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Charli and Chases love story and Dixie and Noah love story U find out how all of the couples met and their lifes

Charli Damelio
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Chapter 1 Inroduction

One day there was this girl named Charli And her sister Dixie. Charli and Dixie love to make tik toks and vlog a lot but they really want to find their true love .Here's their story.

Charli-Dixie so My followers think im dating someone what the hell do i say
Dixie-Say "actually im not dating no one yet but i really hope soon" tell them that okay
Charli-Okay thanks sis btw when are u gonna tell Noah u like him
Dixie-When i feel like it
Charli-okay ima tell them what u said and Addison is coming over with Bryce,Noah,Chase,Avani,Anthony,and Madi,and Her new boyfriend.
Charli goes And makes the tik tok and Then a few hrs later everyone comes
Addison-Hi charli
Bryce-Hi charli
Chase-Hi charli
Avani-Hola Senoria
Anthony-Sup charli
Noah-Hi dixie and charli
Charli&Dixie-Hi guys come in
They come in and play games the first Game
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