The Awkward Boy's Crush (BoyxBoy)

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Chapter 3

It was now the last class of the day, and we were in the chemistry laboratory. After Physics class sucked out half of my soul, practical class feels like finding an oasis in a desert. Whoever kept Lab class after Physics, I bless you with immunity from getting your toe stubbed for a month. I cannot take another theory class. Though it’d have been better if I had this class before so I could skip.

I’ll have to ask David or Duke about skipping classes. I’ve talked to them a lot since that day. It’s feels like we’re close friends now. Felix helped a lot with the notes and the chapters I missed. Ezra is a really fun guy too. He’s the golden boy, I guess, spreading his smile everywhere. Everybody loves him. Kairn rarely talks much by himself, but he does participate in discussions when asked for his opinion and he seems to be willingly hanging out with the guys more these days, compared to him being alone when others aren’t talking to him.

Now we were just recalling random funny stories about ourselves. David just started laughing, and it was so hard to understand what he was trying to say, “You remember the time.... hahahaaha....“. Duke finally finished David’s story about how he called his house phone and posed as his girlfriend using voice changer, claiming her boyfriend cheat on her with her best friend.

“It’s only funny to him,” Duke said in a sour tone. Felix and Ezra told their awkward stories too. I told them about the time when I asked a cross-eyed person where he’s looking at while talking to me. I swear I didn’t know he was squint in both eyes.

“Wow, that must’ve been awkward,” Ezra said, laughing at my stupidity. “Yeah, I wish I could say I’m desensitised of these embarrassing situations by now, but I’m not,” I said shrugging. Even Kairn smiled, he really has a pleasant smile. We focused on our experiment for a while after that.

As usual, Marvin kept bugging Lance. “How ’bout this? Are you full of Beryllium, Gold and Titanium. Because you’re Be Au Ti... full.” Lance always looks about ready to punch him. But he doesn’t really react much. This did seem weird. Others noticed it too.

“I mean we’re in chemistry lab... I used a chemistry pick up line...” Lance just shrugged and focused on getting exactly 10mL of solution in the pipette. Marvin frowned for a few seconds... then smirked?

“Oh, come on, anyone would fall for me, I don’t even need to use pickup lines, they’re for memes, anyway.” I don’t really see where this is going, but Marvin Lance drama is the best. I’m pretty sure Marvin won’t stop till he gets his reaction. Front row seats, yay! Where’s the popcorn?

Marvin then turned to Felix with his innocent not-so-innocent smile, “I got one for you. Are you made of Copper and Tellurium? ’Cause you’re so CuTe.” There were some snickers and laughs. Maya and Lia and few girls close to our table awwed. And Felix was flustered. He is cute.

Ezra said, “Yeah, he is Sodium Cute,” while looking at Felix blushing and smiled.

Duke agreed while laughing, “yeah, he is”.

All of us laughed too, keeping it on down low so the teacher doesn’t notice. There’s no lab assistant today and our table is relatively farther. They get Felix so easily. Poor guy. David and Duke high fived Ezra and Marvin.

“See, I’m a total 10.” Marvin stated all proud, styling his hair with his fingers.

“Yeah, on a pH scale. ’Cause you’re basic.” Lance finally piped in with a smug smile. And there it is.

There were a bunch of oofs and oohs. Duke high fived Lance, and David patted his shoulder. Everyone broke into a series of laughs and snickers, Marvin among them. I noticed Kairn smiling too. All this time, he focused primarily on the experiment, but I guess he was listening in as well. I’ve established that he doesn’t really ‘not like’ me, but maybe he doesn’t really care either. I mean, he did offer his biology notes, but Felix was already helping me.

The teacher finally noticed and rebuked with frustration. Guess she’s done for the day too. We then concentrated on getting the titration experiment right. Kairn was the first to finish. He really got it right on the first try itself. His solution in the conical flask changed from colourless to pink perfectly after one drop from the burette.

“You’re good at this.”

“Thanks.” he said looking at his flask. He then looked away, towards the window. Okay...

“You’re doing good too.” He said in a low voice, still glancing outside.

“Thanks, Kairn.” That was nice of him, I guess.

We got it after a few tries too. Kairn went to help the girls beside our table when they asked for his help. Two of them had a dreamy look in their eyes. I mean, yeah, he looks good.

“Hey Marc, it’s David’s birthday this Saturday. We’re celebrating at the mall. He had a big party last year with a lot of guys and girls but he wants to celebrate with us guys this year. I think Ryan and Liam will join us as well. You should join us, it’ll be like a guys’ night out. It’ll be a fun evening.” Duke said, all smiles.

David agreed, “Yeah we could play for a while at the arcade, have snacks and then dinner at the rooftop restaurant there, I really like it. I just wanna have a quiet and fun birthday this time. No alcohol, hookah and other stuff.”

Not that I’ve tried all of those before, just Breezer (it’s an alcopop) and light stuff. Smoke even from artificial flavoured hookah causes headaches for me. “Yeah sure it’ll be fun, I haven’t been to many such get-togethers and food yay!” They chuckled, and I grinned back.

“Yeah free food! I’m gonna eat just fruits and have cereal on Saturday so I can stuff my face in the evening.” Marvin told us his plan for the day. All the guys chuckled. Even Lance smiled. Ezra agreed with all his heart, told him he should try it out too and we could go to that ‘all you can eat buffet’ place next time. Then they started talking about the best food in town and I took some mental notes. Kairn just joined our table again.

Duke immediately spoke up, “Kai, you have to join us this time, it’s not even a big party, just us guys and Marc is joining us too. You always cancel the very day or make up some excuse.” Kairn shrugged nonchalantly, peering at me for a millisecond, and looked away.

He looked like he was debating in his mind for a few seconds and agreed, “Okay, sure. When and where?” Maybe he doesn’t really like parties. The guys were excited, and we talked some more till the bell rang, the teacher not bothered with the noise the students were making in the least.

“We’ll do tests for aldehydes and ketones in the next class. And you have to submit the record of this experiment as well.” The teacher screamed while everyone was in a hurry to leave, totally ignoring her.

I joined Ezra, Felix and Lance. They seemed busy discussing something. It was already warmer now, and I was exhausted, I could just sleep on the grass right now. “Hey, don’t you have an extra class for Biology with us. It was for the Biotech chapters. Lance, Duke and Kairn have that class too. Those are some pretty important chapters. They have to catch up with course plan too,” Felix said, facing me. Of course. How can I forget we have extra classes?

“Yeah, I guess I’ll see you guys again.” They continued with their discussion. Kairn was just leaving too, the others ahead of us.

“See you later.” I told him with a smile.

“Yeah.” He mumbled with a wave, turned and left.

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