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Chapter Two

"Azrael POV"

"Chase can you stop pacing I need to think dude"

"Don't tell you don't feel the heat" my wolf has been pacing all about lately and is getting me all crazy and worked up. For years I've had to rule this pack since I was twenty all this has been without my mate which has been so difficult. But I don't think the moon goddess has been kind enough to me or would want to pair anyone with a beast like me.

Five years back I was vulnerable when I had a family to look after and share all my taughts and live with but that all changed when I lost them to a fatal and raw battle with vamps and witches from different realms. I caught hard to keep everyone safe but I was too late. Being just twenty and had to rule this pack was the hardest decision for me. But like always dad always says "Put the pack first in everything you do". Then I found Aelin daughter of Alpha Mason of Dark Shadow pack. She was pretty in every way the sea blue eyes that drawed me closer each time and her curves in all the right places. But in the end my soul was shattered.

" Flashback"

"Aelin how could you be this heartless, I loved you and gave you my all. I thought we both shared something unique but you betrayed me" I roared trying to hold Chase at bay.

"Azrael V. Romanov you should know we were never mates I was excited and loved the fame you had I was never in love with your heart so man that up" she ranted.

"What...." I slammed the desk how stupid and childish I let a woman have her way with me.

"Of all you betrayed me with Hearst that....." I Was failing the control point.

"Dare not talk about my " Mate " in such manner Azrael" she added protectively.

"Hearst is my mate and presently am carrying his pup" she mumbled but that was loud enough to pierce me deep and release Chase.

I got so mad at her ending her with scratches, I wanted to kill her and Hearst but it took Dane and some of the warriors to calm me down. In months I lost my parents and love. The little light in my heart darkened from that day and I don't regret it.

"End of flashback"

"Man up Azrael the pack needs you to be strong and Luna to lead them" he tried saying

"You don't get to tell me what to do" I hissed with my fists so tight

Dane is my beta and best friend he found his mate two months ago on the rogue territory when we were doing a challenging battle. It was hard for Sophia to accept him which I could see the hurt in him but still he tries each day to meet up and act cool with my behaviour. I have companies all round the world so when am for business trips he controls the pack.

"Oh oh nothing to work out muscles on you have some hot balls taking the stench into this room" he giggled but I ignored that time for business deals

"What are the updates for today's council meeting" I asked.

"When did I become the Alpha to attend Council meetings...." He smirked

"Dane can you be serious dude I have meetings in the companies to attend to you Adonis" I chimed, bringing back the serious face he always gets so worked out when I call him an Adonis

" Azrael you got me there......., the pack house needs and increase in the buildings and refinishing also the medical wing needs to be fully set. Security at the boarders needs to be increase cause of the rogues and other realms" he explained

"Have Selma cast a spell bound at the boarders and place the warriors and trackers to watch out for the rogues"

Am not just a werewolf Alpha with double strength but there is more that I don't want to release.

"Are you up for a run Chase is in a heat and needs a run" I asked but he smirks

"Is it just Chase that is in a heat or you too man, don't be so brave I can see the bulge from here Delilah would do you know" he beamed.

But I don't have the strength for Dane walking out of my office he understood and followed as we went into the woods the cool breeze trying to feel the cool air.

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