The Scarred Alpha 2

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This is the sequel people asked for! There will be violence, kidnapping, torture and a hard scene reference to loss of children. You have been warned! ******* As I sit down at my desk the room is filled with cameras. I have to put a statement out to the ware wolf community. We have never had anything like this happen and even I am at a loss as the Alpha King on where to start. Except right now we have an enemy and it effects all of us. So we will have to work together if we are going to end this. "Dear citizens of the ware wolf community. We have entered into a very dark time in our world. We all need to be vigilant and watch our families closely. There has been an uprising of rogues who are kidnapping our women and children. Alpha's have called saying they are under a constant struggle to keep their packs safe. These rogues wait until least expected and are stealing these pack members. I have been regretfully informed that some packs have found the missing children with a very sad outcome. I hear your cries for help and we will get this taken care of. All members need to stay in their homes. Do not, I repeat do not leave your homes. I am calling for enlistments outside of this area as it only seems to be concentrated within this direct area. I will be enacting an emergency alert system that can be used if rogues are spotted in your area." As the cameras all cut off and

Romance / Fantasy
Melanie Gomez
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It can't be

Ch 1

Tara pov

After this last pregnancy I’m done. No way do I wanna do that again. I told the doctor that someone is doing something. I cannot mentally or physically go through another pregnancy like that again. Five kids at a time is insanity for anyone, but to do it twice! In five years having ten kids is my limit. Yeah I have help but my goodness never did I think this could or would happen. Luckily as they have gotten older it’s gotten easier but I think I’m permanently exhausted. The first five are almost eleven and the second five are almost six. All the kids have school in the mornings then everyone trains after.

You can tell when school is out because you hear the stampede coming towards the house from outside. Add in the warriors and Nick and the house shakes. Kyle has definitely taken after his father and towers over his sisters. Even the three younger boys Conner, Matt, and Carson are headed the same way. Their sisters Sophia and Audrey are shorter but just as feisty as their older sisters.

The ten year olds will be turning eleven soon and we are having a huge birthday bash. Roan and Magge are coming with their kids Mabel, Mariah, and Ray. We have also invited the local Alpha’s that came and supported us when we had to battle against Daren the old Alpha King. We make it a habit to always include them as we can never thank them enough for helping us out.

Ever since then we have made sure each pack house is outfitted with a shelter. We need to make sure everyone is kept safe at all times. Every few months we host all the Alphas and their head warriors for training. We have to be prepared at all times just in case. Nick thinks we are fine but I’m always on my toes. It’s always in the back of my mind, and lately I just have a feeling that something isn’t right. Nick says I’m crazy but I feel like something is going to happen.

While I’m walking through the house the kids should be coming home soon. So I started working in the kitchen getting snacks together. While I’m getting stuff out of the fridge I have this feeling like I”m being watched. I look around but don’t see anyone anywhere. It’s almost like there’s a fly on the wall that’s boring their eyes on me. I turn back, but still have the feeling. The hair starts to stand up on my arms and I can smell him, and even Kira is growling trying to find the source. I know he’s locked up with the head council so I have nothing to worry about, but something just isn’t right. I quickly mind link Nick in a panic.

‘Nick, I smell him! I feel like someone is watching me.’

‘Tara, it can’t be! I’m on my way.’

I hear the door fly open and warriors barreling into the kitchen surrounding me as their noses go up in the air. They wrinkle their noses and growl so I know it’s not just me. Jax quickly grabs me when I start to panic. Nick comes flying in growling loud because he can smell him also. Everyone starts tearing apart the house looking for him. We can smell him but why? He’s locked up, and has no access to anything. How can he be here if he is locked up? How can I smell him like he’s right next to me?

“Where the fuck is he? Moon Goddess you better get your ass here!”

The air quickly shifts and she comes running in the room. I can see her walk in and her eyes go wide.

“There’s no way, he is locked up in the cell Nick, and Tara I swear it. I just talked to them yesterday!”

“How can he do this? His smell is here!”

“I don’t know. I also smell it, which shouldn’t be happening. I will send them a message.”

She quickly leaves and Nick runs over hugging me. He starts barking out orders and having everyone on duty. At that moment all the kids come barreling in and grabbing the snacks. So they can eat before training. As fast as they come in they are running back out to the field.

“I will see what the Goddess says, and go from there. He won’t get to you I swear Tara.”

I just nod and keep working in the kitchen as some staff comes in to help get dinner started so I can keep working on the birthday bash. After checking in with April she assures me everything is ready to go. We moved both her and Jax with us when we moved to the Alpha King’s house. We needed the room and even ended up adding on to it for more bedrooms.

When dinner time rolls around everyone comes in and quickly eats. And then it’s bath time. Each kid is part of a team to quickly get it done. Older ones jump in showers. And are assigned a smaller sibling to get them done quickly and help. Once everyone is out, and in pajamas we can finally relax. We get all the kids tucked in and are ready to call it a day.

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