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Love feels like Magic

When he kissed my forehead...I was lost in the dream spite of my boss he ignited a strange feeling of calmness...for the whole world a person can turn to be arrogant but why for me...he turns to be the soft person??....throughout the day I was myself entangled in the bunch of question.....I went to home and started to listen my favourite FELUDA an amazing creation of Satyajit Ray.....listening them helps me to calm down my mind.....this Sarthak was a strange person...
I made myself a cup of coffee...suddenly my phone started to ring I picked up and noticed the call came from my mum"Look how brilliant your cousin brother rank in Engineering and is going for abroad.....and you always be in India...why did you not just get married....her your aunt is proud of her son but you brought shame on our face....never you used to be sincere in your studies.....what did in Masters in English from JNU did...made you stand no in HR department what big catch u did....a simple HR internship.....that is an useless thing..."before she could say something to me I disconnected the call....again my cousin brother called me and he hurted me a bit but not that is very strange....this time I decided to prove myself an independent girl and no more discouragements in my path

Next day I went to office all night with no sleep has put an exhaustion on my face....completing the files of HR department....Ankana ma'am called me inside and said...."u know Mehta u r not eligible to be the intern of the industry..."....she said this and my world suddenly came to an end..before she could speak.."mam I have been fired on what ground"...she smiled and said"on the ground of hardworking,punctual worker"...and she continued we have decided to appoint u as Sarthak's personal secreatary"..."u cracked brilliantly and would soon be accompanying him in all meetings,ceremonies"...."Here is your joining email...u will be using the new id...and your fingerprint will be taken and then the room of Sarthak's office will open...there will be your office also inside...for further clarification contact Sarthak..he will explain..."

I started crying she thought I was sad...I folding hands..."mam u gave me the respect I worked so hard for.....thank you mam...thank you mam".....she said...."u r respected here...not because u r new comer but a dedicated worker too"I am so happy but I decided not to say my success to my mum and others...I know she would find a way to insult me.....I went to Sarthak sir's office......"Miss Sengupta I am happy...u got the job...congrats!!!"....but u cannot be a lazy load will increase u have to assist all my meetings and schedule"

She smiled and somewhere really Sarthak was too happy...not because she gave her a chance of beauty that he snatched from her...but the way she always made him something important for someone....he knew that she is the one who could give him peace....but one thing always struck his mind.....why is she always office...he saw his CV she belonged from a good family...then why their is always a sheer of unha

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