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Mehta Sengupta a clumsy yet intelligent girl always in have a smiling face a girl who wants everything perfect friends she loves them all but above that her mind always stays at one sentence that her mum repeats" your husband will die or leave you" Sarthak Banerjee a boy who always wants a wife to be care free liberal not a typical housewife has her own thoughts....he wants to cherish that lady till eternity.... They will soon be in an arranged marriage before even meeting the girl Sarthak a perfect man got refused from the girl he was about to meet Can he find out her insecurity or her mum's incoherent words makes these 2 person forced to be apart

Romance / Drama
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Dreamy Mehta

It was a long lost day for Mehta as usual she got insulted from her parents particularly mum.....she is a messed up clumsy girl yet she was pretty good in her subjects...but her economics was very weak...concepts of Macroeconomics always made her upset....making her the wish how to solve this...boring subjects...looking around her friends she often realised if god gifted her with that kind of brain. Now a days her favourite work was to study english and hindi....geography history never bored her soul but yes she always worked hard on them......she was a carefree girl with smiley face...a little bit crazy but ambitions where high to achieve always dreamt of a perfect life partner, a good job, a perfect family and marriage.....what’s wrong to think like that but sometimes small small words penetrate the soul in such a way that sometimes our little perfect dreams gets crushed same happened with her sometimes....her family was perfect she loved them dearly maybe she is not like them does not mean she will become a divorced girl in near future......she was a never soft spoken girl but her mind was always beautiful by beauty she was average or below average she believed....she always lived in her world her world consist of perfect......she wanted to achieve everything perfect....she loved music,dancing a normal 17 years old girl.....who believed that her parents are the best parents they scold her sometimes for her bit tardiness but she never took it in heart afterall she got a perfect family.....but not most of the times she found her parents where angry with her...what is a fault of class 12 girl if she studies at night but for her mum it was like she does nasty things
Now its actually a typical kind of Bengali family where the mum wants her daughter to be very successful in life....Mehta's mum Sudeshna Sengupta wanted same for her single child daughter Mehta but due to her tardiness or laziness makes her mother scream to that extent where she says her daughter that she will never happily married.....Mehta's soul always cried and felt sorry for that person who will be coming in her life as her better half
Mehta's grandma Garima Dasgupta was her best friend who can understand how deeply these words can stab a teen girl's heart she always saw her friends in relation but wanted her husband to be everything for her...she waited for her prince charming....when she heard girls are getting divorced or their husbands are cheating on them she in her mind wanted that her husband should always love her...and tell her the cause of pain..They will have a lovey dovey relation she will never disappoint him......
Her Board exams of class 12 got ended Mehta was happy her exams were over now her next step was to get in a desired college but she wanted to study outside Kolkata to explore that state...she got chance in JNU DELHI in English she was happy life didnot have future insults of her on that place alone taught her to be self independent...responsible yet she was carefree fun loving a massive food holidays she would go and visit her parents they were happy....she even started to work in Banerjee Software an intern a multi billionaire company in India. Sarthak Banerjee was the CEO girls used to be at his feet to be his wife but he was only 26 and with his sweat and blood he builded this company with his friends and sister
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