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Angel Hart had run away from her pack when her parents were killed, she choose to live in the world of the humans. She lived a quite unobstructed life keeping her head down and staying low key. But when she became the Assistant to the head of the “ Steel Group Of Companies “ Brent Steel, Angel was not under the raider anymore. When she realized who he was she tried to resign but instead she was kidnapped by the Alpha.

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Chapter One.

Angel Hart stood in front of the mirror applying a pink lip gloss on her lips, she did not want to attract too much attention to herself, for the past four years she had been doing this, keeping off the radar. She turned and applied the special skin lotion and perfume she had concocted, it neutralized her scent so she could live her life free and undetected.
Glancing over at the wall clock, she quickly grabbed a matching pink handbag that also matched her slim pants and business jacket, today was her first day as an Assistant Administrator at the Steel Group Of Companies. The supervisor of the building she lived in buzzed her, walking over to the small white intercom box she pressed the button “ Yes “.
“ Miss Hart, the Uber is here you called for.” Came the building Supervisor’s voice.

“ Be right down .” She said. Angel walked over to her door and opened it walking out in the hall she secured it before, making her way to the elevator she pushed the button that would take her to the lobby.
When the door opened with a swish she walked out, placing very dark sunglasses on she waved Politely at the supervisor as she made her way out the entrance of the building and got into the Uber, she sat back and looked out after giving the driver the address of the Steel Group Of Companies.
Four years ago her life was shattered by the ugliness that the humans that she lived among now, knew nothing off. Something sinister and dark that hid in the shadows of the forest, she had once belonged to this darkness.
Angel clenched her hands and fought the impulse to let her beast out, the Uber driver glanced up at her in the rearview mirror, “ Are you, okay Madam .”
When she answered her voice was deeper.” Yes, I’m fine thank you .”
Angel fought the images that had sprung up, if she didn’t her beast would surface, she controlled her breathing and after a few seconds she felt herself calming down, she had successfully quelled the beast again. Her parents were dead, there was nothing she could do to bring them back, but she would never return to her true home or be a part of that life again, her parents were wealthy and had made good investments that had grown over the past four years, she had used a very small sum of it to buy herself the apartment she lived in with secure security measures.
The Uber stopped in front of the huge glass building with five hundred offices, the entire building belonged to the Steel Group Of Companies, she opened her purse and paid the driver then got out of the car.
At a glance anyone who saw Angel would think she was the owner of this building, she exuded poise and grace, her beauty was not a deterrent but an asset to her as well, she was about five feet six inches, her long blond hair cascaded midway down her back in riotous curls, her figure was like an hourglass shape. This woman looked like she had walked out of a fashion magazine, her beauty attracted every eye that she came across, but with all her beauty she was not vain, she smiled politely as she entered the elevator that was occupied by many others both male and female.
When the elevator reached the top of the building the doors opened and she got off, walking down the hall that was painted in muted colors, her feline-shaped almond eyes took in the ambiance of the offices, everyone seemed to be very busy at work. Angel walked down the aisle and came to the door leading into the office of the head of the company, she opened the door and walked in where there were two desks separated by glass, Angel made her way to one and sat down behind the desk, the woman who sat at the other desk smiled over at her, she was in her later thirties, with neatly combed black hair that was bunched in a bun at the back of her head, she was very chic and neatly dressed in a black and white business dress.
She got up and gathered some Documents in her hands, and made her way over to Angel's desk.
“ Hi Angel, I am the personal secretary of Mr. Steel, my name is Mary Gates, I’ll be training you for five days, if everything works out you’ll be replacing me at this location.” She smiled down kindly at the young beauty who sat casually a pleasant look on her face.
“ Thank you, Mrs. Gates, I won’t let you down I promise.” She smiled up at the woman, who with a few words had made her feel comfortable.
“ Will Mr. Steel be here today .” She asked calmly, gathering the documents and piling them alphabetically and neatly on one side of her desk.
“ He’s away on business at the moment, he should be back in a few days.” She was informed by Mrs. Gates.
Angel nodded her head, she switched on the desktop computer on her desk and began to work, the Steel Group Of companies compromised of several smaller companies under one roof but owned by one man, Angel pictured a man around fifty and very successful he had been rumored to be a sharp businessman, who like the opportunity presented itself he would buy out your business and overtake it.
She went over the files that were given over to her by Mrs. Gates, then getting up she made her way to the filing section and placed the files in the appropriate spots.
Her first day at the Steel Group of Companies was smooth and tranquil, Mrs. Gates was a very good teacher before the end of her first day, she knew most of everything that was required in her job. Angel even met a couple of the other workers who were employed at the company, everyone was very business-like and professional.

Today was the final day of her training Angel was dressed in a white pencil-thin skirt that stopped just above her knees, she wore a black silk blouse and a matching white jacket. She grabbed her white purse and made her way downstairs, her Uber was waiting downstairs already. She quickly waved goodbye to the supervisor and got into the taxi.
Angel made her way to the elevator that was closing, but a black sleeved arm held it open for her, when it slid open her eyes took in the man partly hidden by two burly bodyguards, she hesitated these people made the hairs stand on end on her arms, the bodyguard said coolly.
“ Are you going up ?”
Angel nodded and steeling her nerves, she walked into the elevator, she dare not look at the man the guards were partially hiding behind them, she did not care to know who he was, she just wanted to get off this damn elevator, she was about to push the button on the top floor when one of the guards did it so these people were heading to the same floor as herself. Angel bent her head and looked at the black pair of heels she was wearing, she felt really uncomfortable in the elevator with these people, she felt eyes boring into her back, but she dared not turn and look back, a very alluring masculine men’s cologne teased her nose, it was a musky woodsy scent. When the elevator reached her floor she almost ran out of the shaft, Angel felt eyes on her retreating back as she hurried her feet down to her office, she was so hurried to get out of an uncomfortable atmosphere that she failed to notice the rest of the office bowing their heads and not looking up at the man and his bodyguards.
When Angel opened the door and almost fell on her desk, Mrs. Gates looked up at her curiously but before she could say anything the phone on her desk rang and she picked it up hurriedly.
“ Yes of course Mr. Steel, be right there .” She put down the phone with a look of surprise on her face.
“ Is everything ok?” Angel asked finally getting herself under control.
“ Yes it appears Mr. Steel got back earlier than planned, “ she said getting up she grabbed her note pad and pen, her face and posture became aloof and professional as she knocked and entered the huge black door with the name written in a gold sign “ Brent Steel, President of the Steel Group Of Companies”.
So it seemed the big boss was back, Angel continued with her work, she transferred some files onto her computer and then took the files to the filing cabinet. She was busily tapping away on her computer when Mrs. Gates came out of the boss's office, she pulled out her chair and sat down, rebooting her computer she also began tapping her computer busily.
A couple of hours later the phone again ran on Mrs. Gates's desk, she picked it up on the second ring and said in her professional voice. “ Yes, Mr.Steel.” She listened for a few minutes then her grey eyes looked up at Angel, “ Yes I’ll send it in with Angel, Sir .” She said
two packets of sugar, stirring it, she placed the cup on a saucer and walked carefully to the boss's door. She knocked and the door was opened by a bodyguard, she stood staring mutely at the guard who she had seen in the elevator, a cold feeling found its way all the way down inside her stomach, a voice called out from behind the desk. “ The coffee is getting cold Miss Hart.”
Angel lowered her eyes and watched her shoes as she walked slowly towards the huge desk, she gingerly put the cup with the coffee down and watched as a hand that was masculine in every way with neatly manicured nails grasp the cup handle.
“ what do you find of interest on the floor Miss Hart ?” The voice of Brent Steel asked casually, she raised her head and her almond gaze was held by a pair of lemon green eyes, she couldn’t help it she stared at the beauty of this man, she was wrong about his age, he was in his late twenties, his jet black hair framed a very masculine and handsome face, his eyes were surrounded by very dark and long eyes lashes the kind that women dreamed about having. This man exuded a very indolent feline and dangerous aura, while Angel had been checking him out she didn’t notice the mans lemond green eyes
busily checking her out too.
Brent Steel was used to women throwing themselves at him, but he had never come across a less vain woman in his life, this new member of his staff would give the most highly paid vogue magazine model a stiff competition, her blond hair was long and draped down her back in a riotous mass of curls, her face was smooth as a baby’s bottom and a pair of cute dimples on either side of her blushing cheeks, her almond eyes were dilated in her confusion. Her figure was a perfect pocket, Venus, the man felt an instant heaviness between his legs, he was stunned at the reaction this woman had over him, from the moment she had stepped into the elevator he had been having a hard-on for her.
He watched as she licked her lips nervously, her almond eyes skittish, he bit back a groan as her pink tongue ran nervously over her lips provocatively. Did this woman know what she was doing? Never in his twenty-nine years had a woman turned him on so instantly.
“ Nothing Sir.” She mumbled respectfully.
“ Welcome to the Steel Group Of Companies, I’m looking forward to working closely with you Angel .” He said his lemon green eyes glowed at her.
Angel dismissed the look in his eyes as a trick of the light in the office, but what he said had her wondering if there was a double meaning to what he said. “ Thank you, Sir.” She turned and walked out of his office, if she had seen the change in his eyes as the draft from the door was closed and her scent waived towards him she would have grabbed her bag and kept running.

Chapter Two.

Angel sat down her legs were shaky after her encounter with her new boss, her sixth sense was telling her that she needed to stay far away from this man, but how could she avoid him if she was soon to be his Private Secretary, it was unavoidable, to say the least. The rest of the day passed uneventful with her not being called to enter the bosses office again, when the clock chimed five, she hurriedly packed up her desk and grabbing her purse, she waved goodbye to Mrs. Gates and made her escape.
Angels Uber was already waiting for her downstairs, she got into the taxi and it pulled out of the parking lot of the Steel Group of Companies. Unknown to her a black heavily tinted Mercedes Benz GLA Class car followed her until the Uber pulled into her building, she got out after paying the driver and hurriedly got into the building.
When Angel opened her door with her card, she dropped her purse on the hall table, kicking off her heels she walked bare feet into her small but modernized kitchen, opening the door of the refrigerator she got out bottled water and opening it she drank thirstily, she was very agitated but for the life of her, she couldn’t understand why?
The past four years had honed her skills of staying low-key, her only friend in this big city was a human by the name of Chris Reeves, he was a very gifted chemist. He had found out the monster she was by mistake, it had been the full moon and her wolf had wanted to go out for a run, she had been sneaking back in her old building when Chris had been coming to meet her. Although he had been shocked and scared he had helped her get to her room safely, she had met a pack of wolves who were looking for M.I.A.wolves, they had surrounded her and she had fought until she was able to escape, so she had been bleeding from some cuts. After she had healed which had taken a mere three hours, Chris had been shocked at her healing abilities, after she had explained to him a little of her past he had promised to help her by creating a chemical she could use to disguise her wolf scent. After Angel had been forced to leave her old home and find another but one that was more secure.
Angel threw the bottle in the recycle bin and walked into her bedroom, she took off her work clothes and grabbed cut-off jeans and a pink navel breaker top. Later tonight she was going out to meet Chris they were going to a movie and dinner after. He was the only person she had allowed herself to be close to, besides he was not a wolf, she never wanted to be a part of that world again, she knew that not all wolves were dangerous or killers but growing up among them she had seen too many horrific things that had made her not want to be a part of that anymore if she had to run from city to city she would, Angel knew she would not be able to find love, since every wolf had a mate. It was not the love like that shared between humans, it was much more complicated.
Two hours later Angel walked outside and got in the Uber, she told the driver where she was going and sat back looking out at the passing scenery, It would be another full moon in three days when it was getting closer her wolf Athena got restless, although she understood Angel's abhorrence to other wolves and her pack members, she occasionally tried to get her to return to her pack. Angel stubbornly refused she would never return to her pack or any others. They made a deal between themselves on every full moon she would take her wolf for a free run the entire night.
“ We’re here Miss.” The driver informed her quietly.
Angel paid him and got out of the taxi, she walked into the movie Centre, taking her phone out she was about to call Chris when she spotted him sitting at a table, he waved at her as she started walking towards him. Chris Reeves was about six feet tall, his blond hair and lively green eyes made you instantly at ease, he wore glasses. He was extremely handsome, women stared at him everywhere he went, sometimes she felt uncomfortable because she was the only female he was close to. He was brought up in an orphanage until he was adopted by a gentle couple who died in a car crash in his teens.
He once told her he was jinxed, so he didn’t get too close to people. Angel did not know why he befriended her but she was grateful for his friendship and the medicine he concocted for her to use each month.
“ Hey there .” She greeted him smiling at his absent-minded look.
“ I’m trying to make up my mind which movie we’re going to see, and preferences .” He asked pushing the brochure over to her.
Angel took it and perused the contents, she hated romantic movies and horrors, so she read the list of action movies. “ Mission Impossible 6, “ she said and handed back the list to Chris.
“ Glad we agreed .” Said Chris cheekily, he laughed at her his green eyes teasing.
“ Moron. “ she laughed out loud, he got up bowed, and walked towards the ticket booth. Angel glanced around idly, the movie Centre was packed with lots of people mostly teens, the school was out for the Christmas holidays, the place was gaily decorated in tinsel and Christmas decorations, the staff of the movie Centre was dressed as elves and some were wearing Santa’s hats.
Angels eyes moved among the people waiting to see the movies like herself, her amber eyes encountered two muscled and tattooed men sitting partly hidden at a table, they looked out of place in this environment, both of them were wearing wireless white Bluetooth gear on their ears, dressed in black gear with black high topped battle boots, someone was being guarded here some rich person Angel thought, her attention was diverted by Chris who had come upholding the two tickets in his hands.
“ Got them.” He grinned boyishly then added, “ Do you need refreshments .”
“ No I’m good, let’s go in and get good seats .” She smiled up at him, her almond eyes alight.
They both walked over to the movie attendant and handed over their tickets, they were shown to the number of the movie room. Angel did not glance back at the security men or she would have seen that one of them made a call and listened attentively to the caller at the other end, he nodded his head then motioning for the other security man to go buy two tickets for the movie she had gone in to see.

The movie had Angels full attention, she thoroughly was enraptured by the theme of the movie, so her attention was not on her surrounding or the other people enjoying the movie, but Chris was not as entertained by the movie as she was, his eyes looked at the other people around him and he noticed the two dark-suited men, who looked like servicemen, they were seated in the same section as they were, but he had the uneasy feeling their presence there was not coincidental. Who were these men and whom were they working for? He had the suspicion that they were looking at Angel or keeping an eye on her, but she was a wolf she would have sensed if these men were a trap sent for her. Angel had told him a little about herself, what she was how she lost both her parents and a younger baby brother, by a wolf she called rouges. She had left that life behind, wanted a clean break from it, were these men here to try to take her back to her pack?
When the movie ended Chris furtively looked over at the two men, only to stare in surprise when the seats were empty and both men had disappeared without a trace, he shook his head was he being paranoid on his friend's behalf. They got up and followed the rest of the people, Angel almost tripped and he grabbed a hold of her, before she could fall, so she fell laughingly in his arms. She was not aware of a pair of lemon green eyes staring daggers at her back.
“ I’m very clumsy tonight, “ she giggled good-natured.
“ Well since I’ve saved you, how about you treat me to dinner.” Chris smiled teasingly his green eyes filled with mischief.
“ Deal.” She laughed holding his arm and pulling him along with her.
The friends laughingly exited the movie section and walked in the mall, they decided to go into the Italian restaurant and have dinner. After they were seated Angel glanced idly around, she saw the two security guards again they were passing outside the restaurant, who were these men she thought absentmindedly, and what were they up to.
“ What are you having Angel .” Asked Chris glancing at the menu.
“ I’ll have my usual, Cesar salad and Shrimp Alfredo .” She answered turning her almond eyes on her friend, who shook his head teasingly and said. “ Of course.”
“ What are you having .” She asked cheekily, her almond eyes filled with laughter.
“ My usual Caprese salad, followed by muscles marinara.” He said laughing.
Angel rolled her eyes good-natured, she took her fork and started her Cesar salad which was placed in front of her, while Chris started on his Caprese Salad.
They had been eating for a few minutes when Chris said .” Did you notice those security men ?”
Angel looked up from her food and glanced at Chris, his eyebrows were frowning .” Yes, I saw them when you went to get our tickets .”
“ I wonder what they are about, they were seated in our row at the movies.” He said informatively.
“ Oh, probably they're doing security for some rich person.” She said dismissively her almond eyes watching her friend.
“ Maybe.” He answered quickly, he quelled his suspicion and continued eating.
The rest of the meal was done in companionable silence, with a few teasing jokes passed between the friends, neither noticed the man in a secluded booth eating and occasionally glancing over at Angel, two bodyguards standing outside the booth.
After completing their meal, the friends walked out of the restaurant laughing, Chris liked to tease Angel, it was like having a smaller sister you played tricks on, he thought up all kinds of crazy stuff to take away the sadness he saw in her eyes sometimes, she was laughing and not watching where she was going, suddenly she bumped into someone, it felt like she had crashed headlong into a brick wall. The smile froze on her face as she looked way above her and encountered an unreadable pair of lemon green eyes. Damn what the hell thought Angel as she recognized her boss Brent Steel.
“ Sir, I’m really sorry .” She mumbled an apology her almond eyes staring into lemon green ones.
“ Miss. Hart, fancy bumping into you here .” He said with an ice-cold attitude.
“ Do you know each other ?” Asked Chris uneasily, noticing the same security men behind the man Angel had addressed as Sir.
“ Yes Chris, this is my new boss Brent Steel.” Introduced Angel calmly, although her heart was knocking against her chest like a runaway horse.
Chris extended his hand respectfully, it was taken in a firm grasp, but he frowned when he felt his fingers almost being crushed by the next man's, the lemon green eyes stared coldly into his emerald green eyes. What the hell was going on here?
“ Well nice bumping into you Sir, we’ll be on our way now.” Said Angel not showing her nervousness.
“Same here Miss. Hart, see you at the office.” He turned and walked away with his security team flanking him on either side.
They both watched the retreating figure with different expressions on their faces, Angel turned to Chris and they both began to walk out of the building towards the parking lot.
“ Interesting Guy .” Murmured Chris watching Angel for a reaction.
“ If you say so .” She answered uninterestingly.
They were unaware of being closely watched as they both got into Chris's car and drove off, the black heavily tinted vehicle drove at a distance from them when Chris dropped Angel off and with a wave of his hand he drove away. Only when Angel was buzzed in by the Super of the building and walked inside did the car drove off.

Chapter Three.

The next day Angel started her work with no drama, she made some calls for much-needed supplies for the entire business. Her job as Brent Steels Private Secretary had really kicked off, she was given a bigger desk with her own name written in black letters on a gold sign.
Angel found herself dealing with the complaints of the Junior members in the office, she took a pen and pad and accompanied the head of the Junior staff, making a written list of things the Clerical department needed, later she was supposed to deliver this list to Mr. Steel himself.
Angel was doing some record-keeping on the Apple desktop on her desk when her cell phone rang in her purse. She opened her purse and glanced at the number it was Chris, she smiled and answered the phone. “ Hey there, what’s up handsome .”
He laughed and said teasingly. “ If you keep calling me handsome, you may have to bear the consequences.”
Angel laughed out loud, it sounded very loud in the quiet privacy of the office, her almond eyes were filled with laughter, but it died immediately when the office door of the Boss opened, and out walked Brent Steel, his lemon green eyes locked hers in a freezing cold stare. She felt a jolt of unease as she saw his expression.
“ If you’re done accepting personal calls, will you kindly bring in that list for me?” He said coldly and walked back into his office slamming the door behind him.
“ Are you in trouble ?” Asked Chris worriedly.
“ No, I’ll see you later, come over we’ll chat “. She said quickly, her heart was hammering against her ribs like an uncontrollable drum beat. She quickly disconnected the call and grabbing the list she got up and walked towards the office door of the fire-breathing dragon, Angel knocked lightly on the door.
“ Come in Miss. Hart .” Came the dominant voice of Brent Steel from the inside of his office.
She turned the handle and walked in, closing the door she lowered her head and not making eye contact she walked towards the huge desk he was sitting behind, she placed the list on his desk and turned to leave the office.
“ Where are you going, Miss. Hart ?” Came a cold voice from the desk.
Angel's heart was knocking against her ribs, she gathered her wits about her, squared her shoulders, and turned her almond eyes clashing with a freezing cold pair of lemon green eyes.
“ To my desk Sir, you said to bring in the list I did.” She said innocently.
“ Sit down, I need to discuss some things with you.” He said coolly.
Angel walked over and sat on the chair in front of the desk, she glanced up and clasped her hand in her lap, Angel couldn’t help but notice the aloof handsome man who sat behind his huge desk, he was dressed in a light blue with a white pinstriped suit, the tie at his neck was a white silk one, the suit complimented his good looks. She watched his black neatly brushed head bent over the contents of the list, why did this man make her so nervous?
“ I’m depending on you to take care of these demands.” He said pushing the list back to her. Angel reached over and took the list, she got up to leave but a cool voice said.
“ I’m not done with you yet, Miss. Hart.” He said coolly.
Angel sat back down, her almond eyes looked into his lemon gaze calmly although her heart was knocking against her chest, he reached over and took up a gold plated pen from on his desk, leaning back against the plush black leather chair, he said casually but in a no-nonsense tone of voice.
“ I wanted to outline your job as my Private Secretary,” he said.
“ I was already informed on the matter by Mrs. Gates.” She said respectfully.
“ I have revised your job criteria, where Mrs. Gates was concerned I did not want to encroach on her time, but your job will be different.” He said casually.
“ Yes Sir.” Angel had a feeling she was not going to like what he had to say to her.
“ You will be accompanying me when I travel for meetings, you will act as my hostess when I entertain business colleagues and you will answer my call whenever I need you.” He said outlining what he wanted from her.
Angel stared at him dumbfounded, what the hell she may as well move in with him, it seemed she would belong to this man solely.
“ Is Chris Reeves your boyfriend?” He asked his lemon gaze holding her almond ones captive.
Angel licked her lips nervously, she held her breath when she noticed his lemon gaze follow the motion, his eyes changed color it was almost black. She felt her heartbeat quicken again why did this man make her react like this.
“ Ur yes, he’s my boyfriend.” She lied not meeting his lemon gaze.
Brent looked at the young beauty in front of him and wanted to laugh, she was lying through her teeth, Angel had no idea that with his special abilities, he could hear her held in breath and her nervous heartbeat.
“ Hmmm, you don’t suit each other .” He said with a mocking smile on his face.
“ It’s not up to you Sir, it’s between my boyfriend and myself.” She said coolly, her almond eyes angry.
“ Oh but it does Angel, you see when you signed that contract as my private Secretary, you signed away your free will to me, now by contract I control your life.” Said Brent his lemon eyes victorious as they saw her shocked almond ones.

“ I, I was not aware of that Sir.” She stammered nervously, She ran away from the confines of her pack to only end up being controlled by her boss. What the hell thought Angel bitterly.
The man watched her through smoldering eyes, he could read every thought that passed through her head, he had made sure she was tied up thoroughly the contract was iron clad she could not break it no matter what she tried.
Angel had been sitting in a daze, but suddenly she looked up, her almond eyes filled with determination, she would find a way to get out of this contract, she was a survivor, and the man sitting smugly in front of her did not know that.
“ If that’s all Sir, I have work to do .” She said showing him the list in her hand.
He looked up at her, his lemon gaze showed he wanted to keep her there for whatever reason, but he nodded his head instead, “ Yes go, Angel .”
She didn’t stick around she bolted for the door, when she closed the door behind her, she breathed a sigh of relief. For the rest of the day, Angel did her job, but her mind often went back to that meeting in her boss's office, what exactly was the reason behind that scene.
It was the last thirty minutes before the end of the workday for Angel, she waited on pins and needles looking at the clock every few seconds to make her escape. Just five minutes before the time for her to leave, the desk phone rang beside her, she stared at it like it was a serpent about to attack her, her heartbeat quickened, she didn’t really want to answer it but she had to.
“ Yes, Mr. Steel.” She answered coolly.
“ Why did you take so long to answer the phone Angel.” He asked accusingly.
“ I was about to leave Sir .” She lied quickly.
“ According to my time, you still have ten minutes Angel before you leave, what’s the hurry .” He asked coldly.
“ I, er I have a date tonight .” She fabricated quickly.
“ Cancel it, I need you here tonight, I’m entertaining foreign colleagues at the Hilton tonight.” He said brusquely.
“ Sir am I to go dressed like this, I need to go home and shower and change.” She pointed out reasonably
“ Don’t worry it’s all taken care of.” He said dismissively, then he hung up.
Angel stared at the dead phone with its dial tone in her hand, she was really pissed off at this time. Replacing the now-dead phone back on its cradle, she reached into her purse and brought out her cell phone, dialing Chris’s cell number, which he picked up after several rings.
“ Hey gorgeous, what’s up ?” He said happily.
“ Hey, umm I gotta work tonight, I won’t be able to meet up with you.” She said dejectedly her amber eyes sad.
“ It’s okay Angel, we can meet up tomorrow, “ he pointed out calmly.
“ Yeah, I know we’ll have a rain check until tomorrow.” She murmured tiredly, Angel was not sure why she felt manipulated by her new boss, but what possible reason could there be for him doing that though.
“ Angel ?” Said Chris worriedly.
“ I’m here.” She said lighting her voice, she didn’t want to worry her only friend.
“ I have been doing some research I think I’ve come up with two antidotes for your problems .” He said informatively.
Angel focused on his words raptly, her heart picked up a faster beat. “ What did you discover?”
“ I have prepared a much better potion to conceal your scent, I also uncovered some information, were you injured when the rouges attacked your parents and killed them ?” He asked excitedly.
“ Yes my mom hid me under her body, I was trapped for three days, during the attack one of the rouges hit me across my face, I bled through my nose for several days.” She said lowering her voice, Angel kept a watchful glance on her boss's office door.
“ Has it affected your smell, Angel ?” He asked her quietly.
“ I think it has yes, it’s why I was attacked and nearly killed the day you found me.” She admitted truthfully.
“ So if you are around a wolf, you won’t know ?” He asked worriedly.
Angel bent her head dejectedly,” No I won’t Chris, can you help me ?” She asked softly.
“ I’ll try my best, but how come you have to work late ?” He asked changing the painful subject.
“ My boss sprung it on me last minute.” She muttered crossly.
“ Well nothing can be done about it, we’ll meet up tomorrow,” Chris said consolingly.
“ Bye Chris.” She said ringing off.
The man stood quietly watching the expression on her face, his lemon green eyes thoughtful, she was sitting with the phone in her hand deep in thought. He quietly opened the door and shut it loud enough for her to hear, which she did her almond gaze turning towards him, he saw her eyes cooled perceptively as they came into contact with his gaze.
“ Personal calls again Angel ?” He forced himself to sound cold.
Angel ground her teeth angrily, she refused to answer his snide question and gathering her stuff up she rose from behind her desk, switching the desktop off and bending over her desk she turned the answering machine on the desk phone, she was so angry that she was not aware that her luscious breast was exposed to the mans very interested gaze if she had seen it she would have been shocked to her very core.
“ The clocks ticking Angel, let’s go.” He said impatiently. Angel still didn’t answer she took her bag and walked over to her bosses side, she was shocked when he grabbed her hand in his much larger ones and almost pulled her to the Private Elevator that was for his exclusive use, the security team followed closely behind, she was pulled at the back of the elevator and the four security team crowded in after them, because of the small space, Angel found herself almost pushed into her bosses arms. He had not let go of her hand, he still held it securely in his much larger ones. Angel felt suffocated in the small confines of the elevator, her heartbeat erratic, she felt strange tingles where their hands were clasped together, why did this man affect her like this?
She almost groaned in relief when the doors of the elevator slid open the security got out first, looked around the private car park, and ushered their boss out, a black limousine with heavily tinted glass pulled up alongside them, one of the security men opened the door and Brent Steel got in, pulling her along with him, she stumbled and would have fallen but she was held securely and Angel found herself seated close up beside Brent Steel, he still held her hand unconsciously he was rubbing circles along her hand. She pulled her hand away on the pretense of fixing her skirt that had ridden up high on her thighs, unaware that a lemon gaze had darkened and an unholy glow was present in their debts.

Chapter Four.

The drive was done with Brent Steel mostly on his phone, Angel breathed a sigh of relief, for some unknown reason she was very aware of this man, and for the life of her, she couldn’t understand why.
The separation glass came down with a soft whir, “ Five minutes away from the hotel Sir, everything is prepared .”
“ Good, thanks.” He said calmly, covering the mouthpiece of the phone in his hand, Angel felt the car come to a stop, Brent Steel got out and security was going to help her out, when he was blocked by her boss, the hand that pulled her out was that of her boss, Angel was a bit puzzled but her eyes took in the ambiance of the Hilton Hotel, she stared at the huge building.
“ Come Angel.” He said holding her hand as he led her towards the huge glass doors, the security opened the door and he walked in leading her inside after him, Angel watched as everyone scuttled around him, the Manager personally showed them to the elevator and even rode up with them, they were taken to the Presidential Suite. Through this entire process, Angel’s hand was held lightly but firmly by her boss to her annoyance. Not until they got into the Presidential Suite did she regain control of her own hand.
Angel glanced around the suite, it was richly decorated in several shades of grey, the huge glass windows showed the beautiful lights of the buildings outside.
There was a knock on the door, the door was opened by the black-clothed security guard, a blond elderly woman was standing outside with three dress bags draped across her arms, she smiled politely to the security.
“ Someone ordered a black dinner dress .” She said in her crisp business voice.
“ Yes come in please, “ she was shown to the waiting room.
“ Sir, Miss Harts dress is here .” Said the security guard, addressing Brent Steel respectfully.
“ Angel .” Called Brent Steel.
“ You called Mr. Steel.” Said Angel she had gone to check out the guest bedroom, it was the smaller one to the larger one that her boss was using.
“ Mrs. Roberts is here to assist you with getting ready, you have an hour.” He said brusquely looking at the gold and diamond Rolex watch on his broad wrist.
She nodded her head and moved aside for the woman to enter the bedroom, Angel closed the door and rushed into the en-suite bathroom, she took a leisurely shower using the expensive body wash it was a fruity flavor very pleasing to her senses. She got out of the shower and taking the thick white towel she dried herself, she noticed a small box opening it she blushed it was a black lace pantie set with a matching black bra, she quickly put it on it fitted perfectly, she lightly powered herself and creamed her skin. Putting on the white fluffy bathrobe she got back into the bedroom, the older woman motioned for her to be seated, she had the flat iron heating in thirty minutes Angel looked svelte and sophisticated, she sat patiently as Mrs. Roberts applied to make up after she was helped into a black fitted dress that reached her mid-thigh, the dress lovingly hugged her curves. A pair of black high-heeled jimmy choo pumps were given to her, she placed them on her feet and walking over to the floor-length mirror, Angel stared at her reflection in the mirror in amazement. She looked nothing like her normal everyday look, she looked like a runway model.
Angel turned and give the woman a thumbs-up sign. “ Your boss will be very pleased .”
“ I’m sure he will be, thank you for everything, Mrs. Roberts.” She smiled politely, Angel watched as the other woman gathered the rest of the dresses, and the makeup paraphernalia and walked towards the door.
She was escorted back out by the security guard, Angel checked the slim gold watch on her slender wrist, she still had ten minutes, checking her dress and makeup, she reached over and took up the matching black envelope evening purse, she dropped her lipstick a small hairbrush and some tissues and money into the bag, she was ready to leave.
Angel walked out the bedroom with her head bent down as she checked the contents of the purse again, she was zipping it shut, a pair of lemon green eyes took in her appearance and the color of his eyes changed to total black with a glow, if she had seen it Angel would have turned and run without looking back, but before she looked up the man already had himself under control, he had quelled his beast inside successfully.
“ Well be late Angel, let’s leave.” He said brusquely, he turned and walked towards the door the security opened the door for him respectfully, but Brent Steel stood waiting impatiently for the woman who swayed sexily on five inches stiletto heels when she got close to him and her scent hit him he growled softly. Angel was walking quickly to keep up with her bosses longer strides when he suddenly stopped and she walked into him, her heart started its galloping beat the minute her skin came in contact with the men, he turned and grabbed her hand in his larger ones, and walked out holding her hand in his.
They were ushered into the elevator, with the security piling in after them successfully blocking them from the outside, Angel found herself again in the close confines of the elevator almost touching thighs with her boss. She moved away and got a bit too close to a security guard, she was pulled back against Brent Steel even closer, he even draped his arm possessively around her waist. Angel hissed crossly but stayed silent when a finger dug into her soft flesh warningly. What the hell was this guy manhandling her for she thought angrily.

The elevator just traveled about three floors, before it came to a stop. The security all came out and flanked Brent Steel and Angel, he led her down a long corridor she heard tableware and glasses clinking from different doors as they walked by, but he stopped at none of them, instead of at the end of the long corridor there was a huge imposing door and this is the one that was opened by the security and Brent Steel led her through the minute they entered Angel felt very self-conscious because all voices seized and all eyes turned towards the charismatic handsome lemon green black-haired man and the very seductive and alluring woman at his side. He walked her to the table at the very front and pulled out a chair for her to be seated, Angel found herself seated across from her boss and two other men and two women. She smiled politely at the hard looks directed at her from the two women. They probably thought she was his women friend, she angrily thought.
“ Brent where did you find this beautiful woman ?” Joked the man seated closest to her boss, she saw his eyes flash coldly but then he smiled and glanced over at the man who had asked the question.
“ This is Angel Hart, my Personal Assistant.” He introduced coolly.
“ Angel this is Ted Cooper, the head and President of the black shield security company.” Introduced Brent Steel.
“ Very nice to meet you, Mr. Cooper,” Angel said calmly.
“ I’m Thomas Stein President of the Bank of Finance .” The man seated on the side of Mr. Cooper introduced himself politely.
“ I’m Maya, model, and designer of my own small company called Jewel Of the Nile.” Said the red-haired woman seated next to Angel, her hazel eyes cold and her voice colder.
“ Hi.” She almost gritted her teeth politely and smiled.
“ I’m Shania Lane, I’m an architect with my own company as well, nice to meet you, Angel .” She said her black hair worn in a stylish bob that made her elfin face look delicate, her grey eyes looked coolly over at her.
“ Pleased to meet each of you.” She said politely.
Angel glanced around there were a lot of people here tonight, everyone was seated around tables of four, in the middle of the room up top stood a huge screen and at the front of it stood a small podium, with her bosses name written on it with the company’s name.
A waiter came up to their table with a bottle of Don Perignon champagne, he poured it first for Brent Steel and then for the rest of the people seated around the table, when he reached her Angel placed her hand over her glass, she was here to work not drink.
“ No thank you .” She smiled apologetically, the waiter looked up at her, he stared at her his grey eyes admiring her youth and beauty.
A lemon pair of eyes glowed eerily seeing this interaction between the waiter and the woman, he growled coldly. “ One glass of champagne to toast my success won’t kill you, Angel.”
“ Sir I’m not a drinker.” She said calmly.
“ Pour her a smaller amount of champagne, and leave.” He told the waiter commandingly.
“ Yes Sir, right away .” Murmured the waiter respectfully and pouring the drink he hurried away quickly.
Angel fumed silently, her almond gaze clashed with a pair of lemon ones, she turned away quickly and her gaze was caught by the very interested eyes of the other occupants of the table.
“ Angel ?”
“ Yes Sir.” She answered politely, her almond gaze unreadable.
“ My name is Brent, you have my permission to use it.” He said his eyes heated.
Angel looked over at him, his gaze held a challenge to disobey, she really felt her anger rise at his high handed ways, didn’t he realize that the other occupants around the table were listening very attentively to his words, what impression did he want them to have of their relationship, then the penny dropped the two women were interested in him so he was using her as a buffer. The man looked at her and saw her puzzled look then her confused look was replaced by laughter, she hurriedly looked away her lips curved in a mocking smile, he wanted to pull her across the table and remove that mocking laughter with his lips, fighting his beast he successfully quelled Crete from surfacing. Brent promised to control that rebellion from his little assistant and he knew just how to do it too.
“ Brent let me congratulate you on your successful overtake of the Northern Pacific Group Of Companies.” Said Ted Cooper, his dark chocolate eyes respectfully.
The two women and Thomas Stein also conveyed their congratulations, after they were served dinner.
When the dinner wear was removed, a man walked up to the podium and on the mike he said a few words, a couple of company jokes he had the audience laughing, Angel looked on with interest mostly everyone here present was bid business tycoons, she had remembered seeing a couple of big CEO’s photos on the business page of the newspapers, some even on the covers of the gossip magazines.
“ I am here tonight to introduce our new CEO of Northern Pacific Group Of Companies, Brent Steel.” Angel along with everyone else clapped enthusiastically as the said man got to his feet and made his way around the table.
He stopped in front of Angel and pulled her along with him, his hand clasping around her slender waist possessively. “ What are you doing Sir ?”
“ Brent, this is also your job Angel.” He said squeezing her waist warningly.
Angel forced a smile on her lips, as everyone’s curious gaze watched this little scene as they walked to the podium. When he got to the podium she expected him to lose his hold from around her waist and she could make her escape but he never let her go, instead, he kept her alongside him as he talked on the mike.
Angel’s heart was in her mouth, she dared not cause a scene in front of so many important people, she smiled icily as he spoke about the plans he had for the company, the benefits he would give to the existing staff, and the overall reorganization of the company in whole. He answered a few questions from the reporters who were shown into the room by the security personnel.
Angel gritted her teeth unhappily as flashbulbs flashed from the photographers who took pictures of them both, and it made her angry that her boss held her waist all through it even posing for a few pictures with his hand very close to her breast. She tried very naturally to remove his hand from around her waist but her efforts were thwarted every time. Angel was on the verge of exploding with anger when a reporter asked with interest.
“ Whose the beauty held so securely in your arms Sir.”
“ My personal assistant.” He said stressing on the personal, his lemon gaze encountered her almond shocked gaze, his glittering down at her.
Did he just allude to a personal relationship with her, other than that Of his employees? She thought bitterly, this made her very furious. She was escorted back to the table but other guests were getting to their feet and walking around, Angel wanted to escape she saw the two women looking at her icily, so she excused herself on the pretext of visiting the ladies' room. She walked into the ladies' room and washing her hands she checked her makeup, taking the phone out of her purse, she dialed Chris number if he could come to pick her up she’d make her escape, but the phone rang several times without it being picked up. She paced the ladies' room nervously thinking what to do if to call an Uber. Angel had been about thirty minutes in the ladies' room when a knock sounded outside the door, she frowned why was someone knocking on the door? The phone almost fell from her hand when the door was pushed open and in walked her boss into the ladies' room.
“ This is the ladies' room, Sir .” She said crossly.
He turned around and locked the door securely, he turned around and crossed his muscular arms across his chest, his lemon gaze saw the trapped look enter her almond gaze.
“ I’m quite aware Angel, but I needed to explain .” He said coldly.
“ Explain what Sir, how you’ve used me today ?” She said Vehemently.
His lemon eyes glowed eerily, making Angel take a defensive step back, he was really angry at what she said. She watched him put his arms down and clench both fists as he fought for self-control.
“ Because of my success women throw themselves at me, it’s why I told you I needed someone like you.” He said icily.
“ I feel used .” She stated bravely.

Chapter Five.

“ You’re not being used, it’s your job criteria Angel, “ he stated gaining control of himself.
“ Maybe you need to outline my job a bit more detailed Sir.” She said coldly.
He stood looking at her with unreadable eyes, then Angel felt her heart picked up an erratic beat, as he pushed away from the door and walked towards her with slow predatory steps, he did not stop till he was standing within touching distance. His lemon gaze held hers and he said.
“ If I use you, Angel, you won’t be able to stand for a week.” His lemon gaze dropped to her pink lips, Angel held her breath, then after he lifted his gaze she was dumb stuck as his gaze was sizzling hot.
He turned and walked back to the door, he reached and unlocked it, before he walked out he turned and lifted a hand for her to take it.
“ Coming Angel .” He said coolly.
Angel ignored his hand and brushed past him, but a hand dropped heavily around her waist again, cinching her securely by his side, Angel felt her face burn with embarrassment as a few curious eyes watched them come from the direction of the washroom.
The rest of the night, she was held like glue to his side. Like he said she was there as his hostess so she did not have to take notes or do anything other than standing obediently by his side like arm candy.
In the early hours of the morning, he made their excuses and left the banquet hall, flanked by his security detail, Angel was led once more to the elevator and back up to the Presidential Suite.
“ Will you call an Uber for me please.” She said politely.
“ Why ?” He questioned as he made his way to the well-stocked bar.
“ I need to get home Sir .” She answered her almond eyes puzzled.
“ Is your boyfriend waiting for you, Angel ?” He asked coolly his lemon gaze watchful.
“ No, we don’t live together .” She said truthfully.
“ Then stay the night, it’s late .” He suggested casually, he took a sip of the golden liquid from the glass he held in his hand.
Angel was tired she had a full day at work, then she had been by his side throughout the night, she was exhausted, so she nodded her head.
“ Would you like something to eat or drink?” He asked casually.
“ No, I’m just gonna shower and turn in Sir.” She said absentmindedly.
“ My name is Brent, use it, Angel .” He said angrily.
“ Sorry, Brent .” She said biting her lips nervously.
Angel made her escape, she turned and locked the door behind her. Only then did she breathe a sigh of relief, what the hell did she get herself into, Brent Steel thinks she belongs to him in some way. She undressed and grabbing a bathrobe she slipped into the en-suite bathroom. Angel took a leisurely shower all the while fuming at the high-handed way her boss was treating her, what the hell did she really get herself into? Brent Steel acted like if he had the right to order her around in her private life. when she got back to her apartment she had to ask Chris about this contract she had signed, stepping out of the shower she looked at her reflection her eyes were over bright with anger at his manhandling, she really needed to have a talk with her new boss.
She fell asleep in sheer exhaustion, unaware of her midnight visitor, who just stood with his hands deep in his pockets looking down at her. when he walked out of the bedroom, it was with determination and purpose in every stride.
The next few weeks passed in a whirl of activity, she was kept busy at her desk, she accompanied her boss to a few more business activities and a visit to the latest of the Steels Group of Companies. In her estimations her presence was not really necessary, but who was she to complain. Angel pressed the button for the ground floor, she was happy to be leaving work a bit earlier today, she was meeting up with Chris for dinner. she was rummaging in her purse looking for her cell phone to call her Uber when a horn honked in front of her, she looked up to see her bosses black limousine waiting for her. she bit back a groan of exasperation as the glass slid down and he beckoned for her to get in, one of the security men got out and opened the door for her, Angel got in her eyes spitting almond fire at his amused lemond ones.
He arched his brows seeing her mutinous look and chuckled teasingly as she muttered crossly. " What do you think you're doing Sir ?"
" Offering you a lift home of course, I also forgot to mention I’ll be away for a few days,” he said his gaze traveling leisurely along with her features, if she was being honest with herself he seemed to be trying to memorize every single facet of her face. When his lemon gaze stopped at her very plump and lush pink lip glossed lips, his gaze glittered but he turned away abruptly and when he once again looked over at her his eyes had grown cooler.
“ Thank you, but that could have been done via email or a phone call Sir, you didn’t have to go out of your way.” She stated calmly, although she was seeking inwardly.
“ Are you questioning me, Miss Hart?” He reprimanded her coldly, even his lemon gaze looked frozen.
“ I’m not qualified to do that Sir.” She muttered defensively.
“ Once you acknowledge my authority.” He said freezingly.
The rest of the drive was done in silence, albeit a very tense one, when they turned into her street she almost groaned in relief. Angel quickly tried exiting the car the moment the car stopped, but the security got out and opened her door as she got out.
“ Have a safe trip, Sir.” She said quickly but gritted her teeth at his response. Almond and lemon clashing as they looked at each other, she felt a deep stirring deep within her soul, what was it about this man that she was always on edge around him.
“ Don’t get into trouble while I’m away and be good .” He said his eyes gleaming up at her mutinous ones.
“ I’m not a bloody teenager Mr. Steel.” She ground out through clenched teeth. Her eyes spitting fire at him.
He let his eyes travel slowly from her small size seven feet encased in black high heeled strapped pumps, to her sexy calf’s, his gaze traveled up to her mid-thigh black skirt to her black silk blouse and then to her plump lips she watched as he bit his lips, but when his eyes connected with hers the heat in his lemon debts made her gasp in defense.
“ I’m quite aware of that Angel.” He ground out thickly. “ Goodbye.”
Angel watched as the door was closed and the security got back into the limousine and the car drove away with her still watching it, fuming angrily at her response to his blatant baiting.

Angel made her way towards the freezer, she felt parched after her encounter with her impossible bossy boss, opening the cap she swallowed thirstily, she felt like steam was coming out of her nose like a dragon. Brent Steel was the most infuriating man she had the misfortune of coming across, he really rubbed her the wrong way. Her feelings were out of control around him, alternating between wanting to tear him apart or the next her pulses would escalate and her breathing hitched, what in the name of hell was wrong with her?
Why did he treat her so possessively, heck she was his Assistant for Christ's sake, she glanced at the clock and almost groaned she had been standing here procrastinating for thirty minutes, now she had less than an hour to dress for dinner with Chris.
She quickly showered and started doing her makeup, opening her closet she chooses a white fitted dress that reached mid-thigh, she paired it off with a black leather jacket, she chooses a pair of white and black chunky heeled shoes, she was placing a tissue and lipstick in her purse when her apartment intercom buzzed she hurried over and spoke into it. “ Coming “.
Angel locked up after double-checking everything was secure and made her way quickly down in the elevator, she waved the super goodbye as she walked out of the elevator, Chris was waiting in the lounge for her, he got up as she walked towards him with a cheeky smile.
“ Hey, there you are, though you bailed on me .” He said good-naturedly his gaze teasingly looking over at her. Angel laughed out loud several male guests looked over at her with interest, Chris grabbed her hand and propelled her towards the door. His Audi 8 was parked on the curb, he opened her door and ushered her inside, getting into the drivers seat after making sure her door was secured.
He switched on some House Music a favorite of them both, Roudeep’s Kill Me Now came out of the speakers, Angel sat listening to the music her mind drifted to Brent Steel certain music hit her way down in her stomach, like if she was calling to something unknown, why then did she think of him? She glanced out of the window as they drove through the traffic a glimpse of the Moon caught her gaze in two days it would be Full Moon, her wolf’s presence was felt close to the surface closer to the Full Moon.
“ Full Moon in two days.” Murmured Chris as if he had read her mind.
“ Yes .” She said softly, Angel glanced over at him when he reached over and held her hand in one of his.
They had stopped at a red light, she felt her heart squeeze at the worried look on his face. “ I get so worried for your safety every time you go out there.”
She gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. “ I’m very careful Chris you know that, I promised to let her out every full moon.”
“ I know Angel, but I have flashbacks of our first meeting, they tore you up so badly, I don’t know what I’d do if you go out and never came back.” He said his eyes held pain, a pain that went back to his younger days after waiting for two days for his parents who had died to come back.
Angel didn’t know how to answer him, it was a risk she took every month, instead, she found herself saying. “ I have faith in your experiments, Chris, every new potion seems to work better than the last, so far it has worked great I have been safe.”
The lights changed and Chris attention went back to the road, they drove for ten minutes before he drove into a parking lot of a busy restaurant they frequently visited, the Valet took the keys of the car from Chris and he held her elbow as they walked into the restaurant, all eyes turned to them making Angel blush, unknown to her people were admiring the striking pair they made, her with her blond beauty looks and Chris with his dark hair and very handsome looks. They were shown to their table in a secluded corner of the restaurant, Chris ordered a bottle of red wine, while they looked through the menu, they both choose shrimp, Alfredo. When the waitress left their table to get their orders, he turned his concerned look over to her again.
“ I’ve done a new batch of experimental scent blockers, I’ll bring it over tomorrow.” He said softly.
“ Thank you .” She smiled reassuringly over at him.
“ I’ve started another experiment though, I think it’s dangerous you could be right in the same room with a wolf and you won’t know it.” He said very softly keeping a casual but watchful look around them for eavesdroppers.
“ How’s it going ?” She asked with interest, it has been a very big worry for her.
“ Experimental state yet.” He chuckled self-consciously.
Angel reached over and squeezed his hand smiling over at him encouragingly, unaware to either of them, they were being photographed, the pics were forwarded to another phone via WhatsApp, the recipient clenched his fist and ground his teeth, the look on Angel's face looked soft and filled with loving concern. He saw red his beast very, very close to the surface, he was going to kill this man, she was his and only his, she belonged to him. He threw the phone smashing it to pieces as he lost the battle with his wolf, he felt himself blacking out as he shifted and his wolf Anubis took over.

Chapter Six.

The day of the Full Moon was a mostly uneventful day, her boss was still away and for that she was grateful. Angel needed all her senses to be on full alert, every full moon she went through this. She made her way home from work made herself a light dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches, a small salad, and fruit juice. Angel took a small travel bag and placed an extra suit of clothes inside, she glanced around her apartment making sure everything was in order then she walked out the door locking it securely after herself. Chris was waiting in the lounge once more for her, she squared her shoulders seeing the worry etched on his handsome face, he took her hand in his squeezing it lightly, they walked out the revolving doors after waving to the Super. Tonight he was driving his black Ford F-150 Raptor, a monstrous truck he helped Angel up and into the truck as he went around the other side and got in behind in the driver's seat, he exhaled shakily. Starting the truck he pulled out into the traffic merging with the other vehicles on the road, unknown to either of them a black heavily tinted Audi 7 followed a distance away behind them but within seeing range, the heavily armed man spoke to his boss on his blue tooth informing him of the route and the names of the streets they drove past Soon the truck left behind the busyness of the bright lights of the city, entering the quieter countryside the forest had begun to get thicker here, soon they drove into the parking lot of a small countryside mall, Chris drove through checking out the place as Angel slouched low in her seat, with the black hoodie covering her hair and most of her face. The surroundings looked normal a few teens hanging out and some older folks sitting in the coffee shop.
“ I’ll drop you out a bit further down and I’ll wait in the coffee shop for you.” Said Chris his voice filled with stress.
“ Thanks, Chris, please don’t stress it’ll be okay .” She said soothingly.
“ I’ll try Angel, but I won’t feel comfortable until I see you back in one piece.” He said pulling her in a hug. Neither of them saw the dark-tinted vehicle hidden further up so engrossed in their task.
Chris dropped Angel off about a quarter-mile from the small mall, she waited until the truck was out of sight, before walking into the clearing she cautiously scanned her surroundings, everything seemed to be safe, the wind rippled a few leaves in the trees, she felt at peace one with the surrounding nature. She quickly stripped looking for a higher branch she hung the change of clothes she had brought with her.
Angel walked further into the forest in only her underwear, she stood closing her eyes she concentrated on making contact with her wolf Artemis, she felt herself blacking out as her wolf took control, she felt the burning pain from the realignment of her bones as she started to transform. With a happy bark, Artemis ran gaily into the thickness of the forest, happy to be out and exploring the wilderness. She had been running frolicking when she stopped and stood still. Unseen eyes made the fine hairs on her back stand on end, she didn’t know if to stop or run, but before she could act on either. A huge black wolf walked almost noiselessly and stood about twenty feet in front of her. Angel took a step backward her eyes flickering around her nervously the huge black wolf stepped towards her whenever she took a step back.
“ Stop, “ he commanded by mind link.
She felt herself responding, he sauntered towards her, when he got close and she saw his green eyes she panicked, Angel fled with the huge wolf in close pursuit, running with the stealth she had honed for years and being smaller she was able to escape far from where her clothes were waiting on the tree, she crawled into a huge rotted tree to wait out until it was safe for her to venture to safety. Three hours later Angel had shifted back to her human form and quietly made her way to where she left her clothes, changing quickly she made her escape, but unknown to her the black wolf sat not too far from where she had hidden and followed her till she got safely out of the forested area, only then did he move returning to his packhouse.
“ Who do you think he is .” Questioned Artemis her wolf.
“ I have no idea Artemis, I’m sorry your run got interrupted .” Said Angel to her wolf.
“It’s alright Angel, your safety is much more important than my fun run.” She said soothingly.
Angel stopped talking to her wolf when she came close to the mall, glancing inside the coffee shop she spotted Chris, his hair was all over the place sticking from every which direction, it seems he had run his hand through his hair countless times in frustration when the bell rang on the door as she pushed it open, Chris glanced up with a hopeful look in his gaze, on seeing Angel he walked over to her and almost squeezed the stuffing out of her.
“ This has been torture, “ he said dropping a passionless kiss on her head.
Angel didn’t look him in the eye, she didn’t want to tell him about the strange encounter, hell she wanted to forget it, those eyes reminded her of her bosses, she was going bat crazy to even be seeing him in wolves, Christ, she was demented. If her boss was a wolf she would sense it, she would know.
“ Did you enjoy your run?” Asked Chris laughingly,
“ Yes “. She said looking away from his light-hearted smile, she didn’t want to put him through more stress so she kept quiet.
“ Do you want something to eat or drink before we head back ?” He asked softly, seeing her exhausted state, she looked somewhat like she was on pins and needles. This month's shift seemed to have her on edge, he promised himself there and then to do all in his power to help her stay under the radar of the wolf community.
“ I’m not very hungry, I’ll have a coke though.” She said her voice filled with exhaustion.
They left after thirty minutes, both of them unaware of their conversation being monitored by the occupant of the table behind them. He got into his car and followed them making sure he was not seen but that they were escorted safely to her apartment, before he left the man made a call to his boss and relayed the conversation between the two, and after answering a few questions he was told to leave another was going to relieve him of his duty.

It had been two weeks after that Angel saw her boss after her monthly run, she had walked in unaware that he was no longer absent, she was walking towards her desk her arms weighed down by folders, she was reading one her head down and smacked into a brick wall, she almost fell if it was not for a pair of strong arms that held on to her waist.
Angel looked up and her eyes widened on seeing an unfamiliar pair of blue eyes with gold around the irises looking down at her, a smirk on his very sexy male lips.
“ Who have we here .” He almost purred down at her.
Angel blushed her hands trying to pry the fingers clasped around her hips, but the stranger didn’t seem to want to unhand her. His handsomeness had her fighting to get her words out, this guy was huge he was built like an ox, his hair was black but something about him looked slightly familiar.
A door being pulled open forcefully had them both turning, a very angry-faced Brent Steel came barreling towards them, Angel felt herself being yanked from the stranger's arms and she found herself leaning against her formidable boss.
“ Get your hands off her Ronan.” He angrily spits out.
The stranger laughed, “ Hello to you too brother “.
“ Brother ?” Angel said in shock, what was this strange feeling present in the air, as if two wolves were squaring up against each other she thought, but shook her head at her insane thoughts. Looking closer at the stranger now she saw the striking resemblance, but where her Boss exuded power of a very successful nature, his brother Ronan had a player kind of vibe, a man aware of his looks and thrived on it, especially against the fairer sex. His grey pinstriped suit accentuated his muscular physique and his handsomeness. Angel wouldn’t be surprised if he had ink under that consecutive suit he wore, an image of him shirtless and him strolling in the deeply forested area came to her mind. Ronan smirked down at her as if he had read her mind, but that was crazy she scoffed at herself.
Angel was bought rudely out of her thoughts, when she felt a pair of arms go around her waist and she felt a jolt of lightning envelope her whole body as his woodsy citrusy aftershave assaulted her senses, she tensed as she felt him jerk his arm a bit.
“ This is Angel,” introduced Brent Steel.
“ The Angel ?” Exclaimed Ronan in surprise.
“ Yes, my private assistant.” Answered her boss through clenched teeth, Angel felt this conversation had some undertones to it, she felt almost as if she was the butt of some joke. Angel dug her elbows in her boss's stomach, she was surprised when her elbows encountered abs of steel, “ Fitting, Man of Steel “ laughed Artemis her wolf. Doing a little dance in her head. “ Shut Up “. She groaned in exasperation when Ronan gave her a look and quirked a single eyebrow at her, she knew she had mumbled it aloud.
Her boss stepped away from her immediately, “ Join me in my office, Ronan.” They both walked to his office.
“ You can get back to work, Miss. Hart .” Said the authoritative voice of her boss.
Angel sat behind her desk going through some files, logging in information for bookkeeping, she heard voices coming from inside the office but it was so muffled she couldn’t really make out the topic of the conversation, not that she was in the habit of eavesdropping but she did hear the occasional outright laughter coming from inside.
She was busily sorting out some files and bending over, her skirt was not a mini but it did hike up a bit showing the back of her thighs, she was just about to lodge the last document inside its specific folder when a wolf whistle, followed by a distinct growl had her straightening up so quickly she banged her head on the top drawer she had unwisely left half-open. When she straightened up her bottom came in contact with a hard and warm object, a pair of hands grasped her waist on either side of her waist, a sense of Deja Vu assailed her as she felt the electric shock waves traveling through her body. “ Ouch “.
Angel stood very straight not even daring to breathe as her boss's warm breath against her neck blew the fine hairs on her neck. She felt her heartbeat beating out like a drum, her pulses going haywire.
“ I’m so sorry for startling you Angel, but I’ m taking this reprobate out for an early lunch, I won’t be back for the rest of the day. If you’ve completed your work you can take off early today.” He said as if every word was being forced from him, he sounded like he was strangling.
Rohan was laughing deep belly full of laughter and for the life of her, she couldn’t understand why she felt Ike the butt of some joke between both brothers.
Angel spun around to see a fine film of sweat beading his forehead and upper lip, the funny thing the air-conditioned office was cool.
“ Sir are you ok, you don’t look too good .” She said in her innocence.
Her boss had a weird look on his face as if in strain, red creeping up from under his collar and staining his cheeks, Ronan doubled over in laughter she was really beginning to hate his brother. She became aware that her boss's lemon green eyes looked as if he wanted to strangle his brother.
He walked over to his brother, grabbed his brother by the hand, and dragged him over to his private elevator, the scoundrel broke out into fresh laughter.
“ Come on bro, don’t rain on my parade, ohh Welcome to the family Angel.” He shouted just before the doors closed on the two morons.
Angel stood staring at the closed elevator doors, her mouth slightly open “ Welcome to the family ?"
What the fuck did he drink or smoke she thought nastily, he probably meant the Steel Group Of Companies she convinced herself grumpily. Angel quickly completed her work and shutting down her computer, she grabbed her purse and made her way out of the building to await Chris they were going out to an early lunch, some new restaurant he wanted to take her to.

Chapter Seven.

Angel had gone straight to her apartment, she had decided to go take a shower and change from her work clothes. Opening her wall closet she selected a black spaghetti strapped fitted dress that reached mid-thigh, she grabbed a pair of sexy gold strapped high heeled shoes, hearing her buzzer going off in her apartment, she realized that Chris was downstairs waiting for her, she quickly grabbed a gold-colored jacket and matching gold purse and rushed over to the intercom and said, “ On my way down .”
A wolf whistle greeted her as she walked into the waiting lounge, she giggled grabbing Chris’s proffered hand as he offered her his arm playfully, his eyes sparkling mischievously.
“ I’m going to be envied by every hot-blooded man at the restaurant,” he jokingly said, she blushed her cheeks turning a becoming shade of pink.
“ Thank you, you don’t look too bad yourself .” She teased.
Hand in hand they walked out of her building, he opened the door of his black Audi and helped her inside before locking the door securely after her. They drove to the restaurant continuing in the same cheerful manner they got out of her building in, hand in hand they walked into the restaurant laughing.
The maitre d checked their reservations and they were shown to a secluded spot, a waiter came up to their table handing two menus to them and the wine list to Chris, Angel chooses a shrimp scampi, Chris his signature dish meatballs and noodles.
while waiting for their food they sat in companionable silence, it was broken by Chris asking "How are you getting along with your boss ?" he asked casually.
"Why do you ask," she said not answering his question.
"Curious I guess," he was not looking at her but somewhere over her shoulder.
"To be honest I don't think Ill be working there long, " she answered truthfully, she didn't want to say why she felt the need to get away from her new boss, when he has done nothing really to make her feel somehow he's a threat.
"Oh what brought that on, was he rude to you?" he asked his grey eyes snapping at her inattention.
"No, it's just me I guess, I don't like putting down roots," she answered quite not meeting his eyes, how could she tell him for some unknown reason she felt threatened by her very handsome and charismatic boss, not also she was scared that she had come across a huge black wolf with green eyes on her monthly run. Angel blamed it on her thoughts being on her boss, when she looked up to a prickly feeling of being watched, she raised her head and her eyes were caught in the gaze of a pair of lemon green eyes.
She groaned out aloud when he pushed away from his chair where he and his brother were seated and made his way to her table with purpose. Seeing her panicked looked Chris glanced over at what had caught her attention and a low curse escaped from his lips.
"Fancy bumping into you and your boyfriend here Angel," he said icily, his gaze on her panicked ones.
" Did you say Boyfriend ?" came a mocking voice from behind Her boss, she groaned again Rohan was standing with a mocking look in his eyes.
"Who the hell are you ?" asked Chris with anger.
"My nosy brother Rohan, Mr. Reeves." introduced her boss, still not taking his eyes off Angel. She was beginning to feel self-conscious why the hell was he staring at her as if he wanted to strangle her, or turn her over his knee and paddle her behind. Both brothers choked uncontrollably with Rohan doubling over and laughing his head off, her boss coughed and pulled his shirt collar as if he was strangling.
" Is he alright?" she asked not expecting an answer.
"Yes, thank you for your concern Angel, just swallowed something in the air," he joked looking over at his brother with a comical expression on his too handsome face.
" What may we do for you gentlemen ?" asked Chris almost with resignation.
Before her boss could answer Rohan butted in. " We were wondering if we could join you for lunch, didn't relish having lunch alone with my grouchy brother."
Her boss turned and looked over his shoulder at his brother with an unreadable look in his gaze, Rohan quirked a brow at him, it was almost as if they were communicating wordlessly, but that was crazy she thought.
"Yes, please save me from my retard brother Angel, by allowing us to join you for lunch." said her boss turning and looking over at Angel rather than Chris.
She looked over at her friend and watched in resignation as he nodded his head. "Sure why not ."
The waiter moved the chairs around and the room was made for her boss and his brother, Angel found herself sandwiched between both brothers, she glanced at both men suspiciously how on earth did she end up between them both, both wore identical smirks on their faces, glancing over at Chris she was surprised to see he was fighting to keep a smile from his face behind his hand that was conveniently covering his mouth. she glared at him how could he turn against her like that.
"So what do you do Mr.Reeves?" asked Rohan with some interest, almost aggressively.
"I'm a Scientist." he said quietly.
"What kind of Scientis are you, which field of science?" asked Her boss with some interest.
"Techinician Scientist, my job criteria is providing operational scientific servicesin a wide range of ways, I deal with forensic science,food science,health and safety measures as well." outlined Chris of his job.
"A very impressive portfolio my friend." said Rohan laughing jovially.
"What about you ?" questioned Chris of Rohan pointedly.
" I head up the Steel clubs ." he said almost in resignation.
" Big shoes you got on their bud." said Chris with respect.
"Yes, " was all he muttered almost tensely.
Talking ceased for awhile as plates were placed in front everyone, Angel was very aware of her bosses presence at her side, she was unable do justice to her shrimp alfredo, Chris quirked an eyebrow at her almost full plate that was taken from her, and her refusal of apple pie since he knew how she adored it.
The waiter brought after dinner drinks, her boss and his brother choose, scotch on the rocks, Chris had choosen an almond liquer she had refused a drink. Leaning back in her chair and just letting the talk around the table from the men just pass over her head, she became aware that her boss had leaned closer to her, his thigh brushed against hers making her heart beat quicken, she felt her throat grow dry from the contact.
"Hey, you okay you've gone quite silent," he said observantly his green gaze filled with concern.
Angel licked her lips nervously when she felt him clasp her hand under the table, his thumb made circles on the back of her hand soothingly.
"Yes just tired Mr. Steel ," she got out quietly.
She winced in pain when his hand tightened around her smaller ones, " My name is Brent, Angel I've told you to use it."
"Sorry Mr. ..... Brent."
They all walked out of the restaurant after a small argument about who should pay the bill, after averting a huge fall out, Angel signaled for Chris to consede defeat and let her boss " Brent" pay the bill.

Life at the office resumed just like before, Angel did her job to the best of her ability, with no negative feed back from Brent. She had began to mingle a bit with the other staff members at the office, sharing coffee breaks and sometimes lunch breaks with a few of them. There was one guy from the Accounts department who seemed to be really into her, he seemed harmless enough, his name was Lucius Halton he was very handsome, with his twinkling blue eyes, but for whatever reason Angel kept comparing her bosses devilishly handsome good looks with Lucius’s.
Today was Friday and Lucius had asked her to go out and have a drink with him and some other friends from work, at some new club that was recently renovated under new management.
Angel hadn’t gone out in a very long while, Chris had gone on a week long convention for his company so she had nothing to do or nobody to hang with that weekend so she had decided to accept the invitation. After getting off work Lucius and her exchanged phone numbers, they parted ways to meet later and go to the club together.
When Angel got home she saw the light flashing on her answering machine, putting it on replay Chris’s voice sounded in her apartment.
Hey Angel, didn’t want to disturb you at work so I left you msg here, I’ll be away for another week, hope you’re handling yourself and keeping safe. I’ll explain when I get back it’s a bit top secret so I can divulge any info over the line. Just a quick warning there is a feeling I get around your boss, try and stay away from him as much as possible. Maybe I’m wrong but I can’t really explain it, anyways been trying to come up with a much stronger antidote to camouflage your scent, still working on enhancing your smell though.
Angel stood rooted to the spot as she heard the last of Chris’s message, what exactly did he feel around Brent? When her senses picked up on nothing, yes he was a stubborn and domineering man but to say he was a threat to her safety she didn’t think so.
Glancing at the clock on the wall, she was going to be late if she did not get a move on, she quickly poured some milk over her cereal and hurriedly ate it she really wanted something small in her stomach before she had any alcoholic drink. Washing her used dishes and placing it on the drainer she hurried to her bedroom undressing as she walked, grabbing her bathrobe she made her way to her en-suite bathroom taking a quick shower, fifteen minutes later she stood in front her closet dancing from one foot to another she ended up picking black skinny jeans, a white silk top, she paired it with white wedge sandals, her make up was minimal as usual. Checking the time on the slim gold watch on her wrist she only had ten minutes to do her hair, she quickly passed the straightener through her hair until it settled in silky waves down her back.
Her phone rand picking it up after seeing Lucius number, “ I’m downstairs of your building Angel”.
“ Give me five minutes, I’ll be there shortly.” She hung up and quickly grabbing a white leather jacket and small white and gold evening purse she was out the door.
When the elevator opened and she stepped out in the waiting lounge, Angel smiled on seeing Lucius he looked handsome in all black. He smiled back at her, his blue gaze running over her with male appreciation.
“ Wow you look hot Angel.” He said admiringly.
“ You clean up very good yourself.” She teased good naturedly.
“ Ready to paint the town red tonight ?” He teased his eyes twinkling teasingly.
“ I’m not such a party girl, but I can have a good time.” She giggled helplessly, they walked out of her building laughing, Lucius car was a black Mercedes he opened her door and ushered her in, closing it securely behind her, they drove to the club bantering in light conversation. When they pulled into the parking lot of the club, Angel glanced around nervously the place looked pack, people were getting out of their cars, there was a long line outside waiting to get inside and a shorter one on the other side, two burly muscular men dressed all in black stood checking identification cards and opening a chain and letting the people go inside. Seems this club was seriously high end and secure security wise.
“ Shall we .” Laughed Lucius gaily.
“ Yes.” She smiled through her nervousness, she hated crowds and this was going to be a huge crowd.
He locked his car arming the security device, he held her hand and walked towards the shorter line, he took a card out of his pocket and handed over to the security guy, Angel looked on as the guy inspected the card and looked both of them over, he handed back over the card to Lucius and unhooked the chain ushering them inside, they walked through and entered a hallway there were more security personnel who inclined their heads respectively, it seemed this was another entrance into the club.
“ Are there two different entrances too this club.” She asked curiously, noticing only a few people were in this entrance.
“ Yes, this is the VIP entrance.” He replied smiling.
They were shown into the club through another door again manned by a heavily armed security man, the place was packed, Lucius took her hand in his As he guided her to a private room, where the rest of the group were happily chatting and enjoying their drinks, when they were both spotted everyone got to their feet laughingly.
“ Let me make the introductions,” laughed Lucius as he pulled her towards the table that four other people from the office sat chatting. Angel knew their faces from seeing them around the office.
“ This is Angel everyone.” He said his eyes filled with warmth as he glanced over at her.
“ Hi .” She got out shyly.
“ Your the bosses Personal Assistant aren’t you .” One woman with blond hair and pretty dimples on either cheek said incredulously.
“ Yes I am .” She smiled, everyone warmed to her after, introductions were made two women and two men. They introduced themselves as the HR Tim Hannigan and the PR Manager Mike Timmons, the two women were Secretaries in the HR department.

Chapter Eight.

Two hours later Angel found herself out on the crowded dance floor dancing with Mike Timmons, her head felt cotton woolly with the two glasses of Daiquiris she had consumed, not being much of a drinker she was not sober, she found herself giggling something she did not do, when Mike made a joke about their boss having the most beautiful woman in the whole company at his beck and call. He treated her with respect they all had and she had already danced with the three men from their little group.
Angel turned her back facing Mike when one of her favorite EDM music came over the music system, she could never find it not to move to the base of the music, she was busily moving to the beat when Mikes touch suddenly changed, where before he was almost clinical in his touch, now his hands moved on her stomach pulling her closer so her butt was against his private, Angel tried pulling away to put some distance but his hold tightened around both sides of her hips. Where before she felt nothing tingles started running up her body, it felt very much like when her boss touched her, when she felt the unmistaken bulge that was poking her behind she spun around to see not Mike but her boss Brent Steel behind her, Angel was so embarrassed she pushed him away and found herself stumbling away through the crowded dance floor, she felt momentarily disoriented as dizziness overcame her making her vision sway crazily, she saw the sign for the washroom and headed for it , there were two washrooms one with a line outside and one with out, she headed for the one that looked private, with her heart beating fast she stumbled inside it looked deserted inside here, she pushed away from the door and headed straight for the mirrored sink, turning the tap on she didn’t care she would be washing all her make up off but she splashed water on her face several times trying to sober up and feel less dizzy.
What was Brent doing here and he had been grinding in her ass all the time, hell he was aroused from their bodies being that close in proximity, she felt her cheeks heat up from thinking about it, god she was doomed how will I be able to avoid him and sneak out of here. Christ what about when I had to face him in the office tomorrow, she let out a groan of misery. Closing her eyes and leaning her head on the glass she turned of the tap, turning around she screamed when she saw her boss leaning against the closed door of the washroom. His lemon gaze glittered as he leaned off the door and with slow predatory steps he walked towards her, Angel swallowed nervously her throat suddenly drying when she found herself being trapped against the sink she had been leaning on, by the simple fact he caged her in with both hands resting on either side of the sink trapping her.
“ Why did you run Angel ?” He asked coolly, his eyes watchful like a marauding predator.
Angel didn’t know how to answer, she felt like her heartbeat was beating at the base of her throat, she licked her lips that felt dry and she almost groaned aloud when she saw his gaze follow the nervous move, he groaned almost animalistic as he leaned into her, she opened her mouth to late to protest and found her lips smashed against her teeth as his lips slanted over hers, his arms went around her drawing her closer to his muscular frame, when she felt his tongue slide into her mouth she moaned deep in her throat, Angel had never been kissed like this before, she felt like he was trying to draw her inside his body, she tingled everywhere, she felt herself getting wet between her legs, what the hell was happening to her, Angel felt her brain short circuiting as if her oxygen was being ripped from her lungs and entering his body, was he such a good kisser that he could kill her from one kiss, one part of her brain asked. Brent kept up his assault on her lips, devouring her mouth, his hands had come up to clasp her face keeping her from turning her head away.
Finally he broke the kiss reluctantly, he was breathing hard just like Angel, he pushed a little away from her and she sucked in a breath seeing his face. Brents eyes were almost black with a red glow in them, she looked away and when she turned back around his eyes was normal again, those blasted daiquiris had her seeing things, there was deep hunger and passion on his face but the redness of his eyes was gone. She felt her inside clench when he admitted thickly.
“ I’ve been wanting to fucking do that for so long Angel.”
“ I ......... she couldn’t voice a word, she was feeling really, really drunk right now.
“ Let me take you home Angel, you looked pretty wasted.” He said with concern.
Angel didn’t argue, the sooner she got home the safer she would feel. She wasn’t sure what happened here tonight but she suddenly felt hunted by her boss which was ridiculous, she tried to convince herself.
They got out of the VIP bathroom and made their way to the private room, the five people from the office her new friends couldn’t hide their surprise when Brent walked in with her, a very possessive hold around her slim waist. He kept her locked to his side while he talked with the group for a few minutes, then he excused himself saying he was heading out and since Angel lived close to his apartment he would save Lucius the hassle of dropping her home.
He walked out of the private lounge holding her hand and pulling her along with him, he got on his cell and talked to someone on the other end, since the club was so noisy she was not able to tell if it was a male or female he was conversing with, when they walked into the quieter hallway of the club, Angel tried pulling her hand free, she didn’t want to disturb her boss if he had been on a date.
Brent stopped unexpectedly and she cannoned into him, he took advantage of that and embraced her their bodies touching without a space between them, Angel looked up angrily.
“ Will you stop manhandling me “. She spat out angrily.
“No”. He simply said, his friendly look turning angry.
“ I can call an Uber, you don’t have to leave your date.” She got out crossly, she stared at him in surprise, when he tipped his head back and laughed.
“ Rohan would roll with laughter, if he heard himself referred to as my date .” He said still laughing, he took both hands and held her face looking into her furious almond gaze.
“ Rohan your brother .” She asked stupidly.
“ Yes, you see Angel this is his new club, tonight is his opening night, didn’t you know .” He asked puzzled.
“ No.” she croaked out.
He laughed again, then deep belly full laughter, Rohan would be pleased to know his interference in his brothers life was welcomed for the first time, he sobered up on seeing her puzzled look turn to spitting anger, his little Angel had a bad temper. One she kept tight reigns on chuckled Brent to himself.
He grabbed her roughly and brought her lips to his again, now that he had tasted the honeyed nectar of her mouth, he intended to never stop tasting it. She chocked but he felt her tentatively kissed him back for a few seconds, it almost felt innocent then the penny dropped, she was a virgin, he felt himself wanting to growl in male domination territorially. Brent broke the kiss forcing himself from crushing her in his arms and doing what he wanted so bad to do. Angel was a treasured gift that he wanted to take his time and unwrap, he was a man who when he wanted something nothing stood in his way till he conquered it. She belonged to him, she was his and soon she will know it too, he promised himself.
They drove to her apartment in a tense silence, Angel refused to feel anything she locked down her feelings, she was no longer tipsy, just a niggling headache, when he pulled his Lamborghini at the front of her building he made no move to get out, she was grateful for that.
“ Thanks for the lift.” She said barely above a whisper, she fumbled with the door but it didn’t budge, turning around she encountered unreadable lemon ones, she watched like a rabbit with a snake as he pulled her closer and his lips captured hers again, this kiss was different it was passionate but slow, he savored the feel of her lips beneath his.
“You need to go now before you can Angel.” He said his voice sounding almost like a growl, Angels hair stood on end, she took one look at his tightly closed eyes and fled, this time when she pulled the latch on the door it opened without any resistance.
Angel didn’t stop until she was safely locked inside her apartment, She bolted all her locks on the door and moving towards her small living room, she dropped down on the leather black sofa and groaned aloud

“ Hahahaha look at you, panties all in a bunch, that is one hot guy you have there.” Came Artemis voice teasingly.
“ Don’t you start now, you can go back to sleeping,” grumbled Angel in a bad mood, only when she was deeply troubled her wolf came out to calm her, or when she was in danger and her wolf needed to protect her.
“ And here I thought you would welcome some company.” Artemis barked in laughter unrepentantly.
“ I really don’t see what’s so funny Artemis, how am I to face him in the morning he’s my boss.” Groaned Angel in misery again.
“ How about you pretend to have temporary amnesia, drunk people tend to forget things they’ve done while under the influence.” She suggested helpfully.
Angel sat mulling over Artemis suggestion, it sounded plausible enough, Will he fall for it though ? “ You’re a life saver Artemis “. She said affectionately.
“ Happy I can be of assistance, seems you enjoyed yourself tonight though regardless of the events of the ending .” Said Artemis thoughtfully.
“ You know what Artemis, Lucius and the others are pretty cool to hang out with, I did enjoy it, next time though no alcohol for me especially any Daiquiris.” She complained good maturely.
“ Hmmm true, you’re a damn light weight, you got drunk from two measly daiquiris. “ laughed her wolf teasingly.
“ You’re never going to let me forget this aren’t you .” She grouched feeling embarrassed all over again.
“ Let me think, NO.” Snorted Artemis laughingly.
“ Then I’m going to bid you good night.” She threatened her wolf slyly.
“I’ll behave somewhat I promise, just one or two questions before I bid you adios.” Artemis said placatently.
“ Ok ask away .” She conceded good natured.
“How long before Chris gets that antidote to activate you’re sense of smell? “
“ I’m not not sure Artemis, he’s trying his best he’s just a scientist, he’s not a miracle worker you know.” She defended.
“ I’m not blaming him Angel, it just makes me very nervous and worried for your safety, you could be really close to danger and I won’t sense it.” She admitted worriedly.
“ I know Artemis, it’s why I go to work and come straight back home, I don’t go out unless Chris is with me, I don’t stray in secluded places where I could be attacked.” She said her voice laced with love for her wolf.
“ Angel you have always been cautious I know that, I’ve though you like my child and kept you safe by guiding you as best as I can, just promise me you won’t take unnecessary risk.” Artemis stressed with a worried sigh.
“ I promise .” She said sincerely.
“ Good now how do you rate Brents kiss.” She teased lightly.
“ From what 1 till 10 ?” Angel played along to lighten the atmosphere.
“ Yes please .” Answered Artemis excitedly.
“ Well seeing that this has been my real first kiss, I really don’t have any thing to compare it too.”she admitted.
“ That could easily be remedied, kiss another man and see how you feel.” She suggested helpfully.
“ Sure Artemis, there’s a long line of men just waiting for me to kiss them.” She mocked cheekily.
“ You can kiss Lucius or Chris when he gets back.” She suggested helpfully.
“ Ewe nooo, I don’t feel anything romantic towards Lucius, besides I don’t want to complicate things at work .” She said suppressing a shiver of distaste.
Artemis started laughing hilariously, then she said reminding Angel of her predicament “ You mean like what is happening with you and Brent, your boss .”
“ Your mean Artemis .” She grouched.
“ Tell you what who else do you feel even a slight attraction too.” She asked thoughtfully.
Angel searched her memory, since her world was kept so private, she had barely been really close with anyone aside from Chris, but she felt brotherly love for him and felt physically sick even contemplating kissing him even if it was an experiment. The guys she met tonight were very nice but very uninteresting none of them even garnered a spasm from her the only two people who came close was her boss Brent and kiss crazy ass brother, suddenly she smiled Rohan he was just as handsome as Brent and very dashing they both wore this aura around them, if she had to describe them in her world she would say they were two domineering Alphas.
“ Don’t keep me in suspense, who did you think off .”
“ Rohan, my bosses brother.” She admitted excitedly.
“ Um are you sure you won’t be jumping from the pot into the fire.” Asked Artemis worriedly.
“ I don’t see how, what my boss does not know won’t hurt him .” She said softly hoping it was that easy.
“ On that note I’ll bid you good night, hope you don’t burn your ass and come complaining to me .” Admonished Artemis and buried herself deep in Angels subconscious, where she lay dormant.
You and me both Artemis admitted Angel, she got off the sofa stripping as she entered her bedroom, she opened the door of her en-suite bathroom rolling up her hair so it didn’t get wet, she turned the faucet on and stepped under the lukewarm water, she took a quick shower and tried not to think about her boss and his mind blowing kisses. She switched off the shower and towel dried herself slipping on her black silk bathrobe she grabbed her tooth brush and squeezed toothpaste on the brush, she cleaned her teeth trying to wash the taste of the alcohol from her mouth, she rinsed with Mouth wash heading too her bedroom she rummaged through her drawer pulling out black panties and pulling them on. She dropped her robe at the foot of the bed and got into her bed, within a few minutes she dropped off to sleep.
Angels eyes opened to very bright lights the next morning, she lay on her bed opening her eyes groggily her head was feeling like construction workers were using a Jack hammer inside her head, she winced with pain, glancing at her bedside clock she jumped off her bed and almost burst into tears she was an hour late for work. She quickly dashed into the bathroom screaming aloud when instead of warm water she opened the cold, luckily it didn’t wet her hair, one good thing now she was fully awake, the pain forgotten in her head. She grabbed a pair of black fitted jeans, a white silk sleeveless blouse and a jeans jacket, passing a brush through her hair, she dashed some face powder to hide the dark circle under her eyes and a light pink lipgloss on her lips and she was ready, rushing towards the closet she grabbed her purse and a pair of very dark shades and bolted out the door. Luckily the super of her building had already called her Uber as per arranged, she smiled gratefully as he motioned that the Uber was out front waiting for her, she blew him a grateful kiss and ran to the automatic sliding doors. Jumping into her usual Uber she smiled nervously as the driver handed over her coffee and pulled out from her building and headed to the office which was a ten minute drive from her apartment.
“ Thanks for the coffee Sam.” She smiled gratefully taking a tentative sip from the steaming hot beverage
“ Not a problem, the Super asked me too “. He said laughing, he said teasingly watching her in the rear view mirror. “ Said his baby duckling finally grew up and went clubbing last night .”
She laughed and shook her head, that was true, the Super did call her his baby duckling, he’d made friends with her, looking out for her since she had moved into the building two years ago.
Angel payed Sam for the cab fare and the coffee and hurriedly made a dash for her office, praying that she would beat her boss to the office and he wouldn’t know she had been late.
She really thought she had managed to succeed, cause when she entered her office it was very very quiet, Angel breathed a sigh of relieve and taking her time she draped her jacket on the back of the chair, while her computer warmed up she sat drinking her coffee leisurely, her mind going over the events of the night before, the dance floor Brent really could dance the man had moves she thought her cheeks heating up, she put her hand over her face and groaned when she remembered the encounter in the washroom, Christ how the hell could she face this man who she had kissed so passionately who was her bloody boss. About an hour later when she finally settled down to do some book keeping on her computer, she was bought rudely out of her thoughts when she felt a prickly feeling looking up her almond eyes encountered an unreadable pair of lemon ones.
Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, she groaned inwardly, her boss eyebrows rose and she could off swear he smirked but then it disappeared so quickly she doubted herself it had been there. They stared at each other her expression one of unease, his one of unreadability. Angel heard “ Amnesia remember “.
A mask descended over her features, successfully masking her inner turmoil or so she thought, “ Good Morning Brent, what can I do for you.”
At first she thought he wasn’t going to answer, but he did a bit distantly. “ Come to my office Angel .”
She visibly swallowed nervously, hell why his office, Angel got shakily to her feet walking towards Brent who stood patiently for her to walk and proceeded ahead of him into his office, she avoided looking at him other wise she would have seen him laugh at her nervousness. Angel made her way into the office and turned visibly white when the door slammed behind her boss.
Shit I’m in deep trouble, she turned intending to make a run for it, but he stood leaning against the closed door that unreadable look on his too handsome face again, why did he have to be so handsome, if he was old and wrinkly she wouldn’t be having this problem now she argued internally.
Brent bent over and coughed like something was stuck in his throat, Angel stared dumb founded what the hell.

Chapter Nine.

He made his way towards his desk getting behind it he sat heavily down, motioning with his hand for her to be seated. When she was seated and looking every where but up at her boss, her hands clasped tightly in her lap she heard him say coolly.
“ You were late this morning.”
Angels head snapped up quickly, to see his green eyes boring into her almond ones a watchful look present in his gaze. Before she could answer he added .” Heard you had a wild night out at the club.”
She licked her lips nervously, her eyes downcast again so she didn’t see the red flash into his lemon gaze as he traced the nervous path of her tongue. He waited patiently to see what she would do which path she would take.
“ I , er I am ashamed to admit Sir, that I don’t remember much after the second glass of Daiquiris.” She lied through her teeth.
He said nothing for a long time, Angel held her breath waiting expectantly for his voice to shout out your lying but he surprised her by saying as if he was struggling to get the words out .” I see, you don’t remember, it’s understandable you’re not used to strong drinks.”
She nodded quickly in accent, wanting to get the hell out of his office and back to the safety of her desk.
“ I was just worried about you Angel, glad to know you enjoyed yourself and made it safely home.” He opened some folders in front him, flipping through them with interest.” Angel got quickly to her feet and excused herself he didn’t even lift his head as she exited his office.
Angel didn’t know how she got through the rest of the day, she did her work with great diligence and kept her head down most of the day. When her boss came out on several occasions she handled him professionally and avoided direct eye contact, most on her computer screen or on whatever document she had been working on at the moment, if she had looked up once she would have seen his pissed off look that she refused to look him in the eye.
When it was lunch she made her way to the lunch room, where she met up withLucius and the others, Angel bit her lip, she knew she had to continue the act of pretense even with her co workers, because if they let it slip she remembered more than she was letting on her Brent might get wind of it.
“ Hi guys, “ she greeted as she sat down after grabbing a yogurt and a fruit juice.
They all turned on hearing her voice, all three men smiled in easy friendship, “ What did you think of the club?”
Angel concentrated on opening her yogurt and juice before answering untruthfully. “ I’m a bit embarrassed to say, apart from remembering when Lucius and I met you guys and entered the dance floor, I have been drawing a blank about the rest, I can’t seem to remember anything after that.”
“ Ohhh, so you don’t ...... “ trailed off Tim Hannigan and started to cough uncontrollably.
Angel looked over at him curiously, all three men wore identical embarrassed looks, not quite meeting her eyes. Suddenly she felt a hand on either side of her chair behind her, turning she encountered a mocking faced Rohan Steel looking down at her.
“ Can I join you guys ?” He asked coolly.
“ Sure.” Chorused three male voices.
They all got up and shifted their chairs around, making place for Rohan, Angel found herself seated with Rohan beside her and the three other men across from them, how on earth did that happen?
“ So heard you had a hell of a time last night .” Said Rohan shifting on his chair slightly to say teasingly.
“ I’m I ever going to live this down ?” She groaned in misery, her almond eyes filled with embarrassment.
She glared at him, when he threw his head back and started laughing uproariously, the three men hid their smirks behind there hands. Angel glared at all four men and said coldly. “ I am an adult you know, I’m allowed to get sloshed once in my life.”
“ You’re so damn cute, I wish you were .....” he trailed off and looked away guiltily.
“ Wish you were what .” She asked puzzled.
“ Yes my dearest brother, what do you wish .” Asked another voice very chillingly.
The room suddenly went from warm and friendly, to frigid and quiet, Angel felt the fine hairs on her neck stand on end for some reason, if she was being honest with herself she would say, the atmosphere suddenly had the undercurrents of two male Alphas squaring up for a territorial fight. Even her coworkers took their hands off the table and sat up straighter as if ready to get out of the way.
Angel let out a sight of relief when Rohan chuckled good naturely,“ Take a chill pill Brent, Miss Hart is your responsibility, I was going to say.”
“ Good of you to acknowledge that fact brother, all mines.” Answered Brent cryptically his lemon gaze encompassing all four men, three of which hurriedly excused themselves and made a quick escape.
Angel watched this small interplay in confusion, was she missing something here. “ I’m sorry to cut your lunch short Angel, but I need the orders for the Langston Construction Company.”
“ Not a problem Sir, I’ll have them on your desk when you get back.” She got up and made her own escape. Angel rifled through the file cabinet and got out the requested documents, she walked into her bosses office and placed the file on his desk, turning around to exit the office she jumped in fright. Why didn’t she hear him entering the office, he had come into the office and closed the door so silently that she didn’t hear him.
“ The files are on your desk Sir.” She said quietly, her pulses picking up speed, her throat going dry.
Angel watched through nervousness as he didn’t answer, but walked slowly and deliberately towards her both hands in his trouser pockets, he didn’t stop until he was a hairs breath distance in front her, she watched him watching her his gaze intense and unreadable. “ I’m ordering you to stay away from my brother, he eats women like you and spits them out.”
Angel bristled angrily, who was he to tell her what to do, “ Is he the big bad wolf .”

Angel sat deep in thought, one week later, since that day her boss had been avoiding her, he had not answered her that day, he had gone slightly pale then turning on his heels he walked to his desk picking up the files and opening them, “ Just do what I say Angel.”
The ringing of her cell phone snapped Angel out of her confused thoughts, reaching for her purse she got out her cell, glancing at her caller ID she saw Chris name highlighted.
“ Hi, are you back .” She squealed excitedly.
“ Yes I’m back, missed you terribly.” He admitted laughingly.
“ Missed you too, can’t wait to see you.” She said excitedly, her almond eyes reflected the love she felt for him, to the man standing and eavesdropping she looked deeply in love, he clenched his hands into fist walking quickly towards the private elevator he stabbed the numbers leading to the penthouse apartment and opening it with his secret coded numbers he slammed the door so hard it shook the hinges, she was his when will she realize that, he poured himself a shot of whiskey and downed it in one swallow, feeling the burning of the alcohol as it made its way down his inside, he stood breathing hard trying to control himself his beast was barely holding on, he knew Adonis wanted to go back down to her office and mark what was his, what belonged to them. He stood fighting for control of his beast, he had to separate her from her boyfriend. There were to much he had to handle at the moment important things he had to take care off, but she will be kept busy so she won’t have much time to spend with this man, he promised his beast only then he was able to achieve the control he wanted from his beast. She will be ours soon she has no choice in the matter just like us Adonis, he promised.
Unaware of what was being planned for her, Angel made plans happily to have dinner with Chris later that night, the rest of her day passed uneventful she concentrated on her work, she did not cross paths with Brent for the remainder of the day, she knew he was busy with some big clients who were interested in doing some very big business with the company, according to the grapevine at work, it would be a very busy time for a few weeks, board meetings were scheduled and some business get togethers, Angel was glad she had suggested dinner for tonight seems she would be very busy for a few weeks.
Chris collected her at eight, he told her after embracing her so tight she thought he was going to squeeze the stuffing out of her, they laughed happily arguing in the fashion only the both of them did, he filled her in during the drive to some high end place that was newly opened he wanted to take her too. So it seemed that his business trip was a success, his company had made lots of contacts and profitable deals because of his input about his experiments, as for her own antidote he was working on it had to be put on the back burner, now that he was back home he promised to get back to working on it again.
When he pulled up in the parking lot Angel felt the fine hairs on the back of her nape stood on end, looking out at the restaurant he wanted to take her to, was none other than the club and restaurant, that belonged to Rohan. She didn’t want to ruin his surprise so she pretended to be happy, hand in hand they walked into the restaurant the matri’d checked their reservations and signaled for a waiter to show them to their seats, after handing them two menus and the wine list he excused himself, leaving them to select the wine that they wanted and to select their meal. Angel handed the menu over to Chris telling him to choose for them both, he choose mashed potatoes, snow peas and juicy steaks his was extra rear, he choose a red Zinfandel wine he knew she adored. The waiter poured the wine and left them with a basket with warm rolls and creamy butter. They sat chatting and laughing unaware that they were being closely observed by two men standing close one with a cigarette and a glass of vodka on the rocks, the other with straight whiskey his eyes smoldered on seeing the easy comrade between the couple, he watched as Chris draped his hand on the back of Angels chair bringing his ear closer to hear something she had whispered to him, using his special abilities he tuned in to what she had whispered, his ears perked up on hearing her question.
“ Any headway on the antidote to disguise my smell?” She asked with interest.
“ I just need one chemical from the lab at work, this month you can rest assured you will not be detected.” He said soothingly.
“ It’s a relief to be honest, my hidden friend didn’t get a good run this past month.” She admitted leaving out the part about the strange wolf.
He smiled feeling his beast Adonis sighing in relief, so his Angel had kept hidden she had met up with a lone wolf, the question was why ? Time would tell he felt much more light hearted knowing that she was keeping things from her close friend Chris. He looked over at the next man and saw his smirk as he had also heard the conversation, his blue eyes gleamed.
“ Shall we ?” He asked teasingly, getting a nod of agreement, they made their way Over to the unsuspecting couple.

Chapter Ten.

Angel and Chris were animatedly laughing and teasing each other, about crazy things that had happened to Chris during his business trip. While waiting for their food to be delivered.
She was laughing when her eyes were held captive by a pair of smoldering lemon gaze, the smiled disappeared and she audibly groaned. Chris watched her curiously before he could voice a question. The fine hairs on his neck warned him before he heard a familiar drawled male voice, he bit back his own groan.
“ Do you get the feeling we’re interrupt the lovebirds ?” Asked Rohan mockingly, his blue gold eyes boring into hers coolly.
“ No, “ gritted out Brent coldly.
“ Hi, guys fancy seeing you here, I feel hunted .” Muttered Chris unreadably, his eyes watchful as both men stood within his vision.
Both men stood with hands in their pockets, dressed in expensive Armani suits, Angel felt herself comparing them to two sexy male models, most women would kill to have these particular two men searching them out, but like Chris had said she really did feel like she was singled out for whatever reason, hunted almost. Both men glanced at each other identical mirroring smirks on their equally handsome faces, Angel watched this small interchange between the brothers almost wearily.
“ We saw you both and decided to find out how you would rate the restaurant,” quickly said Rohan, his blue eyes pinning Angel to her chair.
“ So far its exceptional, the service is great, the decor is perfect and the ambience is second to none, but why do you need a rating though ?” Asked Chris with interest.
“ It’s my new baby, the club and restaurant has been bought, redecorated and opened under new management.” Stated Rohan with pride his blue gold gaze glancing over at Angel, “ It’s going to be my home base.”
Angel tensed on what she though was a low growl coming from her boss, but when she looked over at him, he looked unaffected and disinterested in the conversation.
“ Let’s leave Angel and her companion to have their dinner in peace, what do you say.” Muttered Brent through clenched teeth.
“ Dinner is cancelled, aren’t you hungry anymore.”? Questioned a surprised Rohan.
“ Lost my appetite actually rain check ?” Her boss asked his brother coolly.
“ Sure just give me a call.” Said Rohan icily.
Both men excused themselves and walked away separating in different directions, both Angel and Chris glanced at each other, both wearing identical puzzled looks.
“ Do you get the feeling, that they communicate without words.” Asked Chris almost musingly.
Angel laughed nervously, only wolves can do that, and she refused to even think about her boss and his brother belonging to that group she was trying to escape from her whole life, Angel refused to belief that she could be working for the most despised creatures she had the misfortune of being apart of, and her world as she had known before the brutal murders of her family and the destruction of her beliefs.
“ No, there’s no such thing.” She stated vehemently.
There dinner was served a few minutes after, but the easy comrade that they had shared before the brothers interruption was sorely lacking, they ate in silence Angel forced herself to eat some of the meal, although she felt like if it wanted to come back up, her stomach was churning. She excused herself to visit the ladies room after refusing desserts.
Angel pushed her way into the ladies room surprised to see it deserted, she opened one of the stalls and made use of the toilet, she got out and deep in thought she took her time washing her hands with the liquid soap, why did she often feel around the brothers as if she was the butt of some joke, but lately she felt a tenseness between both brothers, actually it was since that day in the lunchroom at the office.
Deciding to use the air dryer rather than the paper towels, Angel blamed it on the loud noise coming from the machine but when she turned her heart jumped into her mouth , because standing and leaning on the closed door stood her boss a brooding but sexy look on his extremely handsome face.
She tried to dispel the thoughts of dejavu her memories taking her back to that night at the club, another ladies room was this going to be another repeat of that night again. They stood watching each other, Angel fidgeted nervously, watching as Brent stood leaning on the door blocking her mode of escape, she licked her lips nervously not saying anything.
“ Do you have a sense of deja vu Angel, like we’ve been here before?” He asked cryptically his eyes glinting making it look darker.
She refused to answer that, it will only incriminate her, let him know she knew he was referring to the night she had gotten drunk at the club. So instead she said casually. “ Yes, the night I acted as your hostess Brent.”
He smiled humorlessly, pushing away from the door he walked slowly towards her, Angel stood her ground refusing to move or show weakness, Brent stopped a hairs breath from her, she felt his warmth envelope her body a heat radiating from his body to encompass hers, he stood looking at her in that same unreadable way.
“ Why do you feel it necessary to follow me into the ladies room, I was under the impression you left.” She heard herself asked quietly.
“ Why do you think Angel?” He asked equally quiet.
“ I have no idea Sir.” She answered truthfully.

Angel held her breath as he closed his eyes for a second, bending his head he remained quiet, she glanced to the side, thinking if she could just push past him and exit the ladies room and his unsettling presence.
“ Don’t even think about it.” He said coldly glancing over at him in surprise, she noticed he hadn’t even lifted his head to say that.
“ I beg your pardon .” She got out angrily.
“ Fuck it.” He growled passionately, she wasn’t given any warming but found herself crushed in his arms, and his mouth slanted over hers. Angel groaned under the assault of his mouth on hers, why is it every time he kissed her she felt as if he was trying to draw her into himself. She fought the feelings his body molded to hers made her feel, or the way he kissed her lips as if he was playing her mouth like an instrument, but when he grabbed her rounded ass and ground her into the hard ridge between his legs she gasped in shock, he took advantage of that and slipped his tongue inside her mouth stroking her tongue with his, Angel moaned her arms grasping his arms that was clamped on either side of her waist cupping her ass, she felt a deep clenching in her stomach, as if she had lost her footing in mid stride.
What were these alien feelings she felt in his arms, she wanted him to keep touching her, and as if he read her mind he moaned pulling her even closer, her breast was crushed against his hard muscular chest, she felt her nipples pebble in her bra and rubbing inside the Lacey cups, his legs were opened wide keeping her molded to his muscular frame.
A knock on the door penetrated the passionate kiss, Chris’s voice came from outside calling out to her if she was alright. Angel pulled away and as her almond eyes encountered lemon ones the heat in there depths almost melted her into a puddle at their feet. He pulled her back and kissed her again deeply before pushing her away, helping her straighten her clothes he said thickly.
“ Go, “ she nodded and fled but before she could exit, what he said made her blush and feel hot all over again. “ This isn’t over Angel.”
Opening the door she fled and trying to control her expression, she smiled at Chris and answered naturally albeit a little breathlessly . “ I’m okay, ready to leave .”
All through the drive home, She knew he glanced at her often, they talked but about nothing important when he pulled up outside her building Angel bade him a quick goodnight and exited the car. Waving to the building super she entered the elevator and punched in the number for her floor, closing her eyes she groaned out aloud, what the hell was she doing, Brent may bring out certain feelings in her but he was her boss. She refused to mess up her working relationship with Brent and she knew there was a possibility that could happen. That night she tossed and turned no5 able to sleep so the next day she felt like a furtive criminal doing everything in her power to stay off his radar.
Angel watched the gold wrist watch on her hand, an hour before she can make her escape, using the time she had she double checked her files, making sure everything was saved and backed up, walking towards the filing cabinet she checked everything was in its allotted space and drawer, the ringing of her phone made her heartbeat escalate alarmingly, she walked slowly towards the desk and checked the number it was Brents cell number not his office.
Picking up the receiver she held it like it was a spitting cobra that would attack her, when it came in contact with her ear his voice made her breath hitch in her throat.” What took you so long to answer Angel.” He said casually his voice sounding somewhat strangled.
“ I was all the way across the room.” She answered truthfully.
There was silence at the other end of the phone and then his voice thickly murmured. “ Trying to put distance between us Angel, that’s not going to happen.”
“ I don’t know what you mean Sir.” She said haughtily.
“ If I wasn’t aboard on a jet right now, I’d remind you exactly what it means .” He said thickly.
“ A jet .” She said so she was safe for awhile, maybe she can even find a way to get out of the contract she though happily.
“ You cannot get out of our contract Angel it’s ironclad, and what is between us , what had been happening between us will continue.” He said almost threateningly.
Angel fumed inwardly, she would find a way no matter what he said, nobody told her what she may or may not do. Yes she may be attracted to him, but her life was complicated Angel did not want to be responsible for anyone getting hurt on account of her, or even being apart of her life.
“ Are you listening Angel.” He asked crossly.
“Yes Sir, loud and clear.” She replied quickly.
“ Good I’ll be away for three days, try and stay in one piece while I’m not there.” He said coldly.
Angel felt like a child that was being scolded, so she did what little children did when wronged , she moved the phone from her ear and stick her tongue out at it, she replaced the receiver back to her ear and said through clenched teeth. “ Have a safe trip.” And dropped it quickly, she thought she heard a bark of laughter but she decided her imagination was running wild, cause her boss didn’t do loud carefree laughter.
The first day that Brent was away she had numerous staff come up to her asking advice on their work, knowing this was all part of her job, especially seeing that her boss was away. So she was kept pretty busy, the office seemed lack less and boring, Angel refused to acknowledge to herself she missed Brents dynamic presence around the office.
On the second day she went into Brents office to search for some missing files, he had been working on the day he left to go on his trip, bending over the desk to retrieve the file that had fallen from the neat pile, she heard the door closed behind her, knowing she was alone in the office she thought it was a draft or something that had closed the door. Turning around all the files fell from her nervous hands as she saw Rohan standing leaning against the now closed door, sealing them off alone. The fine hairs on her neck stood on end as he smiled at her nervous expression.
“ What are you doing here, Brents not here.” She stuttered out nervously.
“ Don’t you think my brother would inform me that he was leaving for a few days .” He asked casually.
“ Of course, how silly of me.” She said laughing nervously.
“ You’re probably wondering, if I know he’s not here, what I’m doing here.” He asked his blue gold eyes unreadable.
“ Yes .” She got out shakily, as he walked towards her slowly, when Brent had done that her pulses had gone haywire and she had felt hot all over, but his brother made her nervous not in a bad way but not comfortable. Suddenly he stopped his features held a look of shock, then he laughed self consciously, he shook his head as if someone asked a question, Angel watched him nervously remembering her talk with Artemis about experimenting with a kiss. Rohan’s head shot up his eyes gleamed wickedly and in one second Angel felt her lips crushed under his. This kiss was hot yes, very hot and skilled he knew how to kiss, another woman would have melted like a puddle by his feet but not her. Rohan’s kiss didn’t make her senses zing like Brents, he broke the kiss and smiled sadly down at her, confusing Angel he kissed her one last time lingeringly he let her go, turning he walked to the door opening it he said with his back to her. “ I wouldn’t mention this with my brother if I was you Angel, he’s a very possessive man, but I had to know for myself.”
Before she could respond he walked out the office, leaving a very confused Angel behind, confused in so many ways, forcing it all out of her mind, she stooped and picked up the files that had scattered around her feet, closing the door she turned and walked to her own private office, sitting behind her desk she continued with her work refusing to dwell on what had happened, call it being an ostrich and burying your head in the sand but that’s what she did, until she had free time to sit and analyze what had just happened between her and Rohan.

Chapter Eleveen.

Angel was kept busy for a few weeks after Brents return, getting documents finalized from the various departments, quotes, list of materials, and statistics to be shown to the board members and the two new firms that wanted to sign a contract with the company as a constant supplier.
Not only her but the entire company staff were being kept busy working over time, not only were they preparing for the meeting and signing of contracts but they were also planning a dinner party to welcome the new business acquaintances.
Angel was busily going from one department to another gathering the required information and then to make copies and folders for each board member and the new forms that wanted to do business with them.
Everyday she went home to just eat shower and drop wearily into her bed, then to rush to the office and do the same again, this continued for three weeks, so she was kept busy she did not have the luxury of thinking about either brother and her responses to them.
The day of the board meeting Angel choose to wear a slim fitted white dress, with a black jacket on her feet she wore white heeled pumps, deciding to wear her hair lose and straight, she was striving to look capable and business like since Brent insisted that she join them for the meeting, in case she was needed to take notes. Walking into the office, she was surprised to see Brent dressed in an accompanying suit to match hers, black jacket and black trousers with a white crisp shirt with a satin white tie.
When he looked her over with male appreciation, she blushed uncomfortable especially when his eyes glinted down at her. Walking towards her he said softly. “ You look good to eat .”
Unbidden to her mind she heard herself say. “ oh what big teeth you have grandma.”
Looking up into Brents face she saw him try to stifle a smirk, as his eyes suddenly smoldered into her nervous almond ones, he licked his lips and smiled down at her saying .” Priceless .”
Turning on his heels he went into his office leaving a confused Angel behind, trying to figure out what the hell just happened, she shook her head and walked towards her desk placing her white and black purse on the desk.
An hour later Angel accompanied Brent into the boardroom, where several men sat around the table, she was surprised to see Rohan sitting in a chair close to the chair that Brent would be sitting in, her boss took her hand in his and walked towards the head of the table and sat, pulling Angel into a seat to the left of his seat while Rohan occupied the seat on the right.
She tried her best not to look at Rohan or think about their last encounter, Angel watched her boss stiffen suddenly his hand on the desk fisting and she wondered what that was about ?
“ Gentlemen let me introduce you to my Personal Assistant Angel Hart, she would be sitting in on the meeting today.” Informed Brent in an authoritative business like tone.
During the meeting Angel did some light note taking, when the CEO Bradford Hamilton of The Hamilton Construction Firm asked to see the statistics of the manufacturing output, Brent motioned for her to switch the huge 100 inch Sony TV on with the inside mechanics of the factory, there was also a walk along recording of the entire plant. Everyone sat quietly taking in the manufacturing process of the product. Then Brent got up and showed the statistics of the product produced per month, at the end of the meeting the three construction firms signed on the dotted line, contracts for a ten year supply.
Angel had organized drinks for the men and after talking with her boss about the fine details, which lasted another hour, Rohan and the men left happy with the results of the meeting.
She gathered all the documents around the table and making sure everything was back in place, Angel was about to turn the lights off in the boardroom when the door was pushed open with such a violent force, she spun around in shock to see a livid faced Brent, all but slammed the door shut.
Angel turned around the look on his face, made her swallow with difficulty, did she do something wrong? Why was he so angry, the meeting had gone great without a hitch.
“ What’s, Whats wrong Sir ?” She stammered out nervously, her palms had begun to sweat, his anger seemed directed at her but for the life of her she couldn’t think why.
Angel watched him pace up and down, his face was contorted in deep anger, he unbuttoned his jacket and flung it on the back of a chair, the violence with his action of throwing it had her worrying about her safety, the meeting had been a success why was he in such a foul mood ?

Angels almond eyes widened in panic when he suddenly changed direction, and started straight for her, there was no way of escape since she had been leaning on the boardroom table, both his hands dropped heavily on both her shoulders, her gaze collided with a stormy pair of lemon, his thick long eyelashes accentuated his beautiful eyes, but right now there was nothing beautiful about the storm brewing in his angry eyes.
His citricy aftershave tickled her nostrils, that and his clean manly scent, Angel couldn’t for the life of her utter a word or even think clearly being this close to a fire breathing dragon. She watched his lips want to curve in a smile but he seemed to fight it, he was confusing the hell out of her, for one second there she thought he read her mind but no.
“ Tell me Angel, just what were you and my brother up too while I was away ?” He said through gritted teeth.
The penny dropped, Angel almost groaned aloud, did that snake tell her boss what had happened in his office while he was away, that back stabber, she cursed in her mind.
He shook her none to gently. “ Tell me.”
How in hell was she going to get out of this shit she found herself in, what she had done was nothing for him to be so angry about , he had no say what she did with her life. He may be her boss but while in the office he could order her around but what she did privately was her affair, even if it had been with his brother. Angel was brought rudely out of her angry thoughts when he growled and she found herself hauled into his arms, before she could even protest her lips were crushed under his, Brents tongue slid into her mouth, devouring the sweet nectar of her mouth, he bit her tongue as he kissed her roughly, it was an outright assault on her mouth, he tangled his hand in her hair, keeping her head steady as he devoured her mouth, she couldn’t move her head, all she could do was stand or more lean against Brent as he kissed her angrily and fuck was it an angry kiss, when her hands got trapped on his chest between their bodies, he groaned pulling her closer until they were so close that she felt every contour of his physic, the kiss had changed one of his hands inched down till it reached her plump ass he grabbed a cheek as he grounded his arousal against her core, he started nibbling her lips and sliding his tongue into her mouth sucking her tongue into his mouth, his clean minty breath mixed with hers, she found her lips moving under his, feeling her response he moaned deep in his throat or purred she was so under his spell her eyes closed, her nipples hardened into pebbles as she heard herself moaning in pleasure.
Brent took his hand from her behind and she felt him grasp her breast squeezing them as his mouth continued to plunder hers, Angel was so far gone that she wasn’t aware when he slipped the buttons open on her silk shirt until she felt cool breeze hit her hot skin, he took his mouth from her lips and kissed her neck and the tops of her breast, Angel felt herself go hot her insides felt like small rivers of electricity traveling through her body, she tilted her head to the side as he rained kisses down her neck, pushing aside her lace bra, she jolted with electric shock when his lips latched on to her pebbled nipple,
Angel moaned as he groaned thickly greedily suckling her nipple, while his other hand rolled her other nipple as she arched the plump flesh into his hand.
“ You’re so fucking delicious Angel, “ he groaned out hotly against her breast.
Angel tensed as if a cold bucket of iced water was thrown on her heated flesh, she started to struggle to get free, but instead she felt herself being spun around with Brent at her back and her leaning against the table, his hands came up and clasped both her breast in his hands, he squeezed them hard not painfully but hard enough she didn’t try to wiggle free.
Brent brought his mouth by her ear and he hissed down possessively at her, “ You are mines, that contract you signed is iron clad, don’t let me ever find out you’ve been alone with my brother again.”
“ I am not yours.” She hissed out angrily, trying to sound brave and not suddenly trapped.
He spun her back around, her almond eyes had a mutinous look in them now, she watched as a coldly determined look entered his handsome face, his gaze cold and possessive as he glanced down at her red swollen lips, and her breast that was still bare to his gaze, she caught her breath in her throat when his eyes came back up to hers, the look in his eyes was one of ownership and possession, the black in his eyes looked almost feral as he gazed down at her.
“ You will never let another man touch you Angel, or there’ll be hell to pay.” He ground out threateningly.
“ I have a boyfriend or have you forgotten that.” She lied angrily.
“ If you know what’s good for you and your Chris, avoid him Angel.” He said coldly.
Angel didn’t answer but lifted her head and stared him straight in the eyes, hers angry and reckless, fuck you she thought angrily.
His head dropped again to her lips, as he growled angrily he bit her lip hard until she parted her lips and his tongue dove into her mouth as he kissed her hard and possessively again, she tasted blood when he pulled away. Loosening her he walked to the door, opening it he said .” Tidy yourself up we have an hours work to finish up, then I’ll drop you off home. “ before he walked out he added . “ And Angel that was a kiss we just shared, not the one my brother and you fucking had in my office.”
Angel was left staring at him in shock as the door slammed behind him, she shakily sat down on trembling legs before she fell down.

Chapter Twelve.

It had taken Angel some time to compose herself after Brent had left her, she fixed her shirt and fixed her jacket, using her fingers she combed through her tangled hair. She refused to dwell on her shameful behavior with her boss, how she had allowed him to kiss her fondle her breast and even put his mouth on them.Angel had betrayed herself by succumbing to his practiced seduction, for the life of her she couldn’t understand why he had gotten so angry at her, were these grown ass men, brothers mind you have some kind of rivalry going on between them, which one could get into the woman’s panties first.
She felt sick to her stomach, thinking about how she had responded to his advances, she had been that turned on, why did it have to be her boss though she felt this intense passion for, why not his brother Rohan or he’ll even Chris for that matter.
He had even warned her to stay away from Chris for fucks sake, normally she would rebel against being threatened, but deep down Angel had a sixth sense that he meant that treat, she would heed his warning till she could escape from him, the time had come for her to run again and start anew she admitted bitterly to herself even if she couldn’t break the contract.
With that determined thought in mind Angel walked out of the boardroom and made her way to her desk, steeling her mind and blanking out the last hours events, Angel got through her work going over the orders, making out the orders and the total cost, she emailed invoices to the three new contracted customers, filing the copies of the orders in the three new folders she had made with the companies name she filed it away, going over her notes she stored the days work on her flash drive and shutting down her computer, she glanced at her watch wondering if she could call her Uber and sneak out.
“ Ready .” Came Brents voice coolly.
Raising her head she stared angrily at him, how didn’t she hear him open his office door and walk down to her desk, her almond eyes filled with self loathing as she saw the smirk he wore.
“ Fucking Jackass, who did he really think he was ordering her around like he did .” She argued to herself.
“ We’re going to be late Angel.” He said coldly glancing down at the gold Rolex on his wrist.
Grabbing her purse, she walked quickly to him, refusing to ask what they were late for. They got into the elevator and she watched as he pressed the g floor, it seemed they were heading for the ground floor. When the doors opened he took her hand in his pulling her along with him, she looked around at the private garage they had entered a black limousine was waiting for them with a driver behind the wheel, four black heavily armed security men stood watching vividly around, one of the men opened the door and Brent handed her into the limousine following closely behind her, she felt the warmth of his thigh as he settled very close on the seat next to her, Angel felt herself blushing as she remembered the events in the boardroom, his breath hitched as the temperature changed in the atmosphere around them, it became thick with passion in the air, with her hands growing clammy and her heartbeat picking up its tempo, Angel almost breathed a sigh of relief when Brents cell phone rung shrilly in the thick silence of the back of the limousine. The drive was done with him on the phone mostly talking business, she found herself looking out of the vehicle window, her mind in turmoil thinking about all their encounters, especially this last one of today she still felt that unsettling feeling deep inside her. Angel still wondered what had come over her, why did her body betray her like it had done, in all of her years she had never been tempted like how she have been with him, she had felt almost sexless thinking there was probably something wrong with her. The feelings he invoked in her made her weary why him, why not Chris he was such a warm dependable person, caring he often put her needs in front of his own, she knew they were very important in each other’s life, hell she didn’t think she could ever live without having him in her life. Even if she ran like she planned on doing she would let him know where she was going only to not lose that link they had between them.
It would be hard starting over but she needed to escape from this man her boss who made her feel things she never thought she would feel, it was dangerous she just knew it, Angel planned her escape after the annual ball that the Steel Corporation threw every year, to honor their employees and their business circles.
Angels thoughts were interrupted by the limo stopping outside a fancy restaurant, she turned surprised eyes to see her boss watching her, his gaze turbulent as he fisted his hands on his thigh, did he get bad news why was he looking like he wanted to bash something in, they sat looking at each other both in their own thoughts.
The security guy got out and opened Brents door for him, she saw him struggle to pull himself together, getting out he walked around the car with the security guy following closely behind, he opened her door and Brent extended his hand for her to take in his, she sighed tiredly and placed her smaller one in his larger one, as their hands touched she felt an sizzling electric shock pass through both their hands, shooting up her arm and straight inside her body, what the hell Angel thought as her hand jerked in his, he tightened his grip on her fingers as she tried to pry her hand free.
“ Come, let’s have something to eat and I’ll drop you off at your apartment.” He said thickly.

Angel followed Brent into the restaurant, very aware of their entwined fingers, he had refused to give her hand back once she was out of the car. She knew to the other patrons they looked like a couple, after the doors were opened by his security guy, they walked in the maitre d checked their reservations, apparently Brent had called ahead and made reservations, they were then shown to a secluded table.
People turned to stare at them, Brent had placed one of his hand lightly but securely around her waist, women watched him with avid interest checking out his handsomeness and his air of authority.
She was unaware that the men watched Brent with jealousy as they took in her beauty and youth, paired off with a sexy figure, she looked like every mans dream of a trophy wife or sexy plaything. He looked them straight in the eye his lemon gaze held a warning, to back the hell off. If Angel had seen the territorial look glinting from his gaze she would have been pissed off.
After ordering they sat talking impersonal things, Brent went over the days business, trying to get an idea from her how much she understood the deals of today. Then they spoke about the up coming annual ball, he informed her about the people he wanted her to send out invitations too, he left the catering and decorating to her, but suggested several event planners she could get to handle that end of the planning, Angel made some notes on her iPad she carried with her.
The dinner was on a business level and for that she was grateful, she managed to eat a small amount, unaware of being closely observed by Brent. Angel refused dessert opting for an after dinner drink, a coffee liqueur that she loved.
Brent had her draft out a few important letters he wanted her to send off for him before morning, so she rough drafted it, when she got home she would rewrite and send them off .
“ My sister will be attending the annual ball, “ he said suddenly.
“ Your sister, I’m sorry I didn’t know you had one.” She replied honestly.
“ I have one sister Mia the baby of the family, you know my other sibling of course Rohan.” He said dry.y.
Angel nodded looking away awkwardly, trying her best not to think about the events of the boardroom, all because of his brother.
“ Is there anything else you’d like to add Brent,” she said business like.
“ No I think that covers everything, if I think of anything else I’ll send you an email.” He said borrowing her tone.
“ Can you take me home now please, I’m feeling really tired now.” She said softly turning so she didn’t see the look in his eyes, she slipped the iPad into a protective pouch and then into the small computer bag she often moved around with.
“ I’m sure you are, it’s been a very eventful day haven’t it.” He muttered almost to himself, he motioned for the waitress who came over with the bill, taking out his card he swiped it on the small machine.
“ Thank you Sir, I hope the meal was enjoyable, please come again.” Said the smiling waitress who had earned a huge tip.
“ Thank you it was .” Said Angel respectfully.
They got out of the restaurant and Angel was helped once again into the limo by Brent, the drive to her apartment was done in silence both deep in thought and looking out of the windows, Angel wished she knew what her boss was thinking, but then again maybe it was better she didn’t know, since she would be leaving again soon. The drive to her apartment took twenty minutes from the restaurant, when the limo pulled up outside her building, to Angels surprise Brent got out also. He opened her door for her and helped her out, walking with her into her building she thought he would leave after but he insisted he went up with her too her apartment.
Angel avoided the supers big smile as he inspected her boses good looks and his obvious wealth, she almost groaned aloud knowing she would have to answer a barrage of questions from him tomorrow.
They got into the elevator and he watched her punch in the number for her floor, the elevator ride was done in silence, when the door opened he followed her as she walked towards her door.
“ This is me here, I’m grateful for dinner and the lift home.” She said politely.
He stood looking broodingly down at her, his gaze unreadable, she nervously licked her lips, as she turned away to insert the key into her door, he moved towards her.
Angel found herself up against her door, with Brent leaning into her, when she looked up his head defended blocking the lights out, she closed her eyes and give in to his seductive lips as they crashed across hers, he kissed her passionately but slowly savoring her mouth, he bit down on her lower lip before he spun around and walked back to the elevator, Angel watched him as the doors closed behind him and the elevator descended back to the lobby.
Opening her door she got inside securing herself behind the tightly locked doors, dropping her bags by the door she kicked off her heels and making her way into her small cozy foyer she dropped down on the sofa and groaned out loud. What the fuck was this attraction she felt for Brent, anytime he touched her she lost her damn mind and did stupid things. This really needed to stop , after the annual ball she promised herself.

Chapter Thirteen.

The week before the annual ball the office was a pretty busy place, Angel did not have much alone time with her boss and for that she was grateful. He had lots of meetings with over seas business acquaintances, making existing deals and drawing up new deals.
Angel had been kept busy with the preparations for the ball, the caterers needed final decisions on the selections of the dinner etc, the alcohol selections needed to be selected, the decorators needed to know the colors that were wanted to do the decorations, the florist wanted her input on the color schemes and the flower arrangements. Every day she went home with flowers and colors and different foods on hers mind, but needless to say she enjoyed being busy, being involved in the scheme of things.
Finally the night of the ball was here, Angel was at the venue where the event was taking place, checking that everything got done correctly without mishaps, there was a momentary panic when some floral arrangements went missing but luckily it was found in the back of a vehicle.
The kitchen was busy with waiters and waitresses and cooks, getting the menus organized, the wine, liquor and champagne were being put on ice.
Angel breathed a sigh of relief everything seemed to be moving according to planned, the event was going to be done with strict security measures as well, several high profile people were attending the ball along with the Mayor. There were several valets hired to park vehicles as the guest attended the ball with strict security measure for safety of vehicles and guest coming and going. This years event was being held at Rohan’s restaurant and club. She had successfully stayed far from under both brothers radar, choosing to head in another direction whenever she spotted either, they were both trouble for her piece of mind.
Angel had been chatting with the event planner Carla Forbes, thanking her for the beautifully and artistically arranged ambience of the hall, when they were interrupted by Lucius.
“ Angel can I have a word with you please.” He said smiling down at her, not for the hundredth time Angel wished she attracted someone like him instead of the unsettling Steel brothers, so she smiled more warmly than intended only the gesture was not missed by a pair of lemon gaze, the warmth seeped out of his gaze replaced by a smoldering anger and determination.
“ Sure thing Lucius, how may I help you, is the kitchen on fire.” She joked good naturedly.
He laughed aloud, unaware to them both there easy going interaction was making a certain someone see red literally, “ Brent said he wanted you to go up to the penthouse, the hair dresser, makeup artist and a woman with a selections of dresses are waiting for you.”
Angel didn’t know what to think off Brent’s attentiveness to her needs, to be honest she hadn’t even though about her hair or even what to wear. She had been so caught up with making sure everything was done perfectly with no mishaps, she had forgotten her own necessities, or even the preparation she had made to disappear after tonight’s events.
“ Thank you Lucius, I did forget about my own preparations .” She admitted sheepishly.
“ Lucky for you, we have a very considerate boss.” Laughed Lucius teasingly.
She smiled without saying anything, Angel chatted with Carla a little more making sure everything was perfect, that she was not needed for any emergency only then did she walk towards the private elevator and using the key pad she got in pressing the button on the elevator to take her to the Penthouse apartment that belonged to the Steel brothers.
It was two hours later that Angel stepped out of the private elevator and made her way to the beautifully decorated hall, guest were already there, some seated and standing by the wet bar, she stood at the entrance taking in the beautiful ambience of the hall, there were gold and black balloons with gold streamers everywhere, the table cloths were black with gold bows, the Centre pieces on the tables a mixture of colorful flower arrangements that complimented the table cloth.
Angel heard a curse and her gaze was held and captured by a possessive pair of lemon eyes, he excused himself and walked slowly towards her. His gaze never wavering from her, his eyes swept down her body that was encased in a gold silk dress, that molded her curves as if she was poured into it, the mid thigh length showcasing her shapely legs that gleamed without stockings to hide there beauty, her delicate feet in matching gold high heeled pumps, getting closer to her he noticed her toe nails were even done in gold nail lacquer. What hit him in the gut though was her blond hair, it was done in curls that cascaded down her back, barely covering her bare back the dress was a halter style that left her back exposed.
God she was exquisite, in that gold ensemble she looked like a botecelli angel, almost etherial or other worldly, not only was his eyes devouring her but he noticed several very rich tycoons striping her bare and lusting after her unashamedly.

“ Don’t you look Devine, “ he got out through sandpaper vocals.
Angel had been devouring him as well, he was wearing tailored black dress pants that molded lovingly to every sinewy muscle he possessed, the crisp white dress shirt with it black bow tie tapered across his massive chest the fabric clinging to his toned chest, the jacket looked made especially for him, it fit that snug, on his feet he wore black leather dress shoes, she drew in a shaky breath, she had to be dead and in her grave not to be turned on by the god like specimen of manhood that stopped very close to her, Angel felt an electric current zap around them with awareness, looking up into his beautiful eyes she saw the answering flick of awareness reflected back at her.
“ You look great yourself.” She managed laughing nervously.
“ Come, there are some important people I want you to meet .” He said coolly, his hand draped casually around her waist, Angel felt her heart pick up its beat, like an African drum the minute their skin touched. She was aware that all eyes were on them, some with curiosity and some with jealousy.
He led her to a group of men of about twelve, all handsome and distinguished gentlemen, they not only exuded wealth but power as well, it emanated out of them most of the females guest were either gawking at them or stripping them of their Armani suits, some of the women wore bold come to bed smirks.
“ Gentlemen, I would like to introduce my Private Assistant Angel Hart.” She felt her pulse pick up a beat as all eyes turned on her, eyes of varying colors, but these group of gentlemen made the fine hairs on her body stand on end for some reason, they all smiled at her politely, but compared to the other male guest in the room these stood out for whatever reason, each man took her hand in a handshake some even kissing the top of her hand. Angel felt Brent step closer to her his hand lightly resting across her waist.
One man very handsome if she really cared to admit, his blond hair was worn a little past his shoulders, with beautiful emerald eyes with gold around the irises, he held her hand a bit longer than necessary and she was so busily staring at him, that she could have sworn she heard something like a growl emanate from her boss.
Hi Angel, my name is Michael Stuart, my friend here is being territorial and a jackass for keeping you to himself.” He teased his green gaze mischievous.
She couldn’t help it she laughed out loud, earning her some heated looks from the others, Angel looked away blushing never in all her years had she been the object of so much male appreciative looks.
“ Just save me a dance Angel,” pressed Micheal Stuart seriously.
“ Angel, will grant you all one dance each gentlemen, I reserve the right to decide, since I feel responsible for her safety.” Said her boss jokingly, but she sensed a warning in there though.
“ But whose going to keep her safe from you brother dearest.” Came from Rohan coming to stand on the other side of Angel close. If anyone was watching this exchange which the twelve gentlemen were, it looked like they were both guarding her from anyone claiming her.
“ Certainly not you brother, if I meant her any harm.” Stated Brent coolly, his green eyes glowed in warning to tread carefully.
“ Hi, Angel you’re needed in the kitchen.” Came from a nervous Celia. Angel disentangled herself grateful from a situation you thought was getting out of hand, the twelve handsome men and her boss and his brother reminded her of a pack of high testosterone wolves, which she knew was crazy because if they were wolves she would have been found out already and taken back to her pack to stand trial for desertion.
Angel followed Celia into the kitchen and was surprised when she walked straight through the busy kitchen and out into a hall or hallway that was deserted.
“ Where are we going Celia ?” She asked puzzled.
The woman led her to a spacious office, she motioned for Angel to take a seat and she took one too, she turned towards Angel her eyes filled with curiosity and teasing.
“ Rescuing you of course, looked to me like you were a tasty morsel in front those sexy and high testosterone group of men, all looked salivating to get a piece of you.” She laughed easily.
“ Ohhh .” She said blushing in embarrassment, “ Thank you .”
“ You’re very welcome.” She got up and poured two glasses of red wine from a decanter on a small side bar that was in a corner of the office. Angel looked around curiously the office was spacious and huge, before she could ask Celia confirmed her suspicion.
“ In case you’re wondering this is Rohan’s office.” She said almost as if she read her mind.
“ I did wonder yes, thanks for confirming.” She giggled.
They hid away from everyone for about an hour, before they were discovered by her boss, apparently he had been searching for her every where.
“ Did you sort out the problem in the kitchen.” He enquired curiously.
“ Yes she did Boss.” Celia hurriedly said looking at her boss with affection.
“ Why are you hiding my Assistant away from me Celia ?” He asked coldly, his eyes glacier like as they pinned the other woman.
Angel watched in trepidation and horror as Celia pouted at her boss and walked up to him, she draped both her arms flirtatiously around his neck, she felt herself swinging from horror to anger as the other woman, brought her cherry red lips to Brent’s ears and kissed his playfully on his cheek.
She watched for his reaction and even more surprise as her boss, smiled affectionately down at the woman who had embraced him, his eyes went from glacier to amused in two seconds. What the fuck she said angrily to herself, were they lovers the thought of that made her feel weird inside.
Angel was debating whether to walk out of the office and leave them to their privacy, when the door opened again to reveal Rohan, who promptly started to laugh.
“ Is this a family reunion, being held in my office .” He chuckled.
“ Family reunion ?” Asked Angel looking totally confused.

Chapter Fourteen.

Three pairs of eyes turned at her words, all three stood motionless then they each looked at each other the same embarrassed look on their faces.
Celia walked over to Angel and took both her hands in hers, she smiled sheepishly at her, “ These two rascals here are my older brothers, Angel.”
She couldn’t help it she laughed out loud and the others joined her, unaware to them Angel was laughing in relief to know they were siblings, she felt very possessive of her boss which made warning bells go off in her head. “ Sneaky Celia, but you have different last names.” She pointed out seriously.
“ Its my professional name Angel, I want to make it out in the world without the “ Steel” title and the special favors because of my older brothers success .” She explained truthfully.
“ Well you’ve done a smashing job, on your own that is, the place looks magnificent.” She laughed with pride. Both women hugged a kindred spirit sprung up between them. Angel felt pride in this woman who dared To go out there on her own make a name for herself.
They all returned to the reception, the ball was in full swing the minute both women were spotted they were approached by two of the twelve distinguished gentlemen and guided unto the dance floor. Angel found herself being twirled around the dance floor, she felt like a dog handler in the Arctic where you had to go giving pats to a whole line of huskies to pacify them. Rohan even approached her on the dance floor, he was very proper in his hold of her and he talked impersonal things about the job, other guest and his admiration of his sister, all of this happened under the watchful eyes of her boss.
Before the music even finished Angel found herself in Brents arms, where everyone else held her at arms length and impersonally, he held her very close one hand held on to her small hand and the other on her bare back, she felt jolts of electricity traveling down her body, Angel wondered if he could feel the quickening of her pulse, her entire body felt electrified in his arms and this was danger for her, there is no way she wanted to start to get deeper feelings for Brent and her past caught up with her, Angel didn’t want to be responsible for getting others in the darkness of her past, she knew first hand about the dangers of her heritage.
Tonight she wanted to feel his arms around her, of being in his world the object of so many eyes, a stolen moment in time where she could forget the darkness waiting for her, the loneliness of having to pack up and run, this time because she cared to much for Chris, Brent and Celia heck even for Rohan.
“ You look good to eat tonight.” He husked down at her, his gaze hypnotic with hunger.
Angel blushed at the intensity of his lemon gaze, his eyes glowed with an inner light, “ Thank you, you look very handsome tonight yourself.”
“ Do you think so .” He teased her watching as her cheeks became red and her almond gaze skidded away from his teasing ones.
“ You’re making fun of me aren’t you .” She said in embarrassment.
“ On the contrary my love, I’m flattered you feel just as captivated by me as I am of you.” He murmured thickly, watching intently as she licked her lips nervously.
Angel didn’t answer, she was grateful when the music ended at the same time so she could get her self under control. He led her to the dining area, where others were sitting down to start dinner. Angel was led to her boss's table where Celia and Rohan were already seated, they all conversed about the ambiance of the hall, both women were complimented by both men on their work in making the ball a success. After dinner, while everyone sat drinking after-dinner drinks Brent got to his feet and coming to stand beside Angel's chair, took her hand and led her to the podium at the front of the hall.
Taking the mike in hand he addressed the dinners who turned and gave their attention to him. “ Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to thank you for your presence here tonight, in helping us celebrate another successful year of good business, I do hope that our present clients will continue to do business with us and those who are thinking of doing business with us will be persuaded to sign up with us, becoming a part of our company family.”
There was a lot of catcalls and clapping from everyone, Brent turned and taking Angel's hand in his he pulled her to the podium, “ I would like you all to give my Private Assistant a hearty welcome as she is the newest member to join our family group. So far she has been a great help and support to me.”
Everyone got to their feet and clapped in acknowledgment, Angel blushed her cheeks scarlet feeling all eyes on them, as Brent turned and watched her with pride present in his gaze.
“ My Assistant and I would like to thank you for sharing this with us, now please enjoy the celebration,” he said, taking her hand in his.

Brent led her to the dancefloor once again, he held her close Angel didn't fight it, she allowed him to lead her around the dancefloor, some of the other guests also twirled her around the dancefloor also, she even danced a couple of times with Rohan.
The rest of the night passed uneventfully with her enjoying herself, she made some friends with Claire's help. The three siblings did not allow her to feel left out, introducing her to the guest and business acquaintances both clients from the business and other business that was also a part of the Steel Corporation.
It was past midnight when Brent drove her to her apartment, he told his driver to wait for him, when they got to her apartment. He got out and helped her out himself, taking her hand in his walked her Into her building saluting the super, he got in the elevator with her. When the doors close enclosing them inside she felt the change in the atmosphere, it felt like an electric charge an invisible force field enveloping them both. She almost breathed a sigh of relief when the doors slid open, Angel turned towards him smiling politely thinking he would go back down now that she was safe and a few feet away from her apartment.
“ I'm walking you to your door Angel, no objection from you okay.” so saying he clasped her hand once more walking down to her apartment door. When they stood at her door she turned towards him once again, but he motioned for her to unlock her door first. She did wondering if she should invite him inside for a drink or something but decided not to since it was already late.
“ Thank you for the lift,” she said smiling politely.
He stood watching her with an unreadable expression on his too handsome face, she noticed his five o clock shadow already, he must have to shave every day she thought absentmindedly.
“ I should be the one thanking you Angel, everything was accomplished just like I knew it would be under your guidance. This year's ball was a huge hit not only the putting together of the hall and organizing everything in a tastefully professional manner, but some of our future clients who were undecided to sign with us, because of your diplomacy and people skills felt comfortable enough to give us a trial run,” he said his gaze softening at her embarrassed look.
“ I only did my job, Brent, it's what you hired me for.” she returned quietly.
“ Invite me inside Angel,” he said suddenly his gaze smoldering down at her.
Angel stared at him, feeling her blood suddenly heat inside hearing his sudden request, she licked her lips nervously as she felt an unfamiliar feeling start from the tips of her toes traveling up her insides causing her breath to hitch, she suddenly felt extreme heat everywhere.
“ l don't think..... She was cut off as Brent moved suddenly, Angel felt him push her inside her open door, and the next thing she knew he had her up against the wall.
“ Brent, “ she whispered as his mouth smashed down on hers, Angel moaned in his mouth opening under the pressure of his lips, his tongue slid inside her mouth tasting the honeyed sweetness inside, oh god she thought as her hands came up and buried themselves in his thick silky hair, he groaned feeling her response, Brent wedged his leg between hers, when she parted them he moved between them, Angel felt something hard pressing against the juncture of her thighs, her body sang under his wandering hands as he plundered her mouth, they were both making pleasing noises in their throats. Angel felt Brent push against her middle and when she pushed back the feral groan that came out of him, made her almost dizzy as she felt her senses sway dizzily. He cupped her breast making Angel arch her back pushing her breast more into his hand, he continued to kiss her both of them devouring each other's mouth as if feeding on it. She felt a cool breeze as the straps of her dress was lowered under his skillful fingers, the thin straps of the dress had not allowed her to wear a bra, so when he pulled her dress off her bare breast spilled into his hands.Angel hear his thick groan of pleasure as her warm flesh made contact with his soft hands, she moaned in protest as he pulled his mouth away from hers, but felt inside her clenched down hard as his moist warm mouth closed over the nipple of her breast, she dragged in a much needed gasp of breath as the most intense feeling assaulted her senses feeling his mouth on her flesh, she opened her eyes to see his head at her breast and it was so damn erotic she felt it all the way to her core.
“ Angel you are so fucking sweet, stop me now or I’m fucking you right here.” He moaned thickly around her flesh that was still embedded in his mouth.
Before Angel could say anything, a phone rang in his jacket pocket. She closed her eyes as sanity returned at what almost happened, what she had almost allowed. He didn’t answer at once but embraced her placing his head against hers, breathing hard.
“ I need to go baby, that would be Claire needing a lift home.” He said hoarsely.
She nodded dumbly, he looked down at her, his gaze still reflecting deep and intense passion, “ Don’t over think Angel, there’s something here between us, I know you feel it too.”
Opening her door he stepped outside as his phone started up its ringing again, he kissed her one last time devouring her lips then turned and walked away, Angel hadn’t uttered a word but looked as the doors closed and the elevator went down taking him out to the lounge. She closed and locked her door, leaning against it she closed her eyes tight. “ Yes she felt it too”. But she was a wolf on the run, she didn’t want to drag him and his family through the nightmare that was her life.

Chapter Fifteen.

The night after the ball Brent was called away to another branch of the Steel Group Of Companies, Angel was grateful for that reprieve, he would be away for several days that gave her the time needed to plan her escape, she used those several days to do as much work as possible securing files simply anyone could pick up from where she left off, she did the ordering of office supplies that would last for several months, she backed up files and made them easily accessible for Brent or the next person to replace her.
On the last day of her working at the company, she went down to the lunchroom where a bunch of her newfound friends was having lunch, she had ordered pizzas as a going-away present, just they weren't aware of the reason for her threat. Angel sat making jokes and listening bittersweet to her friends regarding her office mishaps that had taken place before she had joined the company. Angel was sure she had surprised a few of her colleagues by embracing them warmly.
The day before her planned escape, she invited Chris to dinner at their favorite restaurant, Angel told him she would grab an Uber, her plan to arrive a little before the time of their reservations. She wanted to sit and enjoy the ambience of the place before what she knew would be her most difficult goodbye. Angel had ordered a glass of red wine sipping it, in truth it was to bolster her strength and steel her nerves against the heartache she knew she was about to inflict on a man who had along with her, had adopted each other they had grown like siblings just of a different blood and in truth species. This had been the first restaurant Chris had taken her out too, after making the human world her new home, she had been nervous and skittish at the slightest noise that had startled her, she owed him so much. If her brother had survived the rouge attack on her family, she would have wanted him to be the exact replica of Chris, Angel loved him deeply but in a sisterly way, she knew she would die first before she did anything to put him in danger.
“ You’re leaving me aren’t you .” Said Chris with a break in his voice, Angel turned towards him, his grey eyes held hurt and sadness. She didn’t answer immediately instead she took in his handsomeness not like the model looks that Brent and Rohan possessed but he was very appealing in his own right, he was wearing all black tonight, black dress trousers and a black silk shirt having left a few buttons undone he looked sexy and boyish a few of the hairs escaping and showing, today he had decided to leave off his black rimmed ray ban glasses, his nerdy glasses she had teased him on numerous occasions, but in truth it made him look intelligent and sophisticated.
“ I have to Chris, it’s the best for everyone’s safety, if I leave for awhile.” She replied finally her almond eyes filled with pleading.
“ We’re family Angel, we stick together, I’m not losing you, you’ve all I got.” He said grasping her hand tightly making her wince.
“ I know Chris, I love you but your safety comes first, I won’t survive if I lose you too.” She pleaded with him.
“ We can fight them Angel, I’ll fight them.” He said angrily.
“ Chris, stop, you don’t know what you’re talking about, these wolves can be savages, they will snap your head off and mines for desertion, it’s a crime I committed against my species, the Alpha of my tribe has me as M.I.A. If I’m caught I’ll be sentenced to death by my leader, if you’re found with me you’ll be charged as my accomplice even though you’ve never helped in any way in my desertion.” She said coldly.
Chris looked away helplessly, his grey eyes held a haunted look she would never forget, “ Please Chris, it will only be for awhile, just until things get back quieted down.”
He turned towards her his eyes filled with hurt and sadness, and nodded his head in agreement, squeezing her hand one last time, he forced a smile. “ Let’s order.” When she smiled in relieve and nodded affirmation he signaled for the waitress to come take their orders.
After ordering Angel excused herself and made her way to the ladies room, taking only her small evening purse she left her phone beside her glass of wine which was still half full, Chris got respectfully to his feet when she left the table, smiling at her reassuringly. In the ladies room she breathed a sigh of relief, that had been so hard and emotional getting him to back down, she knew his heart was in the right place but he was no match for her species, Angel shuddered to think if they came looking for her and found them together, it would be a horrific and bloody fight.
“ You’re doing the right thing Angel, we love him to much to see him hurt.” Her wolf Artemis surfaced to say.
“ I know, it would kill me to see him hurt.” She admitted brokenly.
Angel pulled herself together, when a blond woman walked into the washroom and smiled pleasantly over at her, she washed her hands and drying them off she quickly exited the ladies room.

Chris got to his feet and held her chair out for her then sat back down, the waitress wheeled in their dinner on seeing that she had returned a salad was placed in front Angel and Chris, they had both chosen Cesar salads, they ate in companionably silence, making small talk neither not mentioning the reason for this dinner and the imminent goodbye at the end. The main course was brought to their table Shrimp Alfredo for Angel and Pasta with juicy Muscles in a tomato sauce for Chris. While they both dipped into their dinner, they joked around making fun of each other like they normally did, Angel was grateful that Chris wanted their last dinner to be a memorable one, he tried very hard to act normal when she knew deep down they wanted to break apart in shared grief.
“ Dessert .” Teased Chris.
“ Hell no.” She laughed out loud with him joining in, breaking the sadness in the air. They sat talking for a bit until they finally paid the bill and exited the restaurant, Chris led her to his Audi and opening the passenger door he closed it behind her securely then walked across the drivers side and got in, starting up the car he drove her to her apartment, Angel looked out at the passing scenery memorizing the familiar places they often frequented, when he drove into the parking lot of her building he switched the engine off not making any move to get out he said.
“ When are you leaving .”
“ I’m set to leave in the morning, “ she replied softly.
Angel found herself in his arms, they hugged tightly offering each other comfort, then she pulled away with some reluctance, taking his dearly loved face in both of her hands she kissed him on either cheek affectionately, “ Anytime you need me, message or call me ok.”
“ Yes, as long as it’s safe, which may not be for awhile.” She promised.
“ I can live with that.” He smiled a tear drop leaking from the corner of his eyes.
“ Don’t please Chris.” She begged her own tears spilling out.
Angel pulled away and fumbling for the door handle she almost fell out of the car, she walked with bent head towards the entrance, only turning once before she entered the revolving doors he was still looking at her from his car, she lifted a hand and smiled through the tears in her eyes and closing the door she walked into the building , she waved quickly to the super and headed towards the elevator, she was grateful there was nobody waiting for it and she was alone, punching the number for her floor she allowed the tears to fall unchecked down her cheeks. When the elevator opened she speedily made her way towards her door, Angel would later blame it on her being distraught and heartbroken, usually she was much aware of her surroundings but being upset as she was, Angel opened her door and stepped into total darkness in her apartment, when she turned she froze, a huge black wolf sat in her apartment in the dark. His lemon gaze pinned her to the door, she turned when her brain unfroze to dash out back the door but she felt herself being tackled to the ground by the weight of the wolf.
Angel found herself flat on her back, with the wolf standing over her, he was huge and she felt fear creeping up making her dumbstruck, she lay unmoving and afraid to even twitch.
“ How was she getting out of this .” She thought with terror.
“ You can’t get out of this, time to stop running Angel my love.” He mind linked her.
Angel looked in horror at him at his words, she felt a buzzing in her ear and then all she saw was blackness, but before she blacked out she saw the look of total possessiveness in the lemon eyes of the wolf. When Angel became conscious she felt her limbs heavy and lethargic, she fought to open her heavy eyes, when she was able to focus Angel became aware of the strange room she was in, looking around it was a tastefully decorated room, it reeked of money, the bed she found herself lying on was a huge king sized bed with black silk sheets. Where was she this looked like a mans bedroom, she fought to Centre her chaotic thoughts, focusing hard the memory of the black wolf with the startling lemon green eyes she had come across in the woods, when she had taken Artemis for her run. Was Angel strong enough to summon her wolf to help her get out of this, she tried reaching Artemis but only felt her faintly.
Gathering all her strength, she tried getting off the bed, but suddenly she found herself falling bonelessly Of the bed instead, Angel landed with a loud thud on the thickly carpeted floor, she winced as her toe came in contact with the bed foot. Laying flat on the carpeted ground she inhaled deeply gathering her strength, to try to get to her feet and try to escape, before who ever had kidnapped her came back.
Angel was on the verge of trying to get to her feet, when the door suddenly opened and she found here self not alone in the room anymore, the bedroom door closed and the person stood quietly looking down at her, she turned her head slowly and who she saw leaning against the closed door made her eyes widen in shock.
“ Did you think, you could escape your Alpha that easily Angel .” He asked coldly.
“ How, did you trick me Brent.” She got out shakily. “
“ The question is how didn’t you sense me Angel ?” He asked with interest.

Chapter Sixteen.

Angel tensed when he walked towards her, bending he picked her up and deposited her on the bed once more. He walked away leaning against the door again, he seemed different some how before he exuded the air of authority but now he was both authoritative and chilled, his demeanor almost savage she felt the fine hairs on the nape of her neck stood on end warningly, this was not the same man who had kissed her who had, Angel felt her face flame red with embarrassment when the memory of what had taken place on their last time together.
“ I’ve known since the first day on the elevator, I never tricked you, it surprised me you never smelt us.” He said coldly.
Angel refused to expose herself that due to the accident, when her parents were attacked she was hit on the nose and her Sense of smell was damaged, then something clicked in her brain at what he had said before. He talked about the Alpha, her Alpha, did he know him ?
“ I am your Alpha Angel.” He said mind linking her.
I’m seriously fucked here, if he was her Alpha, Christ she was so embarrassed, when she thought of the liberties she had allowed him to take with her body.
“ I enjoyed every moment of it.” He said when she glanced at him in horror, his lemon gaze glowed eerily across at her, that look of possessiveness she had spotted in the wolves eyes just as she lost consciousness. Looking away she had to guard her thoughts other wise she would never get out of here.
If only Chris was here, he would find a way out of this predicament she found herself in, he could give her one of his special potions. Angel was so deep in thought she was not even aware when he moved quickly, she found herself caged in between his muscular arms his chest almost touching her breast, his gaze blazed down at her in seething anger, danger exuded from his body as he hovered menacingly over her.
“ I won’t tolerate you thinking of any man but me, if he comes here I will rip him apart.” He said through clenched teeth.
Angel tried to push further into the bed to get away from him, why oh why was he behaving like this, just because of a few kisses and a few intimate touches?
“ Because you belong to me, Angel.” He corrected icily.
“ Stop, just stop getting into my fucking head.” She angrily said, feeling haunted by his intrusion into her private thoughts.
He didn’t say anything just smiled mirthlessly down at her although his eyes were flints of lemon ice. “ Wow, it’s good to see the real Angel, not the Polite to nice version.”
Angel felt herself bristle at his snide tone, she returned his smile smugly and said, “ I can say the same, but I prefer the version you show to the human world.”
One second she was lying down looking up at him the next, she was hauled up and dragged to her feet, in one motion he tore the dress from top to bottom leaving her only in blue lacy bra and matching lace underwear, Angel didn’t cower she stood proudly and let him look his fill of her, Alpha or not she was going to show this stupid fuck who she really was.
“ I much prefer you like this, naked and soon I’ll be filling you to the hilt, you won’t escape me Angel you are mines.” He said threateningly, clenching his fist at his sides as he fought to keep his beast from surfacing, she watched as his gaze changed they glowed down at her.
“ Not if my claws rip you the fuck apart first.” She growled up at him, refusing to be intimidated by his crude words.
“ I love a challenge baby, “ he said his gaze sweeping her from head to toes, ever where his eyes touched she felt as if he had left a trail of heat, branding her as his.
“ Don’t you have a mate or something, go bother them and leave me the fuck alone.” She said icily. “ I want you to free me now.” She demanded.
“ You are a prisoner, have you forgotten your a deserter Angel, you’ll stay in my bedroom until I have you where I want you.” He said angrily.
“ And where is that, groveling at your feet, dream on .” She muttered insultingly.
He walked up to her, she held his gaze unflinchingly refusing to back down, although she felt a fine bead of sweat start forming on her forehead, clenching her hands to her sides, she stood her ground. “ I want you under me naked wreathing as I pound my very huge cock inside of you, nothing is going to satisfy me until I hear you screaming my name as you come over and over.” He promised darkly, grabbing her he claimed her lips in a harsh kiss, he ground his mouth over hers until he tasted her blood, only then did he let her go. Turning he walked towards the door, opening it he stood with his back to her and said, “ Make yourself at home this is our room, don’t waste your time trying to escape Angel, the place is well guarded and this door remains locked until I think you can be trusted not to make a run for it.” Then he exited the room she heard the distinctive click of the lock as the key was turned locking her in a kidnapped prisoner of the Alpha.

For a week she was kept prisoner in that bedroom, Brent brought her all her meals himself, although he had threatening told her the bedroom was there’s to share, she was relieved he never showed up to share the said bed. Angel had been trying unsuccessfully to contact her wolf Artemis, but she couldn’t for whatever reason, she heard her wolf faintly as if she too was being held a prisoner, but that was crazy how could you hold a persons wolf from contacting them.
Angel was tired pacing up and down, her mind going around in circles, trying several times to escape but to no avail, she had tried picking the lock that proved to be futile, she looked for a window or vent in the bathroom to use like they showed in movies as an escape route, there wasn’t any big surprise there she mocked herself, the window was her last resort, although it could open it was like a two hundred feet drop to the ground, without her wolf she might as well grow a pair of wings and learn to fly. Not even a close by tree could be used there wasn’t any either, lots around the palace or villa, but none close enough to use as an escape.
Checking her wrist watch, she saw it was an hour before lunch, she might as well go take a shower, walking towards the closet, she opened the section filled with women clothing, clothing of every description the price tags were still on them, Brent had obviously planned her kidnapping cause each item of clothing was her size, down to the lace panties and matching bras set, Angel had felt herself blushing when he had opened the drawers and let the lacy items fall through his fingers as he informed her of the clothing he had ordered for her impromptu stay.
Choosing a cream cotton dress with spaghetti straps, a black bra and pantie, she made her way to the en-suite bathroom, there was a toilet, a huge bathtub that could easily fit three people and a extra large shower it was very masculine but an area was cleared and female products were placed on it, down to feminine napkins, her favorite shampoo and body wash was also in stock, he had certainly gone all out in his abduction plans, how long he intended to keep her a prisoner she was to pissed to ask him.
Angels only hope could have been Chris, but he had no idea that she didn’t leave on her own and even if he did go to her apartment it would prove futile since he would think she had left. She had been racking her brain thinking of some form of plan how she could escape but so far nothing.
Taking a leisurely shower she washed her hair having nothing better to do, after she took her time blow drying her hair, deciding to kill time she applied light make up but only Brent would see her, since he hadn’t let her out of the bedroom he had imprison her In since her kidnapping a week ago.
Any attraction that she had felt for Brent Steel had disappeared from the moment he had kidnapped her and brought her to where ever here was. If he thought she was enamored of him, he had another thing coming, she would fight him till the bitter end either he would have to let her go or kill her.
Angel walked out of the en-suite bathroom deep in thought, so she didn’t see the man standing by the window looking out, as he waited for her to finish her shower. When she did spot him she stopped and watched him with dawning horror.
“ Are you also a part of my kidnapping Rohan?” She asked incredulously.
“ No, I only heard of it last night, “ he said turning around at her accusing tone of voice.
“ Will you help me ?” She pleaded.
He stood incisive looking at her his gaze divided, she saw pity and compassion warring in his blue eyes.” I wish I could Angel, but he’s also my Alpha.”
“ You’re Alpha kidnapped me, for whatever reason, if it’s because i’m a deserter then I would have thought I would be in a dank dungeon, awaiting my faith.” She muttered angrily.
“ Would you prefer a prison cell Angel.” He asked instead his blue eyes turning cold.
“ I didn’t say that Rohan, but why am I being kept prisoner in your brothers bedroom?” She asked pointedly.
“ Have you asked him Angel .” He asked with a smirk.
“ What the hell am I missing here ?” She asked full of confusion.
“ He hasn’t told you anything at all ?” Asked Rohan with a quirk of an eyebrow.
“ Told me What ?” She asked more confused than ever now, was there some other reason she was kidnapped, but why she was not wealthy so no ransom, racking her brain she came up blank all his business deals were up and legit, Brent was doing a legitimate business nothing underhanded so she had no evidence of wrong doing at his work place. Angel was brought rudely out of her wandering thoughts when Rohan started to laugh hysterically.
“ Really Angel, that’s all you can think off ?” He asked mockingly, his blue eyes filled with secrets .
Angel watched him blankly for two seconds when the penny dropped, he had read all of her thoughts of course, she glowered crossly at him and said angrily.” Why don’t you people stay the fuck out of my head, my thoughts are private.”
“ Haven’t it occurred to you, that it could be something personal that my brother has bought you here for Angel ?” He asked suddenly his blue eyes unreadable.
“ Personal ?” She stared at him in shock. “ Like What ?”
The door opening had them both turning towards the person who they had been talking about, he looked handsome, in a black jeans that hugged his muscular legs, with it he had teamed it with a white polo t-shirt that stretched across every muscled and toned part of his chest, did it suddenly get hot in here or was she hallucinating.
“ Like he should mind his business, I sent you an hour ago to fetch her Rohan, what was taking so long.” He looked over at his brother icily.
“ She was in the shower.” He answered silkily.
Angel watched as Brent’s lemon gaze turned towards her and pinned her to the spot, the look in them made her froze like a block of ice. “ Leave Rohan, now.” He ordered softly, the tone of his voice made her nervous he didn’t even raise his voice but she suddenly felt very fearful for what she had no idea, she glanced at Rohan who threw a worried look her way before he exited the room locking the door behind him.

Chapter Seventeen.

When the door clicked shut, he turned towards her again, “ Where were you when he entered your room?”
“ I don’t see the relevance of this line of your questioning Brent.” She stammered out defensively.
“ Answer me damn you,” he bellowed angrily walking towards herself, Angel backed away from his threatening steps.
“As he said, I was in the shower.” She got out just as angrily, she was fed up with his manhandling.
“ Don’t you realize my brother has the hots for you, yet you were two feet away from him naked?” He snapped angrily, his gaze glowing down at her.
“ I came out fully clothed mind you and no I was not aware he was out here in my bedroom,” she said angrily in her defense. I feel like a damn teenager being yelled at by my father she thought grumpily.
“ On the contrary, I don’t feel fatherly towards you, what I feel is this and I’m tired of keeping it under control.” He said thickly, before she could comprehend his words she found herself being pushed backward unto the bed with Brent landing on top of her, his lips closing over hers in a drugging kiss that threatened to possess her, Angel moaned into his mouth when his hand closed of her breast, why or why did he affect her like this, she opened her mouth letting him slide his tongue inside he moaned at her surrender, Angel was not sure how long they kissed but when she felt something hard sticking her between her splayed legs she suddenly came to her senses and started fighting him. Brent got off her immediately breathing hard, his gaze smoldered down at her, raking an unsteady hand through his ruffled hair he got himself under control.
“ You won’t always escape Angel, one day soon I’ll own your body and soul.” He promised with determination.
“ Not if I have anything to say about it Alpha.” She said using his title like an epaulet, her almond gaze icy.
“ Is that a challenge Angel, I’m glad to accept.” He said dead serious. “ Come we have guests.”
“ Guest ?” She asked in confusion.
“ Yes, and they are anxious to meet you.” He said unreadably.
Brent motioned for her to proceed before him, which she did reluctantly, why were these people here to see her? She heard her bedroom door close technically according to her boss a.k.a. her kidnapper now. Angel give a cursory glance around mapping out the outline of the house for further use, there were about ten bedrooms, seems this mansion or whatever they were in was huge, she had to admit the place was beautifully decorated, muted colors that give off a comfortable vibe although it was very grandiose, Brent motioned for her to walk down a circular stairway she looked up at the huge Crystal chandeliers it was beautifully crafted, probably cost a leg and an arm, the stairs led to a huge hallway, glancing around furtively Angel surmised that the hallway leading towards the right led to the exit out of the mansion, the hallway leading to the left was the path he led her too, they passed what she would surmise was the kitchen, from all the cutlery noises she heard and the enticing smell of food being prepared within, he walked her past that area straight into another hall pushing open a door he motioned for her to enter, there were lots of voices coming from within, steeling her emotions she stepped into the room which turned out to be a very huge foyer with comfortable leather couches, a huge glass of area with Crystal figurines and other stuff, there was a huge hundred-inch Sony television also.
Angel became aware of the total cessation of conversation in the foyer when Brent and she had entered the room, focusing on the occupants of the room she was quite surprised to recognize them as the twelve men who had stood apart at the annual ball, Rohan was also there, each man held some drink in hand.
She felt a light touch on her arm, knowing from the heat and tingles of electric shocks coursing through her body it was Brent, he led her to a love seat where she sat down with him also taking the empty seat beside her. The others all sat down in varying seatings, with Rohan moving towards the wet bar in the corner which looked as if it was well stocked with every imaginable liquor. Angel watched as he poured ice and a healthy shot of Jack Daniels in a glass, taking a wine glass he chooses a strawberry flavored Moscato, he walked over handing the Whiskey to Brent and the Moscato to Angel.
When Rohan had found a seat and sat down which was the one closest to Brent and Angel, she became aware of all eyes focused on them both, all eyes held admiration and heated looks, just like the one's Brent had shown her, there was one elder gentleman who looked at her with admission but almost daughters pride.
“ Gentlemen I've called you all here tonight, to discuss a very important issue. My m- assistant is an A. W.O.L.” he stated coolly.
“ Is that so, will we need a hearing before the committee?” Asked a blond, green-eyed handsome hunk of man or wolf.
“ Can we skip a very public hearing, can't we get a small private hearing ?” he begged.
“ Wait a minute, I don't want a hearing, I want to be expelled permanently from the wolf community,” she argued angrily.
All eyes turned to her in shock and horror, the only one she concentrated on though is a pair of lemon ones that reflected irritation and what she knew was not pain. There was dead silence in the room after her angry outburst. Everyone got to their feet and moved towards the next room leaving Rohan, Brent and Angel. She stood up walking away from close to her boss, spinning around she pinned him with a furious pair of almond eyes.
“ Who gave you the right to make decisions for my life, I hate this community, I want nothing to do with it, I've lived on my own for several years,” she demanded with hatred and fury in her tone.
Brent got to his feet and walked angrily to her, taking her by both shoulders he shook her angrily, she glared back at him unafraid trying to struggle from his grip, but he was using his wolf strength to keep her still, “ I'll tell you whom I am, I'm your boss, first of all, you signed a ten-year contract with me, secondly I am your Alpha you will show me respect when we are in company, when we're alone you can fight me, make love to me anything you desire, but I will not to, rate your stupid pride it's going to get you killed. If you remember I sneaked upon you in the forest, if I had been a rouge you would have been dead, or if it had been another Alpha you could have been killed without a fair trial.”
Angel opened her mouth to protest but her gaze fell on the worried look from Rohan, he shook his head warningly his blue-grey eyes looked worried and somehow she felt it was for her safety. It was the only reason she didn't fight back, but using her wolf strength she shook him off and walked away from him, sitting close to Rohan.
Brent turned around and seeing where she choose to sit, his green gaze smoldered eerily, “ Shouldn't you be entertaining our guest in the dining room?”

“ Just making sure that Angel was ok.” he shrugged nonchalantly.
When Brent continued to stare at his brother coldly, he got to his feet hesitantly, and throwing one last uneasy glance at her, he made his way to the door pushing it open he entered the dining room, leaving Brent and Angel alone staring at each other angrily.
“ Why do you always feel the need to disobey me, Angel?” asked Brent coolly.
“ I don't belong to you, I'm not even sure why I'm here. Why did you kidnap me ?” she asked refusing to answer him.
He stood glaring down at her, his gaze suddenly changed it became secretive but glowing at her, “ You do belong to me, Angel, soon you will realize it, but for now we try to get your name removed from the wanted posters in each pack, there is a bounty on your head.”
“That's my problem, and I don't belong to you.” she asserted vehemently.
“ Let's argue about this later, let's go have dinner with our guest,” he said coolly.
Angel didn't argue anymore, only because she was hungry and they could keep arguing all night and still not see eye to eye. Because no matter what she did not want to live on any pack anymore that part of her life was over, she belonged in the human world.
He motioned for her to precede him into the dining room, all eyes turned on curiously but everyone made their way towards the beautifully laid table, Angel was shown to a chair on Brents's right side with Rohan sitting on his left. Dinner was eaten with no mention of the topic that was brought up before, just general chatting about the other packs and snippets of conversation of the problematic rouges. Angel became aware several times during the dinner that two of the Alphas kept glancing towards her with interest and some speculation. Ignoring them she continued to eat praying to finish so she could make a quick escape to her room. Refusing dessert she excused herself and with various eyes following her retreating body she made her escape with no objection from Brent or Rohan.
Half an hour later Angel was still pissed, why did Brent treat her like some property, she wasn't his to make decisions for nor was she one of his pack members, she refused to be a part of any wolf pack be it his or any other, Angel had gotten undressed and after not being able to calm down had decided to take a shower, it still had not done anything to alleviate her anger at her bosses high handed manner.
Getting agitatedly to her feet she walked over to the glass doors leading out to a beautiful balcony, it was kept locked since she had been kept in the bedroom, she tested the lock knowing it would still be locked, but to her surprise, it clicked and cool fragrant air hit her skin, Angel walked out tensitively expecting to hear some form of objection, she grinned appreciatively there was a pair of lounge chairs, and a small circular table with two chairs around it, making her way she glanced at the view, nothing could be used as an escape route, the mansion or castle because Angel could swear she saw two turrets in the distance of the building, it was surrounded by a forested area, glancing down she groaned unconsciously even if she could contact her wolf there was a very slim chance of her making it safely down that distance to the ground, she cursed inwardly Brent had thought his little plan through thoroughly. Angels' only hope of getting out of here is if Chris figured it out and came to her rescue.
Lost deep in thought Angel stood out in the cold thinking about how long she hadn't heard or felt her wolf, why was her wolf hiding from her when she needed her help to escape from this pack and its Alpha.
How long was she going to be held against her will, and why did he take such drastic measures by actually fucking kidnapping her? She could ask him but she had the feeling the ass wipe would not give her answers. If she didn't hear from her wolf and was kept fucking locked up in this ivory tower much longer she would go fucking bonkers. There was only so much television or reading books she could tolerate, she was going stir crazy.
Looking down again at the distance she wondered idly if dare risk breaking every bone in her body by trying to escape?
“ Do you think it's worth it ?” came Rohans voice from behind her making her jump guiltily.
Turning she faced a speculative faced Rohan, leaning on the glass door. “ Why can't I feel my wolf ?”
“ She’s been kept deliberately from you, for your own protection Angel.” He replied coolly.
“ What the fuck does that mean .” She angrily demanded her gaze glinting murderously into an amused pair of blue gray eyes.
“ Simply put Angel, you’ll both contemplate escape, but there are rouges out here on the borders of our pack, they will mutilate you piece by piece.” He explained gravelly.
“ You’re lying .” She accused.
“ Have you forgotten the fate of your family Angel .” He reminded her harshly.
She stared bleakly at him as a bloody memory tried surfacing before she ruthlessly shoved it away, “ It’s why I need to get out of here, I don’t belong here .”
“ You belong at my brothers side, so you stay put or you’ll pay the consequences.” He said coldly.
“ What the fuck really, I’m just his fucking Assistant we’re not joined at the hip.” she argued spitting mad.
“You'll be surprised .” He said cryptically when Angel continued to glare at him as if she wanted to tear him limb from limb, he chuckled and turning still laughing he left her alone on the balcony extremely confused at the joke. Angel walked back into the bedroom and slammed the door shut her enjoyment of it had vanished, she got on the bed switching off the lights she prayed for sleep to take her quickly.

Chapter Eighteen.

The next morning Rohan came and escorted her downstairs, apparently, she was now allowed some privileges, he showed her to a smaller dining room that overlooked a garden, this room was a smaller more intimate dining area with a smaller table that seated about ten. Here Brent sat with breakfast laid out for three people, seems he had already started on his breakfast an empty plate in front of him and a cup of coffee. Rohan pulled out a chair for her to be seated even pouring her a cup of coffee leaving her to add sugar and cream to get liking, glancing up she encountered a pair of cold green eyes, his lips drawn in a displeased scowl that was surprisingly directed at his brother, who was not paying any attention to him.
“ What are you having for breakfast Angel ?” asked Rohan taking a plate in hand, Angel glanced at the huge spread pancakes, waffles, toast, eggs, bacon, omelets, and a basket of freshly baked bread.
“ Attentive aren't we Rohan,” observed Brent favoring his brother with a mocking smile.
“ If you say so, I'm just trying to be nice not like a jerk, Alpha,” he responded coldly.
What was this two problem, you would swear they were both mortal enemies or something, every time they got together it was like lines drawn across a battlefield?
“ I don't usually have any breakfast just coffee,” she said replied to Rohan's question.
Brent turned to her his gaze pinning her with a fuming look, Angel eyed him nervously what did she do now.
“ I've decided to continue working from here, well do conference calls if we need to speak with anyone at the office, ” he said coolly.
Angel stared at him thoughtfully, if she could convey a message to someone she was being held against her will, then the possibility exists she could escape from his home. She smiled but it vanished when he said warningly.
“ Don't get an innocent person killed because of your fault Angel, nobody stands in the way of what is mines,” he stated ominously.
Angel gulped air into a throat that had gone suddenly parched, the tone he had used was one she's never heard from him before, it made the hairs on her hand stood on end. If she didn't heed his warning would he carry out his threat?
“ I don't think you'd want someone's death on your conscience, Angel if I was you I would heed his warning.” came Rohan's cautioning tone of voice.
Angel hunched her shoulders in temporary defeat, which would weigh heavily on her mind if that did happen, she vowed she’d find a way out of here. She suddenly felt as if she would feel less haunted if she escaped outside than staying here.
“ Better not think of that alternative sweetheart, because when I catch up with you it won't be pretty.” he threatened icily.
“ You need to stop reading my thoughts, can't a woman be allowed to have her private thoughts? “ she stated furiously with both men at the table.
“ You're not just any woman Angel, you are a wolf whose father was also an Alpha, you possess distinct abilities, a rouge would be very happy to come across you alone in the forest,” stated Brent giving her a mocking smile.
She glared at him with dislike, how on earth did she ever think he was attractive, thinking he was handsome, he was a chauvinistic pig. Getting angrily to her feet she treated both men to equal looks of disgust and anger.
“ Call me when you're ready to start work.” and with those forced words through clenched teeth, she flounced out of the room heading to her bedroom.
Brent sent Rohan up for her an hour later, they didn't talk to each other, Angel was still pissed at both brothers, after taking her to yet another section of the house she noticed from the windows overlooking what she assumed was the back of the villa, it was closer to the forest from back here, she noticed three buildings it looked like what you would envision a training barracks to look like, men and women were busily training. Were they his pack soldiers, where we're the rest of his pack?
“ Yes, they are, and the rest of my pack stays in their own homes.” he said answering her thoughts, he didn't even look up from the file he was working on as he sat behind his desk.
Angel turned and glared at him fumingly, and marched angrily to the desk he had set up apparently for her to use when he told her .” Stop glaring and sit down and go through those files.”
They both worked in silence, Angel angled her body in such a way that she could look out at the forest and the men and women training and not her boss. Somehow the view calmed her enough and distracted her from paying too much attention to her boss or the mixed feelings she felt for him. They had been working for several hours Angel concentrating on preparing some reports she had been working on before her kidnapping when there was a knock on the study door.
“ Come in.” invited Brent.
Angel watched curiously as a very buffed handsome blond silver grey-eyed hunk walked in, he was wearing black jeans that hugged his ample male buttocks and the muscles on his legs strained against the material of his pants, he wore a sleeveless black t-shirt showing off his huge muscled biceps that sported a tribal sleeve tattoo, was it getting hot in here or what she thought oogling all that male testosterone.
“ What can I do for you Alexander?” asked Brent coolly. The hunk turned to notice Angel sitting behind her desk and she almost laughed out loud, when he puffed out his chest and clenched his huge muscles so they were more defined. The laughter died from her though when she noticed Brents's angry green gaze focused on her.
“ Alexander this is my Private Assistant Angel Hart, Angel this is my Beta Alexander Hoff of the Gibbous Moon Pack.” introduced Brent.
“ The famous Angel Hart.” exclaimed a surprised Alexander stressing on the, before her very eyes all his strutting from before seemed to curtail on hearing her name, Angel glanced at her boss he was wearing a satisfied smirk.
Angel ignored them getting back to her work, the business they were discussing didn't concern her it was about the pack, she had been doing some research when she became aware of the silence in the room once more, glancing up her gaze was held by a lemon pair.
“ You like playing with fire, don't you? “ he asked very quietly.
“ Pardon?” she asked confused her brain still going over the information she was researching.
“ Never mind, I'll let it slide this time, next time I'm taking you on my lap and spanking that detectable behind of yours,” he promised darkly.
When the penny dropped, Angel's cheeks got very pink but not with embarrassment but anger. she muttered under her breath although she knew he heard her. “ in your dreams buddy, fucking neandertal.”

It was now a month since Angel was kidnapped by her boss the Alpha, they had gotten into a routine of sorts, the morning period until two in the afternoon they did office work, then Brent would go out on pack business she was grateful he didn't expect her to join him, she had been introduced to his Beta and Delta of his pack. Since her capture, she had not been in contact with her wolf she felt her presence so she knew that she was there, but the communication was not there between them.
Angel was switching off her computer and wrapping things up in the office when the door of the office was pushed open by Rohan, she didn't see him for a week.
“ Brent request your presence,” he said not quite meeting her gaze.
“ Okay, hang on a sec,” she said coolly.
When she had switched off the computers and filed a few documents she had been working on, she followed a silent Rohan but to her surprise, he did not take her back upstairs to her bedroom but headed outside where she knew the pack's warriors did their training. Angel was taken aback to see the entire squadron of warriors from high ranking to the most junior, all lined up in uniform stance, Brent was standing in front of the group and she gulped air into her constricted throat as she noticed he was bare-chested with sweat glistening down his muscular chest, he wore sweats low down his hips he looked like what he was the Alpha of an elite pack. She noticed he sported some tattoos like most of his warriors just he had an Angel with outstretched wings on his left side upper chest.
“ Here she is,” announced Rohan casually, walking towards Brents's side.
Why was she here, what was this all about? Brent motioned for her to come to him, she obeyed only because she was confused as fuck. When she got within touching distance he grabbed her hand in his bringing her very close to his side. Angel became aware that she became the focus of all eyes, they all stared at her with both curiosity and respect.
“ Ladies and gentlemen, this is Angel Hart my m- assistant.” introduced Brent in his Alphas voice. A chorus of voices welcomed her to the pack.
“ Thank you, “ she said politely.
“ Angel will be here to help you any time there's an issue you need to be addressed, but only concerning the pack,” he ordered.
“ So is she like your stand-in Luna ?” asked Rohan silkily.
Angel turned so fast to look at Rohan who had asked that cheeky question, that she could swear she got a crick on her neck, she was afraid to hear the angry outburst from her boss, but instead, her mouth fell open at his surprising answer. Brent held her gaze his gaze smoldering over at her.
“ Yes, my Luna. “ he announced.
Angel just stared dumbfounded in shock at his answer, stand in Luna we're they crazy, a Luna had equal rank as the Alpha, they were a couple and ran the pack together. She glanced over at the warriors who bowed their heads respectfully to her when her eyes fell on any of them.
She suddenly felt such deep anger at the brother's manipulation that she got an instant headache from nowhere, Angel felt her vision turning black before she fainted she heard Rohan say to catch her.
When she opened her eyes, Angel immediately closed them again the glare from the lights in her bedroom almost blinded her, she became aware of the brothers arguing in the room. They were not aware that she was awake.
Angel did not want to alert them to her being conscious, she replayed what happened to her before her blacking out, she became aware of a slight buzzing in her head, a faint voice muttering profanity inside her head, she scrunched up her face trying to concentrate but her head throbbed with severe pain again. If she was not mistaken that voice sounded familiar it sounded very much like her missing wolf Artemis.
Angel decided to keep that to herself if she contacted her wolf they could finally escape from the pack and the two brothers.
Angel winced at the pain throbbing in both sides of her temples, she had suffered from severe migraines ever since the rouges attack when she was young. It was the first time it was this bad though she would need strong painkillers for this particular pain tonight.
Angel found herself almost blacking out again when she heard the topic of the conversation or maybe she should say the argument that was taking place between both brothers.
“ When will you tell her the truth ?” asked Rohan angrily.
“ The time is not right,” replied Brent.
“ She should know now, she has no idea of the real reason you kidnapped her,” argued Rohan getting angrier.
“ I don't see how this concerns you,” said Brent snidely.
“ I'm telling her if you don't,” said Rohan threatening.
“ You won't dare?” said Brent through clenched teeth.
“ Angel needs to know you're her mate, Brent, she needs to start her training to rule at your side,” said Rohan coldly.
There was silence in the room after that bombshell, Angel gasped in shock no life couldn't be this cruel, she didn't want to be a part of a pack and now she was mated to an Alpha.
“ Well the cats out of the bag, she's awake,” said Brent stating the obvious.
“ I refuse, “ she said, looking at him like a cornered rabbit.
“ You don't have a choice baby, I won't allow you to refuse,” he said his lemon gaze reflecting the possessiveness of his tone of voice.
“ This is a nightmare.” she said weakly as another severe pain hit her on both temples.

Chapter Nineteen.

The next time Angel was conscious and aware of her surroundings again, her bedroom was filled with sunlight wincing at the discomfort of both temples throbbing. How did she end up here in her bed when the last thing she remembered was being escorted by Rohan to be introduced to the pack's warriors by Brent. Suddenly a much more severe pain hit her making her clutch her head on both sides. Angel thought she was going to pass out from the severity of the pain, then she became aware of hearing a much-beloved voice in her head, Artemis.
“ Missed you too love, so we found our mate.” teased her wolf laughingly.
“ Mate ?” Angel questioned confused, then the fog that existed in her brain lifted, and the memories from the night before invaded her subconscious. She had been running for several years to escape her past only to be trapped by it now, Brents's behavior towards her was finally made light, the times when Rohan and he had been talking in riddles now she understood. They were mates and she wasn't even aware of it. Damn how would she get out of this, he would never set her free. Angel knew the only way she saw out of this was to make herself less likely to be a good Luna. With this plan forming in her mind she gingerly got off the bed and made her way to the ensuite bathroom, brushing her teeth she took a warm shower, taking her time she dressed in cutoff blue jeans and revealing top, fluffing out her hair so it looked like she just tumbled out of bed after a night of sex, she put on strappy flip flops.
“ It's not going to work love, he possessive.” cautioned Artemis warningly.
Be quiet I have to give it a try, I don't want to belong to any pack or belong to any Alpha especially an Alpha like my boss. That effectively shut up her wolf, her wolf and she understood the need Angel felt for freedom. It was a bond they both felt and shared.
Angel made her way downstairs, heading to the drone of voices coming from the breakfast room she had dubbed it, squaring her shoulders she entered the room making sure not to make eye contact with Brent instead she focused on Rohan, who smiled warmly up at her.
“ Hey, sunshine, how do you feel ?” he asked with concern.
“ Pretty good, seeing that I don't remember much apart from meeting the pack warriors.” she said quite not meeting either brother's eyes.
The coffee she had been pouring into a mug splashed on her hand, since her entry into the breakfast room Brent had not uttered a single word, but she felt his burning gaze on her heated skin. What he did say though made her snap her head up and glare at him furiously.
“ I’m sure you'll remember the rest, given time.” Said Brent unreadable.
Angel didn't say anything she just buttered a slice of toast and slowly ate it, washing it down quickly with some coffee, she excused herself making her way to the study. It was several hours later that Brent came into the study followed by his beta Alexander.
She studiously ignored them taking her blue tooth she plugged both her ear and going on YouTube she selected her favorite music uploaded by Ollie, it was a track by Roudeep the name of the song “ The Same “ soon Angel lost herself in the music humming while she completed her work. She was not aware of when Alexander left the study or when the meeting finished.
Angel was brought rudely out of her calm vibe when the blue tooth was plucked out of her ear, raising her eyes she glared at the culprit, only to swallow nervously at the highly pissed look on Brents's face.
“ I've been trying to get your attention for the past thirty minutes,” he said icily.
Angel was now pissed, she was getting fed up with this man's high-handed manner. “ Well ?”
He stared at her for several nerve-racking minutes, then moving closer he pulled her out from behind her desk, he then sat on a bigger couch pulling her head first over his knee.
Angel struggled all the way, at first she was confused at his actions but when he forcibly bends her over his knee with her bottom in the air, she understood what he was all about.
“ No fucking way, don't you dare touch me.” she threatened trying to unsuccessfully get out of his iron grasp on her back while he held her down, she gasped in outrage and shock when his hand came down hard on her wiggling bottom, it stung because although she was wearing cut off jeans it was short. Brent death her five hard lashes to her ample bottom before he stopped, he was breathing hard listening to her sniffles for a few seconds before he said coolly.
“ That is for lying earlier this morning about not remembering you are my mate, and secondly for dressing like a corner street hooker.”
He helped her to turn in his arms, her almond gaze did not meet his smoldering ones, as she tried escaping the confines of his arms, she was not aware of her shirt buttons becoming undone in her struggle to escape punishment. Only when she became aware of something hard beneath her buttocks and a thick groan coming from Brent did she look up to see him not focused on her face as she assumed but looking down she gasped one of her breasts had escaped the lacy white confines of her bra and her nipple was poking out in the open. Before she could utter a protest Brent bent his head and took her nipple into the hot cavern of his mouth, his tongue stroked her nipple, it was her turn to groan as her breast seemed to swell in his mouth becoming plumper, Angel felt the tingles that started where his mouth latched on to her nipple suckling like a babe, straight down to her core.
He lifted his head from her breast and his lips crashed into hers, they kissed hungrily God could he kiss, was her last rational thought before she felt herself being sucked into a vortex of pleasure as Brents's hand continued rolling her nipple between his fingers, squeezing them as he plundered her ripe mouth.
Neither of them heard the knock on the door to busy being intimate when the door suddenly being wrenched open and a gasp was heard from a female and a male chuckle.
“ Wow, live porn. “ squealed Brents's sister Claire.

Angel hid her face in Brents's shoulder in embarrassment, what the hell just happened? One minute he was smacking the daylights out of her behind and the next he was mauling her body. Discreetly buttoning up her undone top she schooled her features and tried pushing out of his grasp, but his hands tightened around her waist keeping her from escaping.
“ My office is off-limits Claire, you never know what you'll walk into now Angels working here with me.” he admonished his sister teasingly.
Angel wished the floor would open up and swallow her, she was that embarrassed especially when she saw the smirk on Brents's face, the unreadable one on Rohans, and the blush on his sister Clairs.
“ I'll see you guys for lunch, I think we've embarrassed Angel enough,” muttered Claire sparing Angel an apologetic look.
When both sister and brother left, Angel ducked her head not wanting to meet his gaze that was focused on her averted face. Lifting her chin his gaze burnt into hers heated. “ You need to get used to it, me touching you.”
Angel didn't say anything, she just stared at him wordlessly, he sighed allowing her to leave the confines of his arms.
They wrapped up another hour of work then left the study come office for the day, Brent walked her to the stairs that led to the bedrooms, when she made to go up the stairs he pulled her back, spinning her around into his arms, his mouth crashed down onto hers in a passionate kiss that had her holding on to his broad shoulders for support.
Angel made her escape upstairs, after promising him that she would dress in formal wear in celebration of his sister's visit since she barely visited the packhouse since leaving the pack. When she got to her bedroom she closed the door and leaned on the door on feet that felt like jelly.
“ Wow, I like him, he's hot, made us hot didn't he?” came Artemis's teasing voice.
Angel groaned inwardly not you too Artemis, whether he makes us hot or not, we have to find a way to escape. I am not Luna material my hatred of all things related to the wolf community will cause problems, besides he's too possessive I like my freedom, not having to share myself with a mate or others in the community. The moment I find an avenue to escape that's what I'm planning on doing.
“Good luck with that love, for Brent to commit a crime by kidnapping you in the human world, do you see him allowing you to escape him?” pointed out her wolf Artemis sensibly.
Nobody allows me to do anything, especially someone who has as you pointed out kidnapped me Artemis. I'm an independent woman I have been for several years, I'm not settling for being owned by anybody especially an Alpha.
“ Let's agree to disagree, just saying you escaped how do you propose to get past the warriors, the rouges outside the perimeters of this pack, you'll be on the wanted list posted in every pack, not only would you be wanted by this Alpha but all the other Alphas from other packs as well. You'll be hunted everywhere you go, now that you've found your mate you will be experiencing the mate bond which can be very painful if you are away from your mate.” explained her wolf Artemis helpfully.
“ So basically what you're telling me is I'm royally fucked.” cried, Angel hopelessly.
“ Exactly, sorry love,” replied Artemis consolingly. “ Unless you make him so miserable he wants nothing to do with you”.
“ I’m sure I can manage that.” she smiled wickedly.
“ Glad I can be of assistance, I'll leave you to get ready for the first phase of your warfare.” giggled Artemis smugly.
With this plan in hand Angel, took her time getting ready for the first phase of her get free plan, she took a leisurely shower, then standing in front of the dresser, she did her makeup which was skillful but looked almost natural, standing in front of the walk-in closet she stood examining the wide choices she had, rifling through the racks, she choose black silk lounge pants, a bronze-colored halter neck silk top, choosing matching shoes and accessories to compliment the suit. An hour later she made her way down the stairs at the bottom stood Brent looking up at her, with smoldering sexy lemon green eyes. When she got to the last stair she tried not to show interest in his good looks but failed he was dressed in black trousers, a sky blue silk shirt with the buttons opened partially showing glimpses of his muscular chest and the top of his Angel tattoo showing tantalizingly.
“ You look incredibly beautiful baby,” he said thickly, taking her hand in his he pulled her into his embrace, molding her body to his, Angel smiled coolly up at him and watched as he dipped his head for a brief kiss but passionate none the less.
“ Give the girl some space Will you, “ came Claire's voice behind the couple who was kissing.
She reached in and pulled Angel away from her brother's embrace, linking her hand through Angels she guided her away from Brent towards the dining room. Angel watched the disapproval on his face but felt a wave of victory that Claire had intervened when she did. He followed them into the dining room where Rohan stood with a scotch in hand waiting for the them, on seeing them he moved towards the wet bar making drinks for everyone.

Chapter Twenty.

A month later and still Angel could not shake Brent from his intentions towards her, every plan she executed he turned the tables on her it was getting annoying and even more so since her wolf teased her mercilessly after every failed attempt. Claire had been some what of help now Angel was allowed out of the pack but only under heavy guards and either Rohan or Claire or both of them, which got her fuming because they also mocked and teased her mercilessly.
Today Claire was taking her to do her hair, it had gotten long, Angel walked downstairs dressed in skinny jeans and a blue top that showed a bit of her flat midriff she had thrown on a black leather jacket since it was a bit chilly now. When she got to the bottom of the stairs Claire and Brent stood waiting for her, Angel felt his eyes on her waves of disapproval reflecting in them which she refused to acknowledge.
“ what's that you're wearing ?” he demanded coldly.
“ Clothes.” both Angel and Claire answered together. Which earned both of them fuming looks from Brent, he stormed out angrily. Angel turned towards Claire with a smirk on her face and winked over at her unlikely allies, both women burst out laughing.
The girls got into the car that was driven by one of the pack warriors and another heavily armed warrior to act as their bodyguard.
Turning towards Claire she asked curiously .” Is this a normal way he behaves when you go out without him ?”
“ Yes but now that you are also here, his future Luna, the security detail will be ramped up,” explained Claire turning at the back of the car she motioned another black heavily tinted SUV following closely behind them. How the hell was she ever going to escape when there was so much security detail on her.
Both young women not only got their hair cut and done, but Claire dragged Angel into a designer store that sold designer women clothes, she sat and watched Claire tried on six beautiful suits, even convincing Angel to buy two gowns that she had to admit was really flattering on her figure.
The bodyguard was loaded down by their packages, Claire smiled up impishly at the warrior who looked at both women with resignation, she informed them that they were going to get something g to eat both him and the driver could join them or stay out of their way, and with that ultimatum issued at the warrior Claire linked arms with Angel and pulled her towards a high-end restaurant when both women were spotted by the host he smiled warmly on seeing Claire, who introduced Angel to him the host Jacque was well acquainted with the Steel siblings. They were shown to a table and given menus, Angel glanced around with interest, the restaurant was posh beautifully decorated with dim lights that shone romantically from crystal chandeliers, there was calming abstract paintings thing around the restaurant, with some tastefully advertised food pics as well. Angel glanced over at a few other patrons who kept looking over at their table with curious interest. There was this one table with two extremely handsome buff men, she watched idly as they waited for their lunch, Claire had taken a phone call from the person she had left in charge of her business, so she was deeply engrossed in conversation on her phone. Her attention got snagged by a pair of almost black penetrating eyes, he had black hair to match his dark eyes, he wore an aura of danger, that made the fine hairs on her neck stand on end warningly, there was some ink present on his arms because there were glimpses of it when he lifted his glass to drink what looked like red wine, she glanced over at his companion who was also looking over at her only this one had fiery red hair and deep emerald eyes, he looked even more intimidating than his black-haired friend he was built like a huge brick wall, if she had to guess these men's profession in life, she would say he was a bounty hunter. The one with the red hair raised his glass of wine and made a toast to her, Angel hurriedly looked away.
“ What's got you so interested ?” asked Claire with interest, following her gaze her face whitened dramatically, Angel watched curiously as she hurriedly looked away.
“ The blond is Alpha Cian Reeves of the Wolfbane Moon Pack in Ireland, his companion is Alpha Bruno Romano of the Wolf’s Full Moon Pack it's situated in Italy, these two are head of the most feared elite mercenary packs in the whole wolf community if there's a dangerous problem any of the other packs can not control they are like the commandos or army that you can call.” explained Claire very hush-hush.
“ Wonder what they're doing here ?” mused Angel speculative, she could still feel their gazes on her.
The waitress bought their food so they were not paying attention, but after the food was placed on the table, both girls were interrupted by a clearing tone of voice, they turned to see the blond-haired Alpha standing by their table, his cat eyes were focused on Angel although he addressed both women.
“ My friend and I would be very happy if you ladies will join us for lunch at our table, we're waiting for another friend but I'm sure he won't mind having two charming beautiful women being present.” he invited charmingly flashing sexy dimples on both cheeks.

Before either woman could accept or refuse, Angel felt a pair of hands descend on either side of her shoulders, from the instant tingles coursing up and down her nerve ends she knew who it was before he even spoke. Angel felt a pair of lips kiss her intimately on her neck and teeth nip her playfully alongside her neck. Looking up at Claire she had confirmation on seeing the nervous look she gave above Angel's head.
“ Hi, Alpha Cian glad to see you've already met my sister Claire and my charming mate Angel.” Introduced Brent politely.
Angel watched as Alpha Bruno got up from his table and also made his way over to their table, while the men were once more introduced to the two young women, the waitress and restaurant host hovered around nervously, Brent motioned for them to be moved to another larger table to accommodate them all when they were being moved to the other table Rohan walked in he was introduced to the Alphas.
After fresh drinks were brought to their table, the men started chatting about the business at hand, Claire and Angel were brought occasionally into the conversation, although they were engrossed in deep serious conversation, she tried not to notice the two Alphas kept throwing her flirtatious looks.
When lunch was finished and the men continued discussing their earlier conversation, Claire and Angel sat chatting about her business unaware that they had once again become the topic of conversation only until Alpha Cian addressed her did she focus attention on the men, she noticed Brent’s suddenly still profile.
“ Sorry, I didn't hear the question Alpha.” She replied politely.
“ I said Alpha Brent introduced you as his mate, but yet you don't wear a mate's mark.” He asked with curious observation. Angel noticed his cat eyes glance caressingly down the side of her neck.
“ It's only been a few days I found my mate Alpha, but is a mark relevant?” She asked confused.
“ If you're not marked by the mating season, you become fair game to be claimed by another.” Clarified Alpha Bruno his very dark eyes glinting over at her.
“ That is true, the next mating season happens to be taking place in a week at the Harvest Moon Pack.” Mused Alpha Cian thoughtfully.
“ That won't be necessary, before that my mate will wear my mark, nobody I mean nobody touches what is mines,” stated Brent posessively, Angel didn't utter a word not here in front of everyone listening.
Rohan and Claire exchanged troubled looks, seeing the look brother and sister threw at each other, Angel knew she had to steer clear of these two Alphas, they looked like they wanted to challenge Brent for her, which was ridiculous seeing she didn't want any mate, not even the one she was given. They would be staying for three weeks at the packhouse, seems rouges were spotted at the borders. Note to self stay away from all-male wolves until she found a way out of the wolf community. They soon left the restaurant Angel was surprised when both Rohan and Claire came on either side of her looping both her hands through theirs, she looked at both of them in turn with eyebrows arched, what the hell was up with these two? Brent had walked out with both Alphas to their black heavily tinted Audi they exchanged words.
Rohan suddenly took Angel's hand and led both girls to their car, he almost shoved her into the car, motioning for Claire to get in quickly, which she did but not before she threw a nervous glance over at Brent.
Rohan bent his head before he closed the door of the car and looking over at her with worried blue-grey eyes he said warningly. “ Lock your doors tonight, and stay clear of those two if you know what's good for you.”
When the car pulled away she took a glance through the glass at Brent, he had turned and the determined look on his face as their eyes met, Angel, knew for a certainty that she was going to heed Rohan's warnings.
“ Those two are crazy to tangle with my brother, ” she muttered worriedly.
“ I'm not foolish Claire if I don't want your brother do you think I'll want either of those two neandertal?” she asked sensibly.
“ It's not them I'm worried about Angel, it's my brother doing something stupid like forcing himself on you,” she admitted truthfully.
“ I understand your concern, but I won't allow that to happen without my consent.” she said straightforward.
The two women didn't say anything else during the drive back to the community, once the car pulled into the parking lot, Angel grabbed her shopping bags and saluted Claire playfully and prudently made her escape. She congratulated herself on her timely exit, standing on the terrace of the bedroom she saw when both of the visiting Alphas pulled into the parking lot, followed by Brent. She watched with slight trepidation as if he knew exactly where she would be, he looked up unto the terrace, the look on his face made her want to run and hide, it was thunderous. Angel found herself holding her breath as he seemed to only be warning her of his displeasure momentarily. Turning towards the two Alphas who had gotten out of their vehicle, both men followed his gaze on seeing her they both smiled provocatively up at her. Angel gave a half-hearted smile and exited the terrace, she didn't trust Brent at all that look promised retribution later for what she didn't know and choose not to comprehend.

Chapter Twenty One.

That night Angel escaped not having to go down for dinner, surprisingly when she pleaded a migraine she was met with no big fuss from Brent, he even sent up Claire with a tray for her. Angel went to bed happy as a camper thinking to herself that she had gotten away lightly. Damn was this how she had to now live her life, fearing retribution from her mate if she displeased him in any shape and form.
With that unsettling thought in mind, she fell asleep but her unsettling thoughts followed her into her dreams, causing her to twist and turn the entire night.
The next morning she didn't feel well, she got out of bed and walked straight into the ensuite bathroom turning the shower on cold to wake herself up somewhat, she had just gotten out of the shower and towel dried herself when there was a hesitant knock on her door, peeping through a slight crack in the door she saw one of the maids with a tray in her hand, she breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn't Brent, so she stepped away from the door and turned her back to the door, watching as the maid carefully places the tray on the small table on the terrace, when the maid walked back out she smiled at her shyly and directed a look behind Angel bowing her head. Cold dread slotted down her back as if a cold breeze had gotten under her robe and then she remembered her state of undress as the door snapped closed with a resounding snap and ominously silent trepidation present in the room, she closed her eyes feeling his presence before his hand came down on the nape of her neck turning her to face him. Angel refused to look up at him knowing the anger present in his face.
He took her chin in his hand and lifted it so she met his not angry lemon gaze but a smoldering and heated look, that made her gasp in shock.
“ I'm glad you were not at dinner last night, I didn't want to tear both my guest to pieces on their first night as my guest at my pack,” he said casually, to casually thought Angel and she was proven correct when he added. “ But I don't appreciate your disappearing act at the restaurant, you didn't wait to be driven home by me instead you choose my sister over me.”
Angel's mouth gaped open, possessive much she thought angrily, forgetting he could read her thoughts. He reacted immediately his mouth crashed into hers angrily as his hands went to both sides of her robe wrenching it apart, she struggled to get free but felt his teeth graze her lips the metallic taste of her bloodletting her know he had drawn blood. Angel started fighting in earnest she saw red that he had drawn her blood, his grip strengthened spinning her around she found herself being pushed towards her bed, she attempted to make him stop but found herself falling face-first unto the bed with Brent pinning her there with his weight turning her head to the side, she tried bucking him off her back she heard an angry growl and the next thing she felt was sharp teeth biting into the side of her neck, the minute the skin broke she felt intense heat radiating through her bloodstream, she felt herself arch into him as the most intense wave of desire flooded her system, his tongue stroked where the bite was it turned her on the slow sweep of his tongue on her now suddenly sensitized skin.
Angel fought the feelings bucking one last time she brought up her elbow and connected him in his unprotected rib cage, he grunted with pain rolling off her.
“ what the fuck did you do that for ?” she accused angrily.
“ Marking what's mine.” he ground out angrily, his lemon eyes suddenly changing become darker with an eerie glow to it Angel realized that his wolf had taken over, she felt her wolf claw her way to the open with a snarling tone Artemis came out to defend her human.
“ Stay the fuck away from my charge, or things are going to be dangerous for you.” snarled Artemis threatening.
“Your charge is my charges mate, you'd do well to heed the signs.” admonished his wolf Achilles.
“ I'm not arguing that point idiot, yes they are mated but she does not trust other wolves, he didn't have to force the mark on her because of jealousy.” Artemis retorted on Angel's behalf.
“ The humans are a different breed Artemis, we need to guide our charges so they can accept the bond between them,” suggested Achilles in resignation.
“I think we should stay out of it, let them work out their issues, there is a genuine attraction between them they'll grow from there,” advised Artemis.
Achilles looked over at Artemis a thoughtful look in his gaze, she watched as his eyes filled with grudging respect, he nodded his agreement, then Brents's eyes changed back to lemon, and Artemis hurriedly hid deep inside Angel's almond gaze once more.
“ Get out, this is my room, I want you to get out and leave me the fuck alone Brent, or God so help me I'm walking the fuck out of here and nothing you do will stop me.” Angel threatened angrily, pulling both edges of her robe together she belted it tightly around her tiny waist.
Brent stood watching her incredibly, seeing how extremely pissed she was he didn't want to anger her more, he had accomplished what he came here for, which was marking her so those two idiots would not pursue her, she belonged to him and soon she would understand there's no running from this connection between them. So he allowed her the space she wanted, but before he left he needed to warn her about disobeying him if she even thought of doing anything foolish.
“ Stay away from those two Angel, if you don't want to see the wrong side of me you'd heed the warning,” he commanded in a tone of voice that brook no argument from her, Angel stared coldly over at him.
He left with that warning between them, walking over to the door she slammed it behind him furiously, the nerve of that ass to Mark her without her consent, then threaten her on top of that, nobody told her what to do with her damn life, walking over to the closet she stood looking at the assortment of clothes many she had not even worn, an idea formed in her mind I'll not go around them but who said I couldn't put temptation in their way.

An hour later Angel walked into the breakfast room feeling all eyes turned at her entrance, she studiously avoided looking at any of the four males seated at the breakfast table, instead she focused on Claire who held a piece of toast comically halfway to her mouth, she winked over at her teasingly and felt slightly bad as the other woman almost choked on the piece of toast that was in her mouth.
“ Good morning everyone.” she greeted cheerfully.
There was a chorus of greetings around her, grabbing a chair that was the furthest away from her silent mate, she chooses a chair closer to the least threatening male in her estimation Rohan, sneaking a peek at him Angel noticed the amused look he was trying his best to disguise. He poured her a cup of coffee passing it to her, he pushed a fresh basket of hot toast that was buttered with garlic spread and butter, choosing garlic bread.
“ You look, hot Angel, I'm sure my brother thinks so too,” he whispered very softly.
Angel almost gulped down her coffee, replacing the slice of toast she suddenly didn't feel very hungry, Conversation resumed after she took a seat but Angel felt uncomfortable around Brent so she made her escape walking towards the study after saying she had tons of work to get done.
It was an hour later she was deeply engrossed in filing away some documents when the study door was yanked open and closed with a resounding bang, hearing the lock click to ensure their privacy Angel gulped but squaring her shoulders defensively she turned to see Brent leaning on the closed-door watching her like a predator. Lemon green eyes slowly traveled from her hair that was left seductively loose but flat ironed straight, down to the red skin-tight knee-length dress that hugged her figure like a second skin leaving nothing to the imagination, she had themed it with extremely high heeled sexy strappy sandals, she oozed sex.
“ Have you ever heard the term used, when you play with fire you get burnt?” he asked casually she watched as he propelled himself from leaning on the door and walked predatorily towards her, undoing the buttons on his suit.
“ Can't say I have, but I have heard when you play with the tail of a lion you get bit.” she skillfully parried hiding her quaking nerves.
Brent stopped directly in her path crowding her against the filing cabinet, taking both hands he caged her in he watched as she fought not showing her discomfort of being trapped. Capturing her beautifully mutinous almond gaze with his he leaned in and a hairs breadth from claiming her lips with his said, “ Better yet I'll show you.”
He dove in taking her mouth prisoner beneath his, Angel felt him grasp her waist on both sides, pushing up his body against hers against the cabinet, she tried twisting her head away but any direction she moved her head too he did the same, Angel felt the beginnings of desire and need trying to overpower her defenses, a slow heat crept up from her toes slowly traveling upwards spreading throughout her body, between her legs felt achy, her breast felt as if they were swollen, while she had been analyzing the impact of his kiss and her response Brent had slowly bunched the skirt of her dress up exposing her bare legs, deepening the kiss he slid his tongue into her mouth making her moan out loud, so engrossed in the kiss was she that Angel didn't realize that his fingers had slipped inside her black lacey panties until she felt his finger slide into the slick wetness she flinched at the intrusion, but he expertly deep end the kiss again while his finger continued to explore her intimately, they were both breathing hard literally attacking each others mouth, one finger turned in to two and Angel felt herself becoming wetter as he continued to play her like a musical instrument, unaware of her arching her back embedding his fingers deeper inside her, she pumped her hips against his expert fingers, intense desire flowed where his fingers were joined to her heated slick flesh, moaning thickly she didn't know what was happening to her as he continued his ministrations inside her wet folds. Angel bucked hard against his hand as white lights flashed behind her tightly squeezed eyes. Brent stilled pulling out his fingers she flinched with embarrassment at the wet noise it made. Taking a handkerchief from his pocket he wiped his fingers off.
When she gathered enough courage to look up at him, she wished she could magically remove the last few minutes of what happened between them. His gaze was icy as he watched her straighten her clothes, “ That is what will happen to you, if you continue dressing like that, next time it won't be my fingers alone.”
“Fuck you.” she ground out, pushing past him and making her way to her desk.
“ I'd certainly enjoy it, but you won't be able to walk for hours,” he said crudely. Adding, ” That could also have happened by either of those Alphas, if that happens ill fucking kill you got it.”
Angel turned around in shock, he really was pissed at her, but that was not what kept her mouth shut, but what he had said as a threat, and so possessively too.

Chapter Twenty Two.

A few weeks later Angel sat in the office putting the finishing touches on some documents that she had been working on, glancing up idly she noticed Brent working out with his warriors, the two Alphas stood observing on the side from time to time giving some form of advice. Since that day in the office, they had both been avoiding each other and being alone, for Angel, it was extremely embarrassing to have her body betray her like that, it had been her first encounter with intimacy like that, never having the urge to be intimate with anybody of the opposite sex before. An idea had been forming in her head for a few days now if she could discover where her cellphone was she could probably get a message to Chris and maybe he could come to rescue her somehow. Seeing that Brent was occupied she decided to do some snooping around maybe by some fluke he had hidden her phone in his desk here in the study. Getting carefully to her feet she grabbed a bunch of documents in her hand and walking over to his desk she rests the documents on top, taking another peek out the window she saw him still engrossed in the training techniques. Angel surreptitiously opened the drawers one by one, there were several drawers all containing note pads, pens calculators, but one to her amazement held her missing purse changing another peek at the training secession she slid her cell out of the purse, with heart beating like a drum she switched on her phone, there were about a hundred messages from Chris and hundreds of missed calls, a noise behind her had her dropping the phone back in her purse, and spinning around she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw it was only Rohan.
“ Hey, are you done for the day? “ he inquired his blue-grey eyes curious.
“ Yes just about, checking to see if Brent left me anything to do before I left for the day.” she hurriedly explained walking away from behind the desk and grabbing up the folders.
“ Is that what you were doing searching his desk? “ he asked with interest.
“ I was looking for my purse and cell,” she admitted truthfully.
“ Why do you could call lover boy to come to rescue you ?” he asked with interest then added warnings. “ I hope that's not what you did because that could be very dangerous.”
“ Dangerous for whom Rohan, you're brother kidnapped me,” she replied angrily.
“ Who or what kidnapped you, Angel, did you see your kidnapper?” he asked with keen interest his gaze penetrating.
“ what the hell you know your brother kidnapped me, Rohan, I'm not here of my free will,” she said through clenched teeth.
“ Before you were kidnapped, what did you see Angel think.” Suggested Rohan patiently.
Angel thought back to that night, she had gotten into a dark apartment, and then she was attacked by the wolf, the penny dropped enlightening what Rohan was trying to get at. If she did contact help who would she say kidnapped her when Angel had not seen him until after she was kidnapped? Although she knew it was him in wolf form, say the police got involved she couldn't say a wolf kidnapped her.
“ You know what Rohan, fuck you and your brother, stay away from me,” she said bitterly.
Looking at her pissed look, he turned and walked out of the study whistling tunelessly Angel was getting fed up with these people and their wolf rules.
Angel succeeded in staying out of everyone's way, doing her job, and then hiding in her room, but it soon came to an end about a week into her staying out of Brents's way. She had been sitting on the terrace enjoying the quietness of the night. Artemis had been jittery of late in two days it would be the full moon and it had been quite some time her wolf had been given her monthly run. Noticing that there was containing that night Angel got to her feet walking towards the balcony she peered around curiously. The place looked deserted tonight thinking of it, she had noticed Brent getting into the car with the two Alphas earlier, seems they hadn't gotten back yet. A plan was forming in her head, she had been getting severe headaches since Brent had marked her and feeling Artemis uneasiness if she shifted and give her a very short run it may help her headache leave and exercise her wolf, she won't go out too far just to take a breather from this confining space, cracking her door a little Angel glanced around seeing nobody she ventured further making downstairs with not a soul crossing parts with her, Angel stood on pins and needles her heart in her mouth, she crept to the door with slightly sweaty palms she twisted the handle and opened the door, praying that the door did not squeak and give her away. Pushing her head out cautiously Angel was surprised to see the guards way down and not at the entrance of the door, she closed the door just as quietly as she had opened it, keeping to the very edge of the house so too much light did not give her presence away, checking both sides to make sure it was clear she dashed out into the forest, stripping quickly she felt her muscles start burning painfully as her bones realigned itself for the change after a few minutes of pain she stood on all four paws her white fur glowed in the darkness. Her wolf lifted her head taking a deep whiff of the clean air as she scurried deeper into the forest, Artemis felt the cool night air pass through her fur as she frolicked around happily, but still, she kept alert to dangers, it was a few minutes into her run she smelt a familiar scent, stopping she sniffed the air turning around a bit to pinpoint where it was coming from, following where the scent was stronger, Artemis came to the spot what her gaze encountered made her blood chill in her bones. Three huge wolves surrounded a man, one of the wolves sensed her presence turning his lemon gaze captured her frightened almond ones, daring her to intervene.
“ I'm here for Angel.” Came the familiar voice, sounding very brave but nervous.
Then everything happened so fast Artemis moved leaping over the big grey wolf who had been sneaking closer to the man, landing on all fours she spins around in front of the human bearing her teeth threatening, her fur on her back standing on end she stood protectively at the front of her friend.

“ Get out of the way, “ demanded the huge black wolf Archilles.
“ No.” Said Artemis coldly.
“ I'm giving you an order as your Alpha Artemis.” he bellowed angrily.
“ She's not going to forgive you if you hurt him.” Artemis reasoned.
“ Let's discuss this further at the castle,” he said coldly.
Artemis knew it was sensible and safer to get out of the forest, other wolves could smell a human for miles, and not wishing to put her friend at risk, she agreed turning to Chris she nudged him to walk alongside her, keeping a watchful eye out for betrayal from the other wolves and other more dangers lurking in the dense forest, they made it safely to the castle.
Rohan stood with his arms around a worried Claire, when they got closer she ran straight to Artemis and hugged the wolf, nudging her comfortably Claire straightened holding a robe as Artemis started shaking signifying she was changing back to human form. Angel stood folding the robe securely around her nakedness and watched nervously as Brent and the two Alphas stepped out of the forest wearing tracks with bare chest glistening with sweat.
“ What the hell were you thinking Angel ?” demanded an Angry Brent. “ Remember my warning if he came here.” he pointed to a silent Chris.
Before anyone could say anything or Angel could defend herself, Claire stepped alongside Angel flanking Chris on the other side. “ You can't hurt him .”
“ Not you too Claire, what has gotten into you?” asked Brent in exasperation his lemon gaze blazing hotly over at Angel.
“ He's my mate Brent,” said Claire dropping that bombshell, all eyes turned to her in horror.
“ Fuck, Claire a human ?” shouted Brent crudely.
“What’s a mate Angel ?” Asked a confused Chris, addressing the only person he knew.
“ Not now Chris,” replied Angel softly.
“How did you find here, did you call the cops?” questioned Rohan who had been silent through all the chaos. “ Angel, how the hell did you escape?” he added angrily.
“ I didn't escape you stupid fuck, my wolf needed a run she's been going crazy, or did you people forget they need letting out occasionally.” she decided to go on the attack trying to shield the anger she knew was coming her way.
“ It could have ended very badly for you tonight if we had been rouges.” said an icy voiced Alpha Bruno, his dark gaze on her direct and furious.
“ Are you aware of that Angel, if your mate and Alpha cannot take control of you, I would be happy to assist,” said Alpha Cian coolly.
“ Mate, Alpha ?” questioned Chris puzzled, he was shushed by Claire softly.
“ Nobody touches what belongs to me, any reprimanding will be done by myself.” reiterated Brent freezingly. “ Now everyone please go back to their rooms, as for you Reeves my brother will show you to a guest room, you will be staying as my guest until I say you can leave.”
The crowd dispersed immediately, Claire threw both Chris and Angel compassionate looks, as she was escorted by both Alphas, leaving Brent, Rohan, Chris, and Angel standing alone.
“ You too Angel get to your bedroom, Rohan and I are going to escort your friend here to a heavily guarded guest room,” ordered Brent in his Alpha voice, she didn't argue but turned and grasped Chris’s hand and pulled him in an embrace, not caring that Brent growled threateningly when it was returned by Chris.
“ Thank you for caring enough to come after me,” she said with heartfelt gratitude.
“ I'm glad I did Angel, I don't care what they do to me, at least I know you're somewhat ok, besides I care very deeply for you, “ said Chris honestly.
“ Let's go before you get ripped apart in pieces, ” warned Rohan motioning for Chris to start walking, but to Angels surprised Rohan grabbed her hand in his pulling her along beside him and away from his brother, who seemed to be holding it together barely.
Brent didn't move he stood trembling, Angel realized he was fighting to keep his wolf from resurfacing. She dared not look back at him but her hackles rose when he whispered as she passed him with a dark promise. “ I'll be seeing you later tonight.”
Angel left Chris with Rohan after she promised she’d see him in the morning, and decided to make her escape. Locking her door with the keys she breathed a sigh of relief after checking around her room that Brent had not beat her to her bedroom, stripping she took a quick shower and sliding into bed only wearing a tank top and lacey blue panties.

Chapter Twenty Three.

It was sometime in the night Angel felt something enormous land untop of her, effectively pinning her under its weight.
“ Did you think you could escape me into convenient sleep?” Brent hissed into her ear, Angel came fully awake and tried unsuccessfully to dislodge the heavyweight pinning her down to the bed, trying to free her legs to kick him was proving futile because his weight kept her legs tangled in the sheets.
“ Why don't you go fuck yourself, Brent, can't you understand I don't want a mate.” she ground out through clenched teeth. Still trying to free herself from the under him, it was making her get much more pissed.
“ We don't always get what we want Angel, but I always get what I want, so happens I want you.” he sizzled with anger his green gaze glittering down at her filled with dire retribution.
“ I can refuse, hell I've been saying that since I've been made aware.” she angrily bucked him off but it was like trying to move a block of concrete.
“ You can refuse all you want baby, but I am your Alpha and Mate, I decline your refusal,” he said determinedly.
Angel couldn't help it she screamed in frustration, she started up at him in hatred as the prick threw his head back and laughed mockingly. “ I fucking hate you, Brent,” she said angrily.
“ Do I look like I give a fuck, you are my mate and you're staying put right where I can keep an eye on you?” he said determinedly. Suddenly she was taken by surprise when his head dipped and his lips fused with hers, this kiss was a deliberate assault on her senses, Angel felt her toes curl as intense waves of desire invaded her defenses that she had erected to keep him at arm's length. Soon she groaned as he nipped her lower lip when she gasped he drove his tongue into her mouth, causing her to moan accent at his mastery of her desire. Leaving her lips he kissed the way to her neck where he had bitten her, Angel gasped her heart picking up a beat when she felt his teeth graze her a bit harder than usual, feeling something warm trickle down her neck, taking his tongue he licked it and then the spot he had bitten.
“ What did you do Brent?” She got out through clenched teeth, as she felt intense heat start-up attacking every nerve cell in her body, Angel felt the moist heat between her legs as her body started convulsing under him, she was aware he was watching every emotion chasing across her face. The look on his face made her want to lift her hand and smack him hard on the skin, his lemon gaze filled with triumph as she started vibrating under him. What was happening to her, never in her life had she felt so turned on, she had to stop herself from arching off the bed into his hard-muscled body as he still lay on top of her.
“ I sent you in heat,” he said smugly.
Angel stared at him in horror, why oh why would he do this to her? She wasn't very aware of the process but she knew it was painful and only with your mate being close to you most of the time would the pain leave. She hissed when Brent aligned himself better on top of her, so they lay chest to chest, his muscled abs pressing her down during their struggle her legs had opened beneath the covers, now Brent used this to his advantage and pressed himself intimately between her splayed legs.
“ Stop.” she gritted out angrily as the heat from his body singed hers as if raw flames had touched her most intimate part.
“ Why it feels good, I'm enjoying it aren't you?” he said thickly, pushing down on her female part, she hissed as if almost in pain when he rotated his hip and mimicked the act of sex.
“ You enjoy torturing me don't you, why did you send me deliberately into heat?” She asked puzzled.
“ Simply because I choose to, it's time you accepted me as your lover and only lover Angel,” he said threatening.
“ Fuck you, Brent, I'm not going to make it easy for you,” she vowed hastily.
Brent took both of his hands and brought them up to her neck, taking a hold of her neck between both his hands not hard to hurt her but with enough force to make her pulses pick up its erratic beat, as the look in his gaze made her think twice about uttering what was about to come out of her mouth.
Seeing the momentary fear in her eyes he smiled humorlessly down at her. “ Not only will I fuck you, well both enjoy it, but know this I will never go easy on you if you allow anyone else that privilege. I will tear them limb from limb and then my beautiful mate I’ll commit homicide I won't leave you alive got it?” he asked staring grimly down at her. Angel nodded the look on his face made the fine hairs on her neck stand on end because he had said it so passionately yet so like a threat.

Angel closed her eyes in temporary defeat as his head dipped once more, but this kiss was not like the first, it was meant not for pleasure but punishment, as he took her mouth with his like a deadly duel he showed her who was master, at the end of the assault on her mouth it felt swollen. Only when he felt her surrender did the kiss changed, taking his tongue he soothed the swollen tenderness of her lips, slipping his tongue into her mouth exploring the internal cavern, Angel felt the beginnings of desire unfurling inside her hands crept up to his wide muscular shoulders as she leaned into the kiss more, hearing him growl hotly as he felt her response. Angel felt the insidious flow of molten desire coursing through her veins when she felt Brents's hand delve under the elastic of her lace panties, deepening the kiss Angel felt herself responding once more to his drugging kisses, Angel felt his finger slide into her wetness, biting down on her lips softly as he swirled his finger inside her, one finger turned into two and suddenly Angel felt herself arching her back embedding his fingers deeper inside when he pumped inside her wetness she became even slicker she heard him whisper hotly.
“ So fucking wet, I need to taste it.” Brent yanked the sheets of her and pushing the strapped vest she wore up, he pulled her panties down her legs throwing that to the side also, parting her legs Angel watched in embarrassment, as he got between her legs and holding her embarrassed gaze he brought his mouth to her vagina and took a whiff.
“ You smell like wild berries down here, mixed with the musk from your arousal, very heady you've got me salivating,” he said crudely. Brent lowered his head and run his tongue along the seam of her vagina when he extended his tongue and parted her feminine folds, Angel jumped when the tip touched her throbbing clit. “ Relax baby, let me show you how good it will be with us.”
Closing her eyes to shut out the hot sexy vision of him fixed between her open legs and the most vulnerable part of her body open and exposed to his view. All thoughts flew from her head when grabbing her with both hands on either side of her thighs he opened her further like a rose to the sun, with his tongue Brent showed her such pleasure that it was difficult to keep lying under him like a stone when the ecstatic cadence of pleasure crashed down on her, Angel grabbed his head and ground her vagina up to his face as the desire filled tornado made an impact she had screamed with pleasure not knowing she had done so.
Angel lay gasping for breath her heart eventually steadying, feeling every muscle become pools of jello, she felt boneless and lethargic, she felt droopy. Avoiding his lemon gaze she focused I'm getting her body back under control, he had moved alongside her and lay watching her expressive face. Brent pulled her close and pulling back up the covers, he pulled it over them both. Turning her so she faced away from him he spooned her from behind, bringing his face close to her ear he whispered. “Get used to this Angel, it's going to be a nightly ritual between us now.” Angel heard him settle back down, pulling her closer as he made himself comfortable, he was wearing tracks and nothing else his bare chest was crushed against her back, one of his hand came to rest intimately between her legs cupping her sex.
“ Go to sleep Angel,” he commanded.
Angel thought back to what he had said before, this being a nightly routine, what exactly did he mean that they would be having sex or sleeping together.
“ Sleeping together Angel, “ he said making her jump. “ Sex with you each night though would be the eventual outcome,” he added with hot promise in his suddenly velvety voice.
Angel rolled her eyes at him, not voicing her thoughts since she knew he would just invade her privacy by snooping on her thoughts. With this unsettling thought in mind, sleep finally overcame her and she knocked out seamlessly held throughout the night by secure arms. Unaware of the discomfort of the person who felt a bit of heaven for finally holding her in his arms and lying next to her, but also a torturous hell because her ample behind was tucked up against his penis, that was as hard as an iron pole. The scent of her arousal and the juices of her climax still permeating the air, it took all his control not to pull his pants down and slide his engorged penis inside her, torturing himself more he brushed his penis against her bare ass and felt him almost burst his pants at the seams, that was how hard he was groaning thickly, he reached down and repositioned his penis in his pants trying to give himself some relief, soon he would have his little mate wreating under him as he pounded into her. With this last promising thought, he too succumbed to slumber.

Chapter Twenty Four.

It was two weeks later that Angel had an opportunity to see Chris, it was only because Rohan took pity on him and sneaked her in to see her friend, while he waited like a hawk by the door watching every move and every word spoken between the both of them.
The minute Chris saw her he pulled her into a life crushing hug, Angel returned the embrace he was like her sibling, she had been so worried about him. If Brent had hurt him thinking he was a threat to the mate bond between them.
“ I was so worried about you, are they treating you good ?” She asked with concern.
“ Surprisingly yes, considering I have the feeling I’ve upset your boss somehow for whatever reason.” He admitted throwing a worried glance Rohan’s way.
Angel glanced over at Rohan too, surprised to see a torn look evident in his blue green eyes that was trained on her and not on Chris. What was that look, why did she have this effect on these men in this way. Refusing to think further on the matter, she pulled Chris too the bed and sat beside him, he tried pulling her closer to him but she shook her head keeping a little distance between them.
“ I’m sorry for getting you involved with this crazy world we call the pack, “ she apologized softly.
“ So this is your pack, the one you ran away from .” He asked incredulously. His grey eyes worried as the ramifications sunk in.
“ Yes, but now a different Alpha, runs the pack, although I’m still wanted for desertion.” She admitted truthfully.
“ Do I gather your boss is the Alpha ?” He asked perceptively.
“ Yes, unfortunately, sooo what's his issue?” asked Chris with interest, watching Rohan clenching and unclenching his locked jaw, his blue eyes smoldering as Chris moved closer to Angel. When he heard him growl warningly Chris scooted back a bit.
“ Down boy, down boy.” growled Angel in exasperation, Lord was she fed up with these high testosterone male wolves, you'd think she was the only female single wolf around. Angel glared at him when he snickered after chocking on his laughter.
“ You're mate will be looking for you, so I suggest you hurry up this chit-chat.” he advised coolly.
“ What's a mate ?” asked Chris looking from one to the next puzzled.
“ it's like when you find the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, have kids the whole shebang,” explained Rohan to Angel's surprise.
“ Oh but I'm not a wolf, how can I be the other girl's mate?” he asked confused.
“ That girl is my sister, I have no explanation for that Chris, but maybe the moon goddess is playing tricks on us,” said Rohan crossly.
“ Don't ask, “ advised Angel, seeing he was just about to ask about the goddess. Angel sat chatting with Chris for a few minutes until Rohan give her a warning look, she hurriedly said goodbye to Chris and escaped back into her bedroom. It was not even five minutes later her door slammed open and an angry Brent stalked into her room, shutting the door with a resounding crash.
“ Where were you, “ he asked silkily, his lemon gaze piercing and shooting daggers at her.
“ umm, I was...... Meditating.” she got out defensively.
Angel watched his face go from murderous to shocked, then an outright smirk. “ That's the lamest excuse I have ever heard.”
Angel stared at him in shock, but it turned to trepidation when he started walking towards her with intent and purpose replacing the smirk that was previously on his handsome face. “ Why don't you try again, where we're you?”
Angel suddenly recollected his very passionate and possessive declaration a few days ago, what would be his action if he found her with another man. She visibly swallowed a suddenly parched throat. “ I, I,
The door opening suddenly had both Angel and Brent looking at the woman standing defensively in her doorway. “ She was with me, I wanted to find out about Chris my mate.”
Angel's mouth dropped open, she felt her heart grow warm knowing Brents's sister just saved her from god knows what fate. “ Yes, I was with Claire.”

Brent stood glancing over at them both, he changed direction and walked towards his sister who was still standing at the door. He watched her silently for a few tense minutes then taking his hand he tilted her chin brother and sister stared at each other.
“ Taking sides, Claire ?” he said cryptically, he shook his head and walked out of the bedroom.
Both women breathe a sigh of relief looking at each other, “ How did you know ?”
“ Rohan, it would just be like shaking a red cloth to a bull, so he sent me instead, I should feel threatened by your friendship with Chris but I don't .”

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