The Awkward Boy's Crush (BoyxBoy)

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Chapter 2

So another day. How many days has it been already? A week, I guess, since I started. Most of those days, I was busy catching up, getting used to the school and setting up my room and the house. I talked to really few students here. They seemed nice.

I came in a bit early today ’cause I had to talk to my biology teacher about the chapters I missed. It’s a pretty normal sight here in the class; the two dudes are bickering still. It doesn’t look that serious. Some girls occupying the last benches, and seem to be engrossed in their gossip, looks like one of them is narrating a story or something. There was another group of guys and girls, some standing, some sitting on benches and desks. There’re few loners and a group of boys in the middle discussing something.

I took a seat in the middle column in one of the middle rows. Then I heard what they were discussing. Honestly, I thought they would be discussing something irrelevant or stupid. But they seem pretty interesting to me. I felt bad for judging them.

“Of course, it’s tiger. Tiger is the best and the strongest. It’s a symbol of strength in a lot of cultures,” said a dude proudly. He has an athletic build and a deep voice. And a nice hairstyle; straight clove brown hair with close cropped sides, not too much; just enough.

“No, lions are the king of the forest,” said the dude who was facing him, standing with his arms crossed. It’s David. One of the guys I’ve talked to. He’s tall and lean with cropped hair brushed back angularly and low fade sides. It suits him. A little more toned and sturdier than tiger dude.

“A tiger can obviously kick a lion’s ass. It could rip skin off your bone by licking, that’s how rough and strong its tongue is!” Both of them looked ready to argue. Yeah, I’ve read the tongue thing before and tigers obviously larger. A tiger could technically win in a one-on-one fight.

“I still like cheetahs more, they’re gorgeous. And of course the fastest,” another sitting on the chair backwards to face them, cut in. He had light brown, chestnut hair which looked stunning as the sun rays shone on it. And a gracious smile to go with it.

Another boy with glasses said, “I really wanna see them in real life, I wish they weren’t so threatened.” He’s cute. Everyone agreed with him. His glasses look great on him. His short side swept bangs make him cuter. He’s my height, or maybe a bit shorter.

One of the two dudes that don’t get along butts in, “Orcas are the best.” He’s tall and lean with well-distinguished, firm muscles. Standing there with his arms crossed, made his biceps flex. He’s really friendly and cheerful as he talked to me once or twice. He has a nice innocent smile. Which he’s not. I forgot his name. Was it Merlin? It started with an M.

“But they’re jerks like you,” said his archenemy. He glared at orca and turned away. M really never leaves him alone, but he’s always ready with his snarky tongue... sometimes the shoe as well.

“Hmm but you like me, anyway.” He tried saying this with all nonchalance he could muster to hide his grin.

“I swear I won’t miss your face this time”, his nemesis said, glaring daggers at him. He has a handsome face, but he gets angry so easily and he frowns a lot. His face always holds a certain level of hostility in it. Orca sure know how to rile him up.

This seemed fun, really. I couldn’t resist smiling.

Then someone with an entirely different view said, “But imagine a predator than can fly, has vision 5 to 8 times better and wider than normal humans. I choose eagles and hawks. Especially the red tailed hawk. Gorgeous.” All of them hummed. He has a calm voice. Deep, a little gruff edging on husky. I couldn’t see him. David was obstructing my view.

“Interesting and cool.” Don’t know why they’re discussing this, but they’re pretty chill. Then it hit me.

Their heads snapped in my direction, and now they’re totally focusing on me. I hate this kind of scrutiny. Awkward and embarrassing. I’m a weirdo, aren’t I. That’s what they’re thinking. ‘who’s this weirdo listening in on us. New kid is weird.’ that must be their thought. I should say something, right? Or they’d judge me more.

“I mean ... yeah, they’re really cool. Predator birds are awesome. I love owls. They got one of the best visions even though they’re far-sighted and there’re really few birds with binocular vision, anyway. They can focus really fast and can spot a mouse in a football stadium in total darkness with just a candle. We can never imagine seeing that clearly at night. They got super hearing too. Also, they don’t just hoot and not all of them have the same hoot you hear in movies. They look gorgeous when they fly and their flight... is ... silent.” Shit, I rambled again. The hell. I babbled and now they’re staring at me. “So yeah...“. I glanced at them, all nervous and tensed.

And then everybody agreed. Some said ‘cool’ with a hint of amusement. The boy with glasses nodded and smiled. Tiger, lion, cheetah, orca, everyone agreed and smiled. I released a breath I didn’t know I was holding and visibly relaxed. Phew.

Then I looked at the boy who liked hawks. He looks cool. Didn’t imagine him to be taking part in a discussion like this. I mean he can, but he doesn’t look like he’d talk about something like this.

He had a smirk on, but not the evil kind. Somehow it looked good on him. He narrows his eyes and looked away, “Owls have been the symbol of victory and also death... which makes them cooler.” He says it so casually. Damnnn. The way he said it sounds so cool. His friends were impressed too. I take back what I said. He knows his stuff.

Somehow, I hadn’t noticed him at all before. Not just now, but the entire week I’ve been here. He’s probably taller than me. He’s lean but looks fit. His shirt sleeves rolled up perfectly to his forearm; he’s sitting with his arms crossed, making his biceps trace defined curves. He has an aura of nonchalance around him. His jet black hair is a little long and tousled in a good way with a few strands on his temple. He brushed it off with grace. I make my hair worse if I run my fingers through it, but he makes it cool. Since he’s not looking at me now, I can’t tell about his eyes. But his face has really sharp features. He’s paler than me, which goes really well with his hair. Ahem moving on.

Tiger dude now looks at me and says, “New kid, you’re cool. What’s your name? I’m Duke.” He smiled and waved at me.

Smiling, I told him my name and then they started introducing themselves. David was the one going on about lions, cheetah dude is Ezra and cute guy is Felix. Orca dude is Marvin, and his nemesis is Lance. What a fitting name.

Now it’s hawk dude’s turn.

He looked at me, his indifferent gaze resting on me for a few seconds and said “I’m Kairn.” And turned away.

He’s weird. But I’m probably weirder.

“We call him Kai.” He gave a curt nod. I nodded at David.

We started talking. And talked for a while. Kairn didn’t really contribute to the chatter. He would look out the window sometimes, nod at his friends or glance at me, but would look away the very second. Yeah, I’m the new kid. I observed them too, answering their questions, but they mostly talked among themselves. Students kept filling in and two other dudes joined us, Ryan and Liam. Some girls greeted them too. Maya and Lia, as they’ve introduced themselves to me, joined in too. Then the bell finally rang. This was nice. I made friends. I can’t tell about hawk dude, but everyone else seemed to like me.

When the class finally started, I noticed Kairn sitting in the column beside me, a row ahead of mine. Since it’s not hot these days, they kept the windows open. The morning sunlight beamed through the curtains and windows with a warm glow, giving the entire room a cosy feeling. Mesmerising. My life didn’t seem so grey for a few moments. Then I glanced at him. He seems to enjoy being alone. I know he gets along with everyone as I saw him talking to others when they talked to him, but he looked like he’d rather be alone. Maybe he was the mysterious cool guy type. Girls would like him. He’s like those guys in those black and white aesthetic pictures. He would look great though.

Then just for a second he turned, and I looked directly at him, our eyes locking. Maybe he felt my gaze. Way to be inconspicuous. I hope he doesn’t think I’m creepy. Looking at him, at that moment, I couldn’t help but look at him. The warm beam of light, his hair, his eyes. He looked gorgeous. The sun on his face made him look so aesthetic. Damn, he even has perfect eyebrows. His eyes looked like pools of sweet honey in the sunlight, which seemed to fall specially on him like a spotlight, making the entire room fade into background. There was a gleam in those eyes which were almost instantly concealed by indifference. He actually has gentle eyes. Captivating.

He turned away almost immediately. Yep, he most definitely thinks I’m creepy.

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