His Temptress

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Ilham Hafiz Salam is a 20 year old professional doctor and surgeon at Princess Diana Hospital. What happens when she donates her blood to save one of her patients who unknown to her is the handsome but dangerous drug lord and Mafia king Omar Mohammed Akhir who is the crown prince of Turgistan ? When Omar falls in love with the doctor who attended to him when he was injured, he decides to make her mine no matter what. Whether she likes it or not she must be his !!!! When she finally falls in love with him, he does a grave sin on her and she's already pregnant with his child. Will she forgive him and let their love lead or will their love story come to a sad end?

Romance / Erotica
Elham Mohammed
Age Rating:

Chapter One

"Bring the patient here now! " I ordered.

"He's losing a lot of blood doctor , he needs an urgent donation. But his blood group is O and is currently unavailable in the hospital " the nurse said in a panicking voice.

"What ?! Send in another surgeon. I'm going to have to donate my blood since we both have the same blood type. Hurry up and start the process" I hollered at the nurses.

I can't afford another life to be lost today. Looking at the man lying on the surgery bed awaiting his life to be taken, I realised that he was too handsome for me to let him die.

Hard Luck Death! Come Back Later!

The substitute surgeon was there in a flash. I lay down while my blood was tranfuse into the unknown man lying beside me.

I'm happy to have saved his life.

After 4 hours...

Finally the surgery was over and the man was asleep. I was as weak as new born baby. I needes to rest.

"Doctor Ilham, you really need to take these iron pills and eat this food , so that you regain your lost blood " my friend and fellow doctor Hayat said.

She was the first female friend I had since I moved here. She has been really nice to me and I had seen a sister I never had in her.

"C'mon Hayat. No need for formalities, you know that one day you'll also get where I am ? And thank you for the food and the pills" I said as I took the items she brought to me in my office.

I was above Hayat at our workplace but I had utmost respect for her like she was my equal. She was 5 years older than me but still treated me like her elder sister.

"Anyways Ily ", she called me by my nickname. I knew what was coming next. Anytime she called me by my nickname, it meant she was going to talk about a guy.

I rolled my eyes at her and interrupted

"Hayat! I told you that I'm not going out with any of those playboys".

She looked disappointed. She has been trying to hook me up with some guys ever since she learnt that my ex run away with my then bestfriend.

"What if I told you that, the patient you donated blood to is a billionaire who is single?" .

OMFG this girl is so unbearable. I can't believe she wants me to date my patient.

"Look Hayat , I swear to Allah, if ever I'm ready to date anyone, you'll be the first person I'll contact" I assured her, trying to get her mind off that topic.

"C'mon Ily , look at you . Wide hips, small waist, pink plump lips, mesmerising blue eyes , cute dimples and a 5 foot 4 height , which man won't want you ? You have to move on in life if not you'll grow old and your parents will curse you for not getting married " she said a bit annoyingly. She hated it when I didn't want to listen to her advice.

And trust me , if I ever tried to defy her advice, she would make sure that every single member of my family know why I hated guys.

It was kinda funny because I don't understand how it concerns her if I dont date but still I had to do this little bit for her.

"Alright Hayat, just let me rest.I'm still tired. We'll go fetch me a boyfriend once I get better" I said to her liking.

"Ata girl, now let me leave you and go get myself busy"

"Whatever! Bye ! " I shooed her out of my office.

That girl is really crazy but I love her so much ❤

She's my diamond in the rough.

I never want to see her sad.

I just hope that this new relationship I'm going in search of is going to make me forget about Jamal.

Oh Jamal! That bastard who run away with my ex bestfriend. I loved him with every thing I had but it wasn't enough for his barbaric d*ck.

I thank ALLAH for not letting him take my v-card.

I believe strongly that I will one day find a man who will cherish me and never hurt me.

Hello lovelies ❤. I hope you love my new story. It's going to be a rough and hard lovestory. Please like and comment on the book. And please follow my account for notifications on this book and others.



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