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A life with inner fights

Sarthak Banerjee was the CEO girls used to be at his feet to be his wife but he was only 26 and with his sweat and blood he built this company with his along 5 friend Rakesh Mukesh Ankana Jaydeep and Deepankar. Now u will imagine a girl out of 6 boys yes...Ankana was Sarthak's sister she was a dedicated hard worker.....and also a MBA she was also have been in relation with Deepankar...they were the main directors of the company.

Mehta knew her degree was quite confident that her degree will help her to come out in flying colors in the interview....the girl never felt bad if somebody spoke bad about her...her mum once again on the interview day reminded her....that she will never get this job as she will be an ill fate for the company...she can't do any work without creating any mess....tears rolled down her cheek but she was strong willed and did not give a ear to her mum's bad mouth. She got ready wore her saree, jhumkas and two bangles and ran for the interview....she appeared in the reception hall and asked the receptionist "Ma'am...I have come for the interview in the HR name is Mehta Sengupta "....the receptionist smiles and said "Miss u will be interviewed by directors and CEO himself please go over there"...she saw girls coming out with teary eyes....they wore too revealing dresses for the interview.....she was thankful to almighty that she wore a simple yellow saree which was looking alright with her complexion....she took her CV out and sat on the sofa...she heard her name was called she went inside and gave her CV to the directors...

Sarthak was literally impressed with her CV and other 5 directors including Ankana as she was the one who will be handling the upcoming files and projects....her CV showed that she also once worked as a news reporter in All India Radio...and also give people amazing tips in radio...she was actually loved radio jockey by people who used to listen the radio....they were the fact lots of people were her fans....the way she made the shows popular and attractive to hear no one could do that....when she was asked question by the different directors she replied them confidently....they immediately gave her the job...

She was very quiet girl as soon as she started working always dressed in simple clothes....worked dedicatedly in office she was still pursuing her further degree in English she shifted to a small apartment near her office....she was in a good relation with her papa...sometimes she spoke with him and tell him about her job education...her life was just going on the other hand her mum...spoke to her now-a-days in decent manner without scolding her...but still her mind could not overcome those harsh words....insulting her always...making her feel so low...yet she loved her dearly....sometimes a little bit of distance tend to make things smoother

Sarthak who was an arrogant businessman and did not take office works lightly....and was strict with his employees and could not take tardiness.....Sarthak also ensured every employee of his company should give 100% effort....Mehta gave her 100%...she sincerely did her duties even the HR head was impressed by her.

One day the there was a presentation in Bangalore so Sarthak and other members decided that this time Mehta will go with Sarthak to Bangalore....more over the strong willed CEO had some little liking for she joined him

Sarthak said "Miss Sengupta...the HR Director and other few officials have finally taken decision to take uh to Bangalore with me....regarding the presentation of Mr Richard's file...he will be also there don't disappoint me". Mehta smiled and her face lit up like a christmas as it would be a plus point in her career so she said "sure sir I will accompany uh for the company".....she went out of the cabin with Richard's file as she was happy.For Sarthak she found out.....his mishti ( a Bengali term used for love ones...or calling a loved person).....he also noticed one thing Mehta was the girl he have been looking for years who once helped him...when he was mourning for the death of his mother....he remembered his mishti has returned but now a beautiful grown up young lady...but the smile was same

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