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"The things you do to me Riel" he says muttering kisses on that spot that drives me crazy. I can't seem to explain this feelings but my emotions blazes when am beside him. "Azrael please you wouldn't want to this right now" I try saying. "I want every inch of you wet with my kisses" he says looking so cute even when he growls. Suddenly I feel a pull inside of me and my body growing hot and heated inside of me. Is driving me insane like my emotions are all about the place and it all hurts. "What's happening Ariel your eyes are glowing and your aurora......" But I can't get him clearly. All I do is shout so loud when the flames come out I get so exhausted and welcome the darkness but I feel his embrace so tight before everything goes dark.................

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Chapter One

"Ariel's POV"

The stench from this horrifying dungeon can't seem let my stomach roaring. The darkness has clouded all my senses. Having on only a ragged gown that barely covers up everything, can say I no longer feel so cold because am used to this harshness. No windows, heavy iron intimidating iron bars is what I call my home. If I was asked to give a biography about my miserable life I would say "Ariel Castiel is cursed" and that would be all.

Don't know how long I've been in here cause days and nights come and go but I don't know the difference, no clue if I'll ever be let out from this terrifying place. When I even try to shut my eyes for a clumsy nap screams are my lullaby. The lock clicks and a tray of malnourished food us pushed towards me like a dog. A slice of bread and water is what I get each day. I wish dead could just come and take me. Am pulled out of my thoughs by the hissing of my name.

"Ariel" I recognize that voice

"Riley is that you" I ask

"Yes I brought an apple for you, a slice of bread won't do you all do" she added

"Thanks Ley"

I met Riley the day I was brought into this dungeon. We were both slaves when we taken from our parents. I wouldn't say parents cause I've got now. Every full moon in the Moon Shadow pack humans are abducted to be the Alpha's whore, maid or slave. Mum Lisa a regular wolf took me in when I was seven from whoever and has trained me into hers until I was abducted.

"Don't tell me your thinking again Riel every thing will be fine" she whispers

"Thanks for being there for me Riley am glad am not dying without someone to moan me" I sobbed but we both get footsteps.

"I have to go see you soon Riel" she whispers and disappears into a passage I didn't realise was there. Then I get the clicks of keys and locks

My clothes are shreds of rags but I don't care anymore because making me feel naked has stripped my dignity away but I won't stop fighting.

"Wench stand" he ordered with a loud thud of a whip on my back

"Owwwww" I cry out.

"You can beat me up all you care but you will never make me what you want cause I have a heart" I spat but that courage ended up with a slap.

"What a spit fire we have here the Alpha would love this surprise" they roared playing with my hair and pulling it making sure it made me scream.

I was chained and dragged to what I assumed the council room. Kneeling down with my head down as a sign of respect. While in the dungeon Riley adviced me never to stare at the alpha in the eyes or you get a hit and always bow to show your loyalty.

"Hazel so what do you think of the slaves" he asks one of the elders

"Let's get from the warriors there know their pick" he grinned

Alpha Emric Windsor has to be known over all territories as a ruthless, and fatal alpha who cares only for his desires and not the pack. So far that has been confirmed true. He turns to his siren ordering him to go on.

"Well Alpha we've got a spit fire here, she had some nerve to talk back at the warriors today"

"Which of them Max" he commanded.

"Her......" He hit my back.

The Alpha grins sheepishly

"What have we got here" he pulls my hair up causing my face to stare up at him not without noticing the colors of my eyes.

"What are you with such eyes" he demanded with a roar.

"A no....body Alpha...." I muttered and bow back

Everybody always scares away from me because of the shade of my eyecolour is so unusual. Its golden yellow with an oval black spot same as my long wavy golden hair which is a wreck now

"What do there call you" he asks

"Ariel Castile"

"Max clean her up send her to the servant quarters, tell Deli to give her a maids gown for now and henceforth your my whore and slave to do with as I please" he chimed

"You can't make me what you want" I stuttered and there goes the hitting and pain

"How dare you speak back at me, I am the Alpha here and I do as I please" he roars with his iris glaring dark but that doesn't seem to scare me don't know why.

"Now get this b*tches out of here and your gonna be dead when am done with you" he spats furiously as am being pulled out

Some words do come out before I can control the feelings don't really know why but my courage is going to endanger me and here comes that terrible feeling....

Hope you like spit fire Ariel?

And what do you think that feeling is?

Hi guys thanks for reading my first book please do like ⭐ and comment so I can get your ideas. Plss follow to get my updates😘😘😘😘

Love you guys
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