The Awkward Boy's Crush (BoyxBoy)

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Chapter 5

The sound of alarm is the worst sound ever, it fricking gives me anxiety. It feels like a stampede in my gut. It takes five minutes, at least, to calm my stomach down. I never admitted, but I’m scared of alarm sounds. Terrified. I even tried using a song I like as the alarm, I started hating that song. I finally woke up after rolling around in bed for a while. It really takes some willpower to get out of bed on holidays. Sometimes I plop down again for a few times before finally getting out of bed.

It’s a pleasant Saturday morning, I set the alarm for 9 AM on my phone but it’s 10 AM now. I slept late last night, after wishing David and chatting with the guys.

After brushing my teeth and washing my face, I was at the table. I’ll just shower later. Mom and Dad already had breakfast, I guess. But Dad was still reading his newspaper and mom was talking to aunt on the phone. I guess they woke up late too ’cause they were tired arranging the house. We’re all lazy, to be honest. We still haven’t set up the whole place after a month. The packers and movers helped with the furniture, but we had to unpack the others boxes and set up all the stuff .

“Marc, I know I’ve been busy with work and the house. You told me some stuff about school, but I want the details, son. Are you having any problems now? Are they treating you well?” Dad said still reading his newspaper, I know half of what I’m gonna say will just bounce back. But it looks like he genuinely wants to know.

“I like it. I mean, I don’t have that computer science teacher, so that’s a real upgrade. I missed Books and others a lot at first, but I met a really friendly group of guys as I’ve told you guys. They helped me catch up, the teachers helped as well. Speaking of, it’s David’s birthday today. We’re gonna celebrate at the mall and have dinner there. I told you before. I’ll be late.” I said, focusing on food.

Mon cut the call while I was talking. “That’s alright, if it’s the mall. You aren’t lying about that, right? What if you go to some club or underground party, drink and do drugs?” Dad nodded. He folded his newspaper and set it down slowly while looking at me to look intimidating. So dramatic.

“Mom, why would I lie, I don’t even go to parties, I hate them anyway. I have the social skills of a dehydrated slug. It’s the mall, and no, I won’t be dead or wake up in a ditch the next morning.”

“Hmm alright, are you buying him something? Do you want extra money?” Dad asked.

“Yeah, all the guys are gifting him a set of picture frames. And we’ll take a last picture there for the photo in the middle. It’s fine, I’ve already have some saved.”

“Aww reminds me of my student days. We made a collage like that. I should call Jennie, it’s been so long.”

I spent the rest of the day watching TV, listening to music and doing some homework. (“I feel like I became a zombie, not alive but I’m still walking. When the sunrise is upon me, I’ll be waiting for the day to pass by, oh why?“) I was was going through my clothes while listening to music and singing along, trying to decide what to wear. It reminded me of the time Kairn caught me singing. Smiling, I thought, Hmm, should I wear the white tee or the black one. Finally, I chose the white T-shirt. It has ‘let’s handle this like adults’ with rock, paper and scissors hand gestures on it. I really liked it, it’s kinda funny. I wore a navy blue shirt over it and blue jeans.

(“I became a zombie, and there’s nothing that can cure me. So tomorrow I know I’ll be just the same, you’ll see me wishing to stop and close... my eyes.”)


When I reached the mall, David, Duke and Ezra were already there waiting on a bench and laughing about something. All of them in casual clothes, but Duke wore a T-shirt with David’s face on it. What why?

“Hey guys, Happy birthday David. What’re you guys talking about? And what is that?”

“Thanks Marc, oh it was about Duke’s birthday. He passed out first on his birthday and didn’t remember most of it the next day. But he promised he would wear a t-shirt with my face on it on my birthday. I don’t remember how we got there. He has terrible alcohol tolerance. It was just beers. And why’re you so embarrassed? It should be me, it’s my face on your T-shirt. Don’t know why I agreed then either. I don’t think I was that drunk. It must’ve seemed like a good idea then.” David said while laughing and pausing for a moment to catch his breath in the middle. He always does that when something is funny to him. Whatever he says gets hard to understand, but I’ve gotten better at that.

“Well, it was a lot of beers and yes, it’s embarrassing.” Duke said shaking his head.

Lance joined us now. “Nice T-shirt... Oh we’re talking about Duke’s birthday. It was so dumb. You did some dumb shit, and we were dumb too for not recording all of it and joining you. Felix and I had to take David and Marvin to my place ’cause apparently we were the only responsible ones. I know Marc is one of us responsible ones. Kai, Liam and Ryan left before shit hit the roof. And I wanted to punch the others for leaving us with you dodos. And Marvin the moron was the worst,” Lance concluded, shaking his head. It looked like he was reminiscing about something by the end. He didn’t sound frustrated or angry when he said that. Lance says and does cryptic stuff sometimes. Or it’s just me, but I don’t get it.

“Hey what’d I do now? I just joined you guys.” Marvin said with a hint of amusement, and of course grinning.

“It’s the stuff you always do.”

“But that’s one of my charms, babe. Admit it, you never get bored.”

“Why the fuck do you call me that you birdbrain! I told you to stop, it’s dumb. You wanna get punched in public? I don’t care if I get thrown out.”

“I’ll just say I don’t know you two if that happens.” David said ’cause it looked like Marvin hit a nerve. We agreed. I guess Lance is embarrassed Marvin said it in a public place and he’s been calling him babe often.

“’Cause I want to. And it’s fun. I’ll be totally okay with getting thrown out with you. I can add it to our list of adventures.” Marvin said like it’s the most natural thing ever.

And they started again.

Felix, Ryan, and Liam joined us later. Kairn was late.

“What should we do first?” Ezra asked, ignoring the bickering. We’re all pretty used to it now.

“Let’s go to WTF, it must be dance night today.” Duke suggested.

“What? What is that?” Who names their club that? It’s so lame. How old are they, twelve? And there’s a club at the mall?

“Oh, it’s We the Foodies. Yeah, I know. It’s like a restaurant, but it has an open space in the middle, so it’s like a club on weekends.” Liam explained.

“Nah it was boring. Let’s just go to the arcade. Have snacks and play. We can go to The Beer Club and drink a little too. You guys can have mocktails if you don’t want to drink. They have a large variety.” Ezra voiced his opinion. Not that I wanted to drink.

“I’m happy with boba.” Felix shrugged.

“Yeah, I love boba too.” It’s awesome. The feeling of bubbles bursting in my mouth gives me more joy than I it should.

The discussion stopped before it even started as Kairn finally joined us. “Sorry I’m late.” He said, trying to smile. He wore a black T-shirt and ripped jeans. Though it looks like he put some effort into his hair. Cool.

“It’s fine. At least you’re here.” Ryan said laughing. He nodded and shrugged.

“David what do you wanna do?“, Felix asked him.

“Yeah whatever birthday boy wishes.” Duke agreed.

“Yeah let’s go to the game zone. Bowling first.”

Damn, I suck at bowling.

Song used :

- Zombie by Day6

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