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First kiss with Sarthak

Mehta was a usual dedicated to her usual working positively Sarthak always used to find it amusing how can a person be so beautiful and hardworking at the same time.....with having no parents it was difficult for him to younger he used to be in search of that girl who once saved him from bullying she was still the most beautiful girl he has ever seen....for Mehta Sarthak was someone she always dreamt in her imagination...a hard working person,with amazing personality for her he was a perfect husband to any wife....but the thought always made her upset....why would someone want her to be her wife...when she just wanted everything as a normal girl dreamt....she always saw herself through the eyes of self criticism...according to her she is the most ugly person....the clumsy and forgetful one...if anyone even marries her that person will die.....yet after knowing all this can she select or dreamt to be with Sarthak......she smiled in her thoughts and internally knew the answer not can someone marry her.....when her mum used to say....u are not those kind of girl who could happily live in her in laws house...
Next day she went to the office sharp at 8am as per the instruction of the directors....she was indeed blessed that she got good education her mum always give importance to education and she was an amazing student....but she always made her remind that she cannot become someone’s better half.......she will be not be a good wife

She went inside Sarthak’s office,Sarthak was happy to see his Mishti coming to the according to him she was a lucky charm for her....looking at her made his day good....his anger and frustrations turns into happiness....Mishti would be the one who holds his soul...he decided to tease her....“Miss Sengupta why is this document not kept in my room”...he started to walk towards her only find her moving backward he would walk ahead and Mehta was finally stuck between the wall and Sarthak her brain cannot work....the sandal wood smell coming from had grasped her in such a way that she was in daze....Sarthak locked the it was beside the wall...he put a hand around her waist and pulled her close to him....Mehta wanted to cut the sexual tension but was unable........she picked her by her waist Mehta wanted to say sarthak that this is wrong but who cares both of them lost in the density of love that words were unable to form.....sarthak wrapped her legs around his waist and put her both hands above her head....and started to kiss and nibbling he once again asked....“where are the documents”...her words were incoherent...she said" mail"...he kissed the size of her lips stating...."my adorable worker"....he smiled and kissed her forehead

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