he was going to enter a ring soon) had a body of a bulldog, but a bulldog with a short limb. He was really short, less than 5 feet tall.

Marlon was only 18 then, with a smooth muscled frame though somewhat skinny, and a 5 feet 7 inches height; he was quite tall with his age. He had just arrived from a band practice, which he did in his spare time, (Marlon had met friend who invited him to join his band because someone informed him that Marlon was an excellent guitarist; he was indeed.) when a teen friend of his brother informed him that Bryan was being taunted and harassed while playing basketball at the village court.

Marlon went right away to the where his brother was. He was not thinking of any violence; he only wanted to convince his brother to leave the place and go home or look for some other court to play. When he arrived, there was already a brawl between his brother and the aspiring boxer and the former was the underdog. His brother was being mauled. Nobody in his right mind would let his brother be turned into a pulp by a bulldog, so Marlon came out roaring like a bull attacking the cape of a matador. It only took one straight punch to the jaw and the would-be boxer went kissing the pavement. He was unconscious when they rushed him to the hospital. Marlon was stunned.

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